Hey, I'm back and I'm doing another story based on one of limey404's artworks, this one: limey404 . deviantart art / errrrr - awkward - 160778737. I'm splitting this story into three chapters, and like the other two stories I did, I'm sharing my thoughts on events that I think happened before the panels of the artwork as well as what happens afterwards. I don't want to jump right into something without working it in gradually for it to work in the way I think it would. Besides, I'm sure you would like to know what could happen before and after since we have to use our imaginations for that. So I hope you enjoy my interpretation of this comic.

Also, I'm making this story as a follow-up to I Need a Mop, so I'm sure you can remember that I set it after TJM and The Patakis.

You all know the disclaimer by now.

As they walked to Arnold's house after school, Arnold and Helga held each other along the way, Arnold with his left arm over Helga's shoulder and Helga's right arm around his waist. They said nothing for a while, but they didn't have to, feeling enough peace, bliss, and comfort in just being with each other.

Earlier in the day, the couple had snuck into the janitor's closet for some serious kissing, and Helga finally planted a hickey on Arnold's neck (even though they were briefly interrupted by Brainy and Helga hit him with a mop as an act of revenge). She had seen how many other girls in school had looked at Arnold, because of his good looks and good nature, so she decided to make it clear to those girls that Arnold belonged to her, and the hickey would be the sign that Arnold was already involved with someone. Arnold himself knew he only wanted Helga, so even before today, he constantly shrugged off a lot of other girls who tried to approach him or ask him out.

Arnold wasn't worried in the least about Helga biting him, even with the little bit of pain he knew it would cause. But he was so enraptured by her that it wasn't hard for him to ignore the pain, plus, she made it up to him by kissing that spot to make him feel better, since she loved him so dearly. And since he knew a lot of the kids in the school since they were young, they knew very well that Arnold belonged to Helga.

As they finally came up to the boarding house, Arnold decided to completely button up his shirt along with the collar, as he didn't want his parents or grandparents to see the hickey and get any ideas that they did anything beyond just that.

Not that he was too worried about it, especially since Miles and Stella accepted his relationship with Helga a long time ago and were more laid back about it than Helga's parents were. But his grandparents were still as eccentric as they always had been, and Phil would tease him endlessly if he saw the hickey, especially since he was once in Arnold's spot, given his old relationship with Gertie.

But he didn't feel like explaining at the moment, so he decided to keep his shirt buttoned until he and Helga could go upstairs, despite that having it buttoned up all the way made it feel a little tight around his neck.

As Arnold opened the door, he and Helga stood aside as the pets ran out. Still holding hands, the couple then walked into the kitchen to greet his family. Miles was sitting at the table and reading the paper with Phil while Stella and Gertie were looking around for ingredients for dinner.

"Hi, Arnold. Hi, Helga," Miles and Stella said together as the couple entered.

"Hello, short man, little lady."

"Howdy, Kimba and Eleanor."

"Hi, Mom, Dad, Grandma, Grandpa," Arnold responded.

"Hi, everybody," Helga said as she gave a little wave.

"Have a good day at school, guys?" Miles asked as he looked up from the paper.

Arnold and Helga exchanged a glance and both gave a tug at their collars. "Uh, yeah, it was…good. Nothing too special," Arnold said nervously, still not willing to admit the truth about their day.

"Yeah, nothing too special," Helga repeated Arnold's words as she grinned nervously.

Before anything else could be said that made them more nervous, Stella said, "Your grandma and I are going to fix dinner in about an hour, Arnold." Turning to Helga, she added, "Do you want to join us, Helga? You know you're always welcome to be with us."

"Yeah, you are like part of the family, Helga," Miles added as he looked in Helga's direction. "You're welcome here anytime you want to come over."

Helga beamed and smiled warmly. In the years since she and Arnold first got together, she had grown very close to Miles and Stella and thought of them as true parental figures to her. And despite how weird they could be, she felt very close to Phil and Gertie as well.

"Actually, Mom," Arnold began, "Helga and I talked about this earlier, and we have a lot of work to do together, so I was wondering if instead we could order a pizza for us two and eat that while we do our homework together in our room."

Stella just smiled at her son. "Of course it's okay, honey. I'm just glad you told me this now. But we'll save some of the dinner for you later, and Helga, of course, if she wants some." She winked at Helga.

Looking over at the couple, Phil noticed Arnold with his shirt completely buttoned up, including up at the neck, and frowned. Pointing at the shirt, he said, "Hey Arnold, why do you have your shirt buttoned up all the way?"

Arnold froze for a moment as he tried to explain, "Uh, well, I…just felt a little cold, that's all."

Phil looked at Miles and the father and son exchanged knowing smiles as they glanced at each other. Then Phil looked back at Arnold. "All right then, short man."

Helga decided to cut this short before anything else happened. "Okay, well, it's time for us to get to work, football head. So let's go upstairs, order the pizza, and hit the books!"

Arnold smiled at her as he crossed his arms. "Sure thing, Helga."

The couple took each other's hands again as they left the kitchen. As they did, the four adults looked at each other with the same knowing expressions on their face.

"Are you thinking what I'm thinking, Miles?" Stella asked.

"I'm sure of it," Miles smiled as he answered. Looking away for a moment, then back at Stella, he added, "Think Helga will do it again to him?"

"Oh, yes. I bet they do have homework, but they want to use this chance to spend more time alone together. But as long as this place is packed with so many people, they won't be doing any major 'funny stuff' under this roof." Stella smiled as she shook her head.

"Those two…" Miles chuckled and turned towards his father. "They really are like you and Mom."

"Darn tootin' they are, son!" Phil replied. "Someday Arnold and his little lady will be walking down the aisle, I can guarantee it."

Miles agreed, "Helga's definitely a keeper, Dad. Arnold followed his instincts with Helga like you did with Mom, and I'm sure these two will be inseparable even more when that day finally comes."

As his parents and grandparents continued to chat, Arnold and Helga had been outside nearby and heard everything that was just said. Arnold blushed as he realized his family must have known that his shirt was buttoned up in order to hide the bite on his neck. But he also smiled when they mentioned that he would marry Helga someday. Since they had gotten back together, Arnold knew he wanted Helga and no one else by now. He knew that they still had a lot to do in life before settling into a big commitment like marriage, but he was positive by now that he did want to marry Helga someday.

Almost all of the same things could be said with Helga. Ever since she discovered that Arnold's grandparents had the same relationship she and Arnold had when they were kids, but ended up falling in love and still being happily married to this day, Helga took it as a sign of fate and firmly believed that it would happen with her and Arnold one day. When they broke up, Helga never stopped loving Arnold, and when they finally got back together, Helga also knew more than ever by now that she wanted no one else but him. She told herself that she would marry him now if she could, but that Arnold would say that they should wait and not rush into something as big as marriage and that he was right. That was why she knew she needed Arnold: he could help her be more reasonable and realistic in regards to a situation like that, and not do something so hasty. Still, the idea of them tying the knot someday excited her, just as much as it did when she first told herself in preschool that she wanted to marry him.

Looking at each other, Arnold and Helga put their arms around each other and headed up the stairs.

"Sounds like they didn't buy it, Helga," Arnold said sheepishly as they walked together and finally came to his door.

Helga waved her hand in an "I don't care" manner. "Oh, stop worrying, football head! We do have homework, but it's not like we have so much to more to do on our history project. We'll just finish the majority of it tonight, then we'll get down to business."

Arnold just laughed a little. "Whatever you say, Helga."

"Damn straight, hair boy! Whatever I say!" But she smiled when she said it.

Then Arnold opened the door and let Helga in first. Before he went in, Arnold exhaled and thought, Whew! She is a keeper, all right. Then he smiled and went in after her closing the door behind him.