So, this is the first fanfic I've ever published on a site. I'm actually pretty nervous. I tend to write dark themed stories. They aren't for everyone. While writing this I had 3 songs on repeat: Three Days Grace "Animal I Have Become," She Wants Revenge "Tear You Apart" and Lady Gaga "Monster." They fit the story perfectly. Please feel free to let me know what you think. Thanks you guys!

Rated M for Dark Themes, Adult Content, Rape/Abuse, Graphic Sexual Situations, Violence and Language. (I hope I didn't miss anything...)

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The Darkest Side of Me

Something was definitely wrong. Everything was dark. Pitch black...

I slowly rolled onto my side and reached for my phone. Nothing. I always keep my phone on the nightstand next to my bed. Odd...

Sighing in frustration, I slowly sat up, groggy and irritated my eyes had not adjusted to my dark room yet.

I flung my legs over the side of the bed and blinked a couple times, rubbing the sleep out of my eyes. How long have I been out? Oh, goody a pounding headache to add to the list, just want I need.

I managed to crawl out of my bed and clumsily stumble across the room to the light switch. I stretched my arms out in front of me, feeling for the wall. Why is it so dark? I kept asking myself in my head. I always kept some kind of light on at night. Sometimes the bathroom light, sometimes the TV... something. Ever since I found out there were actually creepy things lurking in the dark it became routine to leave a light on. Guess that idea went out the window tonight, huh?

"Son of a bitch!" I gasped as I ran into a large solid object. "What the hell...?" I breathed clutching my knee. Okay... that definitely is not supposed to be there. I ran my fingers along it, with the immediate realization it was a big dresser. Not my dresser. I lingered for a few minutes running my fingers along the smooth surface, thinking, letting my eyes adjust to the darkness.

Glancing over my shoulder I was able to start making out the shapes of furniture in the big bedroom I was standing it. I didn't recognize it at all. Definitely not my room.

Okay Elena let's think about this, I thought to myself. I don't remember leaving the house. I don't remember talking to anyone except for Jeremy right before I went to bed. What time is it? I frantically looked around, no clock, no phone, no alarm. What kind of person doesn't have a clock in their bedroom? ...Not important right now Elena, I scolded myself.

I ran my fingers down my stomach and realized from the silk texture I was still wearing my silk nightgown. I sucked in my breath and exhaled deeply, no matter what, I wouldn't leave the house in my pajamas unless it was a huge emergency. Somethings definitely wrong.

Time to get out of here. Where ever here is.

I made my way over to the door and turned the door knob, to my surprise it popped right open. I squeezed out into the hallway and quietly closed the door behind me. I turned to examine my surroundings and froze in place.

I was in the Salvatore Mansion. Where I've obviously been to more times than I can count to visit my boyfriend Stefan. Instead of feeling relieved, I felt panic wash over me. Stefan had been gone for weeks visiting an old vampire friend out of state and had informed me he definitely wouldn't be back home for a few more weeks. This was not Stefan's doing.

"Damon..." I breathed, crossing my arms tightly in front of my chest. A thousand different emotions buzzed through my body all at once. Panic. Anger. Fear. Confusion. Nausea. All of it.

My mind raced with thoughts of our fall out a few nights ago. Damon had oddly enough become a good friend of mine in the last few months. Stefan never liked the idea of us being buddies but I always made it clear to Stefan even if Damon had feelings for me, those feelings weren't mutual. Ever since Stefan had gone out of town a few weeks ago Damon had been around me at all times. Everywhere I turned I swore he was there. He made uncomfortable jokes about how he was my bodyguard stalker. Which after a while I started thinking was true. I eventually had to confront him... which did not go over well. He expressed his feelings for me, explaining how I made him feel, but instead of his explanation being sweet and loving, it sounded more obsessive and unstable than anything else which frightened me to my very core. I told him I didn't feel the same and I loved Stefan and I hoped it wouldn't change our friendship. He snapped and tried to kiss me, telling me over and over again he knew I felt the same. I finally had to rip into him and tell him even if Stefan wasn't in the picture he still wouldn't be the one. I was harsh... but he wasn't understanding me any other way.

I'd never seen him look at me or anyone else the way he glared at me that night. He left so quickly I didn't have time to say anything else. I figured he would just need time to cool down. Clearly he's not being rational I thought as I glanced around the hallway and tried to figure out what kind of situation he put me in.

I studied the length of the hallway, he was no where in sight. How could he pull something like this? I thought to myself. Damon doesn't handle anything even remotely normal. I never thought he'd stoop to abducting.

I knew the best thing to do at this point was to just leave and deal with him when he's thinking rationally. Er... at least thinking rationally for Damon, anyway.

I moved swiftly through the hallway, passing room after room, glancing in them as I passed to make sure he wasn't in one of them. I made my way down the stairs, avoiding the creaky ones and bounded up to the front door.

I reached for the door handle and stopped instantly noticing the chains and padlock hanging in front of me. "You've got to be kidding meee..." I whispered tugging at it, already knowing it wasn't going to budge.

This was extreme. Even more extreme than 'Damon extreme'. My feeling of panic began to build up and amplify and not far behind was my feeling of nausea. I stepped back a couple feet and glanced into the living room and eyed the windows. Padlocked.

Okay. Okay. Not completely flipping out here... he's probably just trying to scare me. I repeated over and over to myself in my head. And he's succeeding.

Think Elena. My mind screamed at myself. Options. Options. I hurried through the hallway in the entry way and made my way to the kitchen towards the back of the house. All the windows and doors were padlocked. He was thorough. I skimmed the room and my eyes landed on the house phone on the opposite end of the room. Maybe he forgot about it...

I took a step towards it and stopped suddenly when I heard his voice from upstairs.

"Elenaaaaa..." His sing song voice sent a chill up my spine. My breath caught in my throat. I didn't prepare myself for possibly running into him.

"Where'd you go Elena?" His voice was chipper, which was bad. He tends to sound his happiest when he's up to no good. "I was only gone for a few minutes and now you're gone... It'd be a very smart idea if you voluntarily brought your ass back up here and don't make me come get you."

Something was really really wrong. This was definitely no some kind of twisted joke he was trying to play on me. Whatever this is, it's dangerous.

Time to hide, I convinced myself. I spun around and looked for a place to hide. My eyes landed on one of the bottom cabinet drawers in the kitchen. I hurried over and silently opened the door. Empty of course, vampires don't really need kitchen appliances and supplies. I crawled inside and pulled my knees up to my chest and attempted to control my breathing. I was playing hide and seek with a vampire. Luck was not on my side.

I heard muffled footsteps approaching the kitchen. They grew louder and louder. He had to have been only ten feet away from where I sat. I held my breath.

"Elena, come on out sweetheart." His voice echoed in the cabinets surrounding me. "I'm not going to hurt you..."

Thoughts raced through my head. Maybe this really was Damon's psychotic way of trying to talk to me more about his feelings. I wrestled back and forth for a few minutes with the idea of just coming out and talking to him. I mean he obviously doesn't get these kinds of feelings a lot, he probably just doesn't know how to cope.

"Don't make me do this, Elena." His voice came out in a low growl. "You're going to be with me. I have to show you how good it'll be. But if you don't come out... I'm going to get angry."

My mouth dropped open upon hearing these words. What's wrong with him?

"I'm going to get inside of you, in every way possible, Elena." I could hear him pacing back and forth as he talked. "Stefan can't give you what you need. He can't make you scream like I'm going to make you. He's afraid to take control with you and that's what you need. I want you, Elena... and I know you want me too."

I clapped my hand over my mouth to keep from gasping out loud at his ballsy statement. Would he really violate me if he finds me? My whole body was trembling under my arms. Was he really this evil and depraved?

"Elena, get the fuck out here or you're going to be a very very sorry little girl. Don't test me..." He spewed his threats.

I squeezed my eyes shut and rested my head on the back of the cabinet. I needed to calm down. This has to be all talk. You'll be okay, you'll be okay, I kept reassuring myself.

"Okay, listen to me you little bitch." He demanded. "I was going to be a gentleman about this but you're really starting to piss me off. You have two options right now. That hard way or the less hard way. The less hard way ... you can be a good girl and come out in the next five minutes and I'll only rough you up a little for pissing me off. OR the hard way... you can stay in your pathetic little hiding place and hope that I'm lying when I say - I know exactly where you are. And I'll come drag your ass upstairs and make you regret it. It's your choice, but Elena, if you choose not to come out you better pray that I'm bluffing and I really have no idea where you are."

Fuck you Damon Salvatore, I cursed in my head. My feelings of fear and anger were starting to mix. I wanted to cry, I was terrified. But at the same time I wanted to seriously hurt him for being such a psychotic asshole. I managed to convince myself he was bluffing. If Damon really knew where I was he would have dragged me out of here already, he's not very good with patience.

So I waited, and waited, and waited. Nothing. He obviously had no idea where I was. I moved my hand up to my neck and felt even more relief with the touch of the cool metal on my skin. I still had the vervain necklace Stefan gave me. I wouldn't have to worry about being compelled in anyway.

I sat in the cabinet for what felt like forever and still... nothing. An hour had passed for sure. I hadn't heard anything since his two option asshole speech. My thoughts went back to the house phone. Maybe I can call Stefan or Bonnie... someone. I could dial and leave the phone off the hook. Someone would eventually hear something and come to my rescue. I had to try.

My hands were shaking uncontrollably. If I let myself think about how freaked out I really was I would have a major breakdown any second now. I had to stay calm. I just had to. I crept forward in the cabinet and slowly started inching the door open. When it was about halfway open I stopped and listened.

Complete silence. I pushed the door completely open and stuck my head out preparing to climb out and stopped. I couldn't breathe. I couldn't move. My heart was beating so fast it felt like it was in my throat.

There was Damon. Sitting silently on the cabinet counter top across the kitchen, staring me down. His expression was cold. His eyes resembled burning coals, he sat as still as a statue. Quiet, intense and pissed off.

My brain shut down, fear took over. I fell back into the cabinet and pulled the door shut and I backed up as far as possible closing my eyes. There was nothing I could do at this point. I wished over and over again I was anywhere but here.

In what seemed like one swift movement he ripped the cabinet door off the hinges and he had a death grip on my arm, dragging me out onto the kitchen floor. I screamed, struggled and kicked as his cold stone like arm wrapped around my waist and he carried my like a rag doll through the kitchen and up the stairs.

"Damon! Please stop! What's wrong with you?" I choked out as I thrashed and kicked at the walls in the hallway. I clawed at his arm and tried to pry it off of me with all my strength, he didn't even acknowledge the struggle.

He carried me into the same room I woke up in earlier and flung me face first on the enormous bed in the middle of the room. I scrambled, trying to crawl to the head of the bed and gasped as I felt his cold fingers wrap around my ankles and slide me back down to the end of the bed.

"Damon!" I screamed clawing at the sheets and pillows trying to get some kind of control. I furiously kicked at him, which had no effect whatsoever. He pushed my legs down against the bed with one hand and grabbed the back of my nightgown with the other. The fabric dug into my skin and and completely ripped in half as he easily tore it off my body leaving me in only my underwear. I grabbed the side of the bed and with all my might pushed myself off the side of the bed and made a break for the door. He was at the doorway faster than I could blink and I collided into him. Losing my balance I stumbled backwards and fell on the floor at his feet.

I locked my arms over my chest in attempt to cover my half naked body and helplessly stared up at him. His now shirtless body towered over me.

"Why are you doing this to me?" I managed to form the words. My voice was shaky and childlike.

He stared down at me for a few moments, then cocked his head to the side and flashed his little arrogant smirk. I scooted back across the floor and crawled over to the other side of the room. I had to physically get myself away from him. I stood up breathing heavily eying him in the door way. He hadn't moved an inch, he just watched continuing to smirk. I weakly climbed on my feet, keeping my arms tightly crossed over my chest. I glared at him and backed as far up against the wall as possible.

He took a couple steps towards the bed away from the door way and started to slowly unbutton his pants. Staring me up and down the entire time. He beckoned me with his finger.

I took a deep breath, already scolding myself about my next move and I once again ran for the door. I made it through the door way and didn't stop, running full speed down the long hallway. I heard a low irritated growl escape Damon's lips behind me. To my surprise I made it down the stairs and past the downstairs entry way. The phone was in sight. The moment I grabbed it I felt Damon knock it out of my hand with such force it smashed into the wall across the room. He grabbed me tighter than he ever had before and backed me into the dining room table. I pushed against his chest with all the strength I could muster. I pushed and punched and squirmed to get free from his grasp. I cried out as he suddenly grabbed a huge fistful of my hair and forcefully yanked my head backwards. His mouth instantly connected with my neck. My body went stiff and I stood there frozen, feeling the tip of his fangs resting against my neck. It was a non verbal threat. He had not bitten me, but he could in less than a second. My breath caught in my throat, my mouth hung partially open as I stared wide eyed up at the ceiling.

He lifted me up on the table with his free hand and tightened his grip on the fistful of my hair with the other. He pulled my head back further and climbed on top of the table with me, his mouth never moved. I didn't have words, I didn't want to say the wrong thing, I took shallow breaths and laid perfectly still under him.

He maneuvered his body between my legs and laid his full weight into me. He let out a low moan against my neck. My breathing increased as I felt his stiffness against the inside of my thigh. He pulled my hair back roughly and ran his free hand down the side of my body. I felt his cool finger tips running up and down the outside of my thighs. He ran his fingers back up to my hips and stopped, then slowly looped his finger around my underwear and started inching them down.

"..Noo.." I whimpered grabbing his arm to stop him. I felt him apply more pressure to my neck with his fangs and let go of his arm instantly. I felt him slide them all the way off and he wasted no more time. His hand was between us, running his fingers up between my thighs. He let out a low muffled chuckle against my neck when he felt the wetness between my legs.

I felt his lips trail up my neck and along the side of my face and after a moment they pressed up against my ear. He breathed heavily against it and whispered, "I told you, you want me."

With that, he slid two fingers inside me. My body tensed up underneath him, my muscles tightened and I pushed against his chest groaning in disapproval. He scoffed and began to move his fingers in and out more quickly. I bit down on my lower lip to keep from moaning, I didn't want to give him the satisfaction. He felt my body responding to him and he removed his fingers. His face was inches from mine, he tugged harder at my hair and I arched my neck further back. I stared up into his midnight black eyes, I couldn't help but glare.

"Tell me you want me..." He breathed in my face, concentrating on my expression.

Taking a deep breath, I stared directly into his eyes and sternly responded, "No."

The smirk returned to his face, but this time it was a bit different. It was a little less cocky and little more angry.

His eyes slowly darted from my face to my neck and at my breasts and then with absolutely no warning his hand shot out, grabbing my chin forcefully and he squeezed. I gasped and grabbed his hand trying to pry it from my face. My heart was beating so quickly I swore I could hear it. In the flick of his wrist he could snap my neck, he knew it and I knew it.

He stared me down once again, not loosening his grip on my aching face. "Elena... tell me you want me."

I could hear the threat behind his words. He was losing control of his actions.

"NO." I yelled back at him confidently. Elena! What are you doing? My mind screamed.

Damon bit down on his lower lip and looked at me for a few seconds. I could tell he definitely wasn't prepared for this much resistance. Finally, he unclenched his hand from my chin he moved his fingers down my neck and let them linger there for a few minutes.

"You know Elena. I don't think you're thinking to clearly right now. I could snap your neck or drain your little body in a few seconds flat. The stubborn act is really cute, but it's charm is kind of wearing thin right now."

"Go fuck yourself, Damon." Man Elena, you must really have a death wish I thought to myself.

It was silent for a couple more seconds. Then I felt Damon's hands at my neck again. But this time he grabbed my vervain necklace and ripped it from my neck and threw it across the room. I gasped for the first time feeling completely naked, helpless and vulnerable in front of Damon Salvatore.

His smirk returned. "You really should have listened to me sweetheart."

Before I had even a moment to react his eyes were burning into mine. I couldn't look away, I couldn't move or blink.

"Good girl..." He praised me. "Now... spread your legs, Elena."

I instantly spread my legs, no hesitation. My mind screamed at my body to stop, but I felt like I had no control over my own actions anymore. I could feel his hip bones resting against mine, his stiffness pressing hard against me through his underwear. A smile crept across his face, he was practically giddy with himself.

His lips crashed into mine urgently. He was hungry, in more ways than one. I felt him shift his weight and he slowly pushed his underwear down. He broke his lips away from mine and moved his hand down between us to position himself at my entrance.

"Fuck you.." I whispered feeling him run the tip of his cock along my wet slit.

"No no no, Elena... fuck you." He mumbled into my mouth. And with that he thrust himself inside me. My back arched up involuntarily and I cried out into his gasping mouth. He ran his lips down my chin and slowly moved to my neck sucking and nibbling.

He was completely buried inside me and he just stayed there, not moving. Letting my wet walls adjust around his throbbing manhood. My whole body shook, it felt as if my hips had come unhinged.

"You want more don't you?" His cocky tone took over.

I couldn't look him in the eyes. I wouldn't. I chewed frantically at my bottom lip and looked the opposite way.

"I take that as a yes..."

He began thrusting in and out of me at a pace I could barely handle. Stefan had always been gentle with me, I was fragile compared to his vampire strength, but Damon was the opposite. He didn't care.

"It hurts!" I cried out squeezing my eyes shut.

"Good." He growled back at me continuing to ram himself into me over and over again.

The tears I had been holding in the whole day finally began spilling down my cheeks. I felt his hand creep up behind my head and grab a hold of my hair and he yanked my head backwards again. I could feel my hip bones start to ache along with my leg muscles, my toes were going numb and my center felt like it was on fire. He moaned loudly feeling my muscles tightening around him and he pulled my hair harder.

My reflexes took over and my hands shot out in front of me and I dug my nails into his shoulders as hard as I could. Harder and harder with every one of his thrusts. He breathed heavily against my face, "Now look who's playing rough."

With that I pulled one of my hands back and slapped him across the face as hard as I possibly could. He pushed himself even deeper inside me and stopped, he wasn't smirking this time. With barely any effort he grabbed both my arms in his hands and pinned them down against the table on each side of my head. His eyes burned into mine once again and he spoke clearly, "Wrap your legs around my waist."

I complied immediately as I had no control over it.

"See? Look how much easier it is when you do what I tell you."

I felt completely helpless. He pushed my arms back against the table even harder and I felt my muscles begin to ache under the pressure. His mouth crashed into mine as he started fucking me again. His hips were grinding into mine, moving quickly and forcefully.

Then I felt it, the pain he had been inflicting on me was slowly turning into pleasure. It felt like electricity was running through my body. My mind was screaming at me, not to let Damon see. If Damon found out ANY of this made me feel good, in anyway, he would have me in the palm of his hand.

Every thrust sent a massive wave of pleasure through my body. Each time I held my breath, my legs began to tremble and they wouldn't stop.

Don't do it, don't do it... I chanted over and over in my head. I had hit my breaking point, my body was taking over.

I lifted my head up and my lips collided with his, kissing him hungrily. I felt him pause for a second, probably in complete disbelief as I sucked and nibbled on his bottom lip. I tipped my head back staring up at him, shock and uncertainty was written all over his face. His pace had slowed momentarily, trying to make sense of what was happening.

I arched my hips up into his, it was my body's way of telling him to keep going. I caught a glimpse of his returning smirk as it crept across his face. His pace increased again and this time I let my moans escape my lips. He released my wrists and ran his down my lower back and pulled my hips upwards crashing into his over and over again, each time hitting my sweet spot. I wrapped my arms around his neck and threw my head back, squeezing my eyes shut and gasping every time he dove back inside my body.

"I fucking hate you so much!" I cried out running my fingers into his messy hair and pulling as hard as I could, I was getting closer and closer to my release.

"But you love the way I fuck you.." He moaned back.

"Oh god," I gasped breathlessly. I could feel every muscle in my body tightening. I dug my nails into the back of his neck as my orgasm shook my entire body.

I opened my eyes just in time to see Damon's fangs out, his eyes bloodshot and threatening. I shrieked as his razor sharp fangs penetrated my neck. It hurt like hell. I screamed for him to stop as he begin sucking a massive amount of blood from my body very quickly. He came after one final thrust inside me and his mouth broke away from my neck. He was gasping trying desperately to catch his breath.

I felt hot and light headed, sharp pains were shooting through my neck and down my back. I swallowed hard and pressed my shaky hand to my neck, then held it out in front of me. It was covered in deep red blood. I could feel it still streaming down my neck, puddling on the table below me. I felt myself getting weaker with every second that passed.

"Damon..." I whispered as my vision blurred. "Help me..."

I was fading quickly, darkness was taking over.

"Damon.." I sobbed helplessly.

Then everything went black.