Nothing's mine... I'm just borrowing it for a moment

Well, it wasn't the first time I'd had a problem with the two of them. The fact is they've been sagging for years now, and I'm just too lazy to do anything about it. I could go to the Doctor. I'm sure there's some remedy tucked away in his database of knowledge that would allow him to fix their every drooping position. I suppose Master De Vinci would call him a Renaissance Man in that respect. However, I just hate to admit that there might actually be a problem. After all, I've dealt with them for years now and know every dint, dimple, and crevice between the two. You would think I would know just exactly how to handle this. It just seems like such a waste of time to have to do anything with them at all. I don't know; the whole thing gives me headache.

I've tried everything I know to do aside from going to the Doctor. I even asked 7 of 9 for her help on the subject. It is my understanding that she has vast knowledge in this field, but I think she is really too young to fully understand the gravity of the situation, and it is indeed a grave situation.

I can tell Chakotay has really begun to take notice of my problem. I can see the sympathy in his eyes. Ever since New Earth, he's know how much they mean to me and what they really represent. So, to have such a quandary about the two is something he can somewhat sympathize with, but he is a man. They do try to understand but really can't possibly.

I suppose I'll do the right thing. Tomorrow, I'll go see the Doctor and ask him if there is any possible way to save my two plants. They don't have flowers, and no one really knows I have them, but I do love them. I just hope they'll perk up.