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'Normal' = thoughts
'BOLD' = Oozuru's thoughts
"HELLO" = both Saiyan and Oozuru speaking
"Meh" = talking on the scouter
'Help!' = talking through shared bond

-Time Skip-

Gohan smiled as he and Vegeta sat in the garden, Lila was learning to walk and Gohan smiled as he clapped and cheered her on, holding his arms open as she stumbled into them and hugged him tightly.

"You did it! You did it! Way to go, Lila!" Gohan smiled and kissed his daughter's hair. She was growing rapidly already a year in human years when a hardly half a year passed. Vegeta laughed as he held his arms open and simply told his daughter to come to daddy and she walked over to him, wobbling a bit and hugging him tightly when he caught her.

"She's getting better." He told Gohan as his mate came to sit on the blanket with him, kissing Lila's hair as she smiled and laughed.

"Yes, she is. She'll start talking soon too. I can't wait to see what her first word will be. I bet it would be daddy since she loves being with her daddy so much!" Gohan teased as he blew a raspberry against her cheek making her laugh as Vegeta smirked.

"I bet her first word would be mommy. She's attached at the him with you." he said.

Gohan shook his head as he laughed, but blinked his eyes and looked to the patio. Vegeta noticed his mate's distraction and turned to see what was wrong. He noted one of the generals coming into view and looked at Gohan as he handed him Lila.

"Stay here." He said, but secretly wanted to know how he managed to tell when someone was coming or going. 'Even Lila can do it. I wonder if he can teach me that... It could prove more useful than a scouter.' He thought as he stopped in front of the General who was shocked to see him waiting for him.

"What is it?" he asked his tone cold and even as his face was set in a scowl and his eyes were ice cold. A dramatic change from how he was with his mate and daughter.

"Uhh, how did you know I was coming?"

"I asked you a question. I suggest you answer it."

"Yes... there's a fleet of ships heading for the second moon of Vegetasei. Their plan is to destroy it and the other moons so we cannot turn into Oozuru and devastate them like we've down many, many times. They are from the 24th sector from a large purple planet full of Merfolk." He said.

"And you are telling me this why?"

"Your father needs you to man the army. He sent me to fetch you so he could go over battle plans with you." The older Saiyan said.

"Hn." he turned on heel and walked back to where his mate and child were sitting, Gohan busy with making a flower crown and telling Lila how to make it as she watched his fingers with wide black eyes and her tail curled around her mother's arm in interest.

Gohan smiled and said, "Is something the matter 'Geta?"

"How do you do that?"

"Do what?" he asked, blinking owlishly, cutely confused with what his mate was referring to.

"How do you know when someone is coming or going. You can sense Father from the other side of the palace for god's sake!" Vegeta said.

"Oh. I can sense them, their Ki signatures are all unique in their own way. I can tell how strong someone is and how weak they are as well as how far away they are. I guess you can say I have a built in scouter." Gohan said, smiling a little.

"So your saying you can pick things only a scouter can pick up?"

"Yes. How do you think I am able to run away from you so well?" Gohan smiled as Vegeta growled and pulled him into his lap, holding him tightly and growling darkly as his tail held his captive.

"Do not laugh at me, princess. I can easily take you here and now." Vegeta threatened, but it was an empty one. He'd never force his mate and definitely not in front of their child.

"I'm sorry, my prince." Gohan said, kissing Vegeta's lips.

"Hn... I'm being made to go to war... it seems some other warrior planets want to make a name for themselves by attacking Vegetasei. They are heading to one of the moons to destroy it. I'm going to defend it a best I can. With out the moons the tides, the weather; everything will go out of balance and we'll be sitting ducks." Vegeta said.

Gohan went rigid, memories of his father saying something similar to him before he went to fight and died came flying to the front of his mind at lightning speed and Gohan began shaking in Vegeta's arms.

"No, you can't! Please, don't! I-I don't want to lose you too! Lila and I can't handle losing you!" Gohan cried, Lila watched with worried eyes as her mother began crying and her father tried to sooth him.

"You won't... I promise you that I will come back home and I will be here for you. Besides I want your opinion on an attack plan... You've been a help to Vegetasei this last few months alone. You made trading with Earth possible, resorts and those parks you were so excited about are being built. We've made peace with the Nameks and other planets. Vegetasei has become a tourist attraction and people are excited to learn our cultures and history as well as our military excellence and its all because of you..." Vegeta said.

Gohan looked doubtful, but consented and followed his mate inside. Lila yawned and went to sleep in her mother's arms clutching tightly at his kimono as her tail wrapped tightly over his wrist. They entered the war room and the generals were all surprised to see the princess there and asked if he needed something.

"No. I am fine. But I do want to help plan the defenses..."

"Excellent! We'll need someone with fresh ideas." Vegeta Sr said, though he doubted that Gohan was as good at planning wars and defenses as he was with politics and tourism.

The meeting began and Gohan listened to all the 'usual' arguments and plans for attack before all eyes fell on him. Radditzu and Nappa looked at him with curiosity as he stood up and walked over to the rack of scrolls and pulled out a new one. He uncurled it and looked over the reports an the map of the moon. He took notes and then he paced about a few minutes, thinking. He was so absorbed that he forgot that Vegeta and the others were in the room. He rocked Lila lightly as he paced and muttered to himself.

"... since the moons have breathable air, our troops will be fine... but the air is very thin like flying level with the mountains... so no flying unless they have the oxygen tanks Bulma made..." he said as he walked back to the maps and thought hard. "Maybe use the Ursa canyon as a base for the attack... the cave net works loop all the way around the moon so they can get around without risking getting killed... Hmm."

He suddenly popped up with a childish shout of glee as he opened up the scroll further and began writing furiously, but neatly. Once he was done he handed the scroll to Vegeta and blushed when he realized what he did and bowed his head.


"It's alright..." Vegeta assured him before he looked over the scroll his eyes getting bigger by the second before he handed the scroll to his father who did a double take.

"I think this may actually work! Thank you, princess. You may leave if you wish. The rest of you listen up!" Vegeta Sr barked at the others who were all looking at Gohan, making him more nervous than he already was.

Gohan excused himself and went to the nursery to put Lila to bed...

-mini time skip-

It had been a few weeks since Vegeta and the army left, a month and a week to be exact, Vegeta would vid-link him when he got a chance to see how he was doing and to make sure that all was fine. It helped until the fighting began. Then Gohan spent every chance he could praying at the chapel for his mate and their army's safety.

It was one of those nights where Gohan was tossing and turning in his sleep, a hellish nightmare of his mate being killed and the invading army destroying everything after the moons were destroyed. He could see himself running with Lila in his arms before a creature on a large beast swung a sword at him and killed him and Lila. And he would wake up screaming and gasped for air. He shook violently as cold sweat ran down his body.

"Brat!" he looked up to see Radditzu; his uncle looked half asleep as he ran into the room and over to the bed. "What's wrong?"

"I-it happened again... I saw the army being destroyed and Vegetasei as well... I'm scared, I'm really scared! I don't want anyone to die, especially Vegeta and Lila..."

"It's a dream, a really bad dream... it's alright..." Radditzu said, holding him close and gently rocking him.

"I can't sleep... I'm afraid to..." Gohan cried in his uncle's chest.

Radditzu sat with him for a while before Gohan pulled away and got out of bed. He adjusted his nightgown and grabbed a robe off the hook near the bed and slipped it on.

"Where are you going, brat?"

"To the chapel... I'm going to pray a while..." he said.

Radditzu said nothing, since he himself went to pray like many others. Once can only pray when they are not there along side the ones they love...

Gohan knelt on the cushioned bench tat was a few inched from the ice cold marble floor. He held his hands tightly over his heart, tears glittered prettily in the moon light as he prayed as hard as he could for news of the army and his mate, that everyone was safe and that they won. He shook as he felt weak and frightened, he wanted Vegeta so badly, he could hardly sleep without him and the nightmares made it worse.

"Please, I beg of you bring everyone home... Grandpa, Nappa-san and Vegeta... as well as the rest of the army. Bless those who have died and take them into your kind hearts... please?" He said as he felt new tears rain down.

He wiped his face and stood up he gasped as he felt someone strong approaching the chapel and it was someone who wasn't a Saiyan. Gohan quickly moved to the alter where a big statue of Brolly had been erected to show the divine powers of his Super Saiyan form. He quickly hid behind his leg and suppressed his Ki as well as his scent and breathed as shallowly as possible. The person walked into the chapel and he could hear them snort and make comments about the Saiyans. He gulped and hoped that someone would come by soon. He normally didn't take this long to pray to the gods.

"I know you're in here... I saw you come in... Come out, come out!" The person called in a smooth voice as he laughed and moved about.

Gohan whimpered and gasped, when a Ki blast flew passed him and hit the wall in front of him. He quickly began to climb up the statue, flaring his Ki higher than normal to alter the guards. He looked done a moment to see the person in a cloak.

"there you are... no need to run. I'm here to save."

"I-I don't need to be saved by you! I need to be saved from you!" Gohan cried, trying to climb up higher, but with his nightgown it was almost in possible.

"Then I have no choice then..." the person said as he fired a blast just above Gohan's hand. The statue broke away and Gohan gasped as he fell back to the ground. He braced himself and just before he hit the floor he floated in mid air and sighed before he took off out of the chapel, the person growled and flew after him as well.

"Someone!1 Help!" Gohan yelled as he tried to avoid the person.

"No one can help you... I am here to save you and reunite you with your mother! Now hold still!" He growled, shooting Gohan with a Ki blast that stunned him long enough for the man to catch up and take him captive.

Gohan struggled and tried to get away, but the man was too strong.

"Let go!" Gohan growled, flaring his Ki higher and higher.

He was reaching his limits, he pushed it further and let out a cry when he felt something in him snap. His tail lashed out and smacked his attacker in the face as the black fur turned gold along with his hair. Next was his eyes, the dark brown orbs turned teal as Gohan's short spiky hair stood up more and his body was surround in Ki.

His attacker gasped in shock before he started laughing and pulled off his cloak to show off his pale blue skin as his handsome features suddenly became ugly and he bulked up to be twice as big as Nappa, and Nappa was a very big guy!

"So the little princess is a Saiyan as well... But your mother isn't so that only makes you half Saiyan and that means that you only have half of their strength and control. This form won't last long, tat I can assure you."

"I am not as weak as you think I am..." Gohan hissed, making a Ki ribbon in his hand as he took a stance that one would use when they were about to use a grappling hook.

"Love to see that..." The man chided as he charged, but Gohan spun quickly, the Ki ribbon snapped up and with a sickening crack, the man fell back holding his jaw as black blood oozed out of the gash on the side of his face.

"Little bitch... you hit my beautiful face!"

"Beautiful? You look like an ugly lizard to me..." Gohan said, tilting his head to the side with a smirk on his lips that would make Vegeta proud of him.

The blue man growled again and charged Gohan at full speed, vanished when Gohan snapped the Ki ribbon forward, but he didn't expect the kick from him when he appeared behind him. Gohan smirked when the man doubled over in pain from where he kicked him in the gut.

"Fucking... bitch...RAAAAAH!"

Gohan barely had a moment to dodge when he was hit with the blast, his clothes burning in some places as he flew back and hit his head pretty hard against the stone wall of the castle gates. He tried to get up, but blacked out soon after.

The stranger panted and shook his head. The boy was pretty strong, but not strong enough. He grabbed the Ki bounds from inside of his cloak and moved over to Gohan and quickly bound him up, smirking when his scouter read that his Ki was now at 400, barely enough to form a small orb of light. He picked him up and left as the guards finally arrived at the chapel to see the statue of Brolly damaged and the front yard also damaged. Someone found blood and took a sample to the scientists to find out who it belonged to as the others began searching for the princess.

Radditzu nearly fainted hearing that Gohan was missing and almost died of heart failure when they said that The army was coming back, having won the battle and protecting their moon...

-Battle Ship; Bridge.-

Vegeta sat on his chair behind the Captain's chair, they had won and only had four deaths, but still they were bringing their dead back for a proper hero's funeral. He was thanking his stars that his mate had made a plan that worked very well, but he was worried as well. The people who attacked his planet were pale blue with green or black hair and they all had pale pink eyes. The said that Saiyans attacked them some hundred years ago. Their prince left to find Vegetasei and make them pay, but never heard a word. They came to avenge their prince, but lost now the heads of the army and the survivors were being brought back to Vegetasei as war prisoners. After he assured his mate he was fine and that all was fine, he'd interrogate the Lizards.

"Prince Vegeta! There's a communications link waiting for you. It's from Commander Radditzu." the captain said.

"Open it."

A large holographic screen opened up before him and he saw Radditzu's face. Burdock and Nappa, both of whom where standing behind him, noticed the redness of his eyes.

"It's about time we got through to you." Radditzu sighed. "I'm gonna be blunt about this since I'm gonna die anyway... His highness, the Princess has been kidnapped. We do not know who did it, but we do know they are a Lizard. Their black blood was all over the yard. His highness pushed his Ki passed its limits and that alerted everyone from the palace to the castle town. We are currently looking everywhere..."

Vegeta said nothing, he didn't even blink, but suddenly he stood up Ki raising up and up; pushing passed his limits as he screamed in rage. His eyes turned teal as his hair and tail turned golden blonde. But when he spoke that had everyone cowering.

"I want him found or it is your heads... and Radditzu, you are not to let Lila out of your sight or I will disembowel you, am I clear?" He demanded.

"Deadly so..." Radditzu said, paling as the connection cut off.

"Full speed ahead." The captain ordered and they ship moved faster as Vegeta stood in his super Saiyan glory, but the murderous intent radiating off of him was too intense for him to marvel.

'He will pay for touching our mate...'

'Him and anyone else involved...' Vegeta agreed with Oozuru...

-Vegetasei; Mountains deep in the south of the capital.-

Zarbon touched down in front of a cave that was well hidden by the thick vines and moss. He scanned the area with his scouter and smirked, nothing was nearby; so he went into the cave. After he made sure that the vines and moss were covering the entrance again, he made his way deep into the cave and dumped his captive on a nest like bed.

He remembered what the woman said about him being brainwashed and how to fix that, but would sex with a Monkey really be that great?

He looked at Gohan and did find his girlish figure attractive enough, he had to admit that knowing that this boy was some Saiyan's fuck toy made him want to do him even more. Saiyans were aggressive beasts, if they found out that the boy had been unfaithful to his 'mate' they'd kill him on the spot.

'It'd be a waste of such a pretty face, but I have to admit that it would be fun to watch them kill each other.' He thought to himself before he picked up a gourd of water and poured it on Gohan's head.

The shock of cold water made the small half-breed shoot up in panic. But seeing nothing but darkness for a moment or two, so when he finally adjusted to the darkness, he screamed and tried to get away as Zarbon smirked at him.

"Finally awake, boy?"

The boy glared at him as best he could and tried to power up only to find out nothing was happening. He tried again and again, but still nothing!

Zarbon laughed as he got up and turned Gohan on his back as he grabbed the front of his nightgown and ripped it open. Gohan screamed and tried to kick him away, but Zarbon grabbed his tail and squeezed it hard. He laughed darkly as Gohan's eyes rolled back and he collapsed onto the bedding. He let his tail go and Gohan let out a shaky whine as everything began to hurt from his tail to his skull, it was like getting punched by Nappa repeatedly!

"Now hold still... I'll give you what you want..." Zarbon laughed. "A nice thick juicy cock..."

"N-No! St-stop it!" Gohan protested, cursing since the bounds wouldn't loosen.

"Don't be like that... your mother told me all about you... I'm sure you'll be happy to see her once I'm done with you..." He growled lustfully, licking Gohan's naked chest and then latching onto a nipple and sucking hard, only to blink when he got a mouth full of milk. "Breast milk?"

Gohan blushed brightly a he struggled to turn away from his attacker, shame filling him at being touched by someone other than his mate. He tried to twist away from him, but with his hands bound tightly behind his back and his Ki being suppressed, he couldn't. Zarbon licked his lips as he looked down at his struggling captive. The boy was producing milk, but only females can give birth and do that.

'Unless Saiyan's have a a fail safe in their genetics that allows certain males to become pregnant...' He thought looking at Gohan's slender frame and finally he tore the rest of the nightgown open to show off the slim waist and the round hips that were normally found on a beautiful woman. He grabbed is hips and massaged his fingers over the curve of the bones before he did the same to him himself.

As he expected, his were more narrow and not as curved whereas the half-breed's were mover smoother and rounded like a bowl for the baby to settle in during pregnancy.

"Interesting... Are you pregnant?" Zarbon asked, squeezing a nipple and getting a small squirt of milk before he leaned down and licked it up. "Or did you have the baby already?"

Gohan pursed his lips and breathed heavily through his nose as he tried to keep from crying out. Zarbon found this pretty sexy as he tore the remainder of the nightgown off and ripped a small section of it off to make a gag. He sucked on a swollen nipple and bit it enough to make Gohan gasp. Taking advantage of his opened mouth he forced the gag in and tied it tightly behind his head so he couldn't speak at all.

"Now you can scream all you want and we don't have to worry about anyone hearing you."

Gohan's eyes got wide as he felt hot tears burning behind them. He closed his eyes and thought desperately.


'I'm coming! Where are you!'

'V- Vegeta! B-but how?'

'I told you we were connected mind, body and soul... this is our mental link, I can hear every thought and feel whatever you feel. I can see all your memories too.'

'Th-then help me!' Gohan thought a he struggled with Zarbon, kicking his feet trying to keep his leg closed and his tail safe, but Zarbon grabbed it again and Gohan screamed in agony, the pain flying over the link as his eyes rolled back and fainted from the pain.

"Aww, the little bitch passed out... tsk, tsk, tsk... now what's to stop me from raping you?" Zarbon laughed as he got into position...


The second the ship landed, everyone was stunned to see their prince as a Super Saiyan, but the awe died away as he picked up a scouter and took off. He set the scouter to pick up foreign life forms that were non native to Vegetasei. It immediately beeped to life and began scanning the area as he growled out.

'Gohan...' He thought frantically.

The scouter picked up one of the life form but it was too weak to be what he was looking for, only 50 on the power scale. He kept going, it began looking for more form. He growled as image of his sweet little mate flashed in his mind's eye. The smiles, the cute blushes, the pouts, the annoyed look, the fear and worry, his calm face with Lila...

He closed his eyes and felt something he never noticed before. He frowned, his brow knitting together as he concentrated on that one feeling. It got stronger the more he flew, but then suddenly changed directions on him he stopped his flight and looked around. He could still feel it but it wasn't in this direction any more.

'He said it was like a built in scouter... so if I concentrate on it... THERE!' He took off again, back tracking a bit and then shooting off to the east. He could pick up two life forms now, the scouter beeping uselessly in the background. One was strong the other was very weak.


He smirked bitterly, Gohan had discovered their link and was calling to him.

'I'm coming! Where are you!' He thought back, his eyes scanning the ground below, the feeling getting strong. He definitely felt two life forms, one was strong and the other was weak, the scouter picked them up and told him that the weakest was 400.

'V- Vegeta! B-but how?' He resisted the urge to laugh at how slow his mate was in favor of finding him quickly.

'I told you we were connected mind, body and soul... this is our mental link, I can hear every thought and feel whatever you feel. I can see all your memories too.'

'Th-then help me!' The cry was very desperate.

He dropped down and looked about, he couldn't see anything and the scouter wasn't helping. He took a deep breath to calm down and was hit with a wave of arousal. Snarling deep in his throat, Vegeta stalked towards the scent and found vines and moss, but there was a draft from behind them, meaning there was a cave behind the wall of plants.

He tore down the covering and stalked inside. His Ki lighting up the path as his golden tail whipped the air silently, wanting to wrap tightly over the offender's neck and snap it. He rounded a corner and froze. His mate was struggling to get away, Ki bound were clearly seen on hi arms as his kidnapper was about to rape him. Vegeta's control snapped and his eyes went savage read as inhuman roar left his mouth.

The kidnapper spun and gasped, rolling away from Gohan as the golden beast landed on all fours over the smaller Saiyan. Gohan whimpered and curled up tightly into a ball, hi tail wrapping and twisting over his waist to make a thong to protect his front and back since his clothes were all shreds. He peeked open an eye and gasped seeing the golden glory of his mate. But the red eyes told him it was Oozuru.

Oozuru/Vegeta snarled and dove at the Lizard and clawed his arm deeply. Zarbon screamed in agony and hit the communication button on his scouter and called out.

"Admiral what's taking so long! The moon's should be dust right now!"

"We're glad you think so..." came a voice not belonging to one of his admirals, the King of Vegetasei.

"Shit!" Zarbon dodged Vegeta again and shot him with a Ki blast, but the blast barely even singed him!

Vegeta charged up a huge blast and scent it at Zarbon, knocking him out of the cave. Vegeta growled and moved over to his mate, nudging his neck and licking salty tears from his eyes before he left to finish the fight. He wordlessly promised to come back to him and Gohan accepted it since he couldn't move on his own...

Zarbon slowly got up, his armor was destroyed for the most part but he had his ace up his sleeve. It wasn't long before the Saiyan arrived, outraged beyond words. He smirked and vanished into the forest, knowing that the Saiyan would have to rely on the scouter to find him.

'The fool doesn't realize I will destroy his scouter and leave him blind to my location.' He thought evilly as he moved quickly and silently through the surrounding trees his body and power bulking up to its max power.

Vegeta snarled, the Lizard was hiding in the trees, using his own element against him. But what he didn't know was that Vegeta had figured out his mate's little trick to sensing someone without using a scouter. He looked around, his body tense in the event that the Lizard attacked before he could pinpoint him. He rolled back when a Ki blast aimed at his head took out his scouter, narrowly missing his head.

He hissed in rage, his ear hurt like hell from the scouter exploding right on it, but luckily nothing too damaging happened to his ear or hearing. He rolled forward as several more blasts came from the trees behind him, but he turned and shot back, hitting the trees with barely a fraction of his power.

He stopped and waited for the smoke to clear, but jumped into the air and vanished when a large beast of a lizard tried to attack him from the side. Zarbon cursed as he looked around for Vegeta, but couldn't see him, the scouter didn't even pick up anything either.

"WHERE THE HELL ARE YOU!" Zarbon yelled in anger.

"Here." Vegeta growled in his ear as he slashed Zarbon' back, smirking as black blood sprayed across the floor.

Zarbon roared in pain as he rolled forward and as he got back onto his feet he shot a blast at Vegeta, who dodged it and jumped onto Zarbon's back, his legs hooking to his thighs a his arms caught him in a full nelson and then used his legs to push himself up and wrapped his tail tightly around Zarbon's neck. He then squeezed with all his might, snapping his femurs in half, cutting off both air and circulation as tail crushed Zarbon's neck.

"You took my mate... you raped him... You will die for your sin!" Vegeta roared pulling tighter.

"His mother-!" There was sickening crack closely followed b a disgusting crunch as Vegeta snapped Zarbon's neck and crushed his chest cavity when he broke his arms.

He dropped the dead Lizard to the floor, panting for air as he grabbed the scouter off of it and used it to call back to the castle.

"... Send a team... I think my mate was raped... We're in the Denzai Mountains..." After that he dropped and took off to where he left his mate.

He quickly walked through the cave and found Gohan where he left him. His mate was shaking as sobs racked his delicate frame. Vegeta growled as he noticed the bruising forming and moved to kneel beside his mate. Gohan jumped feeling someone touch him, he looked up in fear of it being Zarbon, but cried with relief to see Vegeta.

Vegeta undid the Ki bounds and gently moved hi mate so he was laying more comfortably on the bedding. He then began his examination. He started with his hands, kissing the bruised arms and hands, proud to see the bruised knuckles from Gohan's struggles. Next was his neck and chest. He growled when he saw the slimy saliva still on the swollen buds.

His stomach and hips were bruised as well, but no obvious signs of rape. He gently touched and examined Gohan's crotch and his ass. Nothing seemed wrong, but he wouldn't know until a proper exam was done. Gohan's legs were covered in scrapes and bruises as well, his ankle was twisted slightly, mostly likely a sprain.

He looked at Gohan' tail and winced when Gohan shrieked in pain from the heat of his hand over his tail. It had been crushed and he knew for a fact that any pain from being raped was like splinter compared to have your tail crushed. He examined his neck and his head, a grimace on his face when he felt the stickiness of drying blood from the bump on the back of Gohan's head. All in all, his mate was abused and bruised.

He gently picked him up, taking off the cape he war in battle and wrapping his mate up in it. Gohan cried and whimpered, feeling pathetic for showing weakness, but he was in a lot of pain and he was so scared of what might have happened if Vegeta hadn't found him. But how did you he find him?

"V- Vegeta?"

"Hn?" his voice was back to normal and the gold was slowly ding away from his hair and tail, his eyes the last to turn back to their onyx black.

"Ho-how did you find me?" He asked, curling up more into Vegeta.

"... I sensed you out... I felt your Ki, as weak as it was from the Ki Bounds. I followed that and that bastard's. I may not be as good as you are, but I am glad I figured it out when I did."

"Me too... Radditzu's probably worried sick... Is Lila okay?"

"Yes Radditzu's watching her... Try not to fall asleep you may have a concussion." Vegeta told him as he kept walking. He didn't want to risk flying since Gohan was naked and all they needed now was for him to become ill on top of all hi injuries.

As they walked along, Gohan fought to stay awake, he knew the risks of sleeping with a head injury and could only hope he stayed awake a little longer. Vegeta held him close, picking up faint Ki signatures coming their way, but they weren't threats. He hurried as they got closer and closer. He sighed when he aw Burdock and a few of their medical staff land not too far down the mountain.

"The Lizard's corpse is north of here, you'll find a cave, look down the slope from there, his body shoulder still be there." Vegeta told Burdock as he got Gohan onto the stretcher and the doctors quickly got him strapped in, wincing at the pained cried and whimpers. Vegeta told Gohan he was going to be fine and that he'd be there soon before the medics took off with Gohan...

-Chi-Chi's house; a few days later-

Chi-Chi hummed as she cleaned the floors and smiled as she got everything ready for when Zarbon would come back with Gohan in tow. She had the video phone ready to call earth and to get the second part of her plan into action. What she didn't expect was someone knocking on her door and a voice calling out.

"Message from the King!"

She blinked and quickly made herself look decent before she opened the door and looked at the young Saiyan boy. He had bright red hair and rich brown eyes, his tail was wrapped over his waist and he wore fine linen. He held out a scroll to her and she took it.

"The king wishes to see all members of this household today at Noon. Have a wonderful morning." He said before he turned and took off into the air.

Chi-Chi closed the door to her house and blinked as she looked at the letter, but looked up when her video phone rang. She hit a few buttons and an image of a blue haired woman popped up.

"Chi-Chi! Good news! We're almost to Vegetasei! Let me say the trip is not easy... We should be landing around Noon so see you soon."

"I'll be at the royal palace, Bulma. I was summoned by the king. Maybe he's going to let me and Gohan come back home since we're not Saiyans." Chi-Chi said.

"Okay, we'll meet you there since we need to get a visitors pass from the king anyway." Bulma said before she waved and the screen cut off.

Chi-Chi worried her lip as she wondered what the King could possibly want with her. If Zarbon managed to kidnap Gohan, then they shouldn't suspect her, she hasn't had contact with him since she ran into him in the market place and that was a few months back. And even id Zarbon was caught, he wouldn't tell them she planned this whole thing since he thought he was 'saving' and 'helping' her son rather than kidnapping and raping him.

Sighing she hurried to her room and got herself dressed and ready for the occasion...

Once she was ready, it was 20 minutes to noon and there was an escort outside. She climbed into the coach with the help of the footman before he climbed up with the driver and they got this large dog like beast to start a slow run back to the capital and to the palace. The ride was smooth and relaxing. Vegetasei was a nice place if you got rid of all the monsters. As they passed through town, she smirked as Saiyans gathered about the streets to start in awe of her, but they spoke in their native tongue, so she was unsure of if they were complementing her beauty or insulting her.

When they arrived the bell in the high tower began to ring, signaling that it was noon. She got out of the coach and began to make her way into the palace. She was so full of herself, sure that her plans were undiscovered, but she was about to find out how wrong she was...

-Throne Room-

Vegeta Sr sat proudly on his throne, Burdock stood directly to his right, a hand placed lovingly on his shoulder as Radditzu and Nappa stood behind some pillars to the mini hallway that led from the Royal family's wings to the throne room. Vegeta was nowhere to be seen; many murmured about the prince not being present.

When the double doors opened and the Prince walked in, everyone shut their mouths, his steps were long and even. His tail swayed with his steps as his onyx black eyes focused on nothing but the throne where his mate would sit. He walked up the steps and took a seat by the throne, leaning back against it and resting an arm on his raised knee. He smirked darkly as they waited.

It wasn't long before a tall lanky Saiyan announced the arrival of the human woman. She walked in with her head held high and an arrogant look on her face. She looked at the Saiyans with disdain in her coal black eyes as she sniffed as if they smelt like cow pie. She bowed before the King once she was in front of the thrones and waited for him to tell her to stand.

"Greetings, your majesty. You summoned me?"

"Yes... It was brought to my attention that you are the mate of one of our Elite Soldiers and that this soldier has died. As his mate you are allowed one wish." He said.

"Oh? Then is it-?"

"However I understand he has a child, a young son. Where is your son? I thought I summoned everyone in you household."

"Ah- ah- see... Sire, my-my son... um..." she blushed and cursed she hadn't prepared some bullshit lie to feed him. Might as well tell him something lame. "My son... he was kidnapped some time ago. I asked for help but no one wants to help me or my half-breed son."

"Oh? How long ago was he kidnapped?"

"I say about a year, but time here moves a lot slower than back home so I can't be too sure." She said.

"Hmm... and no one's attempted to help?"

"No! My poor sweet little boy! I fear he's dead!" she cried, breaking into a fit of fake sobs.

No one moved to comfort her or give her a tissue. She sobbed more, wailing until someone finally handed her a tissue. She looked up to say thank you, but gasped seeing Gohan before her. He looked healthier than he should have been. She could see slight bruising on his neck and shoulders, hickeys by the looks of things. His eyes were bright with his cheerfulness, but there was a spark in them, one she ha seen in Goku when he told her that they were going to Vegetasei and that was final.

"G- Gohan!"

"Hello... mother." Gohan said, his smile kind and welcoming the venom in his tone was enough to kill an elephant.

She gasped at the tone and glared.

"how dare you speak that way to me! I carried you for nine months! I brought you into this world! I fed you, clothed you, gave you an education so you wouldn't be another muscle bound moron like your father!"

"Dad, wasn't an idiot. You never gave him a chance to show how smart he can be."

"And be disappointed in the end by his stupidity! I think not! He preferred fighting over taking care of me and you! He cared more about his own selfish needs than being a father!"

"That's no true and you know it! Dad taught me how to camp out, how to fish as well as how to be a decent person to everyone even those who've done me wrong-!"

Chi-Chi slapped Gohan hard in the face, but was wincing from how much her hand hurt.

"Don't you dare tell me that he was better than me! That fucking moron couldn't find his way out of a box even if you helped him!"

"... Dad wasn't an idiot... all those times you'd beat me... he knew. The bruise couldn't be hidden from him. Why do think there was always Senzu beans in the house?"

"He couldn't have known I was careful not to hit your face or your arms where he could see them! I could have easily ripped off your tail, but because he'd have noticed, I didn't! All he ever cared about was his disgusting tail, fighting and food! We were nothing to him!"

"If I meant nothing to him, then why did he come to save me when I was kidnapped as a child! When he came home and told you, you threw a fit! Telling him that we didn't have the money for a ransom and that he should have let the kidnapper keep me!"

"It would've saved me money. I may be a princess, but money doesn't grow on trees!"

"Enough." Vegeta Sr said and Gohan bowed his head at the order, he rubbed his cheek as he moved to his mate.

Vegeta touched the abused cheek and glared spitefully at Chi-Chi. But he wasn't the only one who wanted to kill her. All the Saiyans present were members of the court, nobles, the rest of the royal family, the heads of the Saiyan army, the entire staff from slaves to medical personnel and the guards. Everyone had wanted to pounce on her and rip her to shreds, but didn't since the Princess held such an air around him they were shocked the woman hit him.

"That bitch is lucky she's standing trial or I'd have blasted her until nothing, not even her ashes remained." Vegeta hissed, as he rubbed Gohan's cheek.

"I'm fine... I'm use to it remember?" Gohan said, a bitter smile tainting his pretty lips.

Chi-Chi's eyes widened as she saw the blatant display of homosexuality before she screamed in rage and pulled out a knife from he sleeve and charged Gohan. The guards and Burdock leapt into the fray, but Chi-Chi was displaying her fighting skills but using the bigger Saiyans' weight and speed against them before she got up close to her own son and drove the blade down.

"CHI-CHI!" shouted a familiar voice as a strong hand grabbed her wrist in a punishing grip and caused her to drop the knife.

Vegeta, who had stepped in front of his mate, was shocked to see so much... orange! Then he was even more shocked to see a younger, paler version of Burdock without the scars on his face and body.

"G- G- Goku! Is that- is that really you?" Chi-Chi asked, shocked to see her dead husband in front of her again.

"Chi-Chi, I cannot believe the things you've done behind my back and I cannot and will not ever forgive you for them!"

"What are you talking about, darling? Of course you can forgive me!" Chi-Chi said, looking at her husband with such eyes that it made Goku sick for ever marrying her in the first place.

"Abusing our son! The child we made together, how could you!" Goku demanded, glaring coldly at her as something brown twitched behind him.

Chi-Chi blinked and looked at it to see that- that- that disgusting thing and instantly became enraged once more, struggling to get out of Goku's iron grip on her.

"Because I married a fucking MONSTER!" Chi-Chi screamed.

Goku let her go out of shock. He knew he was secretly called that behind his back, but to hear his former wife, his mate, call him that made him freeze. Chi-Chi took the chance to rip free, dodging Vegeta was a bit trickier, but she managed and grabbed Gohan's tail. Gohan screamed in agony as she grabbed it tightly in her fist and held up the knife aiming for his kidneys.

Everyone froze when suddenly a sickening crack was heard. Gohan gasped as the pain suddenly stopped and was in Vegeta's arms as Vegeta stared at the orange clad man. He struck his wife in the face and sent her all the way across the throne room and into a few guards that had blocked the door; unfortunately saving her from a painful death.

Vegeta Sr immediately stood and ordered that Chi-Chi was thrown in high security and slapped in irons until further notice. The whole castle was in an uproar after that news spreading far and wide like wild fire that some crazy woman tried to kill the princess!

Vegeta on the other hand rushed Gohan to their room, Nappa hot on his heels with the King getting orders from them before taking off to make sure hey filled out. Radditzu, Burdock, Goku and a small group of humans remained in the now empty throne room. Goku sighed as he looked at his hand; he didn't feel bad for hitting his with, in fact he felt pretty good to get rid of the annoyance.

"Kakarot." He looked up at his brother and smirked, it was small and dark as his eyes glared at his brother. It was a smirk worthy of a proud Saiyan.

"Radditzu." He greeted in kind...

-Time Skip; 5 Saiyan years later-

"... and so the handsome prince, knelt down beside Snow White and kissed her lips with all his heart. She blinked open her eyes and when she saw him, she said, 'I saw you in my dreams. I knew you would come for me.' The prince carefully picked her up as the seven dwarfs danced and cheered that the beautiful prince Snow White was alive again. Soon after the Prince invited everyone to his wedding, even Snow White's wicked step mother. They danced and sang as the evil queen was dressed in a frock and made to dance in red hot irons for all eternity. Snow White and her handsome prince lived happily ever after. The end..." Gohan said to his now 10 year old daughter.

"Thank you mommy... night daddy, night, grandpas, Night uncles Ditzu and Nappa!" Lila said before she snuggled into her bed and drifted off to sleep.

Gohan smiled and kissed her head before he shooed everyone out of the room. At some point when he was reading the story to Lila the others came in. He shook his head as his father whined about never getting a bedtime story, but that was short lived when he was dragged down the hall by Krillin, who came to live with them. Radditzu and Nappa said their good nights and went home to sleep in their room and relieve the nanny from their twin sons. Vegeta Sr and Burdock waved their good nights and headed to the King's chambers, no doubt to have a passionate romp in the sheets before going to sleep. So that left Gohan and Vegeta.

"Earth has interesting legends..." Vegeta said as he pulled Gohan to his side.

"That wasn't a legend... it was a fairy tail. A story made up to entertain children as well as to secretly teach them lessons on life."

"Clever. I wonder if Lila learned from Snow White's mistakes like ignoring her elders and accepting things from strangers."

"I'm sure she learned, 'Geta... We just have to keep reminding her." Gohan said as they got to their room and he sighed as he pulled off his small crown and set it on his vanity. He sighed, his hair was growing again, maybe he should cut it?

"Leave it alone... I like it like this... you look more beautiful this way..." Vegeta said, coming up behind him and nipping his exposed shoulders as he ran a hand through the soft spik black hair, gently massaging the scalp.

Gohan moaned softly, his eyes rolling back slightly as the light nips became open mouthed kisses and bites. He brought one hand up to hold Vegeta's head against the side of his neck as the others covered hi mouth. The door wasn't closed or locked, anyone could walk by and see them like this, but at the same time Gohan couldn't bring himself to stop this if only to close the door.

Vegeta chuckled deeply as he grabbed the obi and quickly carefully untied it. His mate was too lost in pleasure to notice what was about to happen of the fact that he closed ad locked the door a soon as they were in the room. He shook Gohan's hair from his head and stepped back as he used the obi like a string to a top to spin Gohan out of the obi and onto the bed.

Gohan squeaked and collapsed on the bed, feeling dizzy from the sudden movement. He tried to catch his breath and regain his bearings before he turned to scold Vegeta, only said pure blood was already on top of him, kissing him roughly as he opened the material of the kimono and pushed it down Gohan's shoulders, showing off his feminine shoulders and the beginnings of his slender chest.

"...'Geta...'Geta!" Gohan moaned as Vegeta's tongue raped his mouth in the most blissful manner.

He reached his hands up and purred feeling the smooth skin stretched snugly over steel like muscles, he kneaded the flesh lazily, tugging on Vegeta's nipples lightly as his hands got lower and lower. Vegeta growled as he pulled away, breathing heavily as Gohan panted for air. His dark brown eyes looked onyx from the lust and love swirling in them. His lips were bright cheery red as he let Vegeta strip him completely naked.

Gohan purred as he teased Vegeta's sides, getting sharp intakes of breath before his hands moved to the front of the spandex pants he was wearing and pulled it low to reveal his prize. He growled lowly and managed to flip them over so he was sitting between his strong lover's legs and gently rubbing the inside of his thighs as he rubbed his face against the long hard shaft that had pierced him time and time again.

He was worshiping the piece of heaven when Vegeta's impatient snarl reminded him that he had to pay proper respects to it. He lowered his head and began by nipping and sucking on the swollen sac, giving the twin orbs favorable attention each. Then he moved up to the base of the shaft, licking lightly with only the tip of his tongue at the thick vein under the shaft.

Vegeta hissed as e watched his mate's wicked tongue tease him all the right places giving him just the right amount, but leaving him starving for more. Gohan's tongue traced the swollen head of his cock before pushing into the slit, teasing his urethra. He then kissed the head, nipping the overly sensitive tip and then sucking it slowly into his mouth.

Vegeta liked feeling Gohan's teeth gently graze his flew as he sucked in more and more. Biting slightly to warn Vegeta not to move his hips. It was the only time Gohan had control of the sex and he enjoyed his short time as dominant as well as making it pleasurable for Vegeta as well. Once he felt the head hit the back of his throat he took a few breaths, Vegeta gently petting his head, and then moved it into his throat. Deep throating Vegeta's impressive length was a feat on its own and Gohan was rather proud of that.

He breathed through his nose as he made sure that all of Vegeta that would fit was in his mouth before he began the best part of his blow job. Gohan gathers Ki into the tips of his fingers and began to trace the Ki points over Vegeta's base, hips and balls. The Ki points sent mini vibrations into Vegeta making him moan and gasp as his body was teased with feather light touches. Gohan swallowed around the length, his tight throat getting tighter, making Vegeta howl in ecstasy.

He then rubbed his thumbs, index and middle fingers over the base, pressing the Ki points into the thick veins in Vegeta's erection a he pulled back to the tip. Lapping at it like a kitten would his milk. Per-cum was already leaking out and as the Ki balls worked the key points in his dick, Vegeta felt the steady stream of heat pooling and coiling tight. Gohan sucked on his member, his bead bobbing as he moaned and whispered slutty words to him.

Vegeta's muscles locked up and he thrust his hips forward when he came, Gohan drank a much as he could, letting the rest spray across his face and he purred happily. Vegeta panted as he watched his mate lick his cock clean; just watching that cum covered face made him harder in a heat beat and he grabbed Gohan by his hair and pulled him so he was straddling his hips.

Gohan purred, his hole already self lubricated as he slowly eased Vegeta into him, hissing as he was stretched wide by that familiar intruder. Once he was seated completely, Vegeta gave him some time to adjust and catch his breath, leaning forward to like his own cum from his mate's pretty face.

"Mmm... Vegeta-sama..." Gohan moaned and began to gently rock back and forth, searching for his sweet spot.

Vegeta smirked as he watched his normally very pristine mate act like a wanton whore in heat. His hips rolled just right, making him look like a belly dancer. His tail moved like a lazy snake, teasing his legs and tail as Gohan, wiped some more cum from his face and licked it off his fingers, sucking on them as he moaned loudly, having found what he was looking for.

With that said he began to raise himself up and drop back down, slowly at first but quickly gaining speed as Vegeta's hands grabbed his hips and began yanking him down hard as he gave shallow thrust up into that tight heat.

"Nyaaaaah! Vegeta! Oooooh, 'Geta more! Gimme more!"

"As you wish..." Vegeta growled, going Super Saiyan and with the heavy influx of Ki he was thrusting much, much faster and harder into Gohan. His mate screaming himself horse as he rode him long and hard, praising the god beneath him.

Vegeta's ego died of happiness as Gohan's wild cries shamed even the most sexual of beings. He keened and mewled as he felt his end coming. He grabbed Vegeta and kissed him so hard he ripped his lip. The copper taste of blood brought out Oozuru as he bit and sucked viciously at Gohan's chest and neck. Before his eyes rolled back and Gohan screamed his loudest, spraying his load all over Vegeta's chest and Vegeta pumping his into Gohan's body.

Gohan collapsed bonelessly to the bed as Vegeta caught his breath, having dropped out of SS and grabbed Gohan and pulled him to lay on his chest, smearing the cooling fluid onto his chest. Vegeta rolled them over so Gohan was more comfortable, twining their tails together, he pulled the sheets over them and kissed Gohan's temple.

"Sweet dreams, my Snow White..." He purred and drifted off to sleep, chasing his mate in dreamland...


And there's the end! Please tell me what you think of it.