Title: Alone

Character/s: Misa Amane

Rating: T

Summary: Misa manages to stop herself before she commits suicide. She begins to think back to when the chain reaction started. The chain that, she realizes, left her all alone.

POV: Misa


"You don't live in a world all alone.

Your brothers are here too…"

-Albert Schweitzer


The tiled steps to the roof top were narrow and slippery, so Misa had to hold on to the railing tightly as she climbed the stairs. Misa could not even think of letting go or loosening her grip. Misa was too scared for that.

Heh. If Misa was so afraid of slipping down a few flights of steps, how was she going to jump off a building? Then again, should Misa go through with this? Misa knows she could just walk back home and forget about it, but…

No. Misa had to this. Misa's life is meaningless without Light by her side…



It was always for him wasn't it? Everything Misa had ever done was for her beloved Light. Mis-…

Oh what's the point? I'm sick of acting all cutesy! Besides… It's not like there's anyone to be cute for anymore. Everyone who's ever meant anything to me is dead now. Mom, Dad, Light, Ryuuzaki, Rem… They're all gone. The KIRA case took most of them away.

I let go of the railing to turn around, and I started making my way down the steps I had laboriously climbed.

Now that I think about it, when did I get pulled into the KIRA case exactly? The mess that killed not only millions of criminals, but also killed my only companion, the world's greatest (pervert) detective, and my hero, Light. Did it happen when Rem gave me the notebook? Or did it start even before that… back to when my whole family was murdered?

So deep in thought, it took me a few moments before I realized I had already walked from the building to my house. I went into my room and laid myself down on the bed. The train of thought refused to stop.

How did I get into it again? All I can remember is that I wanted to see KIRA to say thank you for bringing that murderer to justice, then I saw Light and…



This was his fault wasn't it? It had to be. After all, if he hadn't been so stupid as to think there was a line between good and evil like he did, then no one would have gotten hurt.

And yet I followed him. Listened to him. Loved him.

Tears began to sting my eyes. Why had I been so stupid? Why did I let Light into my once pure heart? Why did I let myself jump into his life? Everything was a mistake. A giant, painful mistake. I should never have looked for KIRA, should never have looked for Light.

Because if I could go back to the past and stop myself, Rem wouldn't be dead, Ryuuzaki wouldn't be dead, Light would be caught and I…

I wouldn't be alone…

I rolled to my side and cried myself to sleep that night, wishing everything would change for the better. I knew I made a mistake. I want to face that now; I want to stop running away. I know it'll be a while before my next suicide attempt. In fact, I hope there won't be a next…

When I woke up the next morning, I could've sworn I saw Rem and Ryuuzaki smiling at me in the kitchen. Maybe I wasn't as alone as I thought…


Author's Notes: So what do you think? This is the first fan fiction I've published here so go easy on me if it's that horrible. Constructive criticism is appreciated, though. :D