Just be quiet, baby

And hold me

Help me

Because I'm crying out to you

I love you


And I'm scared, love

I'm so scared

Because the more I look

(The more I live)

The uglier the world seems

Because there isn't enough light to

Illuminate my path


Baby, I'm clinging to you

Because you are my candle

My flickering source of warmth

Of happiness

I'm holding you so tight

I'm worried I'm smothering out your flame

But I'm coldcoldcold

And these tremors are because I'm afraid

(of the dark)


Be quiet, honey

Just close your mouth

Your eyes

And kiss me

Because I can't see

I'm blind, love!

And I need you to guide me

To show me the way


I'm stumbling


F a l l i n g

Because you've let go

And I'm lost

I'm lost and I'm scared

Because I don't know where to go from here

And my palms are bloody

And my knees are scraped

And I'm crying

Because I miss you,

My lantern, my s u n


Don't take the stars away from me,


Because they are the only thing tethering me down

Don't work your magic

And make them disappear with a flourish

Because I need them

(I need you, love)


Just be quiet

Shut up!

And hold me

Because I need to feel your arms

In them I am safe

But I can't find you

Because there isn't light, only darkness

And I'm afraid of the monsters in the night


I'm reaching outoutout, darling

I'm reaching for you but you're not grasping my hand

And I need you right now

But you've l e f t

And you took my stars

Honey, come back,

I need you

My sun, my light

I need you

And I need my stars

Because my path is dark

And I can't travel it alone

A/N: This was inspired by my theatre class, somebody mentioned taking away someone's stars and I just thought it'd make a cool freeverse. This is my first honest effort to write a freeverse in first person, I'm not sure if I like it.

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