After the basketball game was over, Jane shooed her family out of her apartment so they wouldn't make up Maura. During the whole game, she had been battling the pain of her injury, but she didn't want her family to see it. However, now that she was alone or at least the only human awake in the apartment, she decided that she could lay down on the couch and groan in pain without anyone fussing over her.

After a few minutes of watching the post-game she turned off the TV and sighed, wishing she could reach the stereo without moving.

As she tried to telekinetically turn on the music, she heard her bedroom door open. Maura's bare foot padded over to the couch. She looked down at Jane with her hand on the back of the couch. "Are you okay?"

Jane tried her best to look fine, but apparently she was failing by the look of worry on Maura's face. "I'm okay."

Maura walked between the couch and the coffee table and sat down on the coffee table. She pushed her hair out of her face, "You're a bad liar."

"You're tired," Jane stated, trying to throw the conversation away from herself.

Maura let out a weak smile, "Thanks."

"I didn't mean it like that."

The doctor nodded, "I know." She took a deep breath, "How bad does it hurt?"

Jane looked down at her stomach where the bandage bulged slightly underneath her shirt. Then she looked at Maura, "It got pretty bad toward the end of the game."

"Do you want some more medication?" Maura leaned forward and rested her forearms on her knees. Even after her three-hour nap she was still exhausted.

Jane shook her head, "I think I've already had too much. I don't want to be one of those people that gets addicted to pain pills after an injury."

Maura smiled, "I think I can tell when you've had too much and you're starting to become addicted."

"Even so I think I can tough it out for a couple hours," Jane turned her head toward Maura. She could still see the worry lines on Maura's forehead. "Why don't you go lay down in the bed?"

"Why don't you come with me?"

"So you can meditate to sleep while I sit there talking to myself?" Jane slowly sat up.

Maura stood and put a gently hand under Jane's arm, guiding her up. "I promise not to meditate to sleep, but I can't promise I won't just fall asleep. My circadian rhythm is all out of sorts."

The detective chuckled although it hurt and followed Maura to the bedroom with Joe on her heels. Soon they were all three on the bed with their eyes closed.

"Maura," Jane said without opening her eyes, "I think we need to talk."

"You can talk," Maura murmured. She was already half asleep and knew she wasn't going to be good conversation.

"I can talk so you can sleep?" Jane asked with a slight smile, "You always fall asleep when I'm talking to you."

"Your voice is soothing," Maura added without thinking about it.

"What should I talk about?" the detective asked turning her head toward Maura and opening her eyes.

Maura yawned and slowly opened her eyes to look at her friend, "How do you feel?"

"Physically I feel…a little pain, but it's getting better."

The doctor thought for a moment and turned on her side, propping her head up to look at Jane, "What about emotionally? You haven't really said much since it happened."

Jane shrugged, "I'm okay."

Maura raised an eyebrow in classic 'get serious' fashion.

The detective sighed, "Well, I mean I was really scared, ya know? You and Frankie are two of the most important people in the world to me. I didn't want you to get hurt and I couldn't let Frankie die down there. I don't know if I've thanked you yet, but you saved his life."

"I should have been able to do more," Maura sighed, shifting her eyes up to the ceiling.

"You did perfect," she brought her hand up to Maura's forearm. "He's alive and walking around being the annoying brother I'm used to. Everything turned out okay."

The blonde looked at Jane with a questioning eye. She'd been feeling inadequate since that day. She was a medical doctor and she couldn't even remember how to treat live patients, at least not well enough to start practicing in a hospital if she had to.

Jane held her eyes, trying to assure Maura as best she could. When she knew a look wasn't going to be able to do it, she scooted closer to Maura and pulled her into her arms, even though it sent a shooting pain through her body.

"Jane, you're going to rip your stitches," Maura half-heartedly protested. Truth be told, she just wanted Jane to hold her until she was ready to face the world again.

"I don't care," Jane looked down at Maura and took the other woman's cheek in her hand, slowly running her thumb over the soft skin. She bit her lip and took a deep breath, "You know, I realized something that day too."

Suddenly, Maura wasn't feeling so tired. Her blue eyes were trained on Jane, hanging on her every word.

Jane let out a small smile, "I realized that you're my best friend."

Maura's face fell and she sighed, her eyes falling down to the sheets on the bed.

Seeing this, Jane added, "You didn't let me finish."

The blue eyes found their way back up to Jane's face as her hand fidgeted with the front of Jane's t-shirt, running her fingers over the hem and then smoothing it out.

"You're my best friend and so much more," Jane explained, "I realized that I love you. I love you enough to sacrifice my life for you. When I say him reach for you, I had to step in front of you because I knew I couldn't live with myself if something happened to you. And when I saw you walk out of the precinct, I prayed that you wouldn't be mad at me."

"I'm not mad at you," Maura whispered, her voice not strong enough to be loud.

Jane smiled sweetly. She dipped her head down and captured Maura's lips. Maura was exceptionally receptive and allowed Jane to guide the kiss. She let out a moan that caused Jane to smile, breaking the kiss.

Maura looked at Jane, "Well what do we do now?"

Jane took a long breath, "We go to sleep and talk about it when we wake up."

"Sounds good," Maura snuggled into Jane, making sure to be gentle with Jane's wounded body.

Jane smiled and kissed the top of her head, "Goodnight Maura."

"Goodnight Jane."

I think that's a good place to end it. Thanks for reading. Any ideas for future Rizzoli & Isles fics will be considered.