Tessa sat in her now usual spot at the long dining room table. Right beside Jem and...Will across from her. She stabbed her fork moodily into the chicken but didn't bother to actually pick it up to eat it.

Jem gave her a curious look as he watched her stab the fork repeatedly into the chicken. She managed a reassuring, "I'm fine," and smiled as she thought about how much easier life was before she met him and the others.

She wasn't exactly living badly. Jem had been nothing but nice to her and Jessamine had been, well, Jessamine. Henry and Charlotte have been very kind in letting her stay with them. It wasn't even the fact that her brother wanted her dead or some creeper wanted her dead that made her so angry. It was Will.

Will Herondale. He was the most obnoxious, stubborn and annoying boy Tessa had ever met. Her last conversation with Will floated around in her mind but she shoved it back forcefully not wanting to re-live that night.

Tessa shook her head off her thoughts and looked around. Jem and Will were discussing daggers or something. Charlotte was listening to Henry describe one of his new inventions with a small smile on her lips as she ate. Then her eye focused on Jessamine, who looked lost in her own world as well, but her fork seemed to automatically pick up her food and put it in her mouth.

Tessa placed her fork back down on the table and shoved the plate a little bit away from her. Her eyes continued to scan the large dining room.

Just as Tessa's eyes ran over the wall behind Will's head a huge blue swirling something appeared on the wall.

Tessa's eyes widened and she shot up out of her seat quickly causing everyone else to look at her. She pointed her hand to the back wall just as Jem's eyes fell on it.

"A portal?" He asked incredulously. He ran one of his hands through his silver hair and placed his other at his hip where his seraph blade sat.

Will walked around the table and stood next to Jem seemingly just as shocked.

Charlotte opened her mouth to speak when a loud clear voice rang through the portal.

"Herondale you have thirty seconds to get your ass in this portal or I swear I will kick you in myself," the voice yelled.

Everyone turned to look at Will with a "what did you do now" look on their faces.

Will shrugged but kept his eyes locked on the portal. Just then, a scream echoed through again.

"Lightwood! That goes for you too!"

A few tense seconds later something hurtled through the portal landing lightly on the ground in a crouch.

It was a girl! She had bright red hair tied in a knot on her neck, bright green eyes, and looked to be about Tessa's age. She was wearing a jean skirt and black tank top which looked quite strange to Will and the others.

"Ok. Lightwood! Other Lightwood and Herondale! Anytime this year would be nice!" she called up as she pulled a seraph blade out. It was just now that everyone noticed the marks lining her arms.

"Lightwoods?" Tessa whispered confused with a look at Jem.

Jem shook his head and answered. "I'm still stuck on the Herondale thing."

The girl looked up to meet their eyes for a second when a voice called, "Heads up Clary! Demon on its way!"

A smile lit up her face as she spun the blade around in her hand. A few moments later, a pissed off demon flew through.

The girl, Clary, swung the blade like a bat sending the demon flying across the room with a shriek. It hissed and slithered forward.

"You should have killed me little girl." It hissed out angrily.

Clary shook her head and laughed. "Why waste the effort when you're about to burn up and die because just incase you haven't noticed…" she trailed off as the demon seemed to notice, for the first time, that it was in an Institute. It lunged at Clary with a shriek but it was too late. It had turned to a pile of ashes in the air.

Three other shapes hurtled through the portal landing lightly on the ground just as Clary had.

"About time." She drawled out as she turned to face the rest of the people.

Will spoke first. "Who the hell are you and where are you from?" He asked looking over their outfits which were not gowns and cotton pants.

One of the last three who came in answered. He brushed his blonde hair from his eyes and let his gaze wonder to Tessa.

"We're here because of her," he answered, pointing a long slim finger at Tessa.

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