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Heart break.

Part one:

Voldemort had struck again, this time he had taken Draco captive, most people at the school couldn't work out why the dark lord would wish to do such a thing after all the Slytherin was on his side, there for taking him prisoner made little sense. However the mystery of this seemingly strange abduction was not such a puzzle to Harry, Ron, Hermiony and Ginny, who were well aware of why Draco had been taken captive by the dark lord.

Harry slumped down into a chair in the Gryffindor common room and let out a sigh. "I have to go after him, I can't let Malfoy suffer at that mad mans hands."

"Harry, why don't you just stop pretending to hate him and call him by his name?" Ginny asked him softly.

The black haired wizard flushed. "Alright I will from now on."

"You know that's what he wants you to do right?" Ron asked his friend concerned.

"Yes I know, which means Voldamort has something in mind for me, but still I can't I just can't desert the one I love."

The three friends smiled widely at the young wizard's confession. "It's good to finally hear you say that." Said Hermione with a soft happy tone to her voice.

Harry stood and smiled back at them. "It was good to finally be able to say it. I can't stay here I just have to go to him."

The three friends nodded with understanding t the young man, who dashed from the room and set off to find the man he loved.

Draco hadn't understood why he had so suddenly been taken, it took him a while to find out that they were planning to use him to trap Potter, what the blond couldn't understand was why they even though that the other wizard would come for him after all Harry had no idea he was in love with him did he?

Then suddenly feat started pounding above him some were, Draco could hear raised voices, something was going on, one of the followers of his former lord appeared, they opened his cell door, her eyes met his and with a start the blond realised it was his mother. "Go now! Get out of here whilst Harry has him distracted!"

"Thank you, but if he came for me I won't let the idiot get himself killed."

His mother smiled softly. "I don't know where you got that courage from. . . Go, on then go to him!"

With one last look at his mother Draco dashed up the stairs, people were running the opposite way from him eager to be out of the way of whatever was going on in the room at the top of the stairs. Draco got to the top of the stairs in time to see Harry and Voldemort circling one another, the dark lord was tired you could see that clearly, Harry discharged a curse at him, and Voldemort crumpled to the floor but before the dark lord managed to expire he pointed his wand at Harry and said something so quietly that Draco couldn't hear the words.

There was a sound like crashing glass, but all the blond haired man saw was the one person to ever try to save him, the one man he had come to love crumple to the floor, with a cry that would have rendered any one still Draco dashed to Harries side, quickly he felt for a pulse, the blond let out a relived sigh when he found it and then carefully the blond wizard lifted Harry up into his arms.

The Slytherin turned and looked at Voldamort, he wasn't moving and looked rather dead, it was that moment that Ron, Hermiony and Ginny came flying through the door. "Draco you're alright!" Exclaimed Pansy who had just come through the door behind Harries friends.

"Yes, I'm fine but..." Quietly the Ice prince looked down at the young man he held in his arms.

"Harry..." The young Ginny said softly, she came over to where Draco stood. "Is he...?"

"No, he is alive but something is wrong even I can tell that, the dark lord did something to him before he died I just don't know what, he spoke so softly I couldn't make out the words."

Hermione had just finished making sure Voldemort was dead before going over to the Slytherin. "Well whatever it is I suggest we get Harry back to the school, they have the best chance of doing something about this."

Draco nodded his agreement to Hermione's suggestion Ron stepped over to the blond and held out his arms. "Here let me take him?"

Without even thinking about it, the Slytherin gave the red head a death glare and tightened his hold on Harry, Ron backed up slightly and raised both hands in a gesture of defeat. "Okay don't let me take him."

Despite the seriousness of the moment, this caused a small smile to form on the lips of the people in the room and together they returned to the castle. Quickly Draco took Harry to the medical wing, the staff of the school spent days puzzling over what was wrong with the young wizard a week passed then two but still they were no closer to solving the mystery then they had been at the start.

Even Hermione was having no luck, she sighed and sat back in her chair in the library, this was driving her mad there had to be something she was missing something that she wasn't seeing. Draco came in the library as he did the blond noticed the young woman.

Over the time that had passed since Harry had saved him, the prince of the Slytherin house had dispensed with try to appear at logger heads with Harries friends, and the fact that Harry had thought Draco worth saving had meant that the dark haired wizard's friends were more willing to believe him and admitted eventually him as one of their party.

Quietly the blond came over to where she was sitting surrounded by all sorts of books and sat down beside her.

"Hey how's the research going? Are you any further along with Harries problem?"

"No, it's diving me mad I know its right there underneath my nose I just know it, but I can't work out what I'm missing... this is so very aggravating! All I need is one clue, one thing but I wasn't there to see the spell cast, I know we have gone over all of this before but tell me again exactly what happened?"

With a sigh Draco repeated the events that he had seen. "But I didn't hear what Voldemort said, he didn't have much strength left..." Suddenly a look of confusion crossed over the young man's face. "Wait..." The young wizard's brow furrowed in concentration.

Hermione leant forward and looked closely at ice prince. "Draco what is it? Have you remembered something?"

"Yes I think so, but no that just can't be important..."

"Tell me, you never know it could be what I've been looking for."

"Braking glass, just after Voldemort cast the spell, I heard a sound that was just like braking glass."

Hermione's eyes went wide, she grabbed a book. "That's it, that's that clue I needed."

Draco's grey eyes met the young woman's hope shining in them. "Really?"

"Yes I know what he has done to Harry now."

The Slytherin's eyes went wide. "Well what is it? What has that creep done to him?"

"He has broken Harries heart."

"What how do you do that?" Draco asked the book smart woman confused.

"Well basically, Harry loves someone, but for some reason they either don't love him back and he has been going around with a non physical broken heart that Voldemort made physical or he loves someone he think doesn't love him and the spell did the rest."

"Sounds nasty..."

"It is and just like the dark lord to cast such a thing."

Hermione closed the books, she quickly left the library, and the Slytherin followed along the young witch they were met by Ron and Ginny further along the corridor. "Well thanks to Draco here, I now know what's wrong with Harry."

"You do let's hear it then." Ron said with happiness, and Draco listened as Hermione explained to the two Weasleies what she had previously explained to the blond.

"So what can we do about this then?" Ginny asked softly.

"Well there are two cures, ether we find the one he loves and prays he loves Harry back..." Draco's head snapped round to look at the bushy haired young women when she said he.

Ron snorted. "Yeah, like he would care that way for Harry."

"Ron has a point." Ginny chimed in nodding in agreement.

"Wait I'm missing something here, Harry is in love and the person he loves is a him?" Draco asked the three friends confused.

"Yes... we thought you might have worked out Harry was that way by now. Any way I have to agree with you Ron the likely hood of him ever returning Harries affections are next to zero, and this is a delicate spell, Harry is only just alive, if the one he loved rejected him that would be the finish of it for him."

Silence fell for a moment, Draco had gone whiter than normal, just the idea of someone being able to kill the other wizard just like that, all because the black haired young man loved him it was enough to make the ice prince feel sick.

Ron shook his head slightly. "Then that options out, what's the second option?"

"Harry will need to be surrounded by love, by those who care for him, even then recovery will be slow, and he might never fully heal and be a little weak forever, I can't say for certain...Thank goodness summer is almost here, plenty of time to work on him. This is my suggestion, we get the headmasters permission to take Harry back to the Burrow, your family love him you care for him so does Ginny and I care for him too so I'll come home with you as well I'm sure between all of us we can help him."

"Sounds like the best idea." Ginny said in agreement to Hermione's sage advice.

Draco spoke softly. "Is there anything I can do? After all this is mostly what I feel to be my fault, if the idiot hadn't come after me..."

"No Draco, there isn't anything more you can do at the moment, but if there is we'll make sure to let you know." Hermione said with a sad smile for the blond, together the three friends turned walking away in conversation.

As they walked away Draco could hear Ron agreeing that if the headmaster said yes to Harmonies plan then he would send an owl to his mother and father to inform them of the plan to bring Harry to the burrow for summer.

Draco watched them go pain in his eyes, it appeared that there was nothing he could do, and since he had never told the friends of his savoir how he felt about him he had no right to demand anything from them.

The last time Draco saw Harry before the summer holiday was one of the most painful experiences of his life, the dark haired wizard was bundled in red blankets, his eyes were closed and he was held carefully in Ron's arms, with his head resting on the red haired mans chest, Harry looked so fragile and pail in the other mans arms it made the blond want scream partly in pain, partly in furry and partly in jealousy.

It was that night the Slytherin ice prince did something he hadn't done for years, something he had secretly needed to do for a long time he cried until he had nothing left.