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Chapter 1: Introduction

MegaKat Enforcer HQ

"KID has unfortunately sent us another letter." Feral said. "Claiming to be coming for the "Memories Egg."

A human Enforcer stood. "The Memories Egg and the Birch are the last two Imperial Easter eggs made by Mr. Fabrege in the last century, the Memories Egg was found in the Manx warehouse last month and will go on display at the Megakat Museum of Modern Art. Presented to the last two Czars as gifts to their wives a total of 15 Imperial Easter Eggs where presented to the Czars between 1890 and 1917. The Memories and Birch Eggs where made but never delivered."

"We will stop KID this time and we will catch him and toss him in a cold, dark jail cell!" Feral shouted with cheers coming from his subordinates.

That Night...

One One of the cheerleaders at Megakat high was having a sleep over. She had turned off the movie they where all watching cause everyone was bored when everyone felt a breeze. They all looked out the window to see a figure descend onto her apartments balcony.

"Are you a vampire or something?" Katrina asked the human figure.

KID smirked and turned. "Hm, no." He said. "I'm just a tired wizard resting his wings after a long nights flight." He kissed her hand. "Milady." Katrina and her friends realizedwho it was and her friends got all excited.

"Its Kaito KID!" One said.

Suddenly lights flooded the balcony.

"There he is! Don't let him escape!" Feral ordered.

"Sorry ladies, gotta fly." KID said before jumping off and unleashing his hanglider...

My name is Jamie Furlong, but I'm known by another name, Kaitou KID. I steal valuable jewels all over the world and search for the men in black coats who killed my mother when I was 3 years old. I've discovered that their organization is searching for a one of a kind jewel called Pandora's Gem. My goal is to find it before they do and destroy it. There is only one person I trust with my identity as KID.

(Jake is seen working on the TurboKat) My godfather and long time confidant Jake Clawson. He and my dad where unjustly discharged when Commander Ulysses Feral missed when he shot at Dark Kat in a air fight and destroyed part of Enforcer Headquarters. But they still protect Megakat City as the Swatkats, two vigilantes with incredible technology at their disposal.

I won't stop until I make the men in black coats pay for killing my mother. I may break the law and have stolen a grand total of 300,000,000,000 US dollars in property loss, but its a small price to pay for making sure they neeer get their hands on that gem.

To Be Continued...

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