a/n: This was laying around my profile and I thought it was kinda clever (I made it up) so I made it into a random fic. Title says it all. It's just a bit of fun. Also, on an advertisement note: buy the NCIS game on iTunes if you have an iPod touch, iPhone or iPad! No one is paying me to say that I just bought it and it is awesome! You get to be Abby, McGee, Ziva, Ducky, Gibbs and Tony and do an autopsy, process crime scenes, collect evidence, interrogate, interview, do searches and go on stakeout using cases which I'm pretty sure are from real episodes. Buy it!

A is for autopsy-Ducky's lair...I personally think it would smell pretty bad.

B is for bad guys-if you are one of these, you're stuffed!

C is for Criminal. Same thing, you're stuffed. Also what the third letter stands for.

D is for Deep Six, McGee's best-seller about his co-workers and Tiva from his perspective. D is also for Ducky!

E is for Eli David. He's so evil!

F is for (Mike) Franks-It's weird to think that Gibbs was once a probie like McGee...What am I saying? Gibbs was never like McGee.

G is for (you guessed it!) Gibbs-the master, the father figure, the boss...loves coffee, redheads and building boats.

H is for hinky. This seems to be one of Abby's favourite words, but mainly in the first one or two seasons.

I is for interrogation. Don't bother Gibbs during one of these!

J is for Jenny Sheppard...the only GOOD Director ever on the show, Gibbs' past flame and a seriously determined investigator.

K is for Kate Todd, the shows female agent for the show's first two seasons (not including the introduction of the characters on JAG or the Pilot which she was still in but wasn't an agent yet). Previously a Secret Service agent, picks bad days to wear a skirt and loves Tony and Gibbs.

L is for luuuuurve. Yep, there's plenty of that too!

M is for murder. Pretty self-explanitory. M is also for movies (Tony's passion) and Michael Rivkin [the guy who ruined everything! :(]

N is for Navy

O is for over the top. Abby in a nutshell.

P is for Paris...AKA city of romance! All we need to do is get Abby and McGee there and we're sorted!

Q is for QI (pronounced 'chee'). Ziva beat McGee in Scrabble by placing this word on the board (About Face).

R is for (Gibbs') rules. Ziva: "Any more of these rules I should know about?" Gibbs: "Yeah, about fifty of them." (BTW if that quote wasn't exact it was from memory)

S is for (Abby) Sciuto, the best forensic scientist out there. "NCIS resident forensic scientist, heart and soul paradox wrapped in an oxymoron smothered in contradictions and terms, sleeps in a coffin...really the happiest Goth you'll ever meet."-Tony, Thuth Or Consequences.

T is for Tim and Tony, a pair of jokers who know how to bring in the bad guys. Tony is awesome, funny, womanising, loves movies and is really loyal. "Tony hides behind the face of a clown, but he's the best young agent I've ever worked with."—Gibbs, in the episode with Robert Wagner guest starring as Anthony DiNozzo Sr.

U is for Under Covers. Nuff said.

V is for Vance. "Some people don't like him, some people don't trust him..." -Tony, Truth or Consequences.

W is for Washington DC, the city that NCIS are based in.

X is for X-ray. These help Ducky get a lot done!

Y is for Yankee White, the title of the Pilot, which premiered 7 years and 1 day ago today (it premiered on 23rd Sep 2003)

Z is for Ziva David, my favourite character. Assassin, ex-Mossad, Israeli-American, Tony's other half, dangerous and multilingual. Her driving is crazy, she knows how to use a knife and when it comes to idioms, let's say she's a bit 'rusty'. In short, she's the best!