Well here I am again, I know I said I wasn't going to start something new while I already had a story going but I just couldn't help it. I have been amazed at the number of mysteries and adventure stories that have been popping up on fan fic and I wanted to get this one out there before the idea occurred to someone else. I have long been fascinated by Scotland and stories of the Highlanders. That is where this story stems from. I just couldn't get the picture of Edward in a kilt out of my mind. So does anyone else think that's a hot idea? Anyway if there is a good response, I'll continue but if the consensus is that it's a dumb idea I'll just let it drop.

This story will be listed as Mystery/Fantasy/Romance and will have slash. Don't like don't read. Under 18 please go somewhere else for your entertainment.

As always, I don't own anything but I appreciate that S. Meyers allows us to play with her characters.

Chapter 1/The Dream

The dream had been so real and even now wide awake; I could still feel the affect it had on me. The corridor was long, so long that I couldn't see the end in any either direction. The only light was the lamp I held in my hand which only gave light for about eight feet in front of me. The walls surrounding me were made of stone; ancient looking stone, with the look of having been carved by hand. It was cold and damp leading me to believe I was underground but I had no idea how far underground. Occasionally, I thought I heard the scurry of what was probably mice or rats pass by me.

Still I wasn't afraid as I crept slowly down the seemingly endless corridor. Something was drawing me, pulling me towards an unknown that I knew would change me forever. I felt a shiver run through my body as I approached what appeared to be a large cavernous room that suddenly opened up and the dream stopped. I remembered the feeling of loss as I woke up in bed and wondered where the fuck the strange dream had come from.

"Prof. Whitlock?" I tiny flirtatious voice woke me from my musings.

It was Jessica Stanley. She was trying to hand me the test she'd just completed instead of placing it on the desk like every other student in the room. She was trying to get me to notice her again.

"Jessica," I finally answered.

"I was wondering if you would have time in your schedule tomorrow. I need your advice about something," she asked sweetly running her eyes over my face.

It didn't matter that we had already had this discussion. I had explained to her the first time she needed 'advice' that one, the college frowned on teacher student relationships and two, though she was a beautiful woman, I was definitely not interested. She didn't seem to get either point because she had asked for a private meeting with me every week since the semester had begun and she had just completed her midterm.

"Jessica, I think you would be best served to meet with your advisor if you are having an issue," I tried to sound diplomatic instead of telling her to just fuck off.

"Well, I thought we might get a cup of coffee and," she left the end open.

"Jessica, I'm sorry but that just isn't going to happen and you know it. I've told you my reasons. The college just doesn't like it and I am involved elsewhere," I was losing my patience with her so I lied.

"Oh," she said with some final recognition.

Thank God, she finally got it. I wasn't interested.

"Well, then, I guess I'll just leave this and go," she was pissed now. I could see it in her face and the way she threw the test paper down on the desk. She shook her hair around her face, turned and walked out the door.

Well at least that was finally over, now if the last student in the room would get the hint. Mike Newton walked slowly down from the top row of the lecture room and laid his test on the pile on the desk. I didn't look up.

"She can be a real bitch, can't she?" he said quietly. "And definitely not your type, I'm sure." The implication in his voice caused me to raise my eyes slowly.

Mike wasn't exactly my type but he was attractive. Blond hair cut in a stylish fashion with piercing grey eyes that were openly eye fucking me at this point. His face was soft, I doubt he had to shave on a daily basis. He was a second year student so he was at least over eighteen, that was one point in his favor and he had a dick that was the biggest point. In fact now that his crotch was at my eye level, I could see it was a very large point in his favor. Suddenly the fact that I had not had a release in weeks came to point and pulsed in my own jeans.

"And what exactly do you think my type is?" I asked leaning back in my chair and watching his eyes travel down my body.

"Damn," he let slip as he noticed the bulge in my pants.

"I think you are the type that might help me with a problem I'm having," he suggested as he palmed his erection through his jeans.

"I can see that's a rather large problem," I half smiled at him.

"So can you help me?" he asked leaning across the desk licking his lips.

"Oh, I think I can take care of that for you," I said rising from my seat. "My office is a little more private for this type of discussion."

"Yes, sir, Professor," he chuckled following behind me. I knew he was watching my ass. He could look all he wanted but it wasn't my ass that wasn't going to get fucked.

Once inside my office, I locked the door and threw Mike up against it. I cupped is erection through his jeans and heard the groan rush out of his chest. He tried to kiss me and I avoided that by sucking on his prominent Adam's apple. He bucked into my hand and whimpered. I knew the begging would begin soon. I knew I was good and I knew he wanted it but I loved to hear them beg for it. I kept up the attack on his body feeling him tense and finally try to stop me.

"Please, please I don't want to jizz in my pants and if you don't stop I won't be able to stop myself," he moaned against my attack.

"So what do you want Mike? Tell me what you want!" I demanded. I'd never been a dom but in these types of circumstances I liked being in charge.

"I want you to fuck me. God, please fuck me," he begged nicely. My cock twitched and pulsed at his request.

"Undo your jeans and pull them down," I ordered as I pulled him towards my desk.

I bent him over as I opened the bottom drawer and pulled out a small bottle of lube and a condom. His eyes shot up in surprise when he saw them.

"Yes, I keep things where I might need them," I laughed at the look on his face.

He had a fine ass, nice round mounds just right for my hands. I couldn't wait to slide my now throbbing cock between those mounds.

"Come on Prof fuck me. I need it bad. I'm such a bad boy," Mike wiggled that fine ass as his throaty request reached my ears. He wanted me to spank him. Damn, it had been a long time since that had been requested of me. I pulled back my hand and let it go. The smack echoed through my office and Mike screamed.

"Shush. You have to keep it down, Mike, if you want more," I whispered in his ear. I had unzipped my jeans and pulled out my cock. I pressed it into the crack of his ass as I spoke to him. "Do you want more?"

"Yes, please. Harder," he stammered out quietly.

This time I let my hand fall across the other cheek. I kept this up for a short period of time mostly because I had no intention of really hurting him. I was ready to pound into those lush mounds and I saw no point in delaying it any longer. I popped the lube cap and let it drizzle down his crack. Taking a finger I rubbed it slowly around his puckered whole and dipped one finger in up to the first knuckle. He was tight.

"Damn, Mike you are one tight motherfucker," I moaned pushing the one finger in as far as I could. I started a slow in and out rhythm that had him bucking back against me for more friction.

"More, more," he moaned.

Not one to deny a fuck a request, I added another finger and started stretching him. He was going to need to be really stretched to accommodate my cock. I wasn't bragging but I knew it was large and he had one tight whole. I might like to dominate but I didn't want to hurt him.

Adding a third finger I started pumping him harder and I knew exactly when I hit his sweet spot, he jumped and cursed quietly.

"That it?" I asked watching for him to affirm my question. He did.

"Alright, Mike, I'm not a sadist, if I hurt you, tell me and I'll stop," I told him. He looked over his shoulder and smiled at me. He mouthed the words thank you and laid his head back on the desk pushing his ass back against me.

I sheathed my cock and then slowly began to press the head of my cock into his tight ass. I felt him tighten up, shudder and take a deep breath and relax. I slipped on in and felt the tightness of his tunnel surround me. It felt so fucking good. As soon as I was sure he was okay, my hips started the movement I needed to reach the point of no return.

Neither one of us said anything intelligent from that point on. It was all grunts and curses and gasping breaths. Mikes movements became erratic and I knew he was close; knowing that he liked the spanking from before I smacked his ass again.

He bucked furiously against me so I added another smack.

"So close," he moaned.

"You are one bad boy, Mike. How many smacks would it take to make you cum? One, five, ten…" I groaned behind him feeling his ass tighten around my cock.

"Yes, I'm going to…" his throaty moan escaped as I felt his body jerk with its orgasm. The tightest and vibration of his body sent me into overdrive. Slamming into the heat of his body, I felt the orgasm burst out of my cock. I kept floating with it as I moved unconsciously in and out of his body. For an instance I was somewhere else, with someone else. The dream came back to me in a flash with it I saw eyes, dark brooding emerald eyes. Why hadn't I seen those eyes before; for whatever reason another trimmer ripped through me?

I slowly withdrew from his body, feeling as if I had just run a five mile race at top speed. I was exhausted. Pulling off the condom and tying it off, I dropped it in the trash can beside my desk. Mike was pulling his pants back up over is still slightly pink ass cheeks gingerly.

"You okay?" I asked getting some tissues so I could clean up his cum now running down the front of my desk.

"Yes. I'm fantastic. You?" he asked turning to face me.

"Yea, thank you," I said throwing the tissue away where the condom was.

I sat down at my desk while he watched me. I eyed a large overnight envelope on the corner of my desk that had not been there this morning when I came in.

"I guess this isn't going to happen again," Mike asked quietly his eyes dropping to study the floor.

"I don't think so," I answered him honestly.

"It's okay," he sounded hurt and I didn't want to hurt him.

"Mike were you really looking for a relationship?" I wanted him to realize that wasn't what he had been looking for.

He looked up at me and smiled, "No. I just wanted to fuck you but after the way it was, I thought it might be fun to get together once in a while. I didn't think it would be so fucking good." He shrugged his shoulders and picked up his books he had dropped by the door.

"It was good, Mike. But I don't think it would be a good idea to continue while you are still a student of mine," and that was the truth. He would make a great fuck buddy.

"Next fall if you aren't in any of my classes, maybe we'll talk about it," I knew that wouldn't happen but it wasn't a total no.

"Sure. See you around Professor Whitlock," he smiled at me and closed the door behind him.

I lowered my head to the desk and took a deep breath. The sex had been good but something was missing. I missed the feeling of being with someone I loved. I hadn't felt that since Peter left. And even he left because I couldn't give him the love he wanted, needed from me. He could give it but I just couldn't give it back.

I sat up and noticed the envelope again. I wondered what the hell it was but my exhaustion suddenly came back and Mike and Jessica's class had been my last class of the day so I just wanted to go home. I picked up the papers I needed to grade tonight and the envelope and threw everything in my briefcase, locked my office on the way out the door and headed home.

Spring break started the next day and I didn't pick up my briefcase at all the first week. Instead I used the time to work on my passion, historical research on Civil War battles. I already had two papers published in a prestigious history journal that had received a lot of critical praise. Dean Brady had encouraged me to write another one. It looked good for the college to have a tenured professor published and it didn't hurt my bank account either.

The week passed quickly and before I knew it I had to open my briefcase and get those mid-terms graded. That's when I found the envelope I had discovered the day Mike and I fucked in my office. I grew hard at the reminder of the experience but quickly pushed the thought away. I didn't want to get involved with anyone right now. At least no one but whomever those damn green eyes belonged to. They had been starring in my dreams every night since I first day dreamed them into existence.

There was no return name on the envelope, just a location; Inverness, Scotland. I didn't know anyone in Scotland. I had some knowledge of the area because of the battles that had taken place in that part of the country; civil war battles being a favorite of mine even in other countries. Those sort of conflicts shaped and formed nations, it was always interesting to see the lasting effects of those types of battles.

Opening the envelope, I was shocked to see the roundtrip first class airline ticket as well as some type of letter. It was a formal request from the dean of the college in Inverness.

Dear Professor Whitlock,

It is my great honor to offer you a request that the Board of Regents has asked me to present on their behalf. We would like to offer you the Dean of American History Studies at Inverness College. We have long hoped to open this department to offer our students. Due to a recent large contribution, we are proud to say that we plan on opening this department next fall.

We have already contacted two other professors to make up the staff for this department, should you decide to consider our offer as head. Of course, we would like you to teach whatever classes you would like on the American Civil war specifically.

The enclosed airline ticket is there so you can visit during early summer. We would like to have your answer before the first of July so we can make the necessary preparations for the fall term.

In addition, should you decide to accept our offer, you will naturally have plenty of free time available to do your private research. It is our hope that you would also find our battle histories worth researching. The board and I greatly look forward to hearing that you are at least considering this offer.

Sincerely yours,

Carlisle Cullen, Dean of Academics, Inverness University, Scotland

Wow! I was totally stunned. I never imagined that I would receive an offer like this. Scotland. To teach students who knew very little about the Civil War would bring excitement back to teaching again. There was so much I could tell them that hadn't been drummed into their heads since they were in elementary school. It would make it all fresh and new even for me.

As soon as that thought flashed into my mind, another did also. What about mama? Dad had passed away nearly two years ago and I was all she had left now. It was true that I didn't see her as often as I probably should. Houston wasn't really all that far from the family ranch about hundred miles south of town. But I was here and could get to her should she need me. I was planning on staying with her a few days next week before classes resumed. I could talk to her then about it.

Could I really consider a move like this? What did I have here that would keep me? I had tenure but I was still young. Twenty eight was not considered head of department material in most colleges that I knew of, especially an American History Department. How long would I have to wait for a chance like that here?

After all beside mama there was no one person keeping here, Mike was just another one time fuck and Peter was long gone. I had no idea who those fucking green eyes belonged to and I was almost sure I wasn't going to find that person here. Scotland sounded better every time I thought about it. Yep, talking to mama was a definite but if the truth were to be told, I'd already decided to go. I needed an adventure and this sounded like a good one.

I spent three days the next week with Mama, visiting old friends and just relaxing. It was nice to have her fuss over me for just a little bit. She loved me no matter what and I longed for that connection with another person.

When I told her and daddy I was gay, the only thing they said was "Always be careful, son. Don't jeopardize your health for a moment of pleasure". That day in the kitchen she was standing much the way she was right now, back to me scrubbing something in the sink. She added, "Find someone who deserves you and be happy." I thought at the time it would be so easy. I was so wrong.

Today she was washing peaches to make my favorite desert, crumble peach pie. Tomorrow I had to go back to my apartment and get ready for the last semester of the year. I hadn't brought up Scotland yet. I'd even thought about just forgetting the whole thing.

Really looking at mama for the first time in a long time, I realized she looked different. She had lost some weight and her curves looked soft and womanly. Her hair fell to her shoulder, the color of wheat without the white blond highlights that my hair somehow picked up. The eyes, though, were nothing like mine. I got those from daddy. Hers were a lazy gray sort of color but they changed color depending on what color she wore. She hummed more now, like she did before daddy died. She was happy.

How had I missed that till now? What could have happened to cause this change in her? Something occurred to me for the very first time. Mama wasn't all that old and she was a beautiful woman, what if she wanted to start dating again? I thought about that for a minute and I realized it wouldn't matter; she would still be mama, my mama. Maybe going to Scotland wasn't out of reach after all.

"Out with it Jasper," she said her back still turned to me. How the hell did mothers do that? Know you were thinking and turn it on you like that.

"I don't know what you mean," I said hiding my eyes and taking a sip of my ice tea.

"I mean, you've got something to tell me, you either believe will hurt me or I won't approve of," she chuckled. She slowly turned to face me at last.

"Whatever it is son, you know I love you. No mama could be more proud of her son, than I am of you," she said as she came to where I sat and placed a kiss on the top of my head.

"Have you ever thought about dating again?" I asked avoiding the other part of the conversation.

She sat down across from me, took both my hands and looked at me so seriously, then said, "Who said I wasn't already dating?" She looked so serious for a moment and then burst into laughter at the surprised look on my face.

"Jasper, you amaze me. I'm only fifty four. Of course, I've thought about it. Whether you want to hear this or not, your daddy and I had a…," she hesitated and blushed, "healthy and loving marriage. I miss that sometimes and if I ever meet someone, I wanted that with again and I might; you'd be the first person I told." She patted my hands and sat back in her chair.

Okay, mama dating was one thing; mama and sex, I was so not going there. I shivered and she laughed at me again.

"Now that we've discussed my possible sex life and how that thought creeps you out, what is it Jasper that you need my approval for? Did you finally find the right man?" she asked as she sipped her ice tea.

"No, I haven't met anyone. I wish," I told her and even I could hear the loneliness in my voice. "By the way, you'll be the first person I tell, when I finally find him." That made her forlorn look turn into a frown. I knew she worried about me.

"Then what is it? A job offer?" she questioned.

'How the hell, oops sorry mama; how did you know?" I started at her.

"You have this look about you, Jasper," she said then added, "like you're starting an adventure." I couldn't help but be amazed as her insight.

"Well, I received an offer to head up an American History Department at another college," I told her, now excited with my news.

"And that's a bad thing? Jasper Douglas Whitlock, that's fantastic news. It took you three days to tell me such good news?" she asked as she smacked my arm.

"I know. I'm thrilled but," I took her hands this time, took a deep breath and said, "It's in Scotland, mama. I'd be so far away."

She sat for a moment, thoughtfully studying my face. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath. When she opened her eyes again, there was this look of peace, contentment about her I hadn't seen since daddy had died.

"Jasper, this is a most amazing offer and you shouldn't pass it by because of me. Do you remember why we gave you the middle name Douglas?" she asked a single tear slipping down her lovely cheek. I shook my head no and wiped it away. "Even though you can't hear the accent in your voice now after all these generations, your ancestors, on your daddy's side, are from Scotland. The first Douglas came to the America's during the 1600's. I think his name was Evan Douglas but I'm not sure. I do know that in every generation after him, one male child was given the name Douglas. You know, your father's name was James Douglas Whitlock. He allowed me to give you my grandfather's name, Jasper as your first name but insisted on the Douglas as your middle name. He was the only one left who carried the Douglas name and somehow it was ingrained him to carry on the name. We had no idea that you would be our only child so it seemed the right thing to do. I was always glad we had followed the tradition. I can't believe you didn't remember all this. There may be a line of Douglas's still in Scotland who are part of Evan family. I think I remember something about him having a sister and several brothers. Families were large back then."

I was stunned to say the least. My heritage was partly Scottish and I hadn't remembered. I guess I had focused so much on my family history during the last two hundred years and the Whitlock name the rest had never occurred to me. The historian in me had already set to making a research list in my mind. Mama started laughing at me again.

"Jasper, look at the wheels already turning in your mind," she chuckled and stood from the table. "Let me get the pie in the oven and we'll go down to the basement and look through your granddad Whitlock's books. I bet we'll find what you need to get started there."

True enough, we found an entire box of journals and diary's some of which were hundreds of years old. Why had daddy never told me about this? He knew how much I loved history, even as a young child. I suppose it didn't matter now, I would find the answers I needed soon enough. I repacked the books carefully in a new sturdy box and put it in the trunk of my car with my luggage the next morning. Kissing mama good bye one more time, I promised to let her know as soon as my plans were finalized.

The first week of the last semester was pretty much the same as all the others had been this year. This semester's students were no more interested in their classes than the last. After a week of making myself go to class, I decided to make an appointment with Dean Brady and let him know my decision.

He was shocked that I would even consider leaving and really pretty shitty about the whole thing. He kept telling me that the college had done this or that for me and that my job wouldn't be here if things didn't work out there. I assured him that even if Scotland didn't work out, I wouldn't be back here. I agreed to finish the term but when the students finished the second week in May, I was done.

That very evening, I wrote a letter to Dean Cullen let him know that I would be visiting the third week of May if that would work for him. I asked him to send me a phone number and email address so we could make quicker contact. The only thing to do now was wait for his reply.

Two weeks later another overnight letter appeared on my office desk. This time, I tore it open immediately. Dean Cullen said the board was thrilled that I was coming and it was perfect timing because their term didn't end till the first of June. I would be able to see the campus while students were still there and I was welcome to sit in on any classes I might like. He gave me the email address and phone number I had requested. He wanted me to let him know my final intenary so he could have someone at the airport to pick me up. He also insisted that I stay at his home with him and his wife, Esme, while I visited. He ended the letter with his first name, Carlisle, instead of Dean Cullen. I felt so good about this.

In no time at all the semester was over and I was packing for my trip to Scotland. I called mama early in the evening while I was looking through a couple of the books from granddad's box. She was excited for me and asked me to take lots of pictures to send back to her. I promised I would and told her I loved her before we hung up.

I picked two of the books that I hadn't looked at yet and put them in my carryon bag for reading during the long flight to Inverness. I had to be at the airport very early in the morning so I called it an early night and fell asleep quickly.

The dream returned that night. Again, there was the corridor, the lamp light and the ice green eyes at the end of the dream. But this time, in the shadows of the room at the end of the corridor there was a person. I couldn't tell if it was a man or a woman. The only thing that was clear was the fire, or at least what I thought was fire. There were flames dancing wildly on the head of whoever it was in the shadows and those damn green eyes were blazing at me.

Okay, it's up to you guys. Do you like the idea? Let me know what you think.