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As Tokyo was steadily being covered in more crystal, Sonic Moon made accomplishments that would lead them to the fated 30th Century. Sometime after the Hikawa Shrine matsuri, on their anniversary, Darien gained Mr. and Mrs. Tsukino's approvals and proposed to their daughter and asked her to be his lawfully wedded wife. Serena graduated from high school and made her dad proud by getting a waitress job at the Crown Fruit Parlor; It's pay was minimum, but anything was better than flipping hamburgers.

By seeing the way Darien proposed to Serena, Artemis realized that he and Luna should switch to their human forms and also come together in holy matrimony, for Diana's sake. So what did these two couples do? They had a double wedding inside a chapel in the lovely part of Station Square. Their friends were so happy for them; the Crystal Freeze was fixing to happen soon and their wedded friends were establishing everlasting promises before that came to pass.

Amy could imagine her and Sonic standing in front of that wedding pastor, exchanging their vows, but today was Serena and Luna's day. Her marriage with Sonic would happen someday.

Vanilla kept her promise to Bokkun, Decoe, and Bocoe about taking them to an amusement park. Eggman allowed the three robots to leave Lava Shelter but didn't know where they planned on going. In the end, his lackeys had the most wonderful time with the Rabbit Family and apologized for going back to Eggman so deliberately. They were forgiven easily though, because it'd been just as Artemis said when they were all back in Mystic Ruins.

The next four years came by faster than even Sonic and Shadow expected. According to prophecy, Serena turned 22 years old and the Earth became frozen. Its rotation was stopped for the long but necessary 1,000 years to go by.




After all that time, a silver light shone on the face of the earth. It shined so brightly that the Crystal Freeze's ice started melting away, and so the New Silver Millenium was finally here.

"Sonic!" Having been one of the first to be thawed by the Silver Crystal, Amy ran down the mystical crystal sidewalks in search of her Sonic. She, and most likely everyone here in Crystal Tokyo, had aged slightly and would live much extended lives because of exposure from the Silver Crystal, so Amy wanted to see what'd become of her blue hero.


The called pink hedgehog looked up and found... Sonic! But he wasn't exactly Sonic anymore, but a hedgehog who was also exposed to the Silver Crystal and took on Nazo's form. "Sonic..." Amy stared at him with utter awe, "You've changed."

"Well haven't all of us changed?" Sonic smiled, "Why don't we go and see where the others are?"

"Okay!" Amy nodded and started walking along this now and always Crystal Sonic. When these hedgehogs tracked down the rest of their team, they were so delighted with how each friend was leading their lives. Lita, who was and would always be one of Neo-Queen Serenity's guardians, opened up her flower shop and bakery with the Rabbit Family that was just across the way from the Chaotix Detective Agency.

Remembering Julian and the wonderful idea that this good-hearted scientist had, Ami became a doctor and vetenarian and opened up a Mobian Hospital with Super Tails and Omochao as her right-hand assistants.

Omega still guarded the Mystic Ruins and went on spy missions for GUN when they called him along with Rouge, who became known for doing missions more than often than going on treasure hunts. Super Shadow, to everyone's surprise, retired from GUN and retreated to the ARK where he became its guardian and watched over the blue planet that Maria loved so much.

On Angel Island, the Master Emerald Altar was reformed to its original state where the Chaos Emeralds were each placed around the Master Emerld and all gave off brilliant glows. With all the strength that Super Knuckles had, he'd protected the Master Emerald to the best of his ability and was now being rewarded for it; just as CereCere said long ago, he was made ruler over his ancient tribe's floating island. Knuckles the Echidna, Lord of Angel Island and Keeper of the Master Emerald and Chaos Emeralds.

Super Knuckles wasn't expecting Darien, now King Endymion, to reward him with any titles or responsibilities like this, but he'd earned it. Like how the President of Station Square was now President of Crystal Tokyo and led its people under King Endymion's command. King Endymion became the King of the Earth after all.

He and Neo-Queen Serenity watched Crystal Tokyo flourish and expand from within the Crystal Palace, along with Super Shadow in the ARK, Super Knuckles on Angel Island, and Crystal Sonic, from where ever he was. Crystal Sonic still rolled around at the speed of sound and explored the world while keeping it safe from Eggman. This evil scientist hadn't decided to show up just yet, but his arch-nemesis would always be ready.


Crystal Sonic turned around at the sound of this cute-high-pitched voice and found the original, younger Rini walking across the grassy fields to approach him. "Hey, Rini. What's up?"

"Now that it's the 30th Century, does that mean you're going to marry Auntie Amy?"

Crystal Sonic almost felt his heart stop at the sound of this delusional dream of Amy's. Marriage was the last thing on his mind! "No way! Give me a break! ... seriously, how can that girl be so confident about things?"

"I always thought she learned how to be that way from you." Rini innocently stared at Crystal Sonic until he made a defeated sigh.

"You know, Rini, you might be right about that."

"Nevermind that. My mother sent me here to find you because she wants you to visit her and my father at their palace."

"Really?" Crystal Sonic did some quick arm stretches and hopped a few times as if excited about a foot race. "Well let's not keep them waiting!" And just like that, he picked up Rini and took off in a super burst of speed. Another day... another moment that would bring him and his friends closer to more exciting, memorable, fun-filled, adventures...


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