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Magnus Bane had been alive for many years.

And had met many people in his lifetime, but he had to go back quite a few hundred years to recount someone who reminded him of Clary.

Her name had been Kyla DuForte and she had lived in 1550. She was seventeen when Magnus had first crossed paths with her; she had been a Fae. Bright red hair much like Clary's but her eyes had been an almost liquid purple color. She had worked hard to keep the peace between the Fae and Werewolves of her time. She had been a small thing as well, he remembered.

Small but tough.

Tough but, breakable.

He watched with calculating eyes as the girl who had made so many memories re-appear, listened and answered all the questions being thrown at her.

She didn't look sick, yet.

Magnus guessed the sickness would only really set in, in a few months time.

"I cannot fathom how you are at related to that arse" Will was saying, leaning against the wall with his arms folded over his chest. Jem nodded, his silver eyes were watching Clary carefully, in a questioning manner.

Clary snorted, a small smile pulling on her lips, as she glanced at Tessa before looking Will directly in the eyes. "You can't choose your family"

Will's eyebrows rose, his smirk fading a bit.

She knows more about you then you do, William. Magnus thought, sparing a glance at the grandfather clock behind him.

"We need to find Benedict Lightwood" Isabelle was saying. "John...Sebastian, Angel- whatever you feel like calling him, said something about, asking him about any strange things happening?"

Alec nodded. "I wonder what our ancestors are like."

Will laughed loudly. "Gabriel is a foul prick and his brother, well; I'd happily watch him hang"

Jem sighed. "You really can feel free to ignore him; he does not know when to keep his thoughts to himself"

Clary was the one laughing now, a slight tinge of pink to her pale cheeks. "I still have a hard time believing the Lightwood and Herondale kids don't get along"

"I refer to my previous comment" Will said dryly, inspecting his nails. His dark hair hanging in his eyes as he did so.

Magnus let his eyes wander over to the other Herondale boy, who had, so far, remained silent. He was leaning against the wall with his hands behind his head. There was something off, Magnus thought; bringing his eyes back to the Lightwoods.

Isabelle was standing beside Clary, watching her carefully, and Alec and Jace, although they looked relaxed, they were very tense, ready to spring into action at any second.

"We should get going then?" Clary said the pink was fading from her cheeks, making her look quite pale again. She smiled at Magnus.

"Thank you"

Magnus inclined his head as everyone nodded at him and started making their way out the house. He wasn't able to refer to it as his, it still belonged to Camille.

Clary was the last one to leave. Magnus watched curiously as she inhaled, and her whole body seemed to fall, making her look smaller and much more fragile.

She exhaled, rolled her shoulders back and left, closing the door behind her as she did.

Clary Fairchild was very much like Kyla, Magnus decided.

Tough, but breakable.

No, tough but breaking, Magnus corrected.

Magnus found himself hoping that Clary's fate was not going to be the same as Kyla's had been.

Will and Jem had been kicked out the office where Charlotte had listened quietly to everyone recount what had happened, questioned all of them and then proceeded to kick everyone out, saying she had to call a Enclave meeting.

Immediately, we need to work this out as soon as possible.

Jem, as was his usual manner, had been quiet since leaving Magnus's but quieter than normal.

"Are you feeling ill, James?" Will asked his brow furrowing slightly as he inspected his friend. Jem's skin didn't seem any paler than normal, his eyes were wide and alert and he seemed to have some color to his pale cheeks.

"Not at all" Jem answered vaguely, he seemed lost in thought. "I've been thinking about Clary-"

Will laughed. "You may have to fight, Jace if you want to get anywhere with her, mate"

The two boys continued walking as Jem snorted and rolled his eyes in mild exasperation. "That is not, what I meant, William"

"I was thinking about what, her brother said and how everyone acts around her"

Will nodded, running a hand through his hair, for a moment as he thought. "I've been thinking about that as well, they're all very...protective of her, overly protective, really"

Jem nodded in agreement, as he picked his cane up and twirled it slowly in his hand, his silver eyes flicking back and forth in a calculating way.

"And why did her brother think her life line had been cut short?" He asked, using the words Jonathan had, a few hours ago. Will cocked his head to the side, thinking. It was all very strange, but Will assumed having people from 1000 years in the future appear in your dining room, not everything was going to make sense, even in their world.

Will found his thoughts wandering to what he had heard before he woke up at Magnus's.

"...you may not be able to-"

"I know"

"But do they know?"

Suddenly three deep coughs sounded, echoing around him. He spun instantly on Jem, half expecting his friend to be on the ground coughing blood, only to find him looking around with an alarmed expression.

The two boys ran a little further down the corridor to find, Clary!

She was bracing herself on the wall, her dress was long gone, a pair of what the boys now knew was called, yoga pants and a long sleeved shirt were what she was wearing.

She had a hand pulled up over her mouth as another cough racked her body, causing her to slip down the wall. Jem made it over to her first, followed quickly by Will who cursed when he saw her.

Clary's skin was such deathly white color it would make vampires jealous. That wasn't nearly as concerning as her eyes, when she looked up at them between coughs, they saw that the green in her eyes was almost completely gone, surrounded by black and white.

She lowered her hand, to reveal blood covering her palm before her body lurched forward and small scream almost made its way out of her mouth, before she bit her lip hard.

Will, out of reflex from years with Jem, knelt down and placed both his hands on her shoulder and pushed her back, so she was right against the wall. Jem, seeming to understand grabbed her legs and pinned them together by placing his hands on her knees and applying a bit of pressure.

Clary's small body started shaking and she started panting before words started spilling from her mouth.

"Stop! Please! Don't! "

"Luke! Wake up, please! NO! Mom!"

The words struck Will and Jem hard as they watched Clary un-ravel in front of them.

They held her tighter as she writhed and tried to escape their tight grasp on her. "Let me go! I need...to...help...Luke!"

"Luke's not here, Clary" Will said in a low soothing voice, rubbing small circles on her shoulders while keeping his grip on her.

"No...Luke's...no..."Clary said, still trying to escape but with less enthusiasm."No, Luke's dead". Jem glanced at Will, his eyes were wide with worry as Clary's body shook violently.

"Will" Clary managed to choke out. "Steele" Her words came out in pants, and it sounded as if it pained her greatly to speak. "Please"

Jem pulled his out first, keeping one hand firmly planted on her knees. Clary raised a shaking hand but couldn't wrap her fingers around the steele.

Clary gave up and inhaled deeply, before slowly moving her hands down to the hem of her shirt, where she pulled it up a bit on the left side, to reveal a large scrawling rune, that seemed to wrap all the way around her waist and hips.

She pointed a shaking finger to one un-finished line, near the center that seemed to start to curve upwards in a U shape before disappearing and starting again, in a curly cue.

"Finish it" Clary coughed out, her body was still shaking but her eyes were returning to a more normal color. Jem blinked once before placing his Steele on her hip and drawing a quick almost straight line.

Clary shook and lunged forward again before her body fell limp in Will's arms. The only sign that boys could make out that she was still alive was her heavy breathing and small voice that spoke.

"Thank you"


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