Shades of Gray


I slung my carry-on bag over my shoulder as I quickly wheeled my suitcase through the airport. It was fairly quiet, as I had arrived just as the sun was beginning to rise. I weaved through the crowds towards the exit. Once I passed through the automatic doors, the wave of humidity hit my body with full force.

Ah, Taiwan, your summers don't change, I thought cynically as I braved the sudden change of temperature from the cool air-conditioned airport to the sizzling outdoors – and the day had hardly begun. But it was just one of those tradeoffs I had to make to be here. I got on a bus and sat next to an elderly lady. We chatted for an hour until we reached Taipei Station. It was nice to know that my Mandarin was still effective, even though I was sure that some of it was rusty from lack of use.

I grabbed my luggage and headed for the High Speed Rail terminal. I smiled as I boarded the train that would take me to Gaoxiong within an hour and a half. It hadn't existed the last time I'd been here, and I knew that it had been way too long since I'd visited.

I fell asleep to the comfortable lull of the train as it sped past cities and fields, factories and farms, just as the entire country was getting up for a new day. In what seemed like moments, I was awakened by the voice announcing that we had arrived in Gaoxiong.

When I stepped out of the terminal, I couldn't suppress a smile. I was finally here.

I hailed a cab that took me to where I would be staying for the next three months. The cab driver chatted with me about the goings-on in the area, and he wished me a fun stay. I assured him that I would, even though I wasn't here to have fun. After dropping off my luggage in my new home – a fairly nice apartment – I took another cab to the South District Police Department.

I stared in awe as I stepped out of the cab. The buildings glinted in the sun as I looked up at the tall structures. I closed my eyes briefly, preparing myself mentally, before walking quickly towards the entrance.

A kind lady greeted me at the receptionist's desk and ushered me into an office when I told her my name. I sat, waiting quietly.

"Officer Jiang," a deep, unique voice came from behind me. I stood up and turned to see a middle-aged man with a moustache walk into the room. So this was the head of the South District Police Department. I bowed before shaking his hand.

"You can call me Chief," he said to me in his low, gruff voice. "We're pleased to have you here. It isn't often that foreign interns pick the South District, to be honest. You'll be joining the Special Crime Investigation team. You will answer to Team Leader Chen. Are there any questions?"

"Not as this point, sir," I answered. "I promise to work hard and I won't let you down."

"Good," he replied. "Follow me."

I followed him out of his office and he led me down a hallway to where an open office area was. People bustled around busily, answering phones, working on computers, discussing cases. It was a familiar sight, but at the same time, the feel was completely different, as everything was in Mandarin.

"Attention, please!" Director called loudly. "We have a new addition to our team. Please welcome Officer Jiang from Los Angeles!"

Among the curious faces, I found the face I had been longing to see. I tried not to laugh as his jaw dropped as he recognized me. He hadn't changed much at all.

"Hello. I'm Jiang Miyu," I said, looking especially at him.

Author's Note: Hi, I'm Reisa! Black & White is one of my favorite dramas and finally added a category for it! I hope I can do the series justice. The story will follow the drama rather closely, but from the perspective of my original character. I hope you enjoy reading!