Hey Arnold! Hey Arnold! Hey Arnold!

Arnold slowly opened his eyes as he heard his old childhood alarm clock go off. He sat up and smiled as he remembered the events with Helga the night before. It was almost 11:00 by the time she finally left to go home. Needless to say, he didn't want her to go. But she assured him that they would do it all again soon.

Rubbing the sleep from his eyes, he stretched and yawned. Then he walked to his door and headed down for the bathroom to take his shower.

A few minutes later, he came back upstairs to get dressed. When he came downstairs to the kitchen, he noticed his parents and grandparents were already there. Phil was sitting at the table reading the paper while Gertie was wearing her safari hat and carrying the fly swatter, no doubt because there was a fly or some kind of bug around that she was trying to hunt down. Miles and Stella were at the counters talking when they noticed their son come in.

"Good morning, everybody!" Arnold said cheerfully.

"Good morning, Arnold!" they all responded to him.

A half-lidded gaze and small smile formed on Arnold's face as he went to the cupboard to get a bowl and poured some cereal into it. Then he went to the refrigerator and poured some milk into the bowl. Picking up a spoon from the silverware drawer, he went to the table and sat down. As he ate a few bites of his cereal, he didn't notice that his parents were smiling and laughing softly behind their hands.

As Gertie stood behind Phil and looked at Arnold, Phil looked up from the paper and at Arnold. "So what time did your friend with the old hat and the one eyebrow leave yesterday?"

Still wearing his gaze and smile, as if he were lost in a dream, Arnold looked down and stirred the cereal in his bowl. "Oh…pretty late. Helga and I had a lot of work to do on our history project."

As Arnold held up the spoon to his mouth to take another bite of his cereal, Gertie held up the fly swatter in her left hand and walked closer to him with an eager look on her face. "Kimba dear, do you need me to go hunt down the mosquitoes in your room? They really did a number on your neck last night!"

As soon as she finished that sentence, Arnold immediately froze, blushing heavily in his cheeks and nearly dropping the spoon in his hand. Unable to immediately say anything, he thought, Oh my God! I forgot to button up my shirt! Great, now what are Mom and Dad gonna say about this? I hope they don't think we did anything more than kissing. And it's just a love bite! Helga just wants to make it known that I belong to her.

Phil looked back at the paper and laughed to himself as he noticed Arnold's reaction and Miles and Stella glanced and smiled at each other.

"Ah, kids…" Miles whispered as Stella placed her hand over mouth, giggling softly.

At a loss for words, Arnold could only stutter, "I…well, I, uh…you see…"

Miles couldn't take it anymore and laughed as he came up beside Arnold. "Well, I see you're going in for the gold, huh, son?"

"Miles!" Stella pretended to exclaim in a shocked manner as she playfully slapped his arm.

Arnold only continued to stutter, "I-I-I…well, uh, uh…I, um…uh…" Finally, he regained his composure and spoke up, placing the spoon back in the bowl. "All right, yes, those are hickeys on my neck! Helga gave me these lovebites, but it's because she hates how other girls at school look at me because I'm a nice guy and so good-looking. She wanted to do it to make it clear to them that I am involved with someone and that I belong only to her. And yes, they did hurt a little, but she made it up to me by just kissing those spots afterwards. Who ever said that kisses couldn't make an injury better? She has the magic touch." He began to smile a little, then sood up from his seat. He turned to his parents and wore a serious expression as he looked at them. "Look, Mom, Dad, we did finish our assignment, but after that, we decided to spend some time alone, just kissing and being in each other's company. Then we fell asleep on my bed. But nothing else happened. We didn't do any…funny business at all."

Stella and Miles just smiled, and Stella placed her arm on Arnold's shoulder. "We believe you, Arnold, and we trust you." Trying not to laugh, she added, "You may just want to…think about wearing a turtleneck or at least buttoning up your shirt again when you're out in public until those bites heal."

Miles joined in, "And aren't you worried about what people at school will say, son?"

Arnold raised his arms up and shrugged lightly. "Not really. I mean, so what if teachers notice them? It's not like we did it out in public where people could be watching us, so they can't do anything to us unless they caught us making out in the hall or something, right?"

Miles looked at Stella, who looked back at him, then they both turned back to Arnold. "Well, I guess that makes sense. Did Helga even think about all that as well?"

Arnold lightly scoffed. "No. Helga still has her habit of doing things or making up her mind without thinking things clear through." Then his face brightened. "But that's why she has me, so she won't do something drastic without regretting it later."

"That's exactly why your grandma needed me when we were your age, short man," Phil added. Then he turned at looked at Gertie, who was still standing next to him. "And even today, Pookie and I still need each other just like you and your little lady need each other."

By now, Gertie had put down her fly swatter and placed her hand on Phil's shoulder as they looked at each other and smiled.

Arnold smiled and rolled his eyes. "I know, I know, Grandpa. Helga and I are just like you and Grandma. And I know by now that I do want to marry her someday."

"See, short man? I told you so." Phil winked at Arnold.

Arnold laughed a little. "Well, I'd better get going. I'm going over to Helga's and we plan to walk to school together." He quickly ate up the last contents of his cereal, then walked over to the sink and placed the bowl and spoon in there.

"Have a good day, Arnold," Miles said as he patted Arnold on the back while Stella kissed his cheek.

"Thanks, Mom and Dad. See you later," Arnold replied as he hugged his dad and kissed his mom back. "See you, Grandma and Grandpa." Arnold went over to them and hugged them as well.

"Have a good day, Arnold," Phil replied.

"Later, Kimba. And don't worry, I'll try and catch those mosquitoes anyway," Gertie called after Arnold as he grabbed his backpack and headed to the door.

Arnold stopped suddenly after hearing what Gertie said, then shook his head and laughed to himself. Despite knowing that his grandparents once had the same relationship he and Helga had as kids, he occasionally wondered if they were going to end up exactly like them, especially since Gertie saw a lot of her childhood self in Helga, and she and Phil both knew a long time ago that Helga liked Arnold.

Arnold walked out the door, down the steps, and headed towards Helga's house as he walked down the street.

Helga was patiently waiting for Arnold as she finished the last bits of her cereal. She smiled to herself, thinking about everything they did yesterday, both in school and at Arnold's house.

Now the other girls won't get any ideas about trying to hook up with Arnold. Him having hickeys show that he belongs to someone: me! Helga thought, a devious smile clearly on her face.

Miriam, who was in the kitchen with her, took notice Helga's face and became puzzled. "What are you smiling about, Helga?"

"Oh…nothing, Mom," Helga answered innocently.

Miriam didn't really believe it, but she just casually answered, "Okay, then, honey."

Just then, the doorbell rang. Helga smiled, almost immediately jumping out of her seat. "That's gotta be Arnold. We're walking to school together, and he said he would come over here to get me first."

Miriam smiled when she saw how Helga's face brightened. "You're glad he's back, aren't you?"

"Gladder than I've ever been in my life." Helga grinned, then ran to the door. As she opened it, she saw she was right: it was none other than her football-headed boyfriend.

"Hey, football head."

"Hey, Helga." Arnold smiled brightly at her, then stepped in the doorway as he and Helga gave each other a good morning kiss. "You ready to go?"

"In a minute. I just have to finish my breakfast. Want to come in?"


"Great." Then she pointed at Arnold's neck. "And, uh, you may want to button up your shirt in the presence of my mom."

"Oh, great." Arnold rolled his eyes, then buttoned up his shirt, including the neck part. As he and Helga stepped inside more, he added, "I forgot to do it this morning and everyone noticed."

"They did?" Helga's eyes widened, then she started giggling.

"Yep. Grandma thought they were mosquito bites, and asked if she wanted me to hunt them down in my room."

"Oh, my God!" Helga exclaimed, then started laughing a little more loudly, though not too loudly so that her mother would ask why she was laughing so much.

"Ha, ha, ha," Arnold mock laughed. "Real funny, Helga."

"Aw, come on, hair boy. Where's your sense of humor?" Helga asked sarcastically as she poked his chest.

"Oh, Helga." Arnold rolled his eyes again and shook his head as he followed her into the kitchen.

Helga walked over to where her bowl of cereal was still sitting, then quickly took several more spoonfuls of it before she went over to the sink where she placed the bowl down.

"Hello, Arnold," Miriam said as she saw him come into the kitchen. "How have you been?"

"Hello, Mrs. Pataki. I've been just fine, thanks. Just came to walk Helga to school." Arnold walked up to Helga's side and smiled as he placed his right arm around her. Helga smiled, too, as she placed her hand over his and patted it.

"That's nice," Miriam said as she smiled at the couple. "Did you two get a lot done for your history project yesterday?"

"Sure we did, Mom. We just have a few more things to do, but the majority of it is done." Helga squeezed Arnold's hand as she felt him squeeze her shoulder. "Well, we'd better get going. See you later." She and Arnold broke apart, then they went to the door to grab their backpacks.

"Have a good day, you two," Miriam called after them.

"Bye, Mom," Helga called as she headed out the door.

"Bye, Mrs. Pataki," Arnold called, then shut the door behind him.

Once they were out on the steps, Arnold and Helga wrapped their arms around each other as they began walking down the steps and onto the street. They leaned their heads against each other, just enjoying the feeling of being in each other's company.

After a few minutes of walking, Arnold finally broke the silence. "Hey, Helga, aren't you worried that people might tease us about the fact that you gave me hickeys? I mean, our friends might tease us a little, but what about others who would find out that we're going together?"

Helga just waved her hand. "Eh, stop worrying, Arnoldo. Girls will no longer get any ideas that they can pursue you. Those hickeys are clear indication that you belong to someone, and if they still don't get it, then I'll just make myself known to them. They can't have you, football head. Only I can have you." She pointed to herself with her thumb. "You're mine and mine only, you got that?"

Arnold just laughed. "Whatever you say, Helga."

"Of course, hair boy! Whatever I say." She looked at him with a smirk, then she smiled sweetly at him.

Arnold decided to take advantage of her smile and stopped walking. Before Helga could ask why he stopped, he quickly pulled her to him and kissed her on the lips, wrapping his arms around her waist. Helga was a little surprised, but it quickly wore off as she kissed him back, wrapping her arms around his neck as she did so.

After a few moments of getting lost in each other, Arnold and Helga finally pulled apart, staring and smiling at each other as they remained in each other's embrace.

"I love you, Helga."

"I love you, too, Arnold."

Arnold leaned forward and he and Helga kissed again, giving it more passion and force than the last kiss. They gave it almost all they had, which almost instantly lead to absence of air, forcing them to break apart again, much to their reluctance.

"Come on. Let's get moving so we're not late. And if you want some advice, keep your shirt buttoned up only during classes so the teachers don't ask."

"That's a good idea."

Arnold and Helga pulled out of their embrace as they started walking again, but kept their arms around each other, both wearing big smiles on their faces as they looked forward to what they had to share together in their future.

For now, at least.

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