-Galaxia's Lair-

In her golden lair she sat in her throne, with her arms resting on each arm. Her gorgeous red eyes burned with anger, for there was a failed task that she felt shouldn't have ended so simply.

The individual of this given assignment appeared before her, in a long black dress, her head bent down in shame. Fearful of what her master was about to now do was still a mystery.

"So Nehelenia... it seems you couldn't rid of that pesky Sailor Moon and her friends for me. Am I correct?" The female in her golden throne spoke with demand.

Nehelenia couldn't think of any words to give but to throw all the blame on Super Sailor Moon.

"It's that brat Sailor Moon! If she were out of the picture, then I could -" the Dead Moon Queen's excuse was cut short when a bright whip zipped towards her and knocked her backwards.

"Aah!" Nehelenia gasped with shock. She just hadn't known what type of woman she was dealing with when she tried to get herself out of this situation.

"I don't have time for your silly little games, Nehelenia. Now you either go back and get rid of those annoying scouts, or would you like to be killed instead?" Sailor Galaxia gave a smirk as she raised her hand to steal Nehelenia's Star Seed. If ridding one of her henchmen was what was needed, then she didn't mind... but then again, there was something in which Nehelenia could be used for.

When Galaxia lowered her arm and ceased the shot, Queen Nehelenia wondered what had came over her angry leader.

"It seems I've decided to let you keep your life. There is one more option you have to use against Sailor Moon."

"And what might that be, my master?" Nehelenia responded, getting up from the floor to regain her exposure.

Instead of answering with words, Sailor Galaxia lifted one of her arms and summoned Nehelenia's dream mirror out of her body. The glass was black while the frame was gold, and Nehelenia couldn't see her reflection. The beautiful youth couldn't think of anything to say at this.

"In this mirror lies all of the hate and revenge you have for Sailor Moon."

Nehelenia kept her eyes on the mirror in hopes that her own reflection would appear soon, but suddenly a huge crack appeared in its middle.

The Dead Moon Queen let out a gasp then shifted her eyes towards Sailor Galaxia, who sat with only another small grin. Why was she purposefully breaking this mirror?

Before Nehelenia could force any words out of her mouth, she found herself in outer space above the big blue earth. Mixed with its greens, blues, and whites, the round planet looked so peaceful; so sheltered by those who were its heroes.

"Look down at that planet and notice how it looks. Didn't you use to want that entire area of life for yourself? Then what happened? You let two little girls and a silly horse stop you from that."

Nehelenia began to understand what this familiar voice was saying to her. She didn't dare miss the next things that were said, and abruptly her mirror reappeared before her.

"Break this mirror, and I will grant what you need to destroy Sailor Moon." Galaxia knew how badly the defeated Empress wanted her old life back, where circus folk were at her every command, and by her side she had her snail-like henchman to repeat her orders briefly. And the only thing that had terminated all of that was the despicable Serena and her future daughter Rini, along with the flying horse named Pegasus.

There was no backing down now when Sailor Galaxia had given her this special promise.

So without hesitation, she grabbed both sides of her mirror. Her facial expression shown a sign of revenge mixed with determination.

'You will die Sailor Moon, I promise you that!' The evil Queen thought to herself. She begun to bend the mirror in half, but it didn't break so quickly. From her realm, Galaxia watched with now a snicker on her face.

'Now those annoying scouts are going to wish they didn't interfere with my plans!' And soon Nehelenia's mirror made a crackling noise.

Unmoved by this, the Queen watched with cold eyes her Dream Mirror Shards pummeling down towards the Earth. The thought of Sailor Moon's death came to her mind, and she kept the image there. This time she couldn't fail, or else she really would have her Star Seed taken away.

-Eggman's Base-

Meanwhile, along the coast of an uncharted island, there lay a constructed base and in it was an mad scientist, and his two henchmen named Bocoe and Decoe, who instead of doing business were sitting around and playing a game of brains.

"Checkmate!" Decoe cried happily.

"What? How did you do that? We've been playing this game for not too long and already you've won!" In frustration, Bocoe took hold of the chess board and roughly flipped it sideways, causing one of the game pieces to fly and hit their leader in the nose.

The two robots start quarreling over the petty matter, and come to realize that there is a huge egg shaped body looming over them with anger.

"Will you two stop acting useless and help locate the chaos emeralds?"

"Y-yes, Doctor Eggman," replied Decoe and Bocoe in unison. Leaving the chess board and game pieces scattered, Eggman's assistant's returned to their mini computers and started punching in dozens of buttons and keys.

With a hint of relief, their creator let out a sigh and returned to his large chair.

Being afraid of the temperamental genius, Bocoe whispered over to Decoe about him.

"Do you think one of us should check on Dr. Eggman and see if he's fine?"

Decoe looked back at Dr. Eggman, but was returned a rude glare.

"Ummm, no! L-let's just leave him in peace."

"But Decoe -"

"Quiet you fools! Can't you see I've ran out of plans to use on Sonic? The hog's too pesky and everything I've tried ends in failure," Eggman yelled at his robots. Then Bocoe noticed his creator resting his head against one of his arms.

Deep down, Eggman was disappointed in himself that an intelligent genius such as himself was multiple times defeated by a over-confident hedgehog.

"Really, Doctor. You can't get yourself worked up over ONE good guy," Bocoe spoke up.

"But Bocoe," began Decoe with disagreement.

"Technically, it's also that little fox, Knuckles..." suddenly Decoe's mechanical eyes widened in surprise.

"Wait! I think you've figured it out, Bocoe. If that hedgehog has allies, then the Doctor should recruit some more villains." While remaining in his chair, Dr. Eggman raised his eyebrow with curiosity. Just what were these two idiots blabbering about?


"Hmm?" Eggman responded with a look towards mainly Decoe. The silver robot appeared anxious to speak with his leader.

"What if you weren't the only evil scientist who wanted world domination?"

"The only one? Ha!"At that instant, Dr. Eggman arose from his stool with one clenched fist raised.

"Who else thinks they can ever be as intelligent and powerful as me?" When Eggman asked this, both Decoe and Bocoe looked at each with nervous looks. Too bad for them Eggman's temper was easy to flip when they didn't even mean to.

"Well..." As Bocoe began, Eggman placed his stern expression directly on the stout robot. Just as afraid, Decoe remained by his side.

"Let's not say they're your equal...but instead, they're going after something more purposeful than defeating Sonic."

"What could be greater than world domination and finally putting an end to that pesky little hedgehog?" Eggman replied.

Before anyone could speak on this, a familiar tiny voice broke in.

"Doctor! Doctor! I got somethin' important to give you!"

"What is it, Bokkun? You realize I'm trying to talk here?" Eggman replied in an irritated voice.

The yellow-eyed creature was a little hurt by his leader's remark. But without further ado, he revealed to Doctor Eggman an envelope with a red sticker binding it's edge.

Dr. Eggman wondered just who this had came from. The evil genius had never been involved with mail situations.

"Is that letter for me...?" Eggman almost couldn't believe it as Bokkun was heading towards him with the written message. Bocoe and Decoe grew very suspicious of the sender. Was it an old relative of the Doctor's?

"Yep," Bokkun replied with a dreamy facial expression. It appeared to be that the pint messenger became infatuated with whoever gave him Dr. Eggman's mail.

Both Bocoe and Decoe noticed Bokkun's flushed face and became worried.

"Whoever this mysterious sender is must have Bokkun under a love spell," Decoe gave his guess.

When Eggman finally retrieved the letter from its envelope, he made a noise and raised both eyebrows in surprise.


Bocoe and Decoe wanted to know the exact backgrounds of this mysterious sender, and why it made the Doctor respond with curiosity.

"What is it, Doctor?" asked Decoe as him and Bocoe stood on each side of Eggman.

The style of writing on the paper was in cursive form; and the letters were blood-red.

"This is the writing of a woman," explained their creator.

"A WOMAN?" Bocoe and Decoe asked in unison.

"If so, then what could her motive behind it be?" Mainly Bocoe moved his face closer to view the written paragraph. And when everyone finally began to read, it looked something like this:


My name is Queen Nehelenia. From what my sources have told me, you are the most intelligent and powerful villain in the world. I'd like to become more acquainted with you, so come to Hang Castle and join me for a nice feast.

Sincerely, Queen Nehelenia

After reading this respectful letter, Eggman was left speechless. This mysterious Queen had become an interesting object to him.

Bocoe and Decoe realized their creator's expression.

"Well, Doctor. I think this Queen sounds like a great woman. You should accept her invitation," reasoned Bocoe.

But what neither the silver or gold robot thought about was the whole reason behind this sent letter.

"You and Decoe clearly aren't thinking straight." After Eggman gave this remark, he caused his henchmen including Bokkun to look at him.

"Don't you three find something suspicious about this letter? Why out of all people would she request this message be sent to me?"

"Because, Doctor, I told her about you," Bokkun responded in a cheerful tone.

There was silence after the black creature said this. When he looked at Eggman, the scientist's expression wasn't too peachy.

"You what?"

-Crossroads City-

Like any other weekday, girls and boys were inside their schools; except for one girl.

Her brown chestnut hair was kept inside a jade hair ornament, and her eyes were green like forest leaves. She was wearing an olive sleeved shirt, a red skirt that carried small slits on each side, and black flats for shoes.

As she paced down the street towards the cross walk, the sound of an automobile came her way. The person driving the vehicle slowed down to come in contact with the girl. He had short black hair and cerulean eyes.

"Darien," the girl was surprised by this unexpected appearance.

"Hey, Lita. Aren't you supposed to be in school?" asked Darien, getting off his motorcycle.

"Aren't you supposed to be at college?" The girl named Lita retorted with this comeback.

Still impressed by her remark, Darien took off his helmet and held it against his hip. He wasn't acquainted with the idea that Lita would simply bring up his business like she did.

"Well, if you must know, I didn't get accepted." By the serious tone in his voice, Lita knew she hit a nerve. The brunette and her friends were so enthusiastic over Darien's entering college. But now Darien had no choice but to work part-time at the Crown Game Arcade with his best friend, Andrew. As of now, Lita was unaware of this.

Darien grew surprised when he noticed Lita turning away from him.

'I shouldn't have said anything. Now he probably feels even more depressed.' Lita placed her hand to her chest while gifting herself with blame.

"Hey, Darien. There's somewhere I have to go, so... see you later!" Lita turned around and spoke; a fake smile was plastered on her face.

This sudden expression was fishy to Darien. He knew after their current talk, that Lita wasn't automatically alright.

"Alright, then. See you later too." Rather than let Lita see his concern, Darien watched Lita walk away and replied while waving his hand. Then he put on his helmet, got on his motorcycle, then drove off in the direction he came.

-Entrance to Crossroads Garden-

Not only the set of flowers and other plants looked extremely beautiful, but everything for Lita used to be so fine and dandy; until she got suspended for fighting before school even began.

Deep down, no one understood here but her friends. Lita wasn't just the huge bully that others made her out to be: Before she met Serena, Lita DID cause most of her violent matters, except now she became more laid-back with friends to talk to.

'Can't I go to one school without getting in trouble? This was supposed to be my first year as freshman. The others are probably having a blast in their classes right now,' Lita thought to herself.

As the brunette was heading towards the flowers, she placed both hands behind her head. Thinking about her troubles made Lita want to cry. To her the suspension and the way she offended Darien were very unlike her.

Soon Lita made her way towards a giant shack made of glass with more flowers and plant pots. These flowers ranged from sunflowers, petunias, daisies, tulips, daffodils, and lesser roses because those flowers carried the shortest life span. Eventually after these red petals of love died, they were replaced with new ones once a week.

'Maybe these flowers will cheer me up.' Usually Lita would view this nature scenery in awe, but today she acted with only a tiny smile.

While the young girl walked to and fro down the aisle, a pair of cute brown eyes along with a set of tiny blue ones peeked at her through a flower shelf. They paid close attention as Lita took a few moments glancing at different flower pots.

'Ah. So they still have my favorite in here,' Lita remarked, gazing at a bright orange lily inside a pink flower pot.

Noticing what she was looking at, the caramel-eyed character named Cream also took joy in the orange lily's beauty.

"Wow! That flower IS pretty."

"Chao chao!" The chao planned to keep their voice to a whisper, but unfortunately its volume was picked up.

"Huh? Where did that small noise come from?" Lita took her eyes away from the lily and studied her area.

"Cheese!" Cream hushed the baby chao.

Still searching for that tiny voice, Lita walked down the aisle, unaware that she was moving away from the source.

"Hmm." Lita had crossed her arms and formed a puzzled face.

"Phew," Cream and Cheese spoke in unison. They were afraid of what might happen if a human in another city noticed them.

With Lita already looking for them, Cream decided it was time to leave, so she picked up her blue friend.

"Cheese," the orange rabbit began as she backed away from the flowers.

"I think its time we-" As soon as Cream turned her sight to the aisle, she noticed a human with long hair and green eyes.

"Oh no!" Without thinking, Cream quickly ran in the other direction away from the girl.

"Chao!" Cheese fully agreed with the rabbit's idea of escape.

"Wait!" Both surprised and curious, Lita ran after these two children. Luna and Artemis with their talking ability was the most she had seen. This now was at least 3 levels higher in mystery.

Cream didn't bother to look back or change her direction, so she stayed in the middle of the aisle row until hopefully finding a door. By now she had passed 3 shelves.

"Come back! I just wanna know who you are!" Lita could sense the fear in the little rabbit's heart. It almost reminded her of how she acted when she was the real bully; who picked on the nerds and other weak people. But why did that return to her mind all of a sudden?

Lita's words didn't affect Cream at all because this is what everyone had told her; back in Station Square most humans never let Cream have peace when her and Cheese went to the toy store, park, or even amusement park. It was too much for someone young like her, which was why she didn't visit Amy much and stayed with her mother more often.

As Lita kept up after Cream, she suddenly felt her foot trip over something, and face first she fell to the ground. It was a stone tile that had been placed into the ground wrongly.

Even from where they were, Cream and Cheese heard the thud. Figuring that it was Lita, they turned around and noticed the brunette lying on the ground.

'Can this day get any worse?' As Lita picked herself up from the ground, she noticed a concerned rabbit and blue creature one foot away from her.

"Are you ok, miss?" Cream looked at Lita.

When Lita noticed the softness in this rabbit's tone, her nerves slightly calmed down. Lita couldn't help but admire the fact that Cream called Lita by a proper name.

"Yeah, I'm fine. But who are you two?" Lita responded. The teenager still noticed fear in Cream's and Cheese's face. It wasn't easy for them to act responsively. The reason had to be from what entered Lita's mind.

"I guess I look like a bully to you two. Sorry for the chase," Lita looked away sadly.

"No. You don't look like a bully at all," Cream took a few steps towards the brunette.

As soon as Lita heard these words, she knelt down to be level with Cream.


"Yeah. You look like a really nice person," Cream spoke with a friendly tone. Then Cheese finally gave some words.


"You can talk too, little guy?" Lita smiled sweetly and grabbed its little hand.

In response, Cheese accepted the handshake while Cream smiled at this cute meeting. This was the most adorable creature Lita had ever met, along with Cream.

"So, what's your name, miss?"

"I'm Lita. And who are you two?"

"Lita? That's a pretty name," Cream smiled as she formed a handshake with the brunette.

"Ohh, well thank you," a sweat drop formed on her face. Lita didn't think there were anyone this nice and sweet except for Rini or Michelle.

"Your welcome. My name's Cream, and this is Cheese."

"Oh. Well, I like your names too," Lita replied.

By now the three new friends reached the outside of the garden and decided to take a flower tour together. If Cream didn't know the name to a flower, Lita gave her an explanation.

"We like this one. But what is it called?" Cream pointed at a small yellow flower.

"Oh, that one? That's called a Mallow," Lita began her explanation.

"It has other names too, like Chinese Bell Flower, Chinese Lantern, and even Flowering Maple."

"That's awesome how you know the flower's nicknames," Cream replied, as her and Cheese moved towards the Mallow.

"Chao chao!" Cheese took a similar emotion.

When the small rabbit took hint of its lovely scent, she grew happy.

"And it smells pretty, too."

Lita gave a smile and took in account Cream's remark. She herself had smelled scents of a few flowers in this garden.

"Well, you can't open up a flower shop without a little flower knowledge."

Suddenly Lita noticed the eyes of both Cream and Cheese gleaming with sheer excitement.

"You mean you plan on opening up your very own flower shop?" Cream couldn't explain how much love she had for flowers.

Lita was surprised to see someone so ecstatic over her dream; Serena and the other girls of course were happy for her, but Cream's reaction was more interested.

"Yeah." Lita saw that she had the strings that tied to Cream's puppet of interest in her floral career.

"Along with a candy shop and bakery."

This was an extremely happy moment for Cream and her chao. There wasn't anyone else they knew who liked flowers as much as Lita.

Seeing the same shine in their eyes brought a smile Lita's face.

"That's really great, Lita! When you do those things, can Cheese and I come and see it?"

Thanks to her new friends, Lita almost couldn't remember why she was so depressed. There wasn't a reason to stay sad and angry when she just met those who made her smile. Lita never wanted these expressions to go away.

"Of course you two can come."

"Cream!" a voice came from the Crossroads Garden entrance.

"Oh! It's Amy. Come on, Lita. I want you to meet one of our friends," Cream deliberately grabbed Lita's hand and led her towards the pink hedgehog.

"Alright," Lita followed the rabbit.

The same voice was getting closer.

"Cream! Cheese!" In surprise Amy finally noticed her best friends pacing towards her. They both appeared happy.

"Well there you guys are. Did you have fun looking at the flowers?"

"Yeah, Amy. But there's a friend we want you to meet."

"Really? Where are they?" Amy replied with a curious tone.

Shortly after, Amy noticed a tall girl with brown hair and green eyes.

"Oh. So you're Cream's friend?"

"Yeah," answered Lita.

"My names Lita. It's nice to meet you."

"Well its nice to meet you too. I'm Amy," the hedgehog smiled back up at Lita.

"So, are you and Cheese ready to go home?" When Lita heard these words, she grew a little worried.

"Aww, already?" Cream gave a small complaint along with Cheese.

"Yeah. You're mom called me saying to take you guys back early because she's throwing a party for Big."

Lita wondered who this new character was while listening.

"Ohh, that's right!" Cream's memory was regained.

Big's birthday is tomorrow. I promised mother that me and Cheese would help decorate the house."

With this said, Cream turned to Lita and looked up at her.

"I hope you're not mad at us for leaving so soon, Lita."

"Oh, it's no problem really," Lita assured the rabbit child. It was true Lita didn't mind for the unexpected takeoff, but when would she see her new friends again?

"Have fun setting up your friend's birthday party."

"Ok!" Cream nodded at the brunette.

And so after exchanging their goodbyes, Lita headed back down the sidewalk and towards the Hikawa Shrine. Even if she had been banned from high school for one more week, she still had something to share with her buddies.