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Patrick was holding Teresa tightly against him. He was so angry at Oliver for how he was treating her. She deserved better than that. Patrick rolled his eyes in disgust, then eyed Teresa as she wiggled closer to him in her sleep.

With a gentle hand, he stroked her hair…then her shoulder. He hated her being hurt. He knew something was wrong…but when he had asked her how she was…she just brushed it off. In this subject he didn't push, because he wanted Teresa to feel comfortable, to be able to come to him if she wanted to. Patrick just made it clear to her, that if she needed to talk, he was there for her.

It was now almost 4am…Patrick had napped a bit. He wasn't used to being snuggled to. He liked it. It was nice being needed, it was nice not being alone and hurt. He watched her for a bit more before a thought hit him.

After the night she had, Patrick decided he should text Cho…He wanted Teresa to get the rest she desperately needed and deserved.

He carefully placed his arm above Teresa's shoulder and retrieved her cell. He knew it was set for 5am, just as his was.

As Patrick slowly pulled his arm back, he placed it right above her arm, found Cho's number, and sent him a text saying: "This is from Jane. Lisbon and I won't be in today. Something came up, and I am helping her with it. Don't be worried, were safe. Talk to you later. Please don't call unless it is absolutely necessary. Thank you."

Patrick then turned her alarm off, and placed her phone back on the floor. Then he slowly pulled his arm away and reached it over his shoulder and found his cell. He smiled at himself for not waking her.

Once he turned the alarm off, he placed it back where he had it, and draped his arm back around her.

Patrick wondered how she was going to be when she woke up. He hoped she wouldn't shut him out and be embarrassed. She had no reason to be, but still he worried.

He began dozing back off…knowing that Teresa was calm and peaceful.

It was around 6am when Teresa woke Patrick by stretching, then cuddling back to him. Patrick smiled as he gently stroked her face, tucking a strand of hair behind her ear. He watched her smile in her sleep. She was so beautiful inside and out…he just wished she knew how much.

It was then Patrick noticed something else…something he hadn't seen before. His heart started to pound as his hand slipped down to her side. Teresa's shirt had rose up a little in her sleep, revealing her side a bit…also revealing a nasty bruise…his mind went right to the worst.

"Is he beating her?!" His mind screamed. As he gently stroked over the bruise unconsciously, Teresa frowned and moaned…he gently pulled his hand away and snuggled her tight to him. He tried to calm himself, he didn't want her to be scared. He knew she could feel his heart beating in their current position.

Patrick tried to think…the other day she got into a dispute with a drunk man who was trying to take some poor woman hostage. The man threw the woman across the hall. Teresa had nodded to Patrick to stay with her while she went to chase him down.

While staying put…her team had surrounded the building. As Wayne came in, Patrick told him what happened so he went to assist her. When Wayne found them, the man was dead, and Teresa had been thrown against a banister causing two cracked ribs and a horrible black and purple bruise across her side…

"Yes that's it…that has to be it." He thought to himself. He couldn't bare the thought of him beating her…no woman disserved that.

He tried and failed to get that awful image out of his mind. He watched her, and tried to get calmed. She looked so innocent. She had both arms cuddled in to his chest, their legs tangled. He wouldn't deny that he could get used to this.

He wondered if she was cold. Patrick gently stroked her arm, she felt warm. He had the comforter and sheet snuggled to her. He watched her reaction when he touched her. She smiled and sighed in her sleep. Yes, he could definitely get used to this every night. He smiled at her as he watched her. He hoped desperately she would be okay. Patrick managed to fall back to sleep as she softly sighed against his chest.

It was about 11am before Patrick woke again. Teresa stretched and snuggled, then softly sighed against his chest. This woke Patrick who was wondering how she was.

"Good morning sleepy head." Patrick teased.

"Good morning Patrick."

He smiled, her voice sounded like she was smiling at him…only as he suspected…she sounded shy and a bit nervous. Probably wondering what he thought of her coming to him at such an hour. He had told her last night she wasn't bothering him. He would have to make sure she knew that.

Teresa suddenly asked: "Um…what time is it?"

With that question Patrick wondered if he was getting ready to be screamed at…He took a deep breath as he answered her.

"Well, I hope your not mad at me, but I texted Cho about 4am. I told him that we wouldn't be in today, that I was helping you with something and not to worry we were safe, and not to call only if it was absolutely necessary."

Well there it was, he told her the truth…now how would she take it…that was the question.

"Oh…I uh…thank you."

Patrick's eyebrows shot up. She wasn't mad? His mind was somewhat blank for a change. He watched her rearrange herself and set up a bit. He also noticed she hissed in pain as she accidently hit her side.

"I'll be glad when this heals. That guy tried to throw me down the steps…but he lost."

He smiled at the smart remark. Patrick was relieved to know that, although he was sorry she was in pain. He wanted her to talk to him…He suddenly had an idea.

"Teresa, how are you?" He gently asked her while rubbing her back and pushing her hair in back of her shoulder so he could see her face a bit better. He then slowly set up next to her…hoping she wouldn't pull away.

"I'm better. Thank you for last night…I just feel I bombarded you with a lot." She got quiet as she bit her lip.

Patrick was still rubbing her back as he spoke: "Teresa, you did not bombard me. I told you that you could come to me, I meant that. Every word."

Teresa nodded and smiled as she turned her head a bit more to face him. The sight broke his heart more. Her eyes were swollen from last night. He just gently stroked her face as he spoke.

"Are you hungry? I made some soup last night."

He noticed that she smiled at him. He smiled back as he continued: " I was kind of hoping that maybe you would want to spend the day with me?"

Teresa smiled and nodded, she needed more of this and less of that…She definitely could get used to this.

Patrick stood, and helped her. They seemed to just stand for a moment not saying anything, then she hugged him. He hugged her back.

As they released somewhat. Teresa spoke: "Um…where is your bathroom?"

"Oh…down the hall to your right. It's a little small, I think it's cozy though." She smiled at him as she left him.

Once in the bathroom she took a deep breath and looked around. It was small, but very nice. It was very peaceful in there. She smiled as she looked at Patrick's towel, and clothes on the floor from last night. It smelt like him in here.

Teresa walked to the sink and looked at herself in the mirror…she was a sight. She wondered if he kept wash cloths and a spare toothbrush in here… She opened the bathroom door and somewhat yelled down the hall.

"Patrick, where do you keep washcloths, and a spare toothbrush?" She hoped she wasn't bombarding him. He wasn't used to this.

"In the vanity drawer is where to find a toothbrush, the cabinet for washcloths." He yelled back from the living room.

"Thank you." She shut the door back and went hunting. She opened the vanity and found washcloths, as well as towels. Then she opened the drawer and found an extra toothbrush, pink. She smiled as found a little travel size tube of toothpaste and mouthwash. She hoped he wouldn't mind if she used them.

As she brushed her teeth she wondered what he was thinking. Teresa washed her face then swished with her mouthwash.

She ran the water warm and washed her face and neck as she thought of the night she'd had. She couldn't believe she had slept the whole night. Poor Patrick must have thought she darted from him pretty fast, but that wasn't her fault. Teresa softly laughed at the thought as she washed her hands, raked her fingers through her hair, and stepped out.

As they met back she smiled at him, he smiled back as he spoke: "I'll be right back."

Teresa smiled at him as he headed to the bathroom. He took a deep breath as he turned the water on and washed his face, brushed his teeth, and swished with mouthwash. She looked more peaceful than last night…but she was aching with worry, he could tell. Patrick looked the little items on the counter and smiled. He washed his hands before he stepped back out.

As they met back up, he took her hands and led her to the kitchen, and pulled out a chair for her to set.

They smiled at each other as he turned to the fridge to retrieve the small pot of soup.

As he placed it on the stove, he noticed Teresa looking out the window at the beach…it was beautiful, so peaceful.

"After we eat, would you like to go walking?"

Teresa was so engrossed, that at the sound of Patrick's voice she jumped.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to startle you." He gently patted her shoulder as he went to start their tea. He thought it would be better for her nerves.

"It's okay, it's so beautiful. Yes, that does sound nice."

"Good, I'm making you some tea. It will help you relax."

She nodded as she watched him stir the little pot, and fetch their bowls.

"Oh, I almost forgot something." Said Patrick as he went back into the fridge.

She eyed him curiously wondering what he had forgotten. Her eyes roamed around the rooms that she could see. It was so strange to find peace here. It was then her eyes caught him again.

"I made bread last night…do you like homemade bread?"

She nodded again before answering him: "Yes, when I was little me and my mother would make it together. She always had me baking, and cooking with her."

She smiled then swallowed the tears back. He watched her as he added trying to help her: " I know what you mean. We loved cooking together…all three of us, but it was so much fun baking. Flour all over Charlotte, she loved to hand print me. We loved making cookies, she always wanted to make sure she could get every part of the dough… then fed it to me."

Patrick softly laughed at the memory then got quiet as he turned. She smiled back and softly laughed with him.

This was such a strange set up. She never thought she would be in Patrick Jane's house watching him cook…she shook her head at the thought.

Soon their breakfast, well lunch was done, and Patrick set their places. It was then he had another thought.

"Would you like to go set on the back porch? It's has an even better view."

She nodded as Patrick grabbed their soup and bread, while Teresa grabbed their tea and followed him.

The porch was so homey and cozy. There were some small plants, as well as a hanging basket of petunias, also a wind chime was singing in the warm breeze.

To the right side a small round table, set with four chairs, just as they had kept it. The left side a porch swing. He even had cushions, they were brown and orange swirls. A smaller end table set in the corner with a chair, and more flowers. It was beautiful. The furniture was white, while the swing and porch were cherry stained.

Her eye caught the back yard. It was breathtaking. Flowers everywhere, vegetable gardens, as well as flower gardens, grass freshly cut, and a beautiful view of the beach, she could even see the sand and hear the waves crashing. She also eyed something else that made her heart break. Charlottes swing set. It looked like he had kept everything up. It kind of shocked her, considering where the house was so sparse.

"You looked shocked."

"Huh…uh I just…its beautiful Patrick."

"Thank you. This was our little hide away. I keep it up just how we always had it. We had wonderful times out here."

Teresa felt like maybe she shouldn't be out here.

"I want you here, this is nice."

Teresa smiled shyly at him as he pulled a chair out and guided her to set, then they began to eat. She watched him smile back as he cut the bread for them.

"This is delicious Patrick."

"Thank you. It's been awhile since I have made anything homemade. I don't know why I was craving soup." He softly laughed along with her.

"Maybe the cool fresh air. Its snuggly weather." They softly laughed as they ate.

Patrick wondered if Oliver would snuggle her tonight, then got mad. He tried to smile though, he didn't want her to know he saw her thought.

"The bread is delicious too Patrick along with my tea. Thank you for all this. I appreciate your kindness. It means a lot to me."

That was the most she had spoken to him since last night. She eyed him as his curls blew around with the breeze, listening to the wind chime sing.

"Thank you, and your more than welcome Teresa. Anytime…you know that right? You are welcome here."

He gently reached for her hand and gently squeezed it. She nodded and said a soft: "Thank you Patrick."

Soon they were done. Teresa insisted on helping him clean up, but he shook his head and told her he'd be right back she could stay right where she was.

Teresa breathed in the fresh air. She was so relaxed and peaceful. She was standing in front of the door just looking out when Patrick came up behind her, watching her hair blow around. She was beautiful like this. He was so happy she was at peace. Patrick gently squeezed her shoulders as he spoke.

"You ready to go for a walk, I have a bucket in my shed, we'll get seashells too."

"Okay…That sounds nice."

With that he guided her outside. It was so much beauty out here, like a little piece of heaven. She smiled at him as he went in the little building. Teresa never thought she would see him this relaxed…here.

As he retrieved a small bucket, he smiled that he found it. Teresa noticed he gently ran his fingertips against the small pail…this must have been his daughters. Then he ducked back in. Teresa felt honored that he was sharing something so special with her. She also worried that maybe by her being here, she was forcing him through this…She really hoped not.

"I found them! These are perfect. I also got us these. Two buckets and shovels."

Teresa smiled at him as he walked back to her.

"Good sandcastle making items." Patrick smiled brightly at her. He was honestly happy today. It was a wonderful sight. It kept her mind off things…Things like soon she would have to leave him…this. She didn't want to think these things. She had slept wonderful last night. Teresa couldn't believe Patrick had held her all night. His arms must have fell asleep…She smiled as she watched him.

"Teresa, you okay…you ready?"

"Yes…and yes." She smiled at him as he smiled back at her.

Patrick took her hand as they walked down to the beach. They had their pants legs up and barefooted. He set their items in the sand, and walked Teresa to the water.

"It's warm a little…not swimming water, rather walking water." Patrick stated as Teresa looked out at the ocean. It was so beautiful, the waves were a bit rough though. The sounds, and smell were so relaxing and peaceful.

They looked at the sky when Patrick spoke: "I think there may be a storm coming."

Teresa thought to herself: "You have no idea." She smiled at him though, and agreed.

He held her hand as they walked back to the sand and set. It was warm and soft, Teresa ran her fingers through it and smiled.

"Hey, wanna make sand castles?" Said Patrick smiling brightly.

Teresa smiled at him as she spoke: "Yes, although I think yours will probably win."

Patrick laughed: "Nah, I think yours will be beautiful Teresa."

She playfully rolled her eyes at him, and laughed as she filled her bucket with sand. She had moved a bit to get some wet sand to make her castle stable. She laughed softly as she filled her bucket. Teresa never thought she would be making sandcastles today.

"What's so funny over there?" Patrick asked while eyeing her closely. She looked like she was having fun, he sure hoped so.

Teresa smiled as she spoke: "Nothing…its just I didn't think I would be making sandcastles today. This is nice, thank you."

They smiled at each other as she dumped her bucket…revealing a quite pitiful looking castle.

Teresa laughed and shook her head: "See, what did I tell you?" Eying Patrick's perfect one.

"Oh my…yes you do need some help don't you my dear?"

She laughed at him and said: "You think so?"

Now they were both laughing as he filled her bucket again. She couldn't help but watch him…it was something about him today, she just couldn't explain it, but it was wonderful. She was still smiling at him as he came up to her.

"Okay, the trick is to mash the sand down, then it sticks…this works…almost all the time." He stated giving her a hopeful look.

She nodded as she watched him dump her bucket…and sure enough…a perfect castle. Teresa watched and laughed as Patrick sighed in relief.

"And tada! Perfect castle!" Patrick said quite happy with himself.

"Yeah…show off." She stated softly laughing as she filled her bucket back up, patted it down and tried again.

Teresa was very happy with the result this time…a perfect castle. "Yay!" She smiled as she made another one.

Patrick smiled at her as he watched her. She looked so lighthearted right now, he loved seeing her happy. He wished she could always be this peaceful.

As the day grew on, they had made dozens of sandcastles, and soon it was evening. Patrick slowly stood and pulled Teresa up too. He thought this would be a good time to get seashells and go walking.

Patrick brought Teresa in the water with him. He smiled as he watched her. He pulled her in deep enough to cover their feet and ankles up. The waves crashed against them as they collected shells of all sorts of colors and sizes, and shapes.

Teresa nearly knocked Patrick flat when a little crab crawled over her foot. All he did was grab her and almost took them both over. They both laughed as they continued their walk down the beach.

Soon they had reached the other end. As they turned to head back, she spoke: "This is so beautiful Patrick. Its odd no one else is around though, don't you think?"

"It is very beautiful Teresa…well no not really…considering."

Teresa looked up at him for a moment before speaking: "Considering what Patrick?"

"Well…I own it. All this was mine Angela's and Charlotte's." He was quiet for a moment before speaking again: "I'm happy I get to share it again with someone special." He smiled down at her as they held hands, continuing their walk back up the beach.

Teresa was stunned…They owned all this?! She knew how…He thought she was special?! Her mind spun as she took in all the beauty.

"We used to come down every morning to watch the sun rise, then come later to watch it set. It was so nice."

She watched him get suddenly very quiet. She didn't want him to go to a dark place, but enjoy those precious memories he had of them.

"Patrick…I don't know what to say."

Patrick looked a tad confused: "What do you mean?"

"You shared all of this with me? This is sacred to you, and your family. Thank you for sharing something so sacred with me."

He was quiet as he spoke: "Your welcome, you mean so much to me. I hope you know that Teresa."

Teresa smiled at him as they shared a hug as they saw their little sandcastles peppering the beach.

It was now sunset. The first one he had shared with anyone since his wife and daughter. He decided to tell Teresa.

"Teresa…this is the first sunset I have shared with anyone else." He smiled at her. She was glowing in the sun. Her eyes were so bright. Her hair was blowing around, and she was smiling back at him as she spoke: "Me too."

He saw the unshed tears in her eyes as they shared a tight embrace. Patrick suddenly had a thought he wished had earlier…

"Teresa, how about we have a picnic. It's still day…well a little left. Would you like that?"

"I would love that."

"Well let's go the house, and I'll grab us some things."

"Okay, um what about our stuff?"

"It's good, were coming right back."

She nodded as they headed back to the house. Once there Patrick dusted himself off and went in. Teresa dusted herself off as well and followed him. She couldn't believe the night and day…and well almost night she'd had.

She smiled as she watched Patrick make sandwiches. He got them two ice teas, fruit, chips, plates, napkins and a blanket for them to set on. She smiled at him. He looked so happy. She watched him put all their items in a basket and guided her back to the porch, then headed out.

Teresa was having so much fun with Patrick. He was being so nice to her, and descent. She knew the time was coming…and didn't want this to end. She tried to concentrate on Patrick as she watched him set up their spot. He placed the blanket down and patted on it for her to set with him.

He set up their dinner, and they began to eat. They listened to the waves, feeling the wind, and breathing in the fresh air.

"This is good Patrick. I feel I need to cook you something to make up for all the delicious food."

Patrick smiled at her as he spoke: "There's no need in that Teresa, I wanted to do this."

She smiled at him as they ate, and watched the sun begin to disappear. Teresa's heart ached…she didn't want to leave.

She helped Patrick clean up their little picnic, then they just set on the blanket for a few more moments…watching the approaching storm.

"I guess we better head home, I don't want you to get hit by lighting." He smiled at her as he spoke.

Teresa smiled back at him…Thoughts of this was the only smiles she would get…she was trying to soak them all in.

She helped him, gathering up their buckets, and shovels. Patrick held their basket and their blanket. Then they both turned to look at the dark clouds through the lighting. It was so beautiful.

"Come on, let's head back." Teresa nodded as they headed back to the house. Once there Patrick opened the door for her, then locked it so the wind wouldn't snatch it back.

"Where do you want these?" Teresa said holding the buckets and shovels.

"Well I'll put those in the shed, but we'll bring the shells in. We don't want them to get broke."

Teresa nodded as Patrick set the basket on the table, along with the blanket and headed to the shed.

Teresa noticed how much cooler the wind had gotten, and watched the storm seeming to be coming closer to them. She wondered if she should head home…

She opened the door for Patrick, they shared a smile before they both entered the house, her holding the seashell bucket.

"Whew…it got cold out!" Said Patrick who was slightly shivering. He noticed Teresa was shivering too.

He walked over to the fireplace and turned it on, setting it on 75. Teresa watched him, as he told her to come get warm.

She smiled as she walked over to him. "Set with me." Was all he said.

As she set there with him on the living room floor, on soft carpet, she watched the fire. It was amazing the things they could do with gas. He had a beautiful stone carved hearth, tools too. The wood crackled, rolled, and popped as the flames danced. It sounded and looked like a real fireplace. It was so warm, and so peaceful.

Teresa heard the wind howling outside and thought maybe this was the time.

She turned to him as she spoke: "Patrick, I guess I should go home, before the storm hits."

She didn't miss the worried look on his face.

He was still facing her when he spoke: "Teresa, you don't have to leave, you can stay. Don't think your bothering me, cause your not."

Teresa smiled: "Thank you…but…I don't want to wear out my welcome."

Patrick just watched her, he could tell she didn't want to go back there…who could blame her…She needed to get away for a bit.

"Teresa please, your not wearing out your welcome. You can take a nice hot shower and get warm. I have things you can sleep in. Your not bothering me…really I want you to stay, you don't have to leave."

Teresa didn't know what to do. She was being pulled at both ends. Stay here and be happy, or go there and be sad…It would look bad if she stayed another night…wouldn't it? She frowned as she tried to figure out what she wanted to do…well needed to do.

Teresa stood and walked over to their bed, she shook her head at the thought "their bed" She leaned over and picked up her phone…just to see if maybe he called her, or texted…something.

Patrick watched her from the floor, he didn't want to smother her…but at the same time he wanted to know what the idiot did.

Judging by the look on her face…nothing. He watched her plop her cell back down and turned to face him. She looked so hurt.

"You sure I'm not bothering you?"

Patrick stood and walked over to her he hugged her as he spoke: "No Teresa, you never bother me."

He then kissed her cheek as she tried to wipe her eyes. Patrick started gently wiping her eyes as he gently pulled her hands away and spoke: "He's not worth it Teresa."

She looked up at him and nodded. He took her hand and led her to the guest room.

"This used to be a guest room, now it's where I keep my clothes."

Teresa looked around the large room, he had stuff everywhere. She softly smiled at him as he tried to hunt for something. Clothes were folded, just, well all over the bed. In the corner he had a roller with suits on it. Dressers that had clothes on them too. Shoes around in different places, along with overnight bags when they went out of town.

She noticed how clean he was. Everything smelled so good. Fresh.

"Ah, finally!" Patrick said happily as he held some items for her.

"Okay let's see here. Jammy pants, comfy shirt, boxers they have ties so they won't fall down." They both laughed, Teresa blushed slightly…she needed a tighter shirt underneath this…considering the camisole had a bra in it…

"Ah more goodies for you, a tank top, and snuggly socks." He nodded at her as he walked her back to the bathroom.

Now happy with all her goodies he gave her, she headed in…only to have him follow her.

"Listen, what's mine is yours. I want you to feel at home here."

She nodded and smiled at him as he stepped out.

Teresa looked around and set her clothes on the counter…then stripped down, she put placed her stuff next to Patrick's, turned the water on and stepped in.

The water was hot…just right. She rinsed her body off and softly laughed at the thought of using his shower gel…Coast…she should have known.

Teresa washed her hair, then took her bath and rinsed. She let the water pelt against her back…it helped sooth out the soreness that was there. After she was done she turned the water off, and stepped out.

Teresa stood on his towel and dried herself off and began to get dressed.

She smiled as she got dressed… "Well, I hope these do stay up." As she looked at his green boxers. She pulled on the long warm gray socks, then the green plaid jammy pants. They were so long, so soft and comfy. Then the tank. She wondered if he had anything she could use as deodorant. She went through the vanity again and found a small bottle of Secret…she put it on, her mind went blank wondering why he had that. She shook her head and pulled the v neck heather green undershirt on.

Teresa looked at herself in the mirror as she combed her bangs out a bit, and her hair. She shook her head and smiled. She was happy, his clothes smelt and felt so good. She brushed her teeth and swished with mouthwash once again, then stepped out.

Once down the hall, she looked for Patrick who was not anywhere in her eye path. As she turned the corner she found him. He was fixing their bed by the fireplace. Teresa watched him as he straightened up the sheet, comforter, and their pillows…he seemed to be texting, she wondered if it was Cho..

"Hey, I saved you some hot water, so you can enjoy your shower" She spoke almost shyly as he turned to her.

He softly laughed as he eyed her: "Well you look comfy…and swallowed alive. Did you enjoy your bath?"

Teresa smiled looking down at the floor…she could tell she was blushing…: "Yes, it was wonderful. Thank you for your things, I'm warm and comfy now. Oh, was that Cho?"

"Good…You can set there and get warmer. Yes it was. Apparently a pipe busted, and parts of the CBI are flooded…so we don't have to go in until 2 tomorrow. I'll be out in a moment."

"Teresa nodded…then had to ask: "Patrick, why do you have woman's deodorant?"

"Incase you came by…I didn't think you'd want to smell like old spice." He smiled at her and softly laughed.

Teresa nodded as she watched him go back in the guest room then go in the bathroom.

She walked over to the bed and smiled. She suddenly frowned. She shouldn't be smiling…but wondering what Oliver was doing. Teresa shook her head as she watched the fire. If he didn't care, why should she? Hadn't he gave her enough heartache? Didn't she deserve a little happiness? She hoped Patrick wasn't worried sick, although she knew he was. He wouldn't be Patrick Jane if he wouldn't.

Meanwhile Patrick had a pair of blue boxers blue plaid jammy pants, gray footie socks, and a white v neck undershirt. He brushed his teeth first, then swished with mouthwash.

Patrick looked around the room at her things in the floor and smiled. It felt good having someone there with him. Someone who meant the world to him. He smiled as he stripped down and climbed in. He adjusted the water to be hot, but not too hot.

He rinsed himself and washed his hair, then his body. Patrick wondered what Teresa thought of using his body wash. He smiled at the thought. If there was ever anyone to share his things with, it would be her. She cared about him…even all of the broken parts.

Patrick rinsed himself, turned the water off, then stepped out. He dried himself, put deodorant on, got dressed, and came out.

Teresa smelled him as he walked in the living room. She wondered how this situation was going to turn out.

Patrick was suddenly standing next to her. He held his hand out for her to take. Teresa looked up at him and took his hand as he helped her stand.

"Are you okay?" He softly asked her.

Teresa nodded and smiled up at him, taking in his appearance. He looked very relaxed and warm.

"You look comfy." She smiled as she spoke.

"I am comfy, are you comfy Teresa?" She nodded at him, wondering what he was up too.

"Well, I guess this sounds silly, beings were warm and toasty now…but I was wondering if you'd like to go out and watch the storm come in…just until it starts raining. I have a blanket."

Teresa smiled: "Sure, that sounds nice."

Patrick led her to the door, and grabbed a throw, then walked out to the porch one more time. She loved this.

Patrick led her to the porch swing and patted on the seat. As she set next to him she was wrapped up with a warm throw, and him with his arm around her pulling her closer, slowing rocking them. Teresa laid her head on the front of his shoulder. She couldn't believe all of the attention he was giving her. He actually pulled her to him.

Teresa remembered him telling her he was no good to anybody…she always knew that wasn't true. She had told him that herself, but at the time he didn't see it. All she could think about was how kind and gentle he had been with her. How peaceful it was being with him.

It was colder now, but it was wonderful. She wasn't cold, but warm…in more ways than one.

They watched and listened to the coming storm snuggled up on the porch.

Teresa was in perfect peace right now. She wished her life could be like this. She loved her working life, helping the good people, taking down the bad guys…but her personal life was so stressful. As Patrick rocked them, she wondered to herself what went wrong. Teresa frowned…she didn't want to think of Oliver right now…she had plenty of time to deal with him…but her peace, and happiness were limited.

Patrick stroked her arm as he spoke: "I think we better head in…were gonna get drenched." He said softly laughing.

Teresa agreed as they stood, him grabbing the cushions, from the swing and table set. She held the door open for him as they entered. She watched Patrick place them in the laundry room on the washer and dryer, then walked back to her.

Teresa was staring out at the pouring rain…it was so relaxing. Patrick went back out and grabbed the wind chime, and headed in to her.

"It's really coming down now isn't it?" She just nodded at him watching the lighting…hearing the thunder.

Patrick gently rubbed her back as he spoke: "Are you okay Teresa?"

"Hmmm…sorry yes. Just watching. Its beautiful."

Patrick nodded as he stood beside her. She was still snuggled up in the blanket.

"Come…let's go get warm. We can see the storm from the living room."

Teresa nodded as she followed him to the living room. Once there, he led her to their bed, and he helped her to set. Teresa took the throw off of her and handed it to Patrick, who placed it close by incase they needed an extra layer. Then he set next to her.

Patrick could see her mind was wondering back to Oliver…he didn't want her thinking of him…her mind deserved to be at peace. Patrick moved so he was setting behind her, and began messaging her shoulders…it didn't go unnoticed how tight they were.

"Does that feel good? Are you getting warm again…after I froze you."

Teresa softly laughed then spoke: "Yes that does feel good. I am the perfect temperature, you didn't freeze me. I'm warm and comfy."

Patrick slid his hands down her back gently rubbing and squeezing her achy muscles. She sighed at his motions…that didn't go unnoticed by him either.

Patrick slowly stopped and gently turned her a bit to face him. As he repositioned her…he gently laid her down. Teresa watched him as he seemed to be watching her too…then he slowly laid down next to her. Once again he pulled her to him, their bodies entangled as he snuggled her to him.

Teresa's eyes began to shut as he ran one hand over her back, while the other one buried in her hair, and gently down her side…missing the tender bruise not wanting to hurt her.

Patrick gently kissed the top of her head…and softly hummed to her, he could feel her softly sigh against his chest…then he felt her fall asleep. He then set his alarm, thankful that she would have more rest.

Patrick smiled, he kept his motions going…watching her…until he fell into a peaceful sleep…

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