They were proud of themselves, very proud. Finally after months of planning the project BRRR! was finally ready to be launched. Everything was perfect, the facilities were perfectly equipped with the latest technologies, everything absolutely flawless, as expected from Nebula.

Of course, once again as expected from Nebula, the project wasn't exactly legal, but sometimes you have to overlook commoners laws in order for science to advance, that's what they believed.

No one expect a selected few really knew about the BRRR! project, Nebula knew how to protect its secret really well, how they managed to do this is none of our concern though.

They were on a pretty pacific island owned by Nebula, it was so small that it wasn't even marked on regular maps, thus perfect fo the project, if they didn't have their head filled by work and this important programm they would almost feel like they were on vacation, that would be their first vacation together. Almost cute, too bad they had to work, but this work had a lot of promises, they were both shivering of expectation.

They could have chosen to watch everything from afar, there were countless cameras in the whole island, so many that they gave up on counting, but they prefered to see everything by themselves, and, after all, some people needed to be there.

They were both sitting on top on what was one day a teacher's desk, holding hands as they watched the old and silent classroom before them.

Sounds were really soft, birds singing outside, slow breaths inside the closed room. The sun was slowly setting, illuminating the small area with a bright red, shining like freshly shed blood.

Despite the silence they weren't alone, the other desks were lining against the walls and in the middle of the room, around twenty people were asleep.

There wasn't any order in their sleep, it was almost if they have been just thrown up there, without any consideration for their well being, and maybe that's exactly what happened.

They two spectators were starting to loose their patience, they couldn't wait for their project to really begin, they put all of their doubts and all of their hopes in this, they wanted it to succeed, they wanted to unveil by themselves the secrets of human behaviour. They didn't care about the later applications, they just wanted to satisfy their curiosity. In that sense they were the perfect embodiment of the human specie.

They shivered when they saw someone moving in that mess of bodies, slowly, looking dazed and blinded by the light a blonde head was rising, turning around to examinate his surroundings and stopping when he saw the two people, curiously looking at him before they finally spoke, the man awkwardly waving at him,

"Hello Shizuo-kun, we knew you'd be the first to wake up, even though we did our best to inject a massive dose of sedatives, for you only. No, no need to thank us , it's only natural, we want to make your stay as comfortable as possible and it would have been quite, well, inconvenient if you would have been to wake up during the trip"

The man called Shizuo didn't understand everything the man was saying, but suddenly a thought striked him "You, you are -"

"Yes I am. Did I forget to introduce myself? I'm Kishitani Shingen and this is my wife, Emilia"

The woman called Emilia bowed as she greeted Shizuo in a strange manner "I am Emilia. To you most welcome, with respect"