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Please tell me you're planning on continuing and finishing this story. I absolutely love the concept. It's so interesting. I got to this last chapter and I wanted to cry because I wanted more. PLEASE finish this story!


I like this a lot! What an awesome start. Can't wait to read more


I love love LOVE this. This is made of all kinds of awesome. You built a strong foundation and threw in some wonderful characterization. I can't wait to see how you continue this in the next one. Thanks for the read!


I love Rogue! Her and Logan have an interesting relationship:) Update soon!:D


This is so cool! I don't remember if I've reviewed previous chapters before or not, but I've certainly been enjoying this tale! (don't understand the "complete" notation, tho; how can it be finished? there's still so much story to tell! you've barely begun!)

Logan's softness & honesty w/her is nice to see, but also somehwat inexplicable. they wouldn't have the same kind of bond that the pair has in the movies; Rogue's personality is too different for that. So what's the hook here? is it just her mistreatment Southaven that's compelling him to trust her, and forming a connection b/w them - 2 abused mutants, both of them against the world sort of thing?

I hope you have a sequel in mind!

why do they need a name anyway


Update soon. I love your comedic flare

guest number 2

"He contemplates his cigar like a favorite lover. She almost tells him to get a room..." Loved this part and the fact that even passed out, he finds her annoying. Your stories are so entertaining


that was really good hope you load soon


oh, this is hilarious! It's funny that he doesn't like her... at all. This really is like the comics. But Logan's a decent guy, and a soft-hearted sweetie under all the snark and frustration, so it's going to be an interesting relationship that develops out of this. I know I will love tagging along to watch how these two respond to each other's complex dichotomies, and shared pain/vulnerabilities.

...and, how will Charles Xavier react to this new development? Will he keep an eye on these two w/Cerebro? Will he interfere? When will Mags catch up to them? So much potential here!


and here I thought she was going to save him some grief by saving him from the fight with Sabretooth! Funny. but I guess every Rogue must have some trouble with her personalities.


This is an excellent idea for a story, and so far you're fleshing it out very well. Giving Rogue a personality more like the comics was a good idea; it pairs well with Wolvie's life here, and I like seeing a strong Rogue, as opposed to a wilting one as in the 1st movie.


I can't quite believe Logan would let himself go to sleep, with her in control - Mr. "I trust no one." And yet... it works. This pairing is fabulous! Keep going! I'm so excited at finding a good story!

Yasona Black

I'm loving this story. It's nicely done. One thing though, at the end of chapter three you used "loosing" instead of "losing". Other than that it was very enjoyable. :)


wow, great :) I like Rogue's spark and how she's no longer this scared little kid but more of Logan's equal - maybe that way their interactions will evolve more into the direction of romance rather than this strange relationship they have going on in the movies :)

I've no idea why you get so few reviews though...


Wow, this story is brilliant so far - and I can't wait to see more of it! :) I'm adding you to my alerts :)


Nice, very good. I like the way you write, how you describe characters thoughts and things happening around them. I will be interested to see how this continues.


Raina Meldamiriel

awww i cant wait for more ^^ i love this story i can't wait to see how your gonna devlope the story. please update again soon xxx

amba gurl

hey r u going to update soon? this is a really good story!


Fascinating. You are just so talented at making these characters so INTERESTING! Their dialogue & reactions are somehow never something I quite expect, yet they fit the personalities to a "T" and certainly keep me enthralled! I'm under your spell every time you post.

It's hard to write a much-loved, much-overwritten couple and make it feel new, or give it your own, very personal flair; you have succeeded.

I'm only disappointed that you take so long to add to this story. It's too engaging to let lie. And what happened to the rest? Wasn't there a third part to this series? Where did it go? Did you delete some posted chapters?


Having only just found this fic, after it was added to the 'I Heart Rogan' community, I'm in love.

Logan is in character, and his thoughts are hilarious, especially when he's admiring her arse...LOL

And had to laugh at the little argument at the end, men and sports...huh?


interesting concept, I can't wait to see more.


God I love this story so much. I was very excited to see another chapter.




This is just as great as I thought it would be. A fabulous start to much anticipated continuation. I'm a great believer in reviewing throughly the farther I get into a story in progress. So you'll be sure to hear more from me as I follow a long. Be sure to let me know if you need any help with nudges or ideas. I'd like to help any way I can(if you need any at all, cause you're doing wonderful without any, that's for sure!). Thanks for the read!


this is utterly amazing. please continue


Love the connection between Rogue and Logan when they can't really stand each other, but for some reason or another they care about each other- its so cute.

After reading the second installment to the series, I realized why your pen name sounded familiar. You made an amazing ROGAN vid "Run Devil Run" like a year ago. The editting was so cool. When I saw it, I thought it should be turned into a fic, how lucky that the vid was formed by such a great writer *hint hint*.

Can't wait for more ;)


I read the first section of this story last night, and only just thought now to check your profile and see if you'd done any more X-men/Wolverine writing. Thank the lord you have, by the way. Your characterizations are hilarious, but spot-on. You manage to make Wolverine internally tortured, kinda masochistic, and gruff without it being too cliche or expected, and your written-Rogue is by far my favorite I've ever encountered on FF. Logan and Rogue's interactions and relationship dynamic are subtle, but still poignant. And lots of other fluffy things, too. I can't wait for further chapters on this story :}


I love what you've done with Marie's character and the way the relationship is developing. Hope you'll keep writing :)


One word for you - AMAZING!

rocks and glass

This is very good. You are a good writer and I really really like your characterizations here. Logan especially is well done, his general confusion/surprise/shocked-ness with the continuing unexpected, and his swinging between sort of attraction and sheer annoyance and protectiveness is brilliant because it builds him in a 3D way that is often lacking in other stories. That's a very in-eloquent compliment, mostly because I can't pin down in a few words what it is that you are doing with the characters (which is a good thing).

Basically I think the whole thing, and it's predecessor, is great and look forward to reading more from what promises to be an interesting plot/story.


I read your last story and I'm glad you're continuing! Update soon! I wanna know what happens with them.


Hey! I am absolutely loving this. I read the first one and adored it, so I moved onto this one. Please continue soon. Good luck and happy writing!


This is adorable. Loved it, from word one!


at best-functioning morons

Your writing is stunningly beautiful...I am sorry if that is really weird for me to say that, but it's true. Wolverine/Logan is one of my favorite characters ever created, and you have this way of writing from his pers[ective that is just so DEEP...you have captured him perfectly. I love the way you followed the original plot line of the movie, but added so much more. The additions of characters not in the movies but in the comic books, like Jubilee, is really great.

I also really appreciate how neat and tidy your writing is. A lot of authors on this site clearly don't go to the trouble of proofreading their work, but it is obvious that your check your spelling and grammer etc. It makes your story that much better to read. I truly enjoyed this story, keep on writing! :-) Job well done.


I originally followed this on the WR archive. I saw this recently pop up on here and decided to read the series yet again (think I am going on 4x now). Long story short, this is one of the best series I have read (and I've been writing, but mostly reading fan fic for over 10 years). Your character development and depth is compelling. I was primarily an X series comic reader and like you, thought the movies portrayed Rogue as a weak, fragile, naive child. Nothing like the tough, smart-mouthed, jaded, yet kind hearted character from the pages of the comics. You have done a wonderful job trying wedding the two to create a Rogue more true to the comics that still is recognizable to an audience that only knows of her from the movie.

Although I know a series of this length can be taxing and it is not always possible to complete such a work (especially when you have more than one series), I hope you plan to continue working on the 4th installment, Great Gig in the Sky.


Excellent story. I greatly enjoyed reading it. Any hope for a sequel?

Note how many of these reviews are actually annoyed pleas for me to get off/on my ass and write already. My sincere apologies for being such a ship-tease.