Alright guys, this is my first fanfic, and I know the prologue is really short, but it's a prologue. I promise it gets better! And also, it's not all written in Jocelyn's prospective, but if I just skip to the good stuff, then nothing is going to make sense since I'm completely changing the past. So if you read the boring stuff now, then we will get to the good stuff later. Promise! ((:

Disclaimer: I do not own the Mortal Instruments series, or any of the characters, or the plot. However, the twist on the plot is mine. This will be my only disclaimer for the rest of the story.


Jocelyn POV

The first Accords. Alicante is buzzing with talk about their presumed success. The wars with the down-worlders will finally be over. But I know the truth. I know that my husband, Valentine Morgenstern, is planning on ruining them because of his hate for down-worlders. A hate that caused him to abandon his parabatai, Lucian, even when he could have been saved. I know him for the monster he is. I know because he caused his own child to become no better than one, yet he doesn't see it. I know the bias he holds in his heart. I know the monster.

His plans are simple. They are genius. They are slaughter. They are the kind of plans that succeed without fail unless someone finds out. That someone is me. I am Jocelyn Fairchild Morgenstern, and I'm going to put a stop to these plans, if only for revenge of my demon-child. If only for our unborn baby. If only for the world.

The plan is to kill all the diplomats from the Fey, The Children of the Moon, The Night Children, and Lilith's Children. Simple, concise, and a mastermind of a plan. Until it's opposed. Lucian and I are going to bring in his pack, and save the Accords with as little bloodshed as possible. Except Valentine. His blood would be shed for the pain he's caused us.

His blood would be shed…