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(Oh, secret admirer?)

Ryuugamine Mikado never thought he'd have a secret admirer, ah…scratch that, it's not a secret admirer, it's something else, something more dangerous. It' a stalker.

-Tanaka Tarou has logged in-

Tanaka Tarou: Good evening

Kanra: Good evening!

Setton: Evening..

Saika: Good evening…

Kanra: Hey, hey, Tanaka Tarou-kun~

Kanra: You're wearing a blue shirt and a darker shade of shorts aren't you? My, it's so rare to see you in shorts~ lucky 3

Tanaka Tarou: ?

Tanaka Tarou: w-what?

Setton: Stop that, you're scaring him!

Kanra: Ufufufu~

Saika: Uhm…does Kanra-san lives near Tanaka Tarou-san?

Kanra: Hmm~ I wonder… ;)

Tanaka Tarou: Uwaaah, Kanra-san it's kind of creepy…

Tanaka Tarou: no, scratch that, it is creepy

Saika: I see…then, is Kanra-san Tanaka Tarou-san's stalker?

Setton: What? Isn't that a bit too much, Kanra?

Kanra: :D :D :D

Kanra: I have to go

Kanra: Bye bye be~

-Kanra has logged out-

Setton: that's just sick.

Tanaka Tarou: uwaaahh… -_-;;

Saika: I see…Tanaka Tarou-san is really popular….

Saika: Ah. I have to go.

-Saika has logged out-

Tanaka Tarou: looks like it's only the two of us, eh, Setton-san?

Setton: Sorry, something came up.

-Setton has logged out-

-Tanaka Tarou has logged out-

(When you're around the autumn feels like summer)

Mikado sighed as he closed the chat room window. Things have been so calm lately, so calm that it became boring for the teenager who seek excitement in his live. He couldn't hang out with Kida because the blonde apparently had something to do, and Anri was also unavailable, so, without a thing to do, he sighed once again.

"Why are you sighing so heavily, Tanaka Tarou-kun?" said a voice, accompanied by a tap on Mikado's cheek. The boy jumped at the intrusion, he then turned around to face the intruder, and immediately faced with no-one other than the Ikebukuro's (weird, strange, mad) informant.

"Izaya-san! Wha-why-whe-how did you came in?" questioned Mikado, almost screaming. Izaya only grinned, he then fished something out of his pocket and let the boy see what it was.

"Why, through the door, like everyone else, of course!" he said with a smile way too cheerful to Mikado's liking. Mikado's eyes then glued at the thing in his hand. Isn't that…his key?

(How come you're always messing up the weather?)

Without asking, the informant walked toward the window and opened it.

"ah…isn't it the best to let some fresh air in, especially in a day like this?" he commented, sitting on the window sill. "No?" he asked, seeing the boy's blank expression, "but I thought you must've felt hot enough to wear shorts like that~" he commented, eyeing the boy.

"Uh…it's getting cold here, so I guess I should change into something warmer…" Mikado said, ignoring his embarrassment as he walked toward the wardrobe, looking for a pair of pants. He was going to go to the bathroom to change when Izaya tugged on his wrist.

"Oh? It's turned cold that suddenly? Then I guess I have to warm you?" teased the older one. He chuckled as Mikado turned pale. "Just kidding~ take your time." He said, releasing the boy's wrist.

He was already gone when Mikado came back to the room. The boy only sighed and shook his head.

(Just like you do to me…)


My first attempt at making an IzaMika fanfic, hauuu…I'm so nervous… -.-;