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"Welcome back." Damon purred, flashing me an arrogant smirk as I returned from the plane's restroom.

I crossed my arms tightly in front of my chest in annoyance as I waited for him to move his legs out of the pathway to my seat.

"Are we still pouting?" He questioned me in amusement.

"That depends, are we still being a dick?" I shot back in a bold tone.

"Always", He replied proudly.

I attempted to climb over his legs and was stopped abruptly as he leaned forward and grabbed a hold of the back of my dress. He yanked effortlessly, pulling me onto his lap. His arms wrapped tightly around the front of my waist and he drifted forward, resting his chin on my shoulder.

"Thanks for the talk." He drawled haughtily in my ear.

I couldn't hold back the smile that fought its way to my lips, immediately chasing away any lingering sign of irritation I was carrying for him. A strong feeling of warmth surrounded me, setting me at ease as my body relaxed snugly on top of his. I lowered my eyes to his arms locked securely around me and I ran my fingers back and forth along them.

"Have I ever told you how happy you make me?" He whispered softly to me.

"No," I whispered back, "But that's okay, I already know."

"Even when you're being a pain in my ass." He added meanly, resting the side of his head gently against mine.

"Tit for tat." I taunted him.

I caught the flight attendant staring discreetly in our direction and a faint blush filled her cheeks.

"Do you think she heard us?" I muttered in a low voice.

"I'm almost positive she did." He shrugged taking a swig of his bourbon.

A twinge of embarrassment hit me.

"Aren't we going to compel her or something?" I questioned, feeling my own cheeks reddening.

"Why?" He murmured, nibbling tenderly along my neck, "I'm pretty sure humans fuck in plane restrooms, too. Though... they may not be as good at it." He boasted smugly.

"That's terrible!" I replied in a half giggle-half moan. He could be so egotistical and pompous at times.

"I don't hear you denying it." He pointed out.

"Oh no, you're right." I agreed with no hesitation. I turned my head and inched my lips closer to his ear, smirking wildly and added, "But that's still terrible."

"When did I ever give you the impression that I was nice?" He asked, shifting slightly and propping his feet up against the seat in front of us.

I turned calmly in his lap to face him and in a heartfelt tone I spoke, "You have your moments."

A lull filled the air around us. I carefully ran my fingers down the collar of his shirt and focused all of my attention on one of his buttons. I could feel his eyes on me as I continued to stare downward. In moments I was being overrun with feelings of adoration, devotion and affection straight from him.

I laughed sheepishly, lifting my eyes to his and I breathed, "I'll never get used to that..."

He responded with a soothing smile, continuing to watch me as if I were the most captivating thing he had ever laid his eyes on.

"Talk to me." He finally requested in a gentle voice.

"About what?" I asked, sweetly gliding my fingers along the open neckline of his shirt.

"Did you ever like me at all... before?" His question caught me by surprise.

I took my time gathering my thoughts, figuring out exactly what information I wanted to spill. There was no way in hell I would have ever guessed he would question me about the topic.

"The trip to Georgia." I finally admitted, giving in.

"Georgia?" Bewilderment rang in his voice.

I nodded shyly. It was a little strange being able to talk freely about our past.

"Car accident aside, I felt like absolute shit that day." I began to explain, "I was so unbelievably furious with Stefan. Then, there you were, you just had to kidnap me and force me to smile and forget all of my problems."

"I am such a jerk." His voice was riddled with sarcasm, but he was smirking.

"I remember that being the first time I decided I could stand to be around you," I teased, "Plus, my god, were you hot."

He was highly amused with my confession.

"Your turn." I stated, raising my eyebrow.

I watched in astonishment as he inhaled deeply, hinting at uneasiness, preparing for his own admission.

"It was the night Caroline and I crashed your dinner party," He paused to drink an ample amount of his bourbon, "When we were talking in the kitchen and you told me you were sorry about Katherine."

I gazed at him in heavy silence, entwining my fingers delicately with his.

"No one had ever showed me any sympathy about what happened, ever." He explained lowering his eyes to our linked fingers.

"You mean Stefan?" I spoke quietly.

"Yeah." He nodded, pulling his gaze up to my face again, "I know by that point I really didn't deserve any sympathy from anyone, but there you were: warm, beautiful, intelligent with fire and confidence. I was not prepared for you. And from that moment on, I couldn't get you out of my head."

Before I had a chance to respond he added, "Then, of course, I had to mess with you."

"What do you mean?" I asked trying to make sense of his words.

"The dream I induced on you that night." He chuckled as he said it out loud.

My eyes widened, "That was your doing?"

He snickered evilly, "I thought you would have figured that out by now."

"I couldn't get that dream out of my mind for months! I was so freaked out when Stefan suddenly turned into you, it was so vivid! You were playing dirty." I cried, smacking him playfully.

He flinched in fun, holding up his hands to stop my "attacks."

"You were so tense around me after that. I could make you jump every time I touched you. It was priceless." He poked fun, "You just didn't want to admit you wanted in my pants."

I raised my eyebrow as a grin slowly crept across my face. I didn't have a sassy retort for his statement.

"Told you." He replied in a sing-song tone.

"You're such an ass." I couldn't shake the smile away.

We spent the remainder of the flight disclosing all of our secrets and juicy stories from the past ranging from Damon's various unrevealed visits to my bedroom at night, to the slightly scandalous thoughts that had paraded through my mind the moment we met at the boarding house. All the 'what ifs' and all the unspoken words we wished we would have said, each and every instance we had the urge to kiss each other, but held back.

"Look." Damon nudged me carefully, pulling me from our perfectly soundless cuddling.

I turned my head to look into the opposite direction and I let out an excited gasp catching a glimpse of the colorful lights of the Vegas strip through the jet window.

"It's so pretty." I beamed, crawling across his lap to my seat that had remained empty the majority of the flight.

I gazed out the window in awe. I had never seen anything like it. I shot Damon an exhilarated glance and he smiled back at me.

"Did you want to see?" I questioned, motioning towards the window.

"I've seen it hundreds of times." He reassured me and added smoothly, "I like my view better."



My eyes widened as our limo approached The Palms Hotel and Casino. He wasn't lying, it was extravagant. There were three sky-high towers, with lights and windows in all directions.

"Which one are we staying at?" I finally managed to form my question.

He pointed to the tower closest to us and responded, "The Fantasy Tower."

I stared at him suspiciously and turned back to look at our new home for the time being.

"We're only about ten minutes from the Strip." He explained as the limo slowed at the base of the tower.

The chauffeur made his way to our door and opened it. Damon climbed out and reached it grasping my hand firmly, swiftly pulling me from the limo. I watched as a bellhop made his way to the limo and began unloading our luggage.

"Enjoy your visit, Mr. Salvatore." The Chauffeur spoke politely.

Damon shook his hand, slipping him a beyond gracious tip and he led me towards the colossal doors to the hotel. As we made our way to the front desk, I took in the view of the ritzy decor. I had always heard about how extremely lavish everything was in Vegas, but seeing it all was a completely different story.

"Good evening, Mr. Salvatore." The woman at the front desk greeted as we drew near.

"Good evening." Damon replied smiling politely.

I leaned in closely and whispered, "How does everyone know you here?"

Damon smirked at my question as he signed a couple forms the woman placed on the desk in front of him. Her eyes lifted to me, studying me as if she was trying to find out exactly why someone like Damon was with me and finally she broke into a downright fake smile. I watched as she gathered the forms and stepped away from the desk for a moment.

"I've been here quite a few times. You know me; I like to make a memorable impression." He purred back at me.

"I don't think she likes me much." I stated quietly as she made her way back to us.

"She's jealous." He replied with no hesitation and he turned back to the desk.

"Alright, Mr. Salvatore, everything is ready for you. The bellhop has already taken care of your luggage and will be waiting by the private elevator if you need anything. Is there anything else I can help you with? I'd be happy to help you with anything." The hint of a flirtatious tone rang in her voice as she beamed at him.

Okay, it was official, I hated her. If only she knew how dangerous I could actually be. I felt my skin growing warm and my throat started to burn. I took a small step towards the desk subconsciously and I felt Damon's hand lock immediately around my arm and he held me still. His signature smile never wavering.

"When I called yesterday, I had very specific requests for our stay. Have those been met?" His features suddenly shifted into a serious hold.

"I-I believe so." She stammered.

"You believe so?" His tone grew cold as ice.

She remained silent for a few moments as he stared her down and he went on, "I paid extra to make sure those requests were met. I spoke with the manager and he agreed to take care of the issue of the sunlight throughout the day."

I shot him a startled expression as the words came out of his mouth. What did he tell these people?, I wondered in disbelief. I felt him slowly pull me close to him and he continued in a cocky voice, "My girl doesn't like the sun to bother her when she sleeps in and whatever she wants, she gets."

The woman nervously entered some information on a computer and after a heavy silence, she began to speak with obvious relief, "I'm sorry, Mr. Salvatore, of course you are correct and the manager had everything taken care of for you."

"Good." He replied sharply and we slowly started to turn away, "Thank you."

I shot a glance back to her, smiling with the same fake smile she had used on me. As we rounded the corner, I couldn't help but burst into quiet laughter.

"That was fun." Damon admitted as he led us to the private elevator where the bellhop was waiting for us.

Damon paused for a moment to tip the bellhop and we stepped into the private glass elevator by ourselves.

"Is this just a private elevator for specific guests?" I asked curiously as the elevator began to climb.

"Just for us." He explained, watching as we whirled by floor after floor.

"We have an elevator?" I cried, dumbfounded. "What floor are we staying on?"

"The 32nd floor." He answered just as the elevator slowed and came to a stop.

The door opened and we stepped out and my eyes darted around in pure amazement. The private glass elevator opened directly into the middle our room. Only it wasn't a room, it wasn't even a suite. It was like our own private luxurious residence.

"The Hugh Hefner Sky Villa." Damon introduced it to me as if he could read my mind.

I took a few steps forward and marveled at our new temporary home. I had seen my fair share of extraordinarily expensive places, like the Lockwood's and the absurdly rich people's homes of Mystic Falls, but it was nothing like this.

This was two enormous floors high with floor to ceiling windows looking out across the beautiful lights of Vegas. A giant Jacuzzi pool, with the Playboy Bunny logo, jutted out over the side of the tower with an outdoor terrace surrounding it.

I circled the elevator walking along side the full curved cherry red couch that sat across from a massive plasma TV secured above a fireplace in the living room. I peeked into all the different rooms finding a bar, dinning room and a media room as Damon stood quietly in the center of the villa watching me in amusement.

As I returned to him I gazed at him in awe, "How much does this place cost?"

He smirked shrugging at me, reveling at how impressed I was.

"Damon, you're not modest." I crossed my arms and raised my eyebrow in his direction.

"$40,000 a night." He responded without delay.

I swallowed hard as my eyes widened and I whispered, "That's insane!"

"Welcome to the fun parts of being a vampire." He quipped grasping my hand and leading me up the stairs to finish the tour.

We found a few secondary bedrooms as well as a fully equipped gym, sauna and spa-style room before we stumbled across the master bedroom. We passed by the posh bathroom with a large bathtub and granite counter tops. Our room had red curtains that were drawn closed around all the windows, high-end furniture was placed around a gorgeous fireplace and a massive circular bed sat in the corner.

I felt Damon nudge me and he motioned upwards, smirking wickedly as I lifted my eyes to the gigantic mirror above the bed. A grin sprung across my face, he was like a little kid in a candy shop.

We headed back down the stairs to the main floor and I sighed deeply feeling the heaviness in my veins.

"It kind of sucks that the sunrise is close and we just got here." I muttered, "I'm not even tired."

I watched as Damon speedily made his way around, closing all the curtains that he had requested. I caught a peek of the golden glow of the sunrise in the distance as he pulled the giant curtains shut leaving us in the dimly lit villa.

In seconds he was standing in front of me. I felt his finger resting against the bottom of my chin and he carefully lifted my head to face him.

"This avoiding the sun thing is entirely temporary. I promise." He reassured me in a soft voice.

He closed in on me, pressing his lips to mine, enveloping me in a passionate kiss that left me breathing heavy.

"I'm not tired either." He told me, "Let's find something to do."

I looked around the room and my eyes instantly locked on the Poker table.

"Will you teach me how to play Poker?" I asked cutely.

"I brought you to Vegas and you don't even know how to play Poker?" He looked as if he had just tasted something immensely sour.

"Fine, don't teach me." I grumbled moving to pass him.

I felt his hand grip my arm tightly and he replied, "Wait, wait. I'll teach you as long as you follow my rules."

He backed me over to the Poker table forcefully.

"You mean the rules for playing Poker?" I asked as he pushed me down on the chair and released my arm.

He hurried over to the bar, on a mission, and he grabbed two glasses and a bottle of bourbon. I jumped as he dropped the glasses down on the table and opened the bottle.

"No, I mean my rules." He responded devilishly.

My eyes followed him as he easily found a deck of cards and dropped them on the table as well. He dropped down into his chair, smirking back at me and he poured bourbon into our glasses and began to shuffle the deck.

"What are your rules?" I was afraid to find out.

"We're going to play strip poker." He informed me with a quick grin, then quickly added, "And we're going to get highly intoxicated because we're in Vegas."

"But you have on more clothes than I do!" I cried, tugging at my dress, "That's not fair at all."

"My rules." He snapped back, inhaling the bourbon from his glass, "Drink."

I shot him a pouty expression and downed the drink in the blink of an eye. He filled our glasses again and began to explain the game.

"We're playing Five-Card Draw. I'll deal the cards. We each get five." He paused to finish off his second glass of bourbon.

I copied him, finishing my own in a couple gulps. He filled our glasses again and went on, "First there's one pair, two pair and three of a kind. Kind of self explanatory."

I nodded, sipping hastily at my drink, luxuriating in the feeling of it quenching my dry throat.

"Then there's a straight. Meaning you have five cards in numerical order. For example, you have a 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7. You would have a straight." He tossed back his head swallowing his glass full of bourbon in a second flat and he filled our glasses again.

"A flush is five cards in non-sequential order but have the same suit. So let's say you have a 2, 4, 7, 8 and a 10 all diamonds. You would have a flush." He drank impulsively, eyeing me from over his glass.

My body was starting to run warm from the never-ending alcohol in-take, but I downed mine just as quickly as he had. As he continued to explain the other hands and guidelines I found it becoming more and more difficult to concentrate on the instructions. I inhaled sharply seeing him already pouring another glass of bourbon for himself and I forced the rest of my own drink down in one swallow and dropped the empty glass in front of him.

"Are you trying to keep up with me?" He sounded downright amused.

"Just pour me more and deal the cards." I responded in a low voice.

"So demanding." He remarked playfully, filling my glass to the rim and pushing it back my way.

He propped his feet up on the edge of the table and dealt each of us five cards. I gathered mine and studied them. I watched as he nudged the remaining cards to the middle of the table and looked at me curiously.

I gazed down at the cards and back up at him in silence.

"It's time to draw cards." He finally stated, raising his eyebrow.

I raised my eyes back up to meet his and I smiled innocently.

"What for?" I finally questioned him.

He exhaled loudly, tipping his head backwards and to my surprise he chuckled, "You're lucky you're cute."

"Likewise." I responded flatly.

"If you already have one of the hands I named off you can choose not to draw any cards. Otherwise, if you have a couple cards from a specific hand you can swap out the cards that don't fit and draw the same number of cards from the pile." He explained consuming another full glass of liquor.

I nodded and ditched two of my cards and drew two new cards from the pile. I let out a quiet giggle as I studied my hand and I peeked over my cards at him. He raised his eyebrow and tossed one of his cards face down on the table and drew a new one from the deck.

"Let's see what you've got." He challenged me, pouring another glass.

I smirked and laid down my hand.

He stared down at my hand and slowly lifted his eyes back up to me, "What's that?"

"What do you mean? It's three of a kind." I replied, "I thought you knew how to play, Damon."

I sunk back in my chair and guzzled down the entire contents of my glass and grinned smugly back at him.

"First of all, that's two nine's and a six, Elena." He corrected me with a snicker.

I leaned forward staring down at the cards and I finally replied with a quiet, "Oh."

"Second of all." He continued and laid his hand down on the table in front of me, "Full house."

He leaned back in his chair again, swishing his drink around in his glass and his eyes locked on me.

"Strip." He ordered.

I balled my fists in frustration and glanced down at myself. Why had I kicked off my shoes earlier? I would be naked in no time. I grabbed the hem of my dress and he cleared his throat abruptly.

"Stand up." He instructed, indulging in yet another full glass of bourbon.

I took a deep breath, glaring at him as I stood up. I began to pull my dress up and he stopped me again.

"Slower." He demanded, he eyed me up and down.

My eyes pierced into his and remained in an intense hold as I gradually slid my dress up, exposing inch after inch of my olive skin. I lightly ran my fingers over the top of my lacy red panties and across my stomach. I slipped my dress up over my matching lacy red bra and shed the dress completely, letting my chocolate brown hair cascade around me. I tossed my dress onto the floor and stared back at Damon as his eyes traveled my body.

After a prolonged amount of time he finally gestured for me to sit back down. I glowered at him as he poured us each another full glass of bourbon and gathered the cards to shuffle them again.

My skin was growing hotter with each minute that passed, I had lost track of how many glasses I drank, but I knew for a fact it was more than I had ever had before in my life. Trying to keep up with Damon? Bad idea.

Once he had dealt our cards, I watched him as he took another drink of his bourbon. He was drinking noticeably slower now. We each drew a few cards and before I knew it, it was time to show our hands.

I frowned as I laid my hand on the table, "I only have two pair."

An evil smirk rolled across his lips and he dropped his hand on the table, "Four of a kind."

I grumbled, taking a giant drink and I rose to my feet, teetering slightly. He watched attentively as I slid my arms behind my back and unhooked my bra. One after the other I glided my bra straps down my arms and after lingering for a few moments, I pulled my bra from my body.

He peered across the table at me, rolling his tongue discreetly along his lips and in a low seductive tone he spoke, "Let's finish this game. One more hand and you're naked and mine."

I soundlessly took my seat, eyeing him provocatively as he shuffled the deck again.

As he dealt the cards he reminded me, "All the clothes come off with this hand."

I nodded, feeling his eyes fixated on me as I nibbled on my bottom lip nervously. We both drew a couple cards and finally it was time to show our hands.

Damon chuckled as he studied his hand and grabbed the bottle of bourbon, downing the rest of it in a couple gulps. He dropped the hand across the table proudly, "A Straight Flush."

I inhaled sharply staring down at the cards. I placed my hand on the table with a heavy sigh and spoke, "A Royal Flush."

He tried desperately to keep his composure as he stared down at my winning hand.

"What was that you said? Oh yeah, all the clothes come off with this hand. Get naked Salvatore." I demanded, finishing off my drink.

"You knew how to play this entire time." It was quickly registering in his head.

"Of course, I was bluffing." I laughed, "Jenna taught me how to play years ago. Why are we talking anyway? You should be stripping."

He scowled across the table at me and began to unbutton his shirt.

"Stand up." I commanded, as a smirk curled along my lips.

I was met with an icy stare from him and he slowly rose to his feet. Suddenly, at his full vampire speed, he was around the table. He grabbed my arm ripping me up from the chair and he shoved the chair out of his way and backed me forcefully against the table.

"Why don't you do it for me?" He growled, pushing against the small of my back.

I glared right back at him as he pressed himself tightly against me. I pushed abruptly against his chest and he instantly slapped my hand away. I smacked his hand right back angrily and he rammed me harder against the table. Both of us were breathing heavily, the faint smell of bourbon filled the air around us.

Without any further hesitation I grabbed a hold of each side of the neckline of his button up shirt and ripped it open in one swift movement. He released me just long enough to let his shirt slide from his arms and onto the floor.

"Now, the pants." He breathed roughly.

Our eyes remained in a piercing stare as I slowly unbuttoned and unzipped his pants. They slid down his legs and he easily kicked them off. I gently wrapped my fingers around his thick hard cock and began to stroke him. I leaned in, keeping my eyes on his and inched my face closer until our lips were just barely touching.

"Someone's a sore loser." I murmured against his mouth.

I gasped in surprise as he suddenly slammed me down on top of the poker table, with an unbreakable hold on my neck. He walked his fingers up my thighs and looped them around my panties. He took his precious time, guiding them down my bare legs and he finally shed them completely from my body.

He unlatched his fingers from my neck, lifted my legs straight up resting them against his chest and he stepped closer to the edge of the table. He snuck his fingers between my thighs and dipped two fingers inside my wet folds. A closed-mouth moan rumbled in my throat from the contact and I bent my knees, lightly running the bottoms of my feet along his muscular chest.

A faint grin graced his lips as he watched my body writhing around on the table, desperately aching for more. He slowly withdrew his fingers and waited. I ran my own hand down between my legs and to my dismay he smacked my hand away.

"You want it bad, don't you?" He drawled down at me.

I arched my back in anticipation feeling him press the tip of his cock against my entrance.

"Damon." I whispered his name breathlessly, massaging my breasts in my hands.

I released a frustrated groan, feeling him teasingly dip the head of his cock in and out of me.

"I want it bad." I whimpered, nodding furiously.

"Of course you do." He purred back at me.

In a flash, he yanked me harshly up against his solid body, my feet still pressed securely against his chest and he guided himself inside me. He wrapped his arms around the front of my thighs in a tight hold and he started moving in and out of me at a swift, steady pace.

I tipped my head back against the table and a pleasure filled moan flew from my lips. His fingers dug deep into my thighs as he instantly sped up, thrusting hard and fast into my tight body. My back violently slid back and forth along the table as he pounded into me with unrelenting force.

I thrashed my head from side to side and frantically searched for anything to hold on to. The sound of our moans and our bodies crashing together filled the room.

He released one of my thighs from his vice grip and to my surprise he grabbed one of my ankles. A sharp mix of pain and ecstasy hit me as he sunk his fangs deep into the side of my calf. His pace slowed and his thrusts grew harder and more powerful as he drank.

"Fuck." I gasped feeling my legs starting to tremble from both forms of penetration.

He stilled, deep inside me and he slowly withdrew his fangs from my skin as a low animalistic growl rumbled from his chest. He ran his tongue along my leg and licked the leftover blood from his lips.

He lifted my legs from his shoulders and let them drop to his sides and like a predator stalking his prey he inched his way on top of the table with me. The empty bottle of bourbon and our glasses crashed onto the floor, shattering everywhere. A startled gasp spilled from my lips as he abruptly rolled us over so I was straddling him. His hands were instantly on my hips in a bruising grasp and he guided me up and down his length.

I clenched my thighs firmly against his hips and began moving with him, rotating my hips simultaneously.

I rode him faster, loving the sound of the sexy moans coming from his mouth.

"You like that, don't you, baby?" I hissed lustfully at him.

"Jesus." He groaned as I ground my hips savagely against him.

"I'm gonna make you come so hard." I whispered, rolling my nipples between my fingers.

With that, I gave him all I had, bouncing up and down his shaft, taking full advantage of my vampire strength. Our bodies slammed together ruthlessly, shaking the table below us. I arched my back, tossing my head backwards as his hand snaked up my body, and up my neck. I felt him grip my chin and he slid two of his fingers into my mouth. I sucked on them, massaging them with my tongue as we approached our release.

I cried out, feeling my walls constricting around his throbbing cock and I crashed down on him one last time. I clenched my muscles around him, squeezing him until he spilled inside of me, emitting a loud moan.

We both panted fiercely, trying to catch our breath. Little by little, I unclenched my muscles and I leaned forward, pressing my chest to his. His eyes were closed and his chest was heaving.

I devoured his lips with mine, rolling my tongue along his lips and into his mouth. He lifted his hands, resting them on each side of my face and he kissed me back just as intensely.

We lost track of time, tangled in each others arms. The scent of bourbon and sex lingered all over us.

"Let's go to bed." I muttered, breaking through the calm silence.

I inched my way to the edge of the table and swung my legs over, slowly lowering myself to stand. I stood up and was immediately taken aback as a dizzy spell hit me. I grasped the table for support and I laughed softly, "I drank way too much. You might have to carry me."

"You aren't the only one." He responded with a half smirk as he leaned against the table himself.

"You're kidding me! You drank too much?" I was highly amused.

The last time I had seen him even close to this drunk was after the Lockwood dinner.

"Come here." He laughed, picking me up off the ground.

I stared at him wide eyed as he struggled a moment to regain his balance and he made his way over to the stairs. He took one step up the stairs and stopped instantly, stepping back down.

"Nope. Not happening... we'd probably die." He stated, dropping my feet to the floor, and he quickly added, "Again."

I burst into a fit of giggles and grabbed his hand tightly in mine. I took a couple steps and tripped on one of the stairs pulling Damon down with me.

"Are we there yet?" He mumbled grinning widely.

Without warning he closed in on me, attacking me in a hungry kiss.

"Not yet." I snickered, pushing on his chest lightly.

I managed to lift myself onto my hands and knees and I gradually climbed up stair after stair. I paused for a second, glancing over my shoulder to see Damon sitting where I left him.

"Damon." My voice seemed to snap him out of his drunken trance.

In a matter of seconds he was climbing after me. Once I reached the top of the steps, I used the railing to pull myself to my feet. I grabbed his hand and pulled him up to stand with me and we made our way to the bedroom.

I stumbled over to the bed and sat down on the end, lifting my eyes to look at him. He was leaning against the wall, staring back at me mischievously.

"What are you thinking?" I questioned apprehensively.

Without a word he advanced on me impulsively. I shrieked as he moved to playfully tackle me and he missed entirely, collapsing on the floor beside the bed.

I stared down at him, speechlessly and he stared back at me in concern and he finally spoke, "Whoa, whoa. Are you okay?"

I exploded into laughter, it was the cutest most ridiculous sight I had ever seen and it just made me adore him even more. I grabbed his hand and guided him onto the bed with me.

He showered me in kisses, completely covering my entire body. I moaned feeling his hot breath on me and his once again aroused body, pressing me hard into the mattress. Electric surges were flying through my body as he ran his tongue along my neck and up my chin. I was burning up underneath him, feeling his hands all over me, massaging every inch of my skin. It was growing harder and harder to breathe. I rolled my head back and forth along the pillow, and inhaled sharply as the room began to spin around me.

"Damon," I gasped breathlessly, "The room is spinning."

He stopped kissing my neck and lifted his head to look down at me and to my surprise, he was grinning.

"What's so funny?" I cried angrily, shoving him weakly.

"Elena, it's a rotating bed." He snickered, brushing his nose up against mine.

I blushed furiously beneath him, once I realized he was serious.

"Don't laugh at me!" I pouted cutely.

"You're fucking adorable." He told me.

I broke out in a giant smile as he picked up where he left off, nibbling and sucking at the tender skin along my neck.

It wasn't long before I was overcome with the wonderful feeling of him being inside me once again, completely consuming me and pulling me into a state of bliss. He held me close, leaving gentle kisses on my lips and sweeping the stray hairs away that would fall in my face. His blue eyes peered back into mine and as he delicately pressed his forehead to mine, he whispered, "I love you."

My lips quivered uncontrollably and I replied in a breathless whisper, "I love you, too."




Music for this chapter:

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Lady Gaga - Poker Face

Three Days Grace - The Good Life

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