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Warnings: AU, Occness, taller Vegeta, shorter Gohan, Lemon and ChiChi bashing somewhere in there.

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He sat on his small bed, hugging his pillow to his chest while looking out at the starry sky. His sleek black tail curled tightly around his legs as he looked longingly outside the window. He was brought to the palace as a servant a few months ago, but they decided to lock him in this small room instead. His only interaction throughout the day was a servant girl to bring him meals and fresh clothes. The window in his room wasn't barred, but if he touched it, he would get a nasty shock.

He spent his time singing and dancing in his tiny room, making up stories in his head to keep him entertained through the long days. But he honestly didn't know why he had been brought to this room in the first place. Did he do something terrible? No, his mother sold him to the royal family barely a week after his father was killed in battle, defending their home from attack. He had been devastated and shocked that he was numb to what was happening to him, but could do nothing about it now.

He looked up when he heard the keys in the lock, but instead of the servant girl, a woman came in and grabbed him by the arm and dragged him non-too-gently out of the room. He was led down many winding halls and stair cases before he was shoved into a room.

"Wash this boy up, make sure he's presentable and dress him in those... Earth clothes..." She said before leaving the room and slamming the door shut.

He blinked and looked at the servant girls as they got a bath ready, soaps and oils as well as clothes were being prepared as well. He jumped when he felt his old clothes being taken off and covered his modesty when they left him sitting there naked.

"No need to be shy, boy." Said an older woman.

"I'm sorry..." He said, bowing his head, but didn't remove his hands.

"Hmm, what's you name?"


"That's an odd name. You're a Saiyan, right?"

"I'm only half Saiyan, ma'am... I come from earth..." he told her and she gave a grunt as she had him get in the tub.

She and another woman took their time washing him from head to toe, they had a bit of a fight when it came to cleaning down there, but they got it done never the less. After he as cleaned, even his backside had been cleaned up, he was dried off and his hair was cut, the tangles were too much to comb out. He rubbed his neck, his hair was short and spiked upwards while his bangs still framed his face.

He looked at the clothes he was to wear and blushed hotly as he did so. He took the thong like underwear and put it on before taking the skirt. He unhooked the metal hem and wrapped it over his hips and hooked it up again. Attached to the metal band were skirts, one that covered his backside and the other that covered his front. The skirt fell to his ankles and showed off his long slender legs. He took the top and wrapped it around himself, crossing it up front and tying it like a halter top behind his neck.

The girls were impressed that he knew how to put it on since they had no idea what to do with it. Now that they were really looking at him, they blushed and giggled, muttering about how cute he looked and that the guests would be distracted by his beauty. Gohan blinked as they pushed him to the door, not understanding what was going on, but when he saw the big burly guard standing there, he gulped and tried to hid behind the group of girls.

"He's ready... I hope he makes it passed the second dance." Said one of the older women there as the man grunted and took Gohan's arm.

Gohan didn't fight him because if the Saiyan squeezed his hand, he'd snap his arm in half. They walked down a few more halls before he was led into a room with blue skinned women.

"Here. Another one." He grunted, throwing Gohan into the group of women before he took a seat by the door and waited.

"Really, I am getting sick of constantly training new girls for that spoiled brat." Hissed one of the woman, she had on gloves and white fur shawl.

"This one is not a woman..." The guard grunted, smirking when they looked at the boy and blushed.

"Well this may be interesting... Well then, let's begin." She said as the others all gave a hissing yes.

Gohan was given a scarf and one of the girls was showing him how to use it in a dance. He learned pretty quickly and the women were impressed with him. He spun easily, the scarf hugging his body and when he threw out his arms, it barely caressed his back and snapped out like a viper striking its prey. He whipped it about as he gave a stomp, his supple legs looked tempting as he moved with the girls in time.

The guard was finding it really hot in there and his shorts were suddenly too snug for his own comfort. When the women deemed Gohan was ready they gave him a wand that had a ribbon tied to the end and he smiled. He had one of these as a child. He let it come loose and then lightly twirled it, ignoring the girls as they were talking about the art of Ribbon Dancing.

He flicked his wrist as he wrote his name in cursive with the ribbon, spinning it and making waves. He tossed it up and caught the wand and spun about, snapping it forward and then slowly slithering it across the floor as he picked it up again. He smiled as he turned back to the blue skinned girls.

"Sorry... did you say something?" He asked as he handed the wand back to the still stunned girls.

"No... nothing... Um the last thing you need to learn is how to dance with swords..."

"Wh-what? I-I can't do that!"

"Well that or you have to preform a special talent, and well... no one's made it passed the ribbon dance..." Said the leader of the girls, her gloved hands resting gently on Gohan's hand.

"Uhh... I guess I can think about something... I dance in my room a lot; sometimes I sing... Oh I know! I can make Ki ribbons!" Gohan said.

This made both the blue skinned women and the guard blink in confusion. Gohan smiled and concentrated on his Ki and then he spun in place, three ribbons of blue-white light shot from his hands and his right ankle and then blended into a a sky blue color when he brought is hands down and his foot up higher so his face rested close to his left knee before he brought his leg down fast and swung it forward while he leaned back onto his hands preforming a back flip.

Gohan preformed a few more tricks and stopped. The girls and guard were stunned before they clapped. Maybe, just maybe this boy would be the one to impress their Prince. After a few more hours of practice, Gohan was brought back to his room and left there to wait. He took a nap, feeling tired from the sudden change in his routine, but that was short lived when the door to his room flew open and a different guard came in.

Gohan cried out as he was dragged non-too-gently out of the room and down the halls and thrown into a room full of masked nobles. Everyone was dressed in matching white and black outfits with masks, no one moved to help him nor to see if he was hurt or not. The only people out of place was himself, the guards and the orchestra. He noted the scarf laying on the floor as the guards raised their hands, ready to blast him with powerful Ki shots.

Nimble like a monkey with the grace and elegance of a panther, he crawled over to the scarf and spun it out around his body, the orchestra began playing as he twirled his way over to a guard and danced like he had been taught by the girls. Guests watched in silence, unimpressed by the display, but that didn't stop him.

Gohan kept his eyes on the guards, who had lowered their hands and watched. He crawled, flipped spun, shook and shimmied his little butt to the music, all the while trying to remain fluid and sensual, something he was not use to. Gohan kicked up his leg, a small glimpse of his naughty place seemed to snap the guests from their stupors as he threw the scarf up into the air and caught it after he cartwheeled forward, he spun again and threw it into the crowd after seeing two wands being tossed in by the guards.

Gohan caught one and spun as it unraveled, keeping it in a perpetual spiral as he caught the second one and with a quick snap, he twirled them and wrote a welcoming greeting to the guests, but remembered that this was where everyone else seemed to have trouble. So, he tossed one up and twisted and turned with the other, showing of his flexibility as well as his feline side, moving quickly and yet gracefully to catch the other wand before he moved in a cartwheel style motion, his hands twirled as he pushed off one foot and spun in the air to land on the other just to repeat the cycle.

Gohan sighed when no one moved to shoot him or stop him, he tossed the wands and concentrated his Ki before he gave a fierce spin and suddenly stopping on a dime. Two Ki ribbons flowed from his hands as two more appeared on his feet. He held a hand out to the crowd as his legs were straight, the one in the air pointing delicately.

The crowds gasped and some people moved closer as he put on a dance, shaking his hips and shimming his shoulders like he had seen belly dancers do in that movie he say about Egypt. He rotated his hips, the music being changed to suit the feral, sensual movements. He figured that the sexier he looked the less likely he was going to fail.

He gave sultry looks, at least he hoped they were, licked his lips and when he got close to someone he'd let out a small almost inaudible moan or gasp. He twirled the Ki ribbons around making them look like glowing flowers, whipping them out and smiling when a few guards jumped. He could always use these as a weapon if he needed to fight for his life.

Gohan danced on his toes, shook, shimmied, rolled, twisted, wind and spun around the room before he ran to the center and jumped into the air, making the Ki ribbons burst into fine sparks as he landed in a kneeling position as the music came to an abrupt stop.

For a moment all that could be heard was his labored gasps. He didn't look up nor did he move. He jumped however when there was suddenly clapping and approving praise being shouted. His tail curled around his waist when he heard everything silence once more as the thunderous clicking of boots echoed around the great hall.

He tensed, his tail curling tighter as he began trembling in fear when the boots stopped before him and a shadow loomed over him. He gasped when he was pulled up to his feet and forced to look up at the person before him.

Mature regal features was all he could see. Full lips pressed into a firm line, a straight nose, high cheek bones and sharp black eyes bore into his own dark brown ones. The widows peek bled into flame like hair as a thick long tail brushed up his exposed leg, making him shudder at the soft touch. He whined low in his throat and closed his eyes in submission as he felt himself be pulled closer to the rock hard body that was wider and taller than him.

"What is your name, dancer?" came a low, gruff voice, a voice that sounded so elegant and yet feral; like he was holding back his inner beast.

Gohan shivered against the man's rock hard body as he tries to voice his name. But as his mouth moved no sound came forth.

"Gohan... m-my name... is Gohan..." he finally managed in a small voice.

"Hn... Come." He growled out, letting go of Gohan's chin only to wrap his arm over his waist and toss him over his shoulder.

Gohan blushed bright red as he struggled to get away, but the man refused and no one dared to help him. He was helpless to this... this beast!

Gohan struggled the whole time, making the man laugh and growl in approval at his determination. Many halls and stairs had passed before finally the man stopped. Gohan took the chance to elbow him in the back of the head before taking off down the hall, the doors were locked and the windows sparked if he got too close. He looked back to see the man hot on his heels.

He squeaked and ran down the hall, grabbing onto a door and twisting the knob. It opened and he dashed inside just as the man got there, his foot and arm stopping the door from slamming shut. Gohan pressed against it, but got knocked down when the man jerked it forward and then pushed back.

While Gohan was down, he quickly stepped into the room and closed the door behind him. Locking it shut. Gohan whimpered as he crawled away from the advancing predator, his eyes widening when he saw the royal crest around his neck and over his breast plate. Gohan cried when the man grabbed his ankle and pulled him towards him before picking him up and throwing him onto the bed.

"I like your guts, dancer... not many would dare strike the crowned prince..." He said as he climbed over the cowering boy.

"I'm sorry! Please don't kill me!"

"If I wanted you dead you'd have been while still preforming... I must say I've seen hundreds try and fail to please me. But you... you have a grace that far surpasses those of even nobility." he growled.

"W-What do you want with me! I-I-"

"I think it's pretty obvious... we are in your room..." He purred, leaning down to kiss and nip at the pale white neck before him.

"M-my room? B- but this is too lavish- aah!" He cried out when he got bit on the neck, teasingly.

"Too lavish? Nonsense... as my mate-to-be, you deserve the best... and I will make you mine tonight. You may not have noticed it but the full moons had risen while you preformed and that your pheromones began affecting everyone in the room... You were too delicious to pass up; I had to claim you."

"B-but I don't know you!" Gohan protested, still struggling to get away from the horny Prince.

"But you will, in time... but for now; relax... there's nothing to be scared of..." the prince purred, his long thick tail swished lazily back and forth; fermenting the air with his musky scent.

The rich smell of slow burning charcoal invades Gohan's senses, slowly coaxing his struggling mind and body to relax and accept this powerful male. He whimpered as he laid on his back, leaving himself vulnerable to attack. The prince smirked as he unclasps his cape and throws it to the floor, next is his breast plate and crest. He tears of the tunic and throws his gloves and boots off somewhere, the only thing left on him were his pants, the spandex material was stretched beyond reason from his aching need and the only thing keeping him from violating the boy before him.

Gohan stared listlessly at the ceiling, his mind was blank; muted alarms blared warning and caution, but that rich smell coming from the prince was too nice to ignore. He moaned when smooth, large hands moved under his neck and began untying the top of his outfit, tossing the scarf to the floor. Gohan mewled when he felt a soft, yet rough tongue pass up his shoulder to his neck, nipping at the same spot as last time, making him cry out with pleasure.

Kisses, nips and licks were delivered all over his chest, shoulders and neck. Gohan's tail slowly uncurled itself from around his waist and fell limply to his side, twitching and jerking with every jolt of pleasure and every spike of pain. He mewled loudly when that hot mouth closed over his nipple and sucked hard, biting softly and teased it mercilessly.

"Aah! My-my Prince, please!" He cried out, sounding wanton rather than the virgin he was.

"Beautiful... scream for me again, my sweet Gohan..." He heard his prince growl in his ear as his large hand grabbed his tail and grazed it lightly with a fine nail.

The sensitive appendage bristled as sparks of mixed pain and pleasure shot up his spine and into his head. Gohan arched his body, hands bracing themselves on the headboard as he cried out for the prince once more. But he was unsure if he wanted him to stop or continue with the abuse. All he knew was the prince's dominance was absolute.

When his young mate-to-be called out so heavenly he was hard pressed to not ease up, but he did anyway, giving the smaller Saiyan time to breathe and clear his mind. While he did this, he reached under the skirt and smirked as he felt the small underwear that was barely hiding Gohan's privates. He tugged on it, slipping the material off easily enough and looked at it.

"Earthlings have a strange taste in undergarments as well as dress clothes..."

"... N-not really..." Gohan managed as he came to his senses for a moment only to realize that the only thing protecting his ass from the prince was the skirt and that was easily removable!

"What are you doing! Get away!" Gohan hissed, his tail lashing out and hitting the stronger male in the face, giving him a good whiff of Gohan's sweet scent. It was like ambrosia, so sweet, so divine, no mortal should every taste it for it was a sin. And yet here lay someone so sweet he had to be eaten, but to taste him had to be a sin as well.

"Now, now... no need to get testy... I am not going to brutally rape you. I will take care of you. I can protect you, feed you, give you children and all I ask in return is that you become my mate. I will even give your family money... Who is your sire?" The prince coaxed softly, slowly moving so he was sitting beside his reluctant bride-to-be.

Gohan flinched away when he felt the bigger male wrap an arm around him and pull him close, his hot breath tingled the sensitive skin of his ears and neck as he breathed in Gohan's scent.

"My father is Goku... he fell in battle..."

"Goku? Never heard of him." the prince said.

"He was a Saiyan and my mother was an Earthling..." Gohan said, starting to feel scared again.

"... A half-breed?" The prince asked, his obsidian orbs narrowed on the young Saiyan's face, looking for hints of lying or acting. "Why are you here?"

"My mother sold me to the palace as a slave... I'm just a useless half-breed, she said when she threw me out.." Gohan said, wiping his face.

The prince sat there for a moment before he pulled the boy close to him, purring deep in his chest, soothing the smaller male. Gohan growled in frustration as he pushed against the prince, his mind was screaming to resist while his body begged for submission. He smacked the prince, shocking him enough to loosen his hold, and allowing Gohan to run away.

The half-breed barely made it to the door, before he was tackled to the floor, strong hands pinned his behind his back and pulled his head to the side as the heavy male kept his body on the floor. He screamed in pain when he felt sharp canines break through the soft flesh of his neck but the longer they stayed there the more the pain began to turn to pleasure. His scream soon turned into drawn out moan before he fell limp on the floor.

The prince picked his mate up off the floor, licking away the blood and sealing the wound he caused. He purred low in his throat as he walked over to the bed and placed his little mate on it. Brushing a finger down a smooth pale cheek and fingering a lock of onyx black hair. His tail lazily whipped the air, fermenting it again with his musk.

"Feeling okay, my sweet Gohan?" He asked the waking boy as he crawled onto the bed, making sure his larger frame covered his mate's.

"You bit me..."

"I had to, I was stating my claim... Here, bite me." He offered, baring his neck.

Gohan stared at his neck, not sure if he wanted to complete the bond or rip his throat out. He bared his canines and pressed them to the strong neck, but didn't bite. He was unsure and scared, but when the older Saiyan gave him a soothing growl and gently nudged his head, giving him a silent okay, he bit down. At first only to bruise the skin, but when he felt his prince shiver in want he bit harder, drawing blood. He sucked on it, it was tart like a lemon square, but the coppery taste flooded his senses until he pulled back, gasping for breath.

The Saiyan growled proudly at his small mate for marking him, he leaned down and licked the blood smeared on his mouth. He chuckled, it reminded him of a small child getting their food everywhere but their mouth. Gohan whined and opened his lips to capture the wondering tongue and suckled softly, looking up with dazed eyes.

He growled and forced their mouths together, his tongue exploring his now willing mate. He tasted his blood and something too sweet to be anything but Gohan's unique flavor. Gohan, shyly placed his hands in his mate's hair, the up swept mane was surprisingly soft to the touch. He shivered when the older Saiyan's wondering tail wrapped about his thigh and teased his privates.

"Humph...no... s-stop!" he cried, shoving hard at his shoulder.

"No... I'm about to go crazy. Either you let me do this the nice way or I rape you until you can no longer walk." The prince snarled out, trailing his kisses down a flushed cheek to the swan like neck and laving attention to his mark.

Gohan whined and tried to push him off again, but his prince was just too strong or he was just that pathetic. He moaned loudly when his nipples were licked, sucked and toyed with. His tail moved to brush over the prince's back, making him growl as he went lower, teasing his belly and down the dip and V of his hips.

"My prince, please-?"

"Vegeta... I am your mate now. Call me by name..." He told him, his fingers finding the clasp of the skirt and unhooking it. The metal slid smoothly over Gohan's sinuous hips before he tossed it to the floor with the rest of their clothes.

"Vegeta-san, please... don't!" He begged, but Vegeta ignored him, kissing around the erect member, only letting his hot breath tease the hypersensitive flesh of his mate's manhood. "Stop it, please!Aaah!"

Vegeta took his mate into his mouth and growled around the hot member. His eyes locked on Gohan's face, watching as he fought the feeling at first, but was submitting. He purred as he began to bob his head. Enjoying the moans and hisses coming from his mate as Gohan's Saiyan side began showing more and more.

The way his tail stroked his back, occasionally coming to bat him in the face or tug on his own tail, encouraging him to do more. He pulled back, getting a growl of disapproval from his mate as those dark brown eyes glared at him dazedly. He chuckled and crawled up the lithe form and bit his ear playfully. Gohan snarled at him and shoved him off and rolled them over so he was sitting on Vegeta's waist, his butt pressed teasingly against his cock.

Gohan's animal instincts were telling him to look appealing, to show his mate that he got a good one. So Gohan, rolled his hips back, his entrance being poked by the blunt head of his mate's cock again,. He wind his hips around like when he had been dancing, rolling his torso like a snake as his hands mussed up his hair and he looked down at Vegeta with heated eyes. Eyes that would only look at him this way.

"Finally gave in, eh?" Vegeta asked. "I must say even your Saiyan side is sexy..."

"I'm glad... Ahh! More, Vegeta-san, please, give me more!" Gohan moaned, rubbing his hole on Vegeta's tip, making it sticky with per-cum.

Vegeta snarled and grabbed those delicious hips and with a mighty thrust he was inside his mate's body. Blood trickled down the back of Gohan's thighs and down his member, but soon stopped as Gohan's eyes rolled up and he let out a silent scream.

Vegeta purred in contentment as he felt those hot velvety walls constrict on him, trying to pull him in deeper. He let out a beastly hiss as he pulled Gohan up and then yanked him down hard. Gohan's head snapped back as he let out a sharp yelp and then another and another as he was picked up and yanked back down, slowly at first until it no longer hurt. He moaned when his prince hit something inside him that made his tail shoot stock still before releasing a thick wave of his pheromones.

Getting hit with that ambrosia smell again, his body reacted in kind by making him bigger and harder, locking him side his mate until it was all over. He sat up and thrust his hips into his mate's body, jolting him up and then because gravity was a natural enemy to all, he fell back down hard, hitting that spot in his body as he screamed his pleasure.

"Ooh, V- Vegeta!" Gohan screamed, holding tightly to the strongly muscled back of his mate as he was forcefully fucked by his big member. He mewled and whined, pushing back to meet the thrusts, his tail teased his legs and hips, coming up to bat Vegeta in the face until Vegeta's tail curled over it and held it tightly.

"I-I ca-aa-aaan't!" He drew out the sound due to Vegeta's vicious thrusts before he was spun around while still on his mate's engorged flesh and forced onto his hands and knees on the bed.

Vegeta snarled at the feral cries coming from his mate, proud that the Saiyan side was completely out and in the open. He picked up his pace as his mate's walls suddenly got tighter, a sign that he was about to cum.

"Together, Gohan, together..." he growled out driving harder and faster into his submissive mate. Gohan barely nodded before he let out a howl, Vegeta's joining in as they both climaxed. Vegeta growled in satisfaction when his semen drizzled out of his mate's stretched, red raw hole.

Gohan was barely aware of large hands picking him up and moving him so he lay on something firm and warm. He purred and snuggled closer to it as it did the same. Somewhere in the back of mind as he drifted off to sleep, he could hear someone say.

"I love you... I will protect you always..."

And there's the end! Please tell me what you think of it.