Warnings: light slash, melancholic tone.

Merlin's point of view.

English is not my mother language.


Yesterday I died...

I wish I died because my body is still here.

I still breathe.

My heart still beats.

But my soul died yesterday.

Yesterday you married her.

I don't really blame you.

It was your duty to find your queen and produce an heir.

But I couldn't know that it would have come so soon, could I?

And I always hoped that it wouldn't have been her.

Now I'm standing here, at the window in my own chamber. You had made it my room. You had said that it fitted me. You had said that it was perfect for the Court Magician.

I'm looking at the stars above, wondering...

If I had told you, would you have listened?

If I had told you, would you have understood?

I will never find out.

My love will stay secret forever.

Morgana knows the truth... but she's not here. And even if you both meet one day, she will not tell you. Never.

You, Arthur Pendragon, are the Once and Future King.

She, Guinevere, is your Queen. I hope that she's not a once and future one. I know it's selfish but I can't help thinking this way. After all the Great Dragon had never mentioned it.

And I, Merlin idiot called also Emrys, am the greatest warlock ever. At least so they say.

However it doesn't change the fact that I'm the slave of my own feelings.

I am your slave.

I am all Yours.

They say that there's no magic possessor all over the world, who can defeat and kill me.

But there is one Prat who would do it all. He has already done it.