Cassidy was sat in her room her head in her hands sullenly. It had been eight months since the Theta Pi massacre and still that night haunted her all the time. Whenever she shut her eyes to sleep she would be plagued with flashbacks and his face.

She shuddered every time she heard his name and every time his face popped into her head. She felt like being sick every time she thought of his hands on her and the nights they spent together during all those months of near bliss, those memories were tainted now and the only thing she felt for him now was hate. He killed everyone, everyone who remotely mattered to her was gone. And it was all his fault.

The only person she really had who truly understood what she was going through was Ellie but she couldn't help but feel that it was the red heads fault. It was her who told Andy afterall and if only she had kept it to herself, then maybe, just maybe they would all be alive today. Jessica, Chugs, Claire. But she knew that Ellie had never intentionally gone out to cause trouble, she simply couldn't hide her pain anymore and that was why she was truly glad that she still had her.

Then there was Maggie. How she had even managed to go back and to live in that house where all that went down Cassidy didn't have the foggiest. The last time she had seen her or spoke to her she seemed like it hadn't affected her at all. She got on with Sorority life with ease, but she was still raw about Megan she knew that much. She still blamed them for what had happened to her. And she had every right to.

She leaned back and sprawled herself across her bed a sudden bout of nausea hitting her hard. She was told that College was meant to be the best years of her life and the first year was, but as soon as she became a senior everything went to shit. Literally. Why did it all happen? she thought to herself putting her arm over her eyes and sighing loudly. It was a question which racked her brain every day and everytime she could never find an answer. What did I do in my past life to deserve this? she groaned inwardly trying her hardest to rid the thoughts but that was easier said than done.

She lay in the silence and the only sound she could hear was the sounds of the bird outside of the window. It was quite comfortable, the silence. That was until the shrill ringing of her phone snapped her out of her reverie and she fumbled with it before pressing the answer button.

"Hello" she said down the phone her voice hoarse from lack of use.

"Cass it's me" came Maggie's high pitched voice. For some reason it sounded as if all the confidence and sting her voice usually held had completely vanished.

"Hey Maggie, what's up" she said back sitting upright on the bed. There was a hesitant pause on the other end of the line.

"Look I don't know how to tell you this, but this morning one of the sorority girls" she said but stopped her breath hitching in fear, "was found dead at the back of the campus" she said her voice croaked.

Cassidy's body tensed slightly as she heard this. Could be anything she thought to herself trying to reassure herself. "And you told me because" she said wondering why she thought she would want to know information like that.

"I wanted to let you know before the police did" she said pausing once more. Cassidy could hear her breathing starting to get heavier. "Your name" she gulped and this made the hairs on the back of Cassidy's neck stand on end. "Was cut into her body".

The phone slipped from Cassidy's hand and thudded onto the bedroom floor. She could hear Maggie shouting to her down the phone but she couldn't register the words. She suddenly became very light headed and the bile rose up her throat. Finally though she regained use of her motor functions and she grasped the phone in her shaky hands. "I" she began her voice shaky and hoarse. "I d-don't understand Maggie" she stuttered as she struggled to find the words she wanted to. "My name" she said a loud gulp emitting from her throat.

"Yeah" Maggie simply said her voice now low. "And the girl that was killed, it was Charlie, Claire's cousin" Maggie added knowing that Cassidy had to know what really went down. Cassidy's eyes widened in horror again. "Look i gotta go, the police wanna speak to me again, I'll be in touch later" Maggie said her voice laced with sadness. "Goodbye Cass" she said before hanging up.

Cassie just let the phone slip from her hand once again and she sprinted to the bathroom throwing up the contents of her breakfast. Sobs began to rack her small frame as she lay up against the china toilet. Her mind was completely reeling from what Maggie had told her.

Cassidy Tappan thought the nightmare was over. She thought it was over as soon as Andy went through those floorboards. She thought it was over as soon as she left Theta Pi. But the Theta's motto rang heavily in her ears. 'Theta Pi we honour thee, from life to death Sorority'. She thought it was over but obviously someone had other plans. And Cassidy knew deep down that the nightmare was about to start. All over again.

So first chapter. Just had to write this because I loved Sorority Row. This is a sequel to the film as you can probably tell and it will be focusing on Cassidy's state of mind, to her battle for survival. Wish there was more Sorority Row fics though. I mean come on. Anyway review if you enjoyed guys.