"Unfortunately, Ms. Briggs, your argument is not sustainable-" My body froze up,
"No…" I mumbled, "Hell hell, not again…" I could see the prosecutor smirking at me, in a way that made me want to punch his lights out. The Judge shook his head,

"So, I'm afraid I must present the defendant…" I saw the judge pause. He was waiting; everyone was waiting, for me to object. But…they were right! There was nothing to object to! A few more seconds of wasted opportunity elapsed, in which I unsuccessfully racked my mind for something, ANYTHING to say.


"OBJECTION!" The young blonde shrieked, shooting up in bed. She looked around wildly for a moment before sighing, "Oh my…those dreams again…I have enough lost trials for a lifetime of these." She griped to herself, staring at the attorney's badge sitting on her nightstand. Tabitha Briggs, a crappy defence attorney, amazingly employed at the Wright And Co. Law Offices. Tabitha honestly couldn't fathom why Phoenix kept her on staff. She was sure he'd save a lot of money, money he could put towards buying Maya burgers, or something of the sort. Not that Tabitha wanted to be fired. Honestly, after every failed trial, she prayed desperately for days afterwards she would keep her job. Despite being terrible at the job in itself, Tabitha honestly loved being a defence attorney. The excitement…the investigation, not to mention she was stoked with ANY client who would entrust their fate to her. Sure, it was most likely because they were naïve and foolhardy, but she couldn't be more glad for these kind of people. They were the ones who (only in part, mind you) kept food on the table and paid for her apartment rent. Her parents paid for the remaining seventy percent of expenses. Yes, Tabitha, was still relying on her parents to pay for her needs. It disgusted the woman, honestly.

Tabitha sighed, heavily, flicking the covers back and smoothing her lime nightgown before standing up. She looked at her reflection in the hall mirror briefly, which caused her to instantly decide one thing, and turn for the bathroom, 'My hair is a mess.'