AN: Vignettes of Mass Effect.

Characters are property of Bioware. I'm just making them dance to my whims.

I am currently seeking a beta reader for the rest of the Mass Effect vignettes I am writing. Let me know if you are interested.

The little things.

It seems as though it's always the little things that make the biggest changes.

Take, for example, a hole. A mere 2mm across, it seems to be such a little thing. Along the seam between two pieces of drywall, it would hardly be noticed. Masked by paint, unworthy of attention. A tiny, 2mm hole took my life.

As oxygen vented from the high pressure side of my rebreather, through such a little thing, moments of my life surged from memory. Graduation, first from basic, then as an N7 operative. Becoming a Spectre. The look of shock on Udina's face when I suggested Anderson would make a worthy counselor for humanity. My sixteenth birthday, when Pa grudgingly informed me that I could borrow the family truck that coming Friday. That magical, wonderful evening with Liara before Ilos.

Liara. I wasn't ready to die and leave her.

I struggled harder than before to reach the damaged rebreather. If I could reach it, a little application of omni-gel would seal the leak. Which I hoped would give me time to get to one of the empty escape pods that had been jettisoned from Normandy. Unfortunately, the leak was in one of the few spots that I was dependent on a squad-mate for a field repair. Try as I might, I just couldn't reach the leak.

I was going to die.

As that fact came to me, images of all the times I should have died came rushing to the fore. Mindoir, a short three months after I turned 16, running through the woods with Batarian slavers shooting at my retreating form. Diving for cover as a huge piece of the being called Sovereign fell towards me. So many times during the days that Elysium was under siege. Ilos.

I forced myself to relax and took a deep breath of the thin atmosphere left in my hard-suit. My last breath. With my chin, I keyed the hard-suit's log and recorded my last words.

"I love you, Liara," I said and closed my eyes.

Such a little thing.