The New Ally

Sequel of: The New Leaf

By: Sora Hoshi

Universe: Left 4 Dead X Harry Potter (non-infection for this sequel-maybe in the next one there will be. If you're good. *grins*)

Rating: T for swearing, anger management, blood and gore, etc.

Couple: ? I'm debating on even having one...

Warnings: Swearing, smart!Harry, Sorta-Slytherin!Harry, ?Dark!Harry? (not sure-at least a Grey!Harry), past Abused!Harry (slightly), Manipulative!Dumbledore, Not-so-bad!Voldemort, Major OOCness, Post OotP, non-compliant HBP and DH...I may add to this list...

Disclaimer: I do not own Left 4 Dead or Harry Potter.

Summary: Harry was back from his trip to the US. A new outlook on life, with new skills to go with that outlook will make for an interesting time for his new enemies. His new ally though...will find it quite entertaining. Warnings inside.


Parseltongue (If I even use it...)

"Regular talking"

Thinking/Letter/Talking to Voldemort/visions




Chapter 1

Harry smiled and walked out of the airport terminal, flagging down a taxi to take him to the bookstore next to the Leaky Cauldron. He was glad he had been able to...persuade and dissuade...the military and the political media from announcing his return to British soil. That would have been the worst idea in history. Sure let's tell the Potter families enemies the only remaining Potter is still alive and back within easy reach.


He'd almost blown a gasket when the military commander had spoken to him over the phone on his way back across the pond.

Thirty minutes ago the airplane had finally touched down in London, England. He was on home ground again. Thank the gods.

And he sure as hell wasn't going to go back to the Dursley's. That would be a homicide-suicide case waiting to happen. He could just imagine that conversation. 'Hello Aunt Petunia, glad to see you and Duddikin's made it out of there alive. Unfortunately, I had to shoot Uncle Vernon in order to get out of the States.' Snorting and shaking his head at his thoughts he hid a sadistic grin. Yep, definitely a homicide-suicide case.

Shifting his backpack to the other shoulder, he grabbed the few English pounds he had left to pay the driver for the short trip to the bookstore. Getting out, he grinned and walked inside, looking over a few books that caught his eye while watching to make sure no one was watching him. Moving to the bathroom he entered a stall and fished his cloak out of his trunk, where he had stashed it at the end of the last school year.

After leaving the privy he asked the clerk to hold the books under a fake name and left the store. He would be back later to get the books after he transferred some of his Galleons to English pounds to pay for things he wanted or needed for the following months.

He hadn't talked to Voldemort since the ritual, being too tired to expend the energy to contact him and he didn't think the man had actually woken up as of yet anyway. Supposedly the Dark Lord was supposed to be out for a certain amount of time-Harry had assumed a few hours, then changed his thoughts to a day, and now it was going on two days.

Hm...I need to get a bigger trunk, new robes, some books...I'm not going to stay at the Leaky Cauldron, that's for sure. Too open to anyone. Dumbledork might find me, or the Weasels. It would be too much of a risk to tell Tom because of his friendliness with Hagrid… Harry thought as he left the bookstore, entering the pub to get to the alley behind it and tapped the bricks with his illegal wand, idly wondering when Hedwig was going to reach him now that he was back on British soil and where he would stay for now.

The hood pulled over his head made sure that even with his short stature people siding with the 'Light' wouldn't approach him, while the people on the 'Dark' side wouldn't care. He silently made his way to Gringott's wondering about the choices he had recently made and what would happen now.

Glancing around to see who was inside the bank, he spotted two aurors and three undercover members of the Order of the Flaming Cry-babies. Rolling his eyes he slipped up next to one of the goblin tellers. "I would like to speak to someone in a private room, if you don't mind." He said quietly, keeping eye contact with the goblin.

The teller glanced over his shoulder to see the five people watching his customer and an eerie smile-smirk crossed his features. The Goblin Lord of the bank had told all the tellers about Mr. Potter and what to do if he requested something. Somehow, the wizard had gotten on their lord's good side and for some reason he had a feeling it was because the boy broke away from the Ministry's (but mainly) Dumbledore's lies, while treating other species with the respect they deserved. "Follow me." He said in a slightly nasally voice.

Gliding down to the end of the teller stations, he guided Harry into a hallway behind them and into a meeting room. "My name is Bonestealer, What can I do for you today?" He asked finally after shutting the door and erecting the wards on the room, getting straight to business. The last Potter lowered his hood, letting his features be seen completely while the two talked.

"I need whatever the amount of galleons converted to...four hundred pounds in small notes. I also need two hundred galleons put into an anti-thievery, feather-light, inner-extendable pouch. The notes come straight to me in a proper bundle please. I need my keys remade and the old ones disposed of so no one can enter my vaults.

"If my godfather had a will made, I need it overturned until I take a look at it. Unfortunately, he was insane from his unjustified, extended stay in Azkaban and could have been taken advantage of. He was innocent of the charges as I'm sure can be proved easily enough. I need my solicitor and the goblin in charge of my finances brought to me as well." Harry started in, still thinking about how to go about getting a place to stay inside Diagon Alley. If he could find an apartment it would be cheaper than staying at a hostel, but... He shook his head and focused on the task at hand. He'd had plenty of time to think about everything to do with his accounts over the last two days. He knew his family was rich, from evidence he had blatantly overlooked in the past few years.

"I think that will do for now. I don't want to be seen by the watchers of the Ministry or the Order. Too many backstabbers in both groups. Is there a way to get out of Gringott's without using the front entrance?" He asked his mind slightly scatter-brained still.

"I'll have someone get the gold and pounds right away Mr. Potter. I'll have the Head Goblin review your accounts to make sure the account manager hasn't allowed anyone to dip into the funds. We will direct your solicitor to where ever you will be staying, if you leave us an address." The goblin responded before going to the door and having someone else get the monies the client requested from his account. "We have a delivery's entrance that wizards usually avoid. Its entrance is in the alley behind Madam Malkim's." He continued with as he came back.

Harry nodded in acceptance and sighed silently. Right now, he needed to sit down, go into shock over what the last week and a half had been like and try not to have a mental breakdown. He ruffled his four inch long hair as he thought, making it messier than it already was. "That will be absolutely perfect. You honor me with your willingness to help." He said in a semi-formal tone. Subtlety he shifted one of his knives in their sheathes, he'd put invisibility charms on all of his weapons holsters so when the weapon was sheathed, it would be invisible as well. His pistols didn't give him an issue because they weren't run on electricity so he was completely okay with that.

After receiving the money he had withdrawn from his account and his new keys, he proceeded to put the pounds in his wallet and the pouch under an invisibility charm before magically tying it to his belt while promising to be in touch with his new address as soon as possible. Drawing his hood over his head again, he gestured for the goblin to lead the way. The teller then led Harry through the back areas of the bank and out the delivery's entrance, promising to wait fifteen minutes before going back to his desk just in case someone had caught on to his hidden identity.

The emerald eyed young man thanked the goblin and left, heading deeper into the alley, towards Knockturn where he knew if he was careful, he wouldn't be disturbed.

Spotting a bar, he walked inside glancing around. Spotting a few werewolves, a hag and several humans he negotiated with the bar owner for a room for a week, discretely giving him several galleon's as payment.

After putting up a few overpowered wards to block anyone from entering without his permission as well as silencing and detection wards, he flopped back on the bed with a sigh, wincing slightly as one of the sharp edges of his trunk dug into his chest. Groaning he pulled the trunk-necklace from around his neck and set it on the floor, enlarging it.

I've still got to go pick up those books too... He remembered, releasing another groan. "Okay, time to go finish up what I need to, then I can come back and try to contact Tom." He murmured, grabbing his cloak from where he dropped it, drawing it back over his shoulders and putting his hood up.

An hour and forty minutes later Harry returned with two large shopping bags shrunken so they would fit into his pockets full of muggle books that had caught his interest. He had stopped by Gringotts again to give Bonestealer his temporary address as well. Sighing in relief he shut his door, set the miniaturized bags on his night stand and collapsed onto his bed. The sheets weren't the best, but seeing how Harry grew up, he really didn't care.

Closing his eyes he relaxed and reached for his mental link with Voldemort. Why did you start the ritual a day early? He asked silently, hoping the man would respond.

Silence descended for a few minutes before Tom responded. The ingredients were ready early and would have spoiled by the next day, and Pettigrew had judged the moons cycle wrong three days ago when he last checked. I made sure to punish him for that. He replied, an angry-amused voice speaking in Harry's mind.

Oh... Well, I'm back in England now. One of the survivor's I was travelling with killed Uncle Vernon the day after the ritual was performed. The dark haired young man replied quietly, still not sure how to take it, being that he saw his uncle's head explode because of a bullet.

Irony at its greatest. None of 'the Light' care enough to take care of the problem, but a complete stranger on a different continent did. The red eyed man replied, thinking for a moment before continuing with, The ritual was successful, with none of the side-effects. Severus' work can perform quite well when he makes a potion un-interrupted. What have you decided? Where are you staying?

Ah. I'm staying at a wizarding hostel. Not Leaky Cauldron though, too open and too many people pass through. Harry replied, frowning as he thought over his answers. He didn't trust Tom. The man had tried to kill him five times already since he was born, though Dumbledore had set him up almost every single time with his involvement, he might very well be destined to kill the old man instead. He did create a blood ward around the Dursleys house-in effect marking him in a way...and Dumbledore did help perform the Fidelus Charm on his parent's all of the years in Hogwarts... Those were definitely something to think about in the near future.

Harry sighed and shook his head. Sorry, I've got too many things running through my head. I managed to keep the press not notified about my return and get in and out of Gringott's without an issue. I've contacted the Potter solicitor to help me, but I'm not going back to Hogwart's though. I won't deal with more traitors, until what they owe comes due. He finished, rolling over onto his side and blowing his bangs out of his eyes.

So you are going to disappear into the world using your Gringott's account and home school yourself? Voldemort asked silently. Harry could feel the skepticism oozing from the Dark Lord's words, making him grin.

I don't know yet. All I know is that I'm not going back there. He replied, hissing the last word out, hatred making the word practically tangible.

Riddle hummed as he thought, falling silent when he noticed Harry drifting in and out of consciousness. Go to sleep, we'll talk more sometime in the near future. I would suggest getting what you need as quickly as possible before the old coot figures out you aren't home anymore, nor will you be coming back. As well as designing a good disguise. He said softly, making Harry jerk awake enough to answer him.

Mmm-kay. Night. He replied sleepily, his eyes drifting shut as he fell asleep to the almost silent hum of his wards surrounding him.

Getting up the next day proved to be a tough thing to do for Harry. His eye just didn't want to open it seemed. When it hit eleven am he finally was able to stay awake for a more than a few minutes and quickly got out of bed before he fell back asleep again.

Putting on his clothes he added his now normal amount of sheathed, hidden knives and his loaded pistols in their holsters on his thighs underneath his open robes. Casting the invisibility charm on the holsters helped avoid their notice from people he'd rather didn't notice his weapons. An owl came from the solicitor and he wrote back making an appointment with him in the near future.

Ordering a brunch up to his room he ate quickly and left his room, planning on ordering the new trunk he needed. He planned on burning the rest of Dudley's cast-offs that were left, putting his first wizarding robes in his soon-to-be old trunk and stuffing it in his vault.

Greeting the bartender/owner of the pub he was staying at, he quickly left to go back towards Gringott's and Diagon Alley. The place he was staying at was right on the inside of Knockturn Alley, but not far enough in that he had to worry too much. With his pouch of Galleon's attached to the belt around his waist, Harry walked inside the trunk store.

While talking about what he wanted to the sales clerk, he found that an standard Auror seven compartment trunk with a hidden eighth compartment for his armory and a mini library room in the seventh compartment which was exactly what he was looking for...after a few adjustments of course. After extracting the promise of having his specialized trunk prepared and waiting for him the next morning he paid for half of the commission and left.

Entering Madam Malkin's Robes for All Occasions, he had himself fitted for one more dress robe, this one in emerald green instead of black, several plain every day robes in assorted colors, a new winter cloak, and several other pieces of clothing. Once he was through with the fittings he paid for the clothes and shrunk the package, putting it in his pants pocket until he was back in his rented room.

By now it was mid-day and he needed to go get some type of lunch from somewhere. Deciding he could wait a bit, he quickly went back to his room to drop off his new robes and left again for muggle London. Spending the rest of the day exploring, the last Potter finally started to relax a bit from his first trip outside of Great Britain. He slowly, reluctantly made his way back to the inn for dinner, unsure as to when Tom was going to contact him.

A white, very familiar, Snowy Owl was waiting for him when he entered the bar, swooping over to him to land on his shoulder. "Hedwig!" Harry whispered in surprise, feeling the eyes on him. He quickly mounted the stairs to his room, entering, locking and warding the door behind him. His first friend was carrying several envelopes in her beak, which she set neatly on the dresser before hurrying back over to 'her' charge.

Dropping his mask for the first time since he had successfully reconstructed while he was on the plane Harry grinned brightly and gave his familiar several owl treats while setting up her food bowl and water. Petting her feathers softly, he relaxed a little more; having his companion around that he trusted helped a lot.

"You should have seen Los Angeles Hedwig. It was insane. A plague that was aimed to kill off muggles with no magical talent was being spread. Even squibs and their descendents weren't safe. The zombies were resistant to magical was horrid." The last Potter said softly, a shiver working its way up his spine as his grin fell off his face, a haunted look taking up its place. The white owl cooed softly in concern and ran her beak through his hair in a comforting gesture. Harry sighed and resumed petting her feathers softly, not knowing when he stopped.

"It-it was too much Hedwig. With everything that happened over the last two months...Ron, Hermione, Dumbledore...Los Angeles...Sirius..." He continued softly, his voice choking up on the last word. He swallowed and continued on after blinking back his tears. "My mask broke. I ended up leaving Gryffindor behind and embracing Slytherin... I probably would have died ten times over if I hadn't...but what's worse was that I showed my real self to some of the survivors and the political-military people that I met before I found the time to reconstruct the mask... The only thing that I can think that was a good thing out of this is that I got supplies for the coming war without having to pay for them." He finished, trying to make something good come out of everything that happened, but failing. He had killed so much. Even if the muggles weren't...muggles anymore and more like blood-thirsty zombies...still. There was so much blood on his hands now.

The duo sat quietly through the night, Harry contemplating his next course of action and coming to terms with what had happened to him recently, while Hedwig tried to give him support through her familiar bond with them and bathed in the attention he gave her.

The next day he met with his solicitor, a man named Mr. Adley. After a renewing vow of secrecy and loyalty to Harry's business, the two spent most of the day reviewing Harry's finances report from Bonestealer, which they found several anomalies in they would need to fix with the goblins. Mr. Adley also reviewed what businesses, charities and properties Harry now owned as well as the history he knew about the subjects. What truly surprised him was that the Potter family didn't just own wizarding properties and businesses, but also muggle ones as well. Harry wanted to take a look at Sirius' will as well as the will of his parents, but they just didn't have the time and as such set up another date to meet on.

Slowly the days passed and Harry read, explored, bought more muggle clothes (more like hang-me-downs with how big they were in Harry's opinion), created a disguise through a glamour book he had found in one of the Dark Art's stores further inside Knockturn Alley, burned his cousin's old hand-me-downs while laughing maniacally (which seemed to worry the other customers because the bartender went up to his room to see if everything was okay only to witness a very strange sight-the newest boarder of his roasting muggle marshmallows over a pile of burning fabric), and generally having more fun than he could ever remember. He had reorganized his new trunk as soon as he had gotten it, making sure to set a password-encoded transfiguration and shrinking charm so he could wear it as a necklace.

Several meetings with Mr. Adley and/or Bonestealer occurred throughout all of this, making Harry busier than ever before. Bonestealer became Harry's new account manager as his old one was beheaded after being tortured because of his lack of loyalty. A magical vow later and Harry decided he would still deal with the goblins for his banking. The trio discovered Sirius had blood adopted Harry when he was a child, making him his heir. He had overruled his godfather's latest updated will once he saw who had witnessed it however. It had Dumbledore's fingers all over it from what he had read before giving up in disgust. He was however emancipated and came into his titles of the Lord of two Noble and Ancient Houses. His two Head of House rings for his family were brought out as well, much to his surprise and shock. He hadn't known he was supposed to wear a ring to show his position in his family. That led to an explanation of a Lord's power and their responsibilities. The teen didn't even have time to contact Voldemort with how busy he was, because every time he tried he ended up falling asleep instead. all good things...the way he spent his dwindling summer days soon came to an end, abruptly. As abruptly as he was silently enjoying some ice cream at Florean Fortescue's Ice Cream Parlor while reading a book when a certain Ronald Weasley's voice interrupted his enjoyment.

Damn. There goes my good mood. The last Potter thought glumly, drawing his hood up farther so it covered his face completely now. He did have a glamour up, but it didn't hurt to be cautious. He knew the Weasley's had taken money from his vault on Dumbledore's orders before and because of that he had approached the Goblin Lord to solve the matter, receiving a debt because of the corruption he had found within the Goblin Lord's bank.

The group was coming closer from what Harry could tell and would soon pass where he was at, hopefully none-the-wiser.

"Ronald Weasley! You will quiet that mouth this instant! Your father and I will discuss this later tonight. This is the last bit of whining I want to hear about this subject!" Molly Weasley's voice screeched out as the trio of people passed. Ginny was smothering what looked like laughter, while Ron was bright red in embarrassment.

The look on Ron's face as the group passed by was a sullen, petulant child's look. Harry hid a grin of triumph, even if it was a small win; it was a win none-the-less in his opinion. Anything to keep him one step ahead of Dumbledork's group of Flambéing Flamingos.

Shaking his head and sighing, Harry finished his ice cream and left for his room. Time to disappear into the muggle world it seems... He thought with a frown. The one time Harry had been able to contact Voldemort he had told the man to let him think about it for a bit by himself about his options and that he would contact him when he was ready. Since then the man had left him alone and Harry still wasn't sure if that was a blessing or curse in disguise.

Harry returned to his rooms and cast packing spells, watching as clothes, books and other magical and muggle objects he had bought over the summer, flew into his multiple compartment trunk. "Well Hedwig, looks like our stay in Knockturn Alley has come to an end. I've got to disguise you with a color changing charm and a Notice-Me-Not spell, okay? As soon as we leave the Alley's we'll need to be as inconspicuous as possible. Which means you'll have to arrive after sunset." Harry said quietly, petting his familiar's feathers softly as she hooted an agreement after giving him a look that said 'Of course.' in such an obvious look he blushed slightly.

"Sorry Hedwig, I forgot there for a moment you lived through the Dursley summers with me as well." He whispered in a slightly shamed voice, making Hedwig nip a few locks of his hair and tug playfully. A slight remorseful smile appeared on 'the Chosen One's' lips before Harry downed his emotional mask again.

Glancing around the room one last time to check if his spell missed anything, the last Potter left the room, locking the door behind him and heading downstairs, his trunk shrunk and transfigured into his necklace again.

"Something has come up suddenly and I will be leaving now Septimus. Thank you for the room and meals, you may keep the extra money for my time left here as a tip. If I'm in the area again, I'll make sure to come to you instead of Tom." Harry said quietly, his glamour up and his hood drawn. The few vampires and werewolves heard the conversation and quieted slightly at the low pronouncement they had overheard. The youth before them seemed to have suddenly appeared out of thin air, a trait that everyone thought only vampire's held in their control before they had met him. He had slowly grown to become a part of the small amount of regular customer's with his respect and polite attitude no matter what species he was talking to at the moment, something that everyone respected. They didn't know his true identity, but most had their suspicions.

"Anything we should be worried about?" Septimus asked cautiously, nodding silently in thanks for the 'tip' as the youth called it. He had paid for another month and a half's worth of rent, a large chunk of money that anyone would blink at unless they were of old blood.

"Dumbledore. His lackey's are going to start searching for the boy-who-lived. He's apparently flown the coop on them and finally closed his accounts to everyone. Apparently the Weasley's have been taking advantage of Dumbledore's access to Mr. Potter's accounts. I overheard the youngest boy complaining about it earlier today. Seems like a good time to make myself scarce, considering the ruckus that will soon be unleashed." Harry replied quietly, making sure that he didn't let his identity slip out by accident. Several beings shifted uneasily at this piece of news, the bar now completely silent.

The bartender/owner winced. "Damn there goes business for several months." He murmured, drawing a few chuckles and smiles from those that had heard.

"Unfortunately. I might come back around after everything dies down, but...I might not. Voldemort has also been quiet lately. I overheard a few known Death Eater's saying he had regained his looks and sanity, though that is supposed to be kept quiet from the Light, mind you. No good can come from that news leaking to their side." The last Potter said quietly, a shiver of anticipation climbing up his spine.

"Thank you for the information and giving all of us time to prepare. This will definitely help in one way or another." Septimus said gratefully, knowing full well the Wizarding society was going to become slightly more insane than normal within the next week.

"No problem. I will see you around." Harry replied, the 'hopefully' left out at the end, but spoken silently for all to hear.

"Yes. Good travels and may fortune follow you." The half-vampire male replied, several regular's echoing the sentiments.

Harry nodded once more, and left without another word, heading towards muggle London. Travelling a ways away from the entrance of Diagon Alley, Harry rented a room at an inn putting up magic suppressing, and several new wards he had learned over the last two months.

Lying back on his new bed, he closed his eyes and contacted the Dark Lord. Hello Tom. He murmured quietly into the other's mind.

You've been quiet lately. Anything interesting happen? Voldemort replied, half amused, half outraged that the child wouldn't just come straight to him.

Dumbledork is going to be looking for his precious golden boy soon. I'm staying in muggle London now though. I want to keep an eye on the weird plague that's hit the America's. Apparently they've had to close border's and make sure no one goes out of the continent for new land now. The army's finally started setting up safe areas around the United States for people other than researchers and military personal. No one's found a cure though. Harry said in way of reply. He had to decide soon if he was going to join Voldie's little munchy group or stay neutral. He was running out of time.

Hm...interesting. And the plague doesn't affect magic-users? The Dark Lord asked, debating on whether it was worth getting several of the infected and introducing them to the United Kingdom.

Don't even think about it Tom. The plague will wipe out the Wizarding world. Ward's stop the infected okay, but offensive spells end up not really working on them. Any passive magic works like invisibility charms and scent obscuring charms. But still, the Wizarding world would be wiped off the map in less time than it took for Hitler to plan to and take over Poland. Harry replied sternly, frowning at what Voldemort was slightly suggesting.

I was just thinking... The red eyed man started in only to have Harry cut him off.

Don't. It was horrid. I don't want to even think about what would happen if it spread to the rest of the world. Harry replied quietly, a shudder racing up his spine at the mere thought.

We will see...we will see. The Dark Lord replied just as quietly. The discussion had been going on for the last month and a half and was far from over in any sense of the word. Have you decided which side you will join yet young Potter? Voldemort said abruptly. Apparently two months was his limit. He'd been giving several references to Harry's decision but Harry hadn't decided to take him up on those small hints.

No. I haven't. At the moment I'm neutral. Though I know I will not be joining the Light side in the war. I know your sanity has returned and that is why the pointless attacks on the muggles ceased, but you still attack where innocents and neutral's live. Harry replied quietly. To add on to that...I've started doing some research on bloodlines. It helped that a few other's have already done so in the past and published their works-even if they were quieted. He added on, starting in on a new topic.

Really, and? Riddle seemed to raise an eyebrow at the abrupt change of discussion, but didn't put up any hassle over it.

Squibs reproduce magic-users after their blood dilutes with muggle blood for a time. There's no such thing as a 'muggle-born' wizard or witch. They're all decedent's of squibs. Too much incest and apparently no 'new' blood create the squibs-the 'muggle-borns' if married into the pureblood lines help to increase the power of the child. Harry said quietly, frowning as he remembered multiple examples and sent them along the link to Voldemort.

I looked into this topic as well when I was younger. If you double check, the wizarding world needs the muggle-borns, but since the muggle-borns leave the Wizarding world for the muggle world, they end up diluting the bloodlines even more. If you check with my attack pattern over the years that I was sane, I only targeted muggle-muggle-born relationships. They're killing out our people. Voldemort replied, pausing for a moment before adding, And Dumbledore hasn't helped with my side, attacking people who are considered Light but refused to join his own side. He disguised his more...temperamental followers and had the illusion put up that they were my own Death Eater's, claiming it was a way to bring me out of 'hiding'. Not his brightest idea, but...they bought it.

Harry shook his head and flipped over to his stomach. I'm still wary about your follower's. Some have gone insane and will want to attack me because of who I am and what I supposedly support. Plus...Peter and Bellatrix. They'd have to be killed or turned in. Peter betrayed my parent's and owes me a life debt from third year. Bellatrix...well...Neville would have been a different person if his parent's had been able to raise him. Harry replied, blowing his bangs out of his face with a large sigh.

Yes, but Bellatrix would have been punished if I was still alive for that and if she had been sane at the time. The other three who helped were all punished when I became sane again. Peter...well...attacking your parents was one of my weaker moments in the war. To not miss-interpret me. Your parent's were strong fighters on Dumbledore's side of the war, I would have come after them sooner or later, prophecy or not. The Slytherin Heir said, making Harry reluctantly agree.

Aren't there potions Snape can brew that would bring LeStrange back to her former sanity level? I still say Peter needs to be turned into the aurors. He's a traitor, and you know what they say about those: once a traitor, always a traitor. No traitor can be trusted. The green eyed youth replied stubbornly.

Hm...when Pettigrew has lost his usefulness I will contain him and leave him for the auror's to find. Severus cannot undo what the Dementor's have done to of yet. He is searching for a way, but like the Wolvesbane potion, it is slow going. Voldemort replied slowly. The same arguments were being repeated. Again.

Harry sighed and shook his head, waving his wand and summoning the list he had slowly made over the last month as he fought with his decision. He had already decided which side he was going to be on, but was hesitating on telling Voldemort. Glancing over the list again he paused on a few of the points on it, thinking over his choice once more as silence descended between the two males again.

Sighing Harry winced as the memories came over him again. Finding out his friends really weren't his friends was hard, knowing Snape mind-raped him all fifth year because he was supposedly 'Light' was horrid, but he could live with that knowledge. In truth he had almost expected it. Knowing Dumbledore had encouraged Sirius' death was torture to find out. He had looked up to the old man as something like a grandfather and to know that the man had willingly manipulated and destroyed his life was a horror beyond his imagination come to life. Okay. He said abruptly with a sigh, finally giving up.

Excuse me? Voldemort asked, startled out of his own personal thoughts.

Okay. I'll come to your headquarters. When would you like to meet me? Harry asked, a small feeling of slight dread creeping up on him which he promptly smothered.

Ah. Two days from now at eleven, outside the muggle bookstore next to the Leaky Cauldron. It's the safest way to meet. The Order members wouldn't suspect me to travel outside the Wizarding World. I'll apparate us to my private rooms so we can change into proper robes before we go down to lunch. The red eyed man replied, triumph leaking into his thoughts no matter how much he tried hiding it.

All right. I'll see you in two days then. At least now you can stop bugging me about taking those potions to counter-act the long-term results from the Dursley's treatment. Good night, Tom. The dark haired young man replied quietly, standing up after putting his pistol under his pillow. He left at least one dagger and his wand strapped to his body while he slept now thanks to Los Angeles, not that he really minded, it was smarter especially with Dumbledore now on the alert for him.

Yes. I'll make sure to have Severus start those potions. Good night Harry. Voldemort replied before the two shut their side of the link down, effectively obscuring their thoughts from one another.

Harry quickly got ready for bed and settled into the rented furniture. Two days. He thought as he drifted off to sleep, wondering what the future would hold for him.


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