The Ending

Authors' notes

A book of events coming after the third book of the series. Only these are events of a different sort...mainly involving stubborn possessive boyfriends and the troubles of school life XD. Oh, and the occasional ordinary disaster that the quartet are so familiar with. The prologue will inevitably be crap, setting the scene and very short. But as usual, the first few chapters will be up quite rapidly, so you can decide if you see any signs of potential.

Prologue/chapter 1(This takes place rapidly after The Reckoning)Chloe P.O.V

"Chloe? I asked you a question. Do even have the answer to the first equation?" No, I didn't. But I did have about 3 minutes to try to get it. That was how long it generally took teachers to get angry, or disappointed or whatever other method they used to make students want to work. This teacher didn't seem too harsh and it was the first day, what could he actually do?

"Okay, we'll move onto the next question. Chloe kindly complete that question so I can come back to you later. Okay?" He smiled, like it was rather normal for people to ignore the lesson, and he had the utmost hope that I would be a nice , attentive student. Poor guy.

I smiled back and nodded. "Yes sir." Best Math teacher ever. I decided to actually try the problem, since he'd given me the extra time to do so. As I was attempting to remember what type of equation it was, and how to do any type of equation, my phone vibrated. Which was strange since only 5 people had the number, these people being my aunt, kit, Simon, Derek, and Tori. Lauren and Kit wouldn't text in school hours, apart from maybe at lunchtime, which only left three people. From Tori's expression I suspected she had something to do with it. Prepared for her laughing via text, I hid my phone under the desk to read. When I read the ID as being Derek, I remembered that technically it wasn't only me and Tori in Mr Paterson's class. Derek's physics was situated behind our classroom on the school map, and a solid brick wall wouldn't stop his hearing.

The text very simply read '4x^3+7y-6 it was expanding brackets, Chloe. Xx' Derek must have taken it as given that I wouldn't concentrate, first day or not, and decided to listen. Not that he had changed dramatically and decided to be nice all of a sudden. I knew I would get a lecture later. How romantic.

With a sigh, I copied the answer into my blank workbook. Oh, well. In the past two weeks, Derek seemed to have decided that dating meant more kissing and less yelling. Though that meant the yelling was cut down, not that it vanished. I text back thanks, added some kisses and waited for Mr Paterson to ask the question again. All I had to do was trust the Derek wouldn't find fun in sending the wrong answer.

He didn't. Perfectly correct. Probably because the idea would never cross his mind- Derek must have never got an equation wrong in his life. Hence why he was doing work that was designed for students over two years older than him. I smiled inwardly at my ability to cheat with someone in a different room, and then attempted to concentrate on the off chance that he would ask me another question. Which, he didn't. He must have thought that you only ask the new kids one question, then pick on the usual slackers at the back. He asked a rather Emo kid called Lee 6 times and the guy answered each one with a shrug, not even looking up from his book. All my effort for nothing.

After class Tori and I walked to the cafeteria to meet up with the guys.

"You soo didn't work that out." She smiled, looking almost proud of my inability to count without my fingers.

"Yeah, Derek can actually use a cell-phone." I grinned back at her.

"And is in detention because of it. I saw him being dragged past my art class. Miss Smith looked tiny next to him." I didn't jump at Simon's cheerful voice behind me, and I was almost proud. Spending time with him and Derek meant I was eventually getting less skittish. Except that I had got Derek in Detention. Whoops. That meant major grovelling later. Me being bad at math, he could accept, but being locked in a room with a bunch or freaks and wierdos that he doesn't know, listening to a teacher shouting like his IQ was the same as a footballers, he could easily be mad at. Especially when it meant missing lunch. To say that eating was important to him was an understatement. He would eat mine, Tori's and Simon's lunches combined and still be hungry. The wolf in him constantly wanted energy.

With another sigh, I walked to the counter and bought the bacon rolls and a cereal bar. Chewing the bar I walked to the edge of the detention hall, leaving Simon and Tori to their lunch. As predicted Derek was sitting in the back corner, as far from everyone else as possible, reading the NVQ4 level-style of human anatomy and physiology. Pretty soon he could be the youngest qualified surgeon, by the looks of things. I opened the door quietly and put the two rolls on the desk in front of him. He looked up, startled and smiled. Not as mad as I had anticipated then. But it could have just been the prospect of food that bought a smile to his face.

He whispered thanks, then as I was about to go, he threw everything into his bag in one sweep and crept out.

The smile vanished and his face was replaced with worry. "Chloe, I have so much to tell you. You'll never guess what's happened now."

Well ,that sounded just great.

More authors notes.

Well, that was actually a chapter rather than a prologue, but it was short anyway. Oh well, pleaz review XD