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Jane finished his tea and wandered back into the bullpen where a tearful Lily was being comforted by her Mom. Jane pitied them both, he knew what it was like to lose a child and poor Lily was so young to loose her brother.

"It wasn't Quinn," Lily stated firmly, "he liked Ben."

"I know he seemed like that but-"

"No, he was nice to Ben," Lily protested hugging her stuffed dog tightly to her chest, "he said if I waited he'd pick me up after the fireworks and then we'd all go to Disney land."

"Fireworks?" Jane repeated moving over to them with a sudden ominous feeling, "what fireworks?"

"At the warehouse," she explained as if it were obvious, "he was going to give Teresa a firework show."

Jane and Hightower exchanged a sudden worrying look as his heart plummeted to his shoes, 'fireworks' didn't sound even remotely okay for someone was supposed to be giving himself up. Jane snatched his cell phone and dialed Lisbon's number in but no one answered. He tried Cho and Rigsby, still no answer before calling Lisbon again.

"Nobody's answering," Jane told Hightower anxiously, "Lisbon should be answering, they should be there by now."

"Maybe they're just enjoying the fireworks," Lily offered innocently.

"Get help now," Jane commanded Hightower not caring that she was his boss, "I'm going to the warehouse now," he added striding off desperately to the elevator, he so did not have a good feeling about this.

Lisbon was awakened by the irritating sound of car alarms screaming loudly at her, she blinked open her bleary eyes and realized she was lying on her on the ground. Her body ached all over as she stared at the smoking pile of rubble before her that had been a warehouse not too long ago. Vaguely she recalled talking to Quinn and then…

Wincing at how her body ached all over she struggled to get to her feet, she used the over turned van beside her to help her shaking legs stand up but slipped and fell back onto the dirt. That was when she noticed Cho lying a few feet away from her, his eyes were closed and she panicked wondering if he was alive. Was anyone? She'd been spared the full extent by being outside while Cho, Rigsby, SWAT and Quinn had been inside. She was suddenly glad Van Pelt was interviewing people and that Jane had stayed behind, he didn't even wear a bulletproof vest.

"Cho?" Lisbon tried to call out to him but found her throat was hoarse and it came out as barely a whisper, feeling slightly afraid she crawled towards him and gently shook his arm, "Cho, Cho… wake up."

She bit her lip terrified that one of her team might be dead but thankfully a second later he stirred and opened his eyes. She let out a relieved sigh as he sat up, clutching his left arm and surveyed the scene.

"Wow," Cho gasped after a minute, "I miss the days when serial killers were serial killers and they didn't kidnap children and blow up warehouses."

"So do I," Lisbon agreed finding her voice again and feeling pleased he was in good spirits, now she only had to worry about Rigsby and those others.

"Where's Rigsby?" Cho questioned looking concerned.

"I don't know," Lisbon shrugged sharing his concern, "I only woke up a minute ago, we need to get EMTs and firefighters and all that down here now… Do you have your cell phone? Mine must have thrown out of my hand."

"Mine too," Cho sighed, "do you think Quinn's dead?"

"He must be, we got rid of the GPS tracker so he had to have heard us coming from inside," Lisbon answered unsurely, "I think maybe this was some kind of bizarre suicide attempt."

"There were 15 SWAT personnel plus you, Rigsby and I," Cho informed her, "how many do you think he took with him?"

Lisbon didn't have an answer for him and was becoming increasingly worried about Rigsby, he was probably lying around in the rubble somewhere but whether dead or alive she didn't know. Sirens echoed in the distance and a minute later Jane's scrap heap car drove into view closely followed by paramedics and fire trucks, she allowed herself a relieved breath as a frantic Jane spied them and ran towards.

"Are you okay?" he asked worriedly searching her face with anxious eyes.

"I think so, I wasn't in the warehouse when it exploded," Lisbon explained and Jane nodded looking relieved.

"And you Cho?"

"Broken arm maybe, few scraps and burns but I'll live," he answered scanning watching as the firefighters started leafing through the ruins of the warehouse while paramedics rushed towards them to attend to them.

"And Rigsby?" Jane wondered and they both glanced at the rubble worriedly.

"I should've known better," Lisbon said half to herself, "why didn't I think that he was going to blow everyone up?"

"Because there's no such thing as psychics," Jane told her gently, "you can't possibly have predicted this."

"I'm the one that knows him, I should have known," Lisbon stated firmly feeling an overwhelming sense of guilt, "and why did he want me to live anyway?"

"Because he wanted you to suffer," Jane sighed looking distant, "and suffering's worse than death."

Lisbon could only nod distantly as paramedics began checking to see if she was okay and insisted on taking her to the hospital, which Jane surpisingly agreed with, so she did but made him stay and promise to call her if there was any news. She was driven there with Cho in one of the ambulances along with another man from SWAT who was found with one of his legs missing, she could only pray Rigsby would be okay.

They arrived at the hospital and she was taken to a ward and assessed, being a low priority as she only had a few bruises, cuts and a slight burn on her right hand that was now bandaged. She lay waiting desperate for any news and growing bored her guilt kicked in again, if she hadn't lied to Quinn all those years ago then none of this would have happened. She was surprised to find she felt a slight sadness at his death, despite what he had done she still found herself caring as if not for her then he would be okay along with all his victims.

Time dragged by, seconds became like hours and minutes dragged like days before finally Jane came strolling in. He came and pulled up a chair beside her.

"Well?" Lisbon wondered biting her lip in trepidation.

"Rigsby's alive," Jane told her and she sighed with relief, "but he was injured. He's in surgery now and the doctors think he'll be okay which is great."

"Yes it is," Lisbon agreed relaxing slightly, at least she didn't have the death of one of her team on her conscious.

"Of SWAT," Jane continued, "1 with minor injuries, 5 with serious injuries, 4 dead and 1 just died on the way to the hospital. 1 is trapped and they're working to get them out and the last 3 they think were incinerated in the blast along with Quinn."

"Not the best statistics," Lisbon sighed, "but it could be worse."

"I know, I'm sorry I wasn't there," Jane apologized looking slightly guilty.

"Don't be," Lisbon told him firmly, "I'm glad you weren't there, we were all in armor, you'd have had no protection whatsoever… You probably would have died, I am so glad you didn't die."

"I'm glad you didn't die too," Jane whispered quietly to her after a minute of contemplation and she glanced up into his eyes, trying to think of something to say and trying not to give into the sudden impulse to lean forwards and kiss him, how inappropriate would that be?

"Where's Wayne?" Van Pelt demanded to her relief, she never realized before that Jane had such magnetic eyes and- "how is he? Please tell me he's okay?"

"He's in surgery but doctors are pretty sure he'll be okay," Jane answered quickly jumping to his feet.

"Yes Grace, he should be fine," Lisbon affirmed hoping like mad she wasn't blushing.

Van Pelt looking beside herself with worry as she slumped into the chair Jane had been sitting on, seemingly ready to cry but didn't and instead just sad rocking slightly and gripping the seat for dear life. Jane sat down on another seat, which wasn't in the proximity to her to continue wondering whether or not she would kiss him.

Time continued to move slowly except this time it was more awkward than depressing, Van Pelt wasn't really in the mood for talking and she couldn't think of anything comforting to say apart from the usual 'he'll be fine' which sounded lame and hollow even though she did generally believe Rigsby would be okay. She longed to talk to Jane but on the other hand she was confused by her feelings and anyway, they couldn't talk with Van Pelt in the room and Jane would probably think she was overreacting anyway. The man was still in love with his wife for crying out loud!

"Anyone for Wayne Rigsby?" asked a young doctor walking over to them.

"Yes!" squealed Van Pelt jumping to her feet desperately, "how is he?"

"He's out of surgery," the man informed her, "barring surgical complications, he should hopefully make a full recovery."

"That's brilliant," exclaimed Van Pelt who looked ready to sink to the floor with relief, "can we see him?"

"Well… only one of you," the doctor stated, "and I'm guessing that would be you?"

"Yes please," Van Pelt said nodding her head, "thank you very much. I'll see you guys later and tell you how he is, bye."

"Wait doc!" Lisbon called him back, "since I'm okay can I go home yet?"

"Teresa Lisbon… yes, if you must," the man agreed reluctantly, "I'll have nurse Kendall come and get you discharged."

Lisbon inclined her head in gratitude as they left and a few minutes later the nurse came to give her the release forms and explain to her about the medical stuff, what to do if she started to feel dizzy or show any signs of a concussion etc. After a boring few minutes she was finally free to sign the release forms and leave, it had been a long day and she longed for nothing more than to go home.

"Want a ride?" Jane offered when she'd dressed, said goodbye to Cho who was staying for observation and joined Jane outside where it was now fully dark.

"Yeah sure," she agreed hesitantly due to her dislike of his driving but decided it was far better than paying the ridiculous cab fare.

They drove basically in silence; she still wanted to talk to him about earlier but had no idea on how to broach the subject and was pretty terrified of humiliating herself anyway.

"We're here," Jane announced and she realized she was outside her house.

"Thank you," Lisbon said nervously, "for the lift."

"No problem," he waved it off giving her his glowing smile, "will you be okay?"

"Of course," she stated defensively.

"I just mean its been a long exhausting day," he explained, "and a rough case… I don't know if you should be alone right now."

"I'll be fine," she affirmed feeling touched by his concern.

"Well if you need anything at all," he offered kindly, "then I'll be there, okay?"

"Because you'll always be there to save me, right?" she smiled remembering his past words.

"Yes," he agreed and she was again hypnotized by his eyes, damn the man for having such annoyingly wonderful eyes she thought realizing her lips were only inches away from his, "I'm glad you're okay Lisbon."

"I have to go," she forced herself to say and snapped her eyes away from his, "I'll see you tomorrow."

"Yes, yes," Jane agreed turning hurriedly away, "see you tomorrow."

Lisbon scrambled hurriedly out of the car before she could change her mind, she waved him goodbye and watched his car drive away wondering why she had done that. Shaking her head she added it to the list of things she regretted today and trudged into her house, besides Jane could never possibly have feelings for her. Feeling miserable again she thought of all the lives she'd had a hand in ending today as she wandered into her bedroom.

She reached out to flick on the light switch but was shocked beyond belief when someone grabbed her from behind, she tried to scream but he held a strange smelling cloth over her mouth with his hand.

"Hush, hush, hushabye,"

He sang in a painfully familiar voice as she violently turned her head from the cloth.

"Hush, my babe, no danger nigh,"

He continued singing, unfazed as his other arm held her too tightly to break free of.

"As in your cradle now you swing,"

The words sounded so soothing as he held the cloth back in place and she started to feel tired.

"Until you sleep I softly sing,"

His voice was so musical and the smell was so sweet, her limbs were becoming increasingly heavy.

"Hush, hushabye,"

At the conclusion of the lullaby her flickering eyelids gently closed and her body collapsed limply in his arms, with her last hint of consciousness she heard Quinn's voice whisper into her ear.

"Seven for a secret, never to be told…"

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