My Son the Zeppo

Disclaimer: Dragonlance and BTVS don't belong to me. The last belongs to Joss Whedon and the first I would say to Wizards of the Coast, if they're still around. The best books in the series were written by M. Weis and T. Hickman. Those two hooked me to Fantasy.

Note: This is my answer to the Hug a Donor Challenge on TTH and it is for Challenge 3128 by Anubis, his short idea placed several things into my mind and I just had to write it.

Chapter 1


The five years, that's how long the friends had decided to spent separated, were nearly over now. All of them hurried to reach the small town of Solace for their planned meeting at the 'Inn of Last Home'.

If we look on the ones hurrying back, we can see the Tanthalas Kanan's, a half elven ranger, Sturm Brightblade, a squire who wants to become a Knight of Solamnia, Tasslehoff Burrfoot, a Kender who is a master in 'finding' things, Flint Fireforge, an older dwarf who still can swing his hammer better than those much younger, and last but not least, the twins Caramon and Raistlin Majere, the first an accomplished fighter and the other on a Mage of the Red Robes. But what happens to them in Solace... is a completely different story, which is much better told by the Bards Weis and Hickman.

So, if you want to listen to that story, I sadly can't help you. Go search for them or buy one of the books they have written. I can promise you that you will enjoy them for certain. Still, if you listened to me closely before, you will have noticed that I didn't mention the warrior maiden Kitiara uth Matar.

Why, you ask? Ahh, that's easily answered, as I have a different story to tell about her than the one you will find in the chronicles of my fellow bards. A story that may be true or may be false... Who can tell? I can't. I just enjoy the warm fire and the nice ale you people give me for my tales and yes, that was a hint.

So, now you ask yourself, where is Kitiara? Let's look again around our beautiful land and maybe we can find her, while her friends walk a different path.

Kitiara was on her way to a small hill on which there was a circle of standing stones, near the home city of the Kender race, Kendermore, a dangerous place for your possessions, but seldom for your life. Finally she reached the stones and prepared to activate them again, as she had learned nearly five years ago from a black robed wizard, shortly before she had to kill that treacherous bastard.

She was younger then and needed the help and so she trusted him and his promise of aid. While she cleansed herself for the ritual, the mage stole her baby and threw him into the portal. Just as the mage wanted to step into it himself, she reached him and plunged her dagger into his back.

Just a moment before she could jump into the portal, it closed. In her rage she had beaten the already injured mage to the brink of death. Just a few moments before he crossed that line, he told her: "My dear Kitiara... You will never see your son again. By the order of her majesty the Dark Queen, I've sent him to another world and he will remain there until the Dark Queen needs him for her plans." He then gurgled a bit and died, before Kitiara could find out anything more from him.

She cried for a while for her lost son, but being who she was, she quickly got herself together, took all the things the mage had possessed and then went out into the world to learn how to open that portal again and to find her son. And that's what brought her to this place yet again.

Finally she had learned all she needed and so she returned to this, for her, cursed place. She spent several hours preparing all the necessary things, checked that the amulet with the tracking spell for one of her blood she bought from a white robed mage was still safe, and then opened the portal at just the right moment in time. She took a deep breath and stepped into the portal.

-Sunnydale, CA, Earth-

Carols was a vampire for only a few hours. He crawled himself out of his grave and quickly left the cemetery after he saw a group of teenagers take down three of his brethren. His hunger nearly drove him to attack them, but luckily for him, he had never been stupid and so decided that he could still his hunger elsewhere, without risking a stake in his heart. So he found a young girl who had left the Bronze to go home. He quickly grabbed her and pulled her into a dark alley and just as he was about to drain her of her blood, he saw a small light flicker at the end of the alley, which quickly grew into a big sphere.

Fascinated, he looked at it and then he saw a beautiful young woman, dressed in something that looked like it came out of a fantasy movie, step out of the sphere. As the woman looked around, confused for a moment, he forgot the girl he already had in his clutches, and propelled himself at the woman, to attack her before she got back her bearings.

Just an arm's length before he reached her, he felt a terrible pain in his chest. He quickly looked down his body and saw a sword handle sticking out of his stomach. He looked at the woman, who held the sword in her hands and laughed. "Ahh bitch, that won't kill me."

With a smirk the woman replied, "Are you sure vampire? To me it looks like the blessing of one of the old gods on my silver blade works even on this world, granted a bit slower than normal, but still. Look down again."

Feeling the pain spread out from his stomach wound he looked down again and saw small flames from the sword spreading out and as he watched, the pain started to increase.

Kitiara watched the vampire fall down to the ground and heard his painful whimpers. Before he turned to dust she quickly looted everything he had with him, which wasn't much. She quickly put her blade back into its scabbard. She looked around for the girl she saw before, but it seemed that she had run away while she took care of this weak vampire. 'Looks like a strange world where I landed. I just hope my son is well and I find him quickly,' she thought to herself. Then she took the amulet out of her pocket, mumbled the phrase to activate it and followed the directions. On her way she saw strange things, which astonished her a bit. She saw horseless carriages and strangely dressed people who all seemed to be unarmed. She shrugged it off and promised herself to learn more about that later. For now, she wanted to find her son. While she followed the directions the amulet gave her, she was attacked by two more vampires and a strange beast she had never seen before. She disposed of them as quickly as the first one and looted what they had before she dusted them. 'Luckily those vampires were weak. I should hurry,' she thought to herself.

She increased her speed and ten minutes later it looked like she had reached some kind of tavern. Above the door she saw a sign, on which stood 'The Bronze' in the common trade language. "What the heck has a boy not of even five years to do in an establishment like this?" she mumbled before she started for the door.

Bill, the bouncer for this evening, saw the strangely dressed, but beautiful young woman enter the club. At first he was surprised by the weapons she wore, but then he just shrugged. She wasn't the first hunter who wanted to relax here after they had finished their business on the Hellmouth. Damn, he had to move out of here ASAP. He let her pass without trying to stop her.

Kitiara entered the club and was instantly attacked by the loud music. She saw the big man near the door take a long look at her, but because he didn't try anything, she let him be and just kept an eye on him. She quickly checked the amulet again and went further into the club. As she reached the person the amulet pointed at, she was shocked and stood still. That young man could only be her son, but he would guess his age around sixteen years or so. "How is this possible?" she asked herself.

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