Alright, so I just watched the Bones premiere, and I'm not sure how I feel about it. I liked it, but it seemed like there was something missing. I mean, I liked the scenes, but maybe it just didn't flow so well.

Anyways, I wanted to write something, because I do feel this was an important episode (well, obviously it was). I just opened Word and started typing. There's no plot line whatsoever - I sort of wrote what came into my head (making my 'didn't flow so well' comment a bit hypocritical, right?) and this is the result.

Enough rambling! Hope you enjoy this :)

Brennan frowned as she looked through her closet in search of a sweater.

It had been several days since she'd returned to Washington, DC, and she found herself slowly adjusting to the surroundings. But, compared to the tropical heat of Maluku, Washington was very cold. Even though temperature was largely unimportant, she was still bothered by it.

If she had looked closer, she would have known it was not the relative coldness that was making her unhappy. Neither was it a jet-lag, or the sudden change of scenery that was affecting her moods.

No, it could all be summed up in one word.


And although she did not recognize the thought process that would lead to that conclusion, she did notice. And she did think about it.

Booth and Hannah. Hannah and Booth.

The names were going through her head over and over again, like a song that she would not stop hearing. Booth and Hannah.

As much as she tried, she couldn't make it sound right – it just didn't. If Booth's name was going to be mentioned with anyone, it should be Bones, Brennan or Parker.

If she had recognized her feelings a bit better, she would have realized that she was being possessive. And maybe she would have thought she was being irrational, and she would've, could've, moved on.

But she was far past realizing she was being irrational – though her logic had not been impaired otherwise, when it came to Booth, she was becoming more and more unlike the Brennan everyone used to know.

They all noticed – and even though they may have shaken their heads in disbelief or frustration, they had not come forward to her about it. Nobody but Angela.

Angela, pregnant – when she had first seen Angela after their months apart she had absent-mindedly noticed how good she looked, how healthy her appearance was. Now that she thought about it, she could call her friend's appearance 'glowing', which was, as she read, how pregnant women were often described.

Angela had asked her not to tell anyone yet, and she found the secret especially hard to keep. It was not logical, since the news would not affect their relationship, but Brennan found she wanted to tell Booth quite badly and had to almost physically stop herself from telling him a few times – although he probably already knew, observing as he was.

She wondered for a moment if he was as observant when it was about her.

She had once heard the term 'blind spot' used in reference to perception, and, connecting the term with her experiences with Zack, she believed it to be true: when it came to friends and family, close friends and family, it was hard to spot a lie. It was hard to see the truth and to realize what was happening, really happening, when you cared about someone.

But unlike a few years ago, the term did not make her want to hide from the world anymore.

Maybe she had grown – no, not maybe. She had grown. And there was only one person she could really thank for that.