Disclaimer/Notes: I don't own these characters. Please forgive me for writing this story. I hate Lucius Malfoy, so it just had to be done. Just working out some anger, that's all...*chuckling nervously*

Although his name had been cleared for over a year, people still skirted out of the way as Sirius Black strolled through Diagon Alley, his godson in tow. He was helping Harry pick out his things for sixth year, and was taking great pride in doing so. Sirius had hoped that Moony would be able to join them, but the poor guy just wasn't up to it, the moon just beginning to wane and all.
Despite the glares and occasional objects that people threw at Sirius as they wondered from shop to shop, Harry was having a great time being able to spend the day with his godfather. He had been forced to stay with the Dursleys once again last summer, but he would be moving in with Sirius and Remus (who lived seperately in the basement apartment, seperately as in seperate, as in not together, as in...well, i hope you understand. if you don't, i'm sorry that you were dropped on the head as a child) over Christmas break. Things were looking up.
That was until they ran into Lucius and Draco Malfoy.
"Well, well, if it isn't the scum of the earth," Lucius said, eyeing Sirius.
"Funny, I was about to say the same thing," Sirius snarled.
Draco and Harry just glared at each other.
"Isn't Knockturn Alley over that way?" Sirius pointed with his finger.
"You would know, wouldn't you?" Lucius retorted.
Draco stuck his tongue out. Harry had the urge to tear it out of his mouth.
"So, is Harry a suitable replacement for dearly departed James?" Lucius sneered.
Harry and Draco were preoccupied in a stare down.
Sirius growled.
"Oh, did your werewolf boyfriend teach you that?" Lucius mocked.
"You'd better watch your dirty mouth, death-eater," Sirius said, close to his breaking point.
Harry glared. Draco glared back.
"Or you'll do what? Kill me like you did the Potters?"
"I hate to disappoint you, but I never worked for *your* master," Sirius responded.
Draco gave Harry a shove on the shoulder. Harry wiped imaginary dirt off his robes.
"Honestly, Black, the people you and your godson associate with. That Lupin friend of yours, truly a dark beast. No good, really. And those Weaslys," he gave a shudder, "wretched wizards, really. The whole of our community would be better if we just got rid of them. I'm sure you're experienced in killing, maybe you could do it for us?"
"Watch it, Malfoy," Sirius growled, rising to the balls of his feet and clenching his fists.
Harry and Draco started to circle each other, locked in a silent contest.
"What are you going to do? Blow me apart like I'm Peter Pettigrew?"
Sirius lunged at Lucius, but Harry restrained him with an oddly powerful hand. Harry momentarily let his battle with Draco drop as he stared Lucius straight in the eye. Harry blinked, and Lucius Malfoy dropped dead, the bloody git. Harry turned back to Draco, who was catatonic with shock.
"Ha," he said.
Harry and Sirius finished their shopping, having brought some justice to the world, and a small slice of the vengence pie to the Malfoys. THE END.