Flynn at 1111 Glen Oak

Lawndale, Wisconsin, United States of America

July 12, 2004

Candace Flynn looked at the red brick house in trepidation. Although she lived in Danville, 5 miles away across the Mississippi in Minnesota, she went to Lawndale High School. As such she knew the reputations of the two teens that lived at this house. She sighed. She had to do this! She shuddered as she thought of the contraption that Phineas and Ferb would be building and using in her absence!

She walked up to the front door and rang the doorbell.

A middle-aged women opened the door. "Hello?" she asked.

"Hi, Mrs Morgendorffer, is Daria home?" Candace asked.

"She is in her room with Jane. It is good for her to have another friend," Helen Morgendorffer said.

"Oh, I am not her friend," Candace said. At Helen's concerned look she added. "I am here to ask her for help with an issue I have."

"Oh, what kind of issue?" Helen asked.

"Can I just see her?" Candace asked. She knew that Mrs Morgendorffer was a lawyer, whom worked for Vitale, et al, a law firm that she heard was involved in mysterious dealings...

"Oh alright, her room is upstairs, to the right and then the last door on the left," Helen said.

"Thanks, Mrs Morgendorffer," Candace said as she started up the stairs. She could hear a sigh behind her.

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Once on the second floor, Candace looked around cautiously. She turned right into the hallway running on the east side of the house. She could hear a girl talking on a phone in one of the rooms. She started walking along the hallway.

"...No Stacy, I don't know where Sandi is. Why don't you ask Tiffany? Oh, You already did? Maybe you could try her house again..."

'That's Quinn. I don't want to meet her,' Candace thought. She didn't like the Fashion Club, Sandi in particular just rubbed her the wrong way. She jogged past the door to Quinn's bedroom, sliding up to the door to Daria's room. The door was open a crack so she pushed it open.

"Who is this?" someone asked. But it wasn't Daria. It was Jane Lane.

'Of course she would be here,' Candace thought. She looked at the room. 'Why would she have padded walls in her room?' "Candace Flynn."

"I know who you are." Daria stood up from where she had been sitting on the bed.

'She is shorter than I thought,' Candace thought. "Daria, I need your help."

"Say that again?" Jane asked.

"I need your help!" Candace said.

"Let me guess. You want me to help you 'bust' your brother and stepbrother?" Daria asked. Candace got down on her knees.

"Oh yes! Please, yes!"

Daria and Jane looked at each other. "I will help you today, and maybe tomorrow, depending on how today goes," Daria said.

"Thanks. Let's go," Candace said.

"You realise that you are actually participating in something," Jane said, with a look at her friend.

"It will give me something to write about, and give you inspiration for sketches," Daria said.

"Good point," Jane said.

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A few minutes later they were outside.

"Is your mom always like that?" Candace asked, once the door was closed.

"Mostly," Daria said.

"Candace? How are we actually getting to your house?" Jane asked, noting a distinct lack of a car at the kerb.

"Oh, I got a taxi cab over here. I thought that either of you would be able to drive," Candace said.

Jane looked at Daria. "I guess we will have to get Trent to drive us over to Danville."

Daria blushed "If he's awake," she said. Candace noticed the blush.

'I guess she likes this 'Trent' the way I like Jeremy,' she thought. "Ok, let's go! Before we lose too much time," she said.

"My house is a few blocks away," Jane said.

'I guess he is her brother,' Candace thought as she followed Daria and Jane away from the Morgendorffer's house.