Not mine... not the characters, setting, or franchise... never was... fun to play, though.


She slowly lowers the younger woman to the bed as they join in their first kiss. All the pent up feelings, all the unspoken words neither dare admit until this moment expressed through the electricity of first touch.

The younger woman wraps strong protective fingers around the petite waist of the auburn haired vision above her. Gentle statuesque arms glide the small frame of the grey-eyed beauty down creating more contact, setting off more long denied sensations.

They absorb every stroke of the other's hand, devour every moan, tingle with every whimper. Hovering grey eyes gaze into intense blue as a delicate hand reaches forward to pull golden strands from unyielding pins. Metal topped fingers outline with wonder strong cheek bones and soft lips as a more human hand searches to relieve the older woman of her rank one golden pip at a time, placing the small round shields out of sight.

They again kiss, and the metal tipped hand runs through soft inviting strands of auburn, massaging the tense neck found there, gaining unknown satisfaction from the moans derived from her touch.

A small gentle hand falls to rest on the silver coated waist below. Shivers of excitement and moans of desire erupt into the dark silence as both explore denied passion – each kiss more devouring, each caress more daring.

Boundaries broken.

Protocol punctured.

Fires fueled..

"Chakotay to the Captain." The spell dissolved, the kiss is broken, the moment lost. Looks of painful longing linger as caresses slow to pets and moans to sighs. "Chakotay to Captain Janeway, please responds." The small form slumps as the eloquent hand retrieves forgotten pips.

"Janeway here, go ahead, Commander." Pained blue eyes watch dutiful, elegant hands mechanically re-add rank pip by pip.

"Captain, long range sensors indicate a Borg cube is heading towards Voyager at high warp."

"Understood. I'm on my way."

"Should I contact Seven?"

"No, that won't be necessary. Janeway out."

A tilt of blonde, acknowledging the inevitable, "We should go to the bridge." Strong hands mechanically re-trap golden strands one precisely placed unmoving pin at a time.

"Of course," a Captain's duty filled response.

A pause of longing, a hesitation of thought, "I do not wish this to be over."

A quiet sigh of gratitude, "I don't either."

Red alert klaxons sound, lights dim to flashes of red, the ship rocks, and the scene is lost to a new moment.