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Chapter 3

Compromise It

Just how much sadness

Have you been keeping to yourself?

Just how much of your feeling

Have you been sealing away

Her Japanese was crude.

The way her emerald green eyes studied the living room and how her bottom curled in poorly disguised disgust made Bakura want to wring her neck.

Young. Naïve. She was anything that Bakura was trying to make up in his mind.

He didn't like this young girl at all.

But, being himself, Bakura sat across from the blonde girl formally introduced (By Kisara) as Hawkins Rebecca; heiress to the Hawkins fortune and the creator of the upcoming international clothing line Rapture. Bakura had heard of the girl before. Born in America; spoiled from day one. She was a prodigy; graduated from college at a young age and then decided to take up fashion in Paris. In anyone else's eyes, she was a girl who would have the world in the palm of her hands before she reached thirty. But as of now, she was just a nineteen year old who was holding onto her former brother in law's left arm a bit too tightly for latter's sake.

"I can't believe you ran like that." Kisara said in a clipped tone, snapping Bakura back from his thoughts and into reality. "Mother and father aren't pleased with this at all."

"Yeah well," Ryou said with a roll of his eyes and tugged his arm away from Rebecca and sighed. "I can't believe they are going to go through with this after what happened between you and Bakura."

Kisara slowly pushed back a small strand of white hair from her eyes and placed down her teacup that Touzoku had nicely made for her. "That isn't the point. It's a family tradition. You have to follow-"

"I don't have to follow anything." Ryou said rudely, cutting his sister off completely. "I am not going anywhere. I am staying here with Bakura."

"I didn't say that you could stay here." Bakura growled, officially coming into the heated conversation. "I didn't even know that you were engaged to be married!" he yelled, his brown eyes flicking back over to Rebecca who only stared back at him.

"There is nothing to worry about," Rebecca stated simply. "I am pretty sure that we will have everything settled once we go back to Asakusa."

"Didn't you just hear what I said? And stop touching me!" Ryou hissed snatching his hand away from Rebecca and stood up to glare at his sister once more.

"You can tell mother and father that if they want me, then they can come and get me themselves."

Kisara sighed, her pale hand coming to clench the base of her nose in pure annoyance. "Ryou, you are acting like a complete child right now."

"Then let me be one."

"I don't have time for this right now," Rebecca said suddenly, grabbing her pink cell phone from her oversized brown bag. "I have a flight to Paris in five hours. I have to get back to Asakusa within an hour or so."

"Rebecca," Kisara started, standing up as well. "I suppose the driver can take you back to the family house but I am going to be staying here with my little brother."

Bakura and Ryou's face faltered while Touzoku's brightened.

"Alright then. I am going," Rebecca said with a small frown. "I will keep in touch with you and I have to set up an appointment with the flower arrangement once I come back."

Before Ryou could even open his mouth to protest, Kisara raised her hand to silence him.

"Sounds like a plan. See you then Rebecca."

With a giggle, Rebecca winked at Ryou then turned to Bakura and his brother and slightly bowed. "Thank you for your hospitality. It was nice meeting you."

Bakura returned the gesture. "Thank you for visiting. I am looking forward to your next visit."

Well, that was a fucking lie.

With a few more parting words, Rebecca took her leave. Once they heard the car door close, and the limo leave the parkway, all eyes turned to Kisara.

"Are you serious?" Bakura asked his brown eyes narrowed. "Your family isn't trying to arrange another marriage are they? Didn't they learn from us?"

"Like I told Ryou," Kisara hissed out. "This is going to be different. Our marriage was a failure from the start. Rebecca is a smart woman and with Ryou's charming and knowledge of-"

"Our family wants to buy Rebecca's family company. That's the only reason why they want me to go through with this marriage." Ryou said dangerously, staring at his sister with a look that Bakura had never seen in the younger's eyes before.


"Alright, alright that's enough." Touzoku said a moment of glares between the Miyagi siblings. "If Ryou doesn't want to come back with you right now Kisara, you can't drag him back kicking and screaming. Who knows, he might leave as soon you guys go back to Asakusa."

Bakura nodded in agreement. "He's right."

"But Mother-" Kisara started.

"I will call them and let them know where I am," Ryou admitted. "I will tell them something."

The white haired woman looked at her young brother and bit her lip in worry before sighing. What else could she do? And her former brother in law was right and she knew Ryou well. The younger Miyagi would run off if he was given another chance.

"Alright, Fine." Kisara said throwing an arm up in defeat. "But, you will go back when I call for you. Understand?"

Before Ryou could even open his mouth to protest; Bakura had stepped forward and nodded. "Fine, he agrees-"


"He will agree if he wants to stay here until the time being." Bakura finished, turning to the small Miyagi with a glare.

Ryou fell silent with a small whimper.

Kisara frowned. "Are you sure about this Bakura? I mean, you don't have to deal with this. It isn't your problem anymore."

'Yeah.' Bakura's inner mind agreed. This was no longer his problem. His ties to the Miyagi family were over the day he and Kisara had signed the divorce papers. But, something made him jump to the younger Miyagi's aid; keeping in mind that this was the same one who had tried to molest him countless of times. But he still wanted to help.

"Yeah, I'm sure Kisara. Now, we were eating breakfast before you and Rebecca showed up. Do you want to join us or are you going to leave?"

"No," the white haired woman said with a small smile. "If you're going to make room for my brother; then you can surely make room for me too. I am staying as well."


So, that was settled. His former brother in law, his brother, and now his ex-wife resided in his medium sized house. The white haired restaurant owner looked around the dinner table while he watched the said people calmly eating their meal. Inwardly, Bakura sighed while his mind tried to come up with the sleeping arrangements for the three. But, Kisara had assured her former husband that she wasn't planning to stay for more than a week.

"I just want to make sure that Ryou comes home with me," Kisara said before she entered the kitchen. "I am so sorry for this Bakura."

"I suppose I can cook dinner tonight;" Kisara said as she silently munched on her potatoes and eggs. Her blue eyes then looked to the boys who were looking at her and smiled. "Any suggestions?"

"Oh I bet anything you cook will be delicious." Touzoku gushed, making Ryou and Bakura roll their eyes at the shameless flirting.

Kisara only blushed and giggled. "Thank you Tou-kun."

"It doesn't matter either." Bakura said with a shrug. "But, I have to go in the restaurant for awhile. So, I might be late."

"Oh, that's right. I forgot that you opened a restaurant. Do you need any help there?" Kisara asked while gathering bowls that were empty and placed them in the sink.

The restaurateur blinked at the sudden question. "Uh…yeah, but it's nothing major. Just waiters…"

"Good." Kisara said with a smile. "I volunteer Ryou to work for you; since you decided to take him into your house."


"I can't believe this." Ryou huffed as he uncomfortably tugged at his uniform before crossing his arms over chest. "I fucking hate my sister."

Bakura only chuckled before handing Ryou a large stack of menus. "But, your sister is a smart one. What a fine way to work for me while staying with me don't you agree?" Bakura asked, winking at Ryou.

Ryou only blushed and looked away.

"Now, go on and take those to the front desk and come back here when you're done."

"Yes sir." Ryou said mockingly before doing what he was told. He exited the large back office using his back to push open the large wooden door and was immediately overwhelmed with the sounds of clanking plates and utensils and happy chattering. Sato Bakura's restaurant 'Zen' was a fairly popular place and was partially crowded with people with locals and foreigners.

Ryou was proud to say the least.

"Hey, are you going to keep those with you all day, or all you going to hand them over?"

Ryou jumped at the sudden grab on his shoulder and was about to say something rude but he quickly closed his mouth when his doe brown eyes looked right directly into a pair of lavender colored eyes.


The owner of the lavender eyes only sighed and held out a tanned hand. "I have six people waiting to be seated. I need those menus now."

"Oh!" Ryou handed the menus to the tanned skinned young man and blushed brightly. "I'm sorry. I'm-"

"You must be new here." The boy said, completely cutting Ryou off with a smirk. "And you look just like the boss. Well, the name is Ishtar. Malik Ishtar. Pleased to meet you."

Ryou smiled. "Miyagi Ryou. Pleased to meet you too."

Malik smirked again. "Well, if you need help with anything; just look around and try to find me alright? But as for right now, I better get back to work."

Ryou smiled and nodded. "Sure."

"Wait, you're doing what?"

That's why Bakura hated telling his friend/co-owner things. He always wanted him to repeat things as if he was suddenly going to change the story. But, he had to admit he was one of the good listeners of his group of small friends.

"I told you Marik. Kisara and Ryou are going to be staying with me until this arranged marriage ordeal is over."

Marik only laughed and pushed back his pale blonde hair from his lavender eyes. "I can't believe this. Wait until Malik hears about this."

Bakura sighed and grabbed his loose white locks and pulled them into a tight ponytail. "Why must you tell your brother everything? I might as well tell him before I tell you. You suck at keeping secrets."

Malik only shrugged and stood to pull on his white button-up shirt. "Well, you might not care since you keep coming back and tell me stuff."

"Shut up you asshole." Bakura said shooting a glare at his laughing friend.

"Alright, Alright." Malik said while waving his hand. "I'll stop. But damn, your life is just fucked up. You just can't help but laugh at it."

Bakura adjusted his tie. "I'm glad at least you find it amusing."

"You know I do. Oh, I forgot to tell you that Kaiba Seto and his wife Shizuka are coming in later on to finalize their bridal dinner for next month."

"Fine." Bakura said with a sigh. "Now, let me go and check on Ryou. Just call me if someone calls my desk phone alright?"

"Can do."

Bakura nodded to his friend before walking out of his office and felt an oncoming headache come on. How come he always had a headache dealing with Ryou?

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