My Only One

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((We had a fight last night))

Ryuugamine Mikado was sulking. That was the answer that Sonohara Anri got from Kida Masaomi when she asked him about what happened to the black haired boy. No more than three seconds after that answer was uttered, Mikado's hand met the back of Masaomi's neck in a chopping motion. At that exact time, a brawl between the two started. As the two were busy with their own business, Anri started to eat her lunch.

Five minutes before lunch time over, as Anri finished her bento (Celty's special cooking: sour fish, sweet rice, salty fruit salad, and spicy vegetables), the two boys finally ended their fight and were both sulking at both of Anri's side. At this point, the girl was annoyed.


Okay, that was a good start, Anri! Now both boys were glancing at you. So, what now?

"Can you tell us what's bothering you, Ryuugamine-kun?" she said, but truly, what she wanted to say was 'Can you both stop sulking now?'

((And I called him mad))

"A fight? Cool! And it's only three days after you started dating him! Aaaahh…When you guys finally broke up, call me, I'll bring you a bouquet of flower!"said Masaomi, cheerfully clapping his hands with a dreamy expression on his face. He still hadn't approved Mikado being together with Izaya, he's dangerous after all.

A few second later, he was engaged in a kiss with Mikado's indoor shoe. Anri started considering Izaya's word to use Saika on them, but shook her head a few seconds later.

"What was the fight about?" asked the only girl in the group, hoping they'd stop giving her a headache.

Mikado instantly blushed.



"I got it!" Shouted Masaomi as he stood suddenly, making the other two jumped in their place. "That man raped you, right?" he said, more of an accusation than a question, pointing at Mikado.

Another silence.

"Ma. Sa. O. Mii…." called Mikado in a threatening low tone (emphasizing each and every syllable) as he stood slowly. Mikado grabbed Masaomi by the collar and threw the boy to the side. Anri ignored them in favor of tidying her lunch box. The blonde boy immediately sat upright, a surprised expression was shown.

"What the hell? Mikado?" asked the boy in a whisper, obviously hurt. Mikado looked down, seemingly regretting his own action.

"Ma-Masaomi…sorry, I…" the boy tried to explain, but failed to do so because the lack of proper words.

"He really did? No wonder you're in such a bad mood, so, are you pregnant? You are! No one would have that kind of sour face unless they're pregnant! Or..or PMS-ing maybe? Oh, gosh, I didn't know you're a gi—"

Ryuugamine Mikado's lunch box met the wall beside Kida Masaomi's face within splits of second before he finished the g-word. The bell rang and Sonohara Anri silently sighed as they walked to class.

((Makes me feel so sad))

The bell rang, signaling the end of study hour for the day. The students cheered as they tidied their belongings, but frowned immediately at their teacher's notice about their homework. Both Mikado and Anri stayed behind, waiting for the right opportunity to get out of the classroom without being crushed by the other students who were rushing out.

As they stepped outside (Anri first, because no matter how gay Mikado was, he's still a gentleman, maybe) Masaomi raised his hand in a greeting motion, apparently he was waiting for both of them.

"Yo! Mikado! Anri-chan!" He called with a fake cheerfulness, "I'm sure we have a lot of things to talk about, eh?" He asked, smiling, then walked toward the two and make his place in between Anri and Mikado. "And don't you dare trying to run away, Mi-ka-do…." He glanced at the aforementioned boy, smiling a twisted smile, and as if trying to prove his point, Masaomi put his hands on both Mikado and Anri's shoulders. Mikado gulped.

"Aaah…let's get ice cream! You like it right? Mikado? Anri-chan?" said the blonde and began to drag his two friends along the corridor.

((And I feel so ashamed))

A few blocks and one ice cream parlor later, the three found themselves sitting on the riding toys meant for children in a nearby park. And so they began interrogating Mikado.

"So, Ryuugamine Mikado, what do you have to say to defend yourself?"Masaomi began with a serious face, holding up his ice cone as one would a mike.

"Just what do you want to be? Are you a policeman or are you a host from a show?" commented Mikado bitterly as he licked his ice cream.

"Screw details! So what's the matter? You guys finally broke up?" exclaimed the boy, swinging his ice cream around in an exaggerated movement. Mikado cringed as bits of the ice cream got onto his school blazer. He'd have to wash it later. "Weeelll?"

"…He…asked for a kiss…" said the boy slowly, face burnt red in embarrassment. "B-but, I refused to…" great, now he's stuttering, thought Masaomi. "Because, we just started dating, so that kind of thing is…..a bit to fast for me? He's too impatient, don't you think so?" Mikado continued, glancing away as he licked his ice cream with a sigh.

'You were embarrassed just a few minutes ago, so why are you bragging now? Huh? Huh?' was what went through both Masaomi and Anri's head.

((He's my only one))

"I see…so that's what the fight was about?" asked Anri, hoping that this conversation wouldn't get anymore cheesy. The faster this end, the better, because today was her turn to cook dinner, and even thought her 'parents' wouldn't get angry if she didn't do it, the consequence was that she would need to buy more medicine to get rid of the future stomachaches.

"That's right, and to top it off, I even insulted him…" Mikado explained, seemingly ashamed of himself. "I wonder if I was too harsh on him." he murmured sadly as he licked his fingers clean from the sticky substance. He immediately stopped once Anri gave him a sheet of tissue. "Will he forgive me? What do you think?"

"Ah-ah, it's okay, Mikado!" said Masaomi lightly, waving his free hand around, "as if that guy would be hurt by something like that, he's used to insults already, how many people who were pissed off at him anyway? He's immune to that kind of thing, I bet you." He said with the air of someone who knew everything of the world, which pissed off people badly.

"Is he that important for you, Ryuugamine-kun?" asked Anri as she wiped her hand clean blindly. Mikado only looked down and blushed. He nodded a few seconds later.

Both Masaomi and Anri shared a look.

((I give him all my love))

Ryuugamine Mikado didn't realize it at first, but now that he thought back to the past, in his live he had never thought of another person (outside the family) so deep before. Not even his best friend, Masaomi, the blond could jump down a bridge and broke his leg and Mikado would only shook his head. But this person….this Orihara Izaya….

The man grabbed his attention (oh, he once grabbed his hand, spun him around while laughing loudly), messed with his thoughts (and bedroom, looking into Mikado's personal belongings had became his hobby, it seemed) and took his heart (along with his pride as a man). Everyday is a battle with tons of jumbled thoughts and entangled feelings, and Izaya's countless attempts at being a perfect pervert.



Okay, he might as well admit that Izaya had screwed up his everyday's peaceful lifestyle. If Mikado had to put it into ranks, Izaya would be ranked the first among stalkers, the same could be said for Harima Mika. Normal people would immediately try to get rid that kind of people at the first notice, but Mikado is bored at being normal.

Then…did that mean Mikado loved him because he's not normal? The boy tilted his head to the side, deep in thought. No, no, that couldn't be right. After all, love is…

Love is….


What is 'love' anyway? It's a feeling, yes, it is, and then…

((Even though mom says "no!"))

"Earth to Mikadooo!" a call from a familiar voice, a slap on his face and a clap of hands were what brought Mikado out of his thoughts. "Finally!" exclaimed Masaomi as Mikado's eyes came to focus. "Oh dear, he just left us to his fantasy about L.O.V.E" said Masaomi, embracing himself as he finished each character from the word including an exaggerated move for each character.

Ryuugamine Mikado started doubting his ability in choosing a friend.

"Bad, bad Mikado-kun! You immediately escaped to your own world just as Mama was getting serious!" said Masaomi, shaking his head in disbelief. "Anyway, Mikado, your love is still at the level of a fifth grader, it's not too late to end it! There's no way Mama is letting you to continue dating him!" the blonde finished his sentence and point a finger toward Mikado.

"…Since when did you become my mother? When did you marry my father?" Mikado replied, shooting his friend a dirty look. Masaomi let out a loud gasp and turned to face Anri.

"Papaa! Listen, our son is being rebellious! You have to scold him, Papa!"he wailed, eyes wet with fake tears.

"…Even if you want to play house, wouldn't the mother be Sonohara-san normally?" Mikado snorted as he eyed the sobbing Masaomi.

"Ah-ah, a little variation is good. You don't mind being the father, right, Anri-chan?" asked Masaomi, grinning that face splitting grin. Anri nodded and smiled.

"Yes…I'm already a 'mother' so I think being a father once in a while would be fun…" she said softly, alternating between looking at Masaomi and Mikado as she spoke. Masaomi gave a fist pump.

"Alright! Now that we agreed on this…camera rolling, action!"

Mikado eyed his so called best friends carefully.

((I'll just go on and on...))

"Papa! Our daughter is rebelling against us!" said Masaomi, re-starting the drama, eyes once again brimming with fake tears, hands clapped tightly before his chest. "Listen, listen, Papa! He told me he was in love with that jobless punk from the country side!"

…Great, Mikado was a 'son', and now he was miraculously turned into a 'daughter'. And… did he just insulted his taste? Masaomi is, without a doubt, the perfect example of a bad amateur actor who always exaggerated his part, Mikado thought.

"Uhm…well…eh…" Anri hesitated, eyes glancing around. She coughed once, trying to clear her throat. "I believe that Ryuugamine-ku…sorry, I mean, Mikado-kun, uh…no, Mikado-chan?" she said unsurely, looking at Mikado for an approval, Masaomi beat him to it and nodded eagerly ("Come on! You're our 'daughter', anyway!")

"Well, I think our daughter is no longer a child, so it's alright if he's in love right?" commented Anri with a renewed confidence. Mikado secretly cheered on her. "No matter how useless, rude or ugly that person is, we cant possibly forced our daughter to forget about him, right?" asked Anri with a straight face.

'Hey, hey, why are the two of you so intent of insulting my choice?' Mikado thought bitterly.

"I don't like that person, but, I think, more than that, I don't like our daughter's sad face." Said Anri, smiling at Mikado. "So I guess it's fine."

Mikado blinked, and smiled.

"I'll always respect you, Papa." Said Mikado, finally joining the two in their play.

"Huuuhhh? Arent you supposed to be on my side? Mikado, so that's the depth of our manly friendship? I know it, you really are a girl! I'd never thought of you to be this unmanly!" Screeched Masaomi, furiously pointing at Mikado. That sentence was the signal to start the two's 'manly' banter.

Anri silently wondered what's so manly about pretending to be someone's mother.

((No one's gonna take him away from me…))

The three of them walked together and were separated one by one, and now Mikado's walking alone. He's not the least bit concerned about walking alone lately. Things had been so calm lately, and even if a war started, the boy was sure he'd still be safe. Because he was sure that that person was watching him. His personal guardian angel.

Mikado didn't want to admit it, but he smiled as he thought about it.

If it's someone else, he'd said it's creepy. Instead an 'angel' wasn't a 'stalker' or a 'cold-blooded murdered' would be the perfect words to describe Izaya? A group of local policemen tried to arrest the man after constantly seeing him lurking in the shadows a few feet behind the boy for a week.

The policemen then tried to 'calm' Mikado and assured the boy that everything's alright, and that they'd make sure nothing bad would happen to him. Mikado was surprised, of course, but then he saw Izaya, surrounded by a group of policemen, waved cheerily at him. Mikado immediately understood. The kind policemen must've had mistook him for a perverted stalker. Which was, by the way, not a mistake. He was a stalker, yes. He was a pervert, yes. See? No mistake.

((Everyday and every night))

It took an hour of talking to assure the policemen that, no, Izaya was not a pervert (he was just really dirty-minded, Mikado added in his head), oh? No, no, he's not a stalker (a lie here, and Mikado begged for forgiveness deep inside), he's just a little bit…shy, yes, shy….maybe. And no, he definitely was not a psychopath (another lie, but at least it made the policemen calmed down).

The memory brought out a tired smile upon his face, and the boy sighed.

It's fine if the man wanted to keep their distance (for whatever reason possible, but Mikado's sure it's for the sake of being creepy) at nights since he could hide well at those times (not that he couldn't when it's bright outside). But when it was bright, why couldn't they walk together and talked, like normal people?

A voice in his head that sounded suspiciously like Masaomi reminded him it was because Izaya was not a normal person.


Mikado's eyes widened for a second in realization, it was then followed with a heavy sigh.

Right, they were fighting now. Would Izaya walked with him if they weren't? Would they be talking right now? And laughing just like Mikado did with Masaomi and Anri? Or…would they…

The boy averted his eyes to the side and blushed at the thought.

Would they be able to… walk together hand in hand?

((I just wanna hold him tight))

Even thought the sky was getting dark, there were still many people around. Well, that's Ikebukuro for you, Mikado thought. Instead of decreasing, the number of people who came out of their staying place increased. More and more people walked around, alone, in a group, or in a pair. And Mikado found his eyes glued on the last ones.

The couple was walking, hand in hand, and Mikado found himself imagining it was him and Izaya. He frowned then shook his head lightly.

'Ha-ha! Your thoughts are transforming into that of a girl, Mikado!' said that sound inside his head, that annoyingly sounded like Masaomi. With his mind's eyes Mikado could see him laughing, and he mentally kicked the blond.

The man before him kissed his girlfriend's cheek, and Mikado (who happened to be looking ahead and caught that scene) blushed crimson. He immediately looked away.

'Oooohhh! How innocent! Mikado, you're blushing! How cute!' That Masaomi inside his head began mocking him, and Mikado considered paying a visit to the nearest psychologist.

But, if he was to be honest to himself, he really wanted to do things that appeared so much in girls' dreams. He wanted to kiss, of course. So why did he reject Izaya?

Because more than anything, he wanted to make sure everything was real. He wanted to touch, to hold hand and to hug the man, more than anything. It was that simple, so why were things seemed so complicated now? Because no one said love was a simple matter, of course.

He let out another sigh.

((And make sure that everything stays right))

'Snap out of it, Mikado!' the boy scolded himself, 'If you have the time to think about that, you better think about how to make up with him!' He added as he continue to walk, each step faster than the previous one.

'Ooohh? Why? Why, Mikado? Why did you rob me off the amusing fantasy that you have in your mind?' That Masaomi-voice moaned. Inside the boy's head, imaginary Mikado was beating the crap out of imaginary Masaomi. Mikado called imaginary Anri to help him beating imaginary Masaomi, but imaginary Anri stopped beating the blond after a few mionutes and said,

' you think it's a bit too much?'

Mikado gave up on beating the Masaomi inside his head.

All jokes aside, the poor boy didn't know what to do so Izaya would forgive him. Cook for him? Nah, Mikado wasn't that confident about his cooking ability. Give him something? Naw, anything that he would give to Izaya, the man could get it himself.

'Aww~ confused, are we? Why don't you go to him and said "I'll give you myself as an apology~ please accept it~" with a cute voice?' said imaginary Masaomi, blowing a kiss and winked. Imaginary Mikado immediately sent him to his place with a kick. Imaginary Anri helped him this time.

When Mikado finally jerked out of his fantasy, he found himself standing before the door of his apartment. He then banged his head against the door.

"There's no way I'd do that, Masaomi, you idiot…" he muttered, trying to ignore the heat creeping onto his cheeks.

((And everyday and every night))

Mikado unlock the key and opened the door, he then went inside without bothering to close the front door. That saved the time needed for Mikado to open the door for Izaya when he came anyway.

Mikado changed his clothes and fixed a quick dinner for himself. He laughed slightly as he imagined how his mother would react if she knew about her son's everyday unhealthy meal. Maybe he should aske Izaya to eat out sometimes… But then again, Mikado didn't have that much money to spend freely. The boy frowned in thought. It'd be rude if he asked Izaya to eat out, and then asked the man to pay for it.

He was not that materialistic.

Sure, money was important, only liars would say it wasn't. But there're other things that were also important. And those important things were different for each person. For Mikado, the most important thing right now was for Izaya to not hate him.

Speaking of which….they still hadn't talked today.

Mikado quickly finished his meal and went to his desk. Homework, he had no time to think of the older man. It's okay, everything would be okay. Or so Mikado hoped.

'Stop it, I have other things to do than thinking about him.' Mikado thought. But his brain wouldn't listen.

((To dream of him is my delight and know that))

Homework? Done. Preparing books for tomorrow's lesson? Done that. Talk to Izaya? No such luck. And it's getting colder, Mikado really should close the door. But…

Mikado stood and walked toward the front door. He took a step outside and looked around. No one was there, what were you hoping, Mikado? He scolded himself. He turned away from the door, stepping inside, hesitated, then looked outside.

"…Arent you coming in, Izaya-san?" He called out for the unseen person. Somehow, somehow he could feel the man is around.

'That's what you'd call a stalker-radar!' imaginary Masaomi piped in cheerfully. Mikado instantly ignored him.

"Aaah…took you long enough to invite me in, Mi-ka-do-kuuunn~" a familiar cheerful voice greeted, Mikado turned around and saw Izaya sat on his windowsill, waving his hand.

"…huh?" Mikado stared at the smiling man (who casually walked into the room, with shoes on), "Could it be…you didn't come sooner because I didn't 'invite' you in?" said Mikado, unbelieving, He suddenly felt foolish for worrying.

"Yup, yup! Aaah…but now that I think about it, it would've been better if I barge in while you're changing or something…hmm..ah, well, what's done is done, right? I'm a bit disappointed thought…" he said, sighing as he took off his shoes. Judging from his tone, Mikado thought Izaya would really barge inside the room while he was doing one of the aforementioned things.

"….and here I thought you were angry at me…" Mikado mumbled as he closed the door and walked inside, pouting slightly. Izaya grinned and tackled him into a hug.

"Aww…how could I get angry at you? Didn't I tell you that you only have to call out for me? I'd be around." He said, ruffling Mikado's hair.

'Because you're such a stalker' Mikado thought, putting his arms around the man, returning the hug.

"Hmm…hmmm…but, if by leaving you for a while making you act this cute, then maybe I'd really leave you for a day or two~" he sang in delight, Mikado punched his back for that.

"Oww…that was cruel of you, Mikado…" he whined, "…aaand…about the kiss~" he made a disturbing kissing noises for emphasize, "I was a bit irritated, but then again, it couldn't be helped since it was going to be your first kiss, right?" he said, separating the two of them to show the embarrassed boy his wide grin. Mikado looked away.

"But, because you didn't call me sooner, I might catch a cold, you know? I wont forgive you even if you give me a kiss." He said, then looked away with a 'humph'. Mikado stared straight at him.

"What are you acting all high and mighty for? You should knock the door or gave a call, you know, like a normal person?"muttered Mikado dryly, sarcasm dripping from every syllable. Izaya let out a fake, loud gasp.

"Now the hurt that I feel is multiplied by thousands! Ah, ah, what should I do? I might die because of this~" he said playfully, a hand reached up to caress Mikado's cheek. Mikado blushed. The boy frowned, then opened his mouth to speak.

"…how about two?" he asked out of the blue, looking up at the man. Izaya blinked, then hummed. "You said you wouldn't forgive me even if I give you a kiss, then how about two?" explained Mikado, smiling slightly. Izaya beamed, but frowned as quickly.

"Hmm…hmm…no." replied the man, looking straight at Mikado's eyes.

"Three?" asked Mikado again, leaning up as he said that.

"Sounds tempting, but no." Izaya said, smiling wider, waiting for a bigger offer.

"I see…then…" Mikado paused, he placed both his hand on each of Izaya's shoulder, then pushed himself up and walked away. "The deal is off then…" he said, ignoring both the dumbstruck Izaya and his own blushing cheeks.

For the first time in his life, after going through puberty , Izaya felt like sobbing.

((He'll stay with me all the way))

"Mikadooo~" came a whine. "Come ooonnn…." Another pitiful whine. Mikado ignored him in favor of washing the dishes."You're so cruel, Mikado…leading me on, and then crushing my hopes right away…" he said with a childish pout. After putting the dishes, finally the boy turned to face him.

"How could you say that? You're the one who refused my offer, remember?" said Mikado with another pout of his own. Izaya's pout versus Mikado's pout, neither won.

Izaya walked toward Mikado in long strides, and tackled him to the ground. Mikado yelped in pain as his body was sent to the ground with a loud thud with Izaya above him. Izaya then took a hold of Mikado's head and bind it in place. The man then leaned in to press their lips together.

'As predicted, huh?' thought Mikado as he reached out his hand to play with Izaya's hair. His eyelids slide shut and he soon found himself returning the kiss.

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