Hope you all like it. Enjoy :)

This is for Slytherin Head's Inspired by a title.

My title was One wish by Ray J.

Dumbledore sits down in his regular chair and he eats his regular kind of toast, which he only eats in this chair. He then looks at someone smiling.

"Let me tell you a story," he said, calmly putting his piece of toast down on its special plate.

"It's about a young boy named Harry Potter; his parents were killed by-"

"Voldemort, right Dumbledore," squaked Fawkes landing on his perch, beside Dumbledore.

"Shh Fawkes, we mustn't speak the name, it's forbidden to say," said Dumbledore in a hushed voice.

Fawkes nods and waits until Dumbledore continues the story.

"This boy gotten a scar when you-know-who killed his parents," continued Dumbledore.

"How did he get that scar," asked Fawkes.

"He got it because his mother tried to protect him and the curse didn't kill him but left a scar-"

"The shape of a lightning bolt, right," said Fawkes.

"Yes Fawkes, but you mustn't interrupt me," said Dumbledore, quietly.

Fawkes nods and continues to look at Dumbledore as the old man bites the piece of toast on its special plate.

"Let's continue shall we," said Dumbledore.

"This boy had no other family except an aunt. She had a normal husband who liked to do normal things. The couple had a son around Harry's age who you could say looked like a pig in a wig."

"The family didn't like magic or Harry's parents for that fact."

"But when the boy was placed on their doorstep that night of his parents' death all they could do was raise the boy. But they didn't treat him nicely."

"So one night as the family slept the boy crept out of his cupboard, and went into the living room. The living room was bathed in light. The light was enough for Harry to get to the living room and back without getting hurt. The boy then kneeled on the ground right in front of the window-"

"Why was he doing that," asked Fawkes.

Dumbledore looks at the phoenix sternly before he continues. "The boy was wishing on the first star he saw. He said 'I wish I may, I wish I might, may my wish come true tonight, I wish for one wish, and only one wish'. Do you know what was his wish was Fawkes."

Fawkes shakes his head.

"Well let's see what he wished for. 'I wish that my mum and dad were alive again.' Then an old wizard popped out of nowhere."

"Did he look like you Dumbledore," Fawkes says.

"Almost," replies Dumbledore, smiling. "He was a headmaster and he had half-moon glasses. He told the boy 'Sorry me boy but that is impossible'. Harry at first was scared but when he heard that his parents can never come back alive his face fell."

"Why is that," Fawkes questioned.

"Because they were killed by the killing curse. Though this little boy didn't stay little forever. He soon grew up and he went to Hogwarts making enemies and friends alike."

Fawkes squaked his approval.

"It was because of that one wish that could never happen that made him change for better or for worse."

Hope you all liked it.