AU because Sasuke never left the village and even though the Rookie 9 passed all tests they still have to go to The Academy. (It's kind of like the school in Soul Eater style for The Academy. A big board full of missions and the team picks one off the board to do.)

Rook 9 + Gaara: 14 going on 15yrs. Team Gai + Temari: 15 going on 16 yrs.

Hinata and Sasuke volunteer to be subjects to Naruto's new jutsu. Let's just say that didn't go to well and Sasuke and Hinata aren't going to be too happy when they wake up.




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Chapter 1: Failed Jutsu

It was a normal sunny day in the village Konoha. The birds were chirping and the sound of the people just walking around the dirt streets of the market. In the training grounds stood the Rookie 9 gathered in the middle of the field.

"Naruto what did you want so early in the morning?" asked Kiba.

"Yah, I missed breakfast this morning!" Choji yelled as he munched on a bag of chips.

The rest soon joined in on the complaining to the blond as to why they needed to meet at the training grounds ASAP at 5 in the morning.

"Well if you all must know I made a new jutsu that'll get me closer to becoming the Hokage. And I wanted all of you to be present to see my awesomeness!" He yelled excitedly.

The air was filled with a few groans, curses, eye twitches, and yells. As they just pictured what he may have come up with and none of them know it would be any good to be around when he used it.

"ARE YOU KIDDING ME THAT'S WHY I'M HERE AT 5AM!" Ino and Sakura yelled in anger.

Naruto flinched at the volume. "Well yeah why else would I call you all out here? I mean it's not like your all doing anything today. It's a day off and no one has any mission's so it was a good time to show you all."

They hate it and I mean HATE to admit it but Naruto was right but there was still the factor that this could've waited until later. The first to speak up for Naruto was Hinata. "W-well…ano…N-naruto-k-kun is…r-right. W-we…may not…g-get to…see it…later." She stated as her face turned a light pink from all the attention. All eyes were on Hinata as everyone sighed they all knew she was going to say something to defend him. Naruto just had that goofy grin on his face. "Thanks for helping Hinata."

Hinata blushed a tomato red and muttered out you're welcome.

"Okay, fine dobe then show us. So I can go already." Sasuke glared at Naruto with his arms folded over his chest.

The other's shook their heads and made little comments about how stupid this was getting.

"Just you wait teme I'll show you." He shook his fist at him with a vain popping out off his head. "Ok first before I start I need two volunteers to help me." He waved two fingers in the air. Everyone shut their mouths and just stared at him not making a sound.

"Oh what the-? Really no one wants to help me with my new jutsu?" The shook their heads and waved their hands in front of them with the exception of Hinata and Sasuke. Sasuke's just stared at the blond as if he grew an extra head while Hinata just blushed at the opportunity.

(I could help Naruto. Then he's got to notice me!) She then did something out of character and shot her hand up into the air and yelled, "I'll do it!" All eyes snapped her so quick that it seemed as if everyone would have whiplash.

"WHAT!" They yelled. Never in their lives had they ever seem the shy Hyuuga heiress volunteer willingly to do anything.

"Hinata think this over carefully!" Kiba grab her shoulders so that she was facing him. Everyone crowed behind Kiba with worried expressions.

"Yeah you don't have to help Naruto with anything." Shino said as he adjusted his glasses.

"It would be a less troublesome chose to not help. Who known's what could go wrong." Shikamaru said logically.

"He's right I mean it's Naruto!" screamed Ino.

"Hey! What's that suppose to mean!"

"What you think it means idiot!" Sakura walked over to him and hit in the head.



"B-but…I…want to…help. The…more help…the better…he can…get, right?" She said as she looked everyone with a smile as a blush creped its way on to her face.

As everyone fussed over Hinata Sasuke couldn't believe he got beaten out but the shy little Hyuuga in the bravery department. Soon his pride got in his way. (I can't believe that Hyuuga just. No way in hell I am I letting her beat me. I mean really she can't even get near that blond moron without fainting. You're not gana beat me.) He glared at Hinata. "I'll help too."

All eyes snapped to the self proclaimed Avenger this time just as quick. They were dead quite as they looked at him as if he had lost his mind. Hinata took this opportunity to get out of Kiba's grip and ran over to where Sasuke was.

Naruto just smiled like an idiot as he ran over to them. "Alright now let's get this party started!"

He saw that Sasuke and Hinata were standing to close so he pulled Sasuke over a little bit so there was a small gap between them. "Ok here we go!" He did a few hands sighs and yelled "Kon Suicchi no Jutsu!" He ran at the two with his hands glowing red.

Hinata and Sasuke look at each other wide eyed and then at Naruto. "NARUTO HOLD ON A SECOND!" They yelled as they tried to get out of the way. But it was too late Naruto touched Hinata on the shoulder while his other hand touched Sasuke on his back. The surge of chakra stopped them dead in their track as they both let out pain induced screams. Moments later they both passed out.

"NARUTO WHAT THE HELL DID YOU DO!" yelled Kiba as he and the rest ran over to them.

"I don't! This wasn't supposed to happen! I tried it on some animals and it work just fine." Panic was written all over his face as he ran over to them too.

"Animals and humans are made differently you moron!" yelled Sakura.

Shikamaru check their vitals' quickly and scowled. "Shit they're not breathing! Come on we have to get them to the hospital ASAP!" Shikamaru ordered as Choji put Sasuke his back. They all nodded in unison, Shino put Hinata on Kiba's back as they sped off to the hospital all the while glaring at the blond haired blue eyed boy.

A/N: Kon Suicchi Jutsu – Soul Switch. It temporality switches the souls of the opponent to the body of another living thing. Use as a distraction.

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