Cassandra, By The Grinning Psychopath.

Disclaimer I do not own Supernatural, and if I did Joe wouldn't die, and Dean would tear his face away from whatever cunt he's got his face buried in this fine day, and see Joe the way she really wants him to see her as, and Sam would be less of a emo prick, and far more appreciative of his Brother and all the things Dean has to put up with just because of him.

Author's note, I don't have a clue how old Joe is in the series, so I made her 23, and Dean's 26, least in the beginning of it all, I also changed Joe's name around a little now her full name is Cassandra Johanna Lillian Harvelle.

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Good, so so fucking good, so right, so fuuuuuahhhh. I moaned as her petite hands reached down, into my pants to clutch me, a half mischievous half desperate sounding giggle, escaping her slender throat.

Her rose petal lips, so soft, so pink, so perfect and right against mine. I reached up to cup the pale curve of her neck, and toy with her soft blond hair, and pressed my mouth even harder against her's, kissing her with a passion I'd never felt for anyone before.

The feel of her mouth, the taste of her like Tequila, and apple cider, the feel of her tongue twining with mine, small slender and agile just like all the rest of her.

I wanted her, good god but how I wanted her, no more than that, I needed her, needed her even more than Sam, needed her even more than I needed my revenge against all those demon and angel bastards that had repeatedly screwed us over so so many times before.

Cause through it all, she had always been there for me, always there helping me along, helping me pull my shit together, helping me keep from going on over to the dark side, when it seemed I had no other choice.

I felt the phone, in my pocket vibrate against my thigh, and I ignored it, knowing it was probably Sam, calling with some unimportant news.

Unfortunately, she felt it too, and she pulled away gently, to gaze up at me, with those sorrowful looking deep sea green eyes. "Are you gonna get that?" she asked softly, I could see that she expected me to once again choose my brother over her, and just for a second I thought of it, and even quicker I discarded it, and as proof I dug the phone out of my pocket, and threw it as hard as I could against the nearest wall, and resumed kissing her.

Many times, I had been a bastard to her, many times, I had made the mistake of choosing Sammy, or dad, or bobby over her, but not now, now it was just gonna be me, and her, and damn the consequences, she was mine, she was my Joe and I loved her with all my heart.


Sammy could deal with whatever it was on his own, and even if he couldn't, well i trusted him not to mess up too badly, wasn't that what he had been begging me to do not a month ago, trust him? with all that extra demon blood in his veins, and that bitch Ruby, well who am i to deny him that trust, i thought bitterly, before i shot my tongue past Joe's and delved even deeper into the hidden depths of her mouth.