Author: Jasmine Flame, AKA Mirai. All flames can be directed to

Rating: PG13 for Bad Language, Shounen ai and implied Yaoi.

Pairings: Yuki x Shuichi

Disclaimer: I forget who they belong to exactly, but needless to say, it's not me.

Notes: I should really be finishing my Gundam Wing fic, but I'm stuck, so I'm doing this instead.

Misread Circumstances

Yuki groaned and put out his cigarette in the ashtray next to his computer. He thought he'd have at least another hour's peace before the brat got home.
Yuki tried to keep as quiet as possible. Maybe Shuichi would give up looking for him and watch TV instead. He could deal with the incessant giggling and blaring of the TV better than he could deal with that baka hanging off him.
He sighed and turned his chair to face the door, waiting for Shuichi to pounce on him.
Sure enough the pink haired ball of energy sped into the room and squealed when he saw his lover Yuki barely had time to brace himself as Shuichi leapt at him, jumping into his lap and cuddling close.
"I missed you so much Yuki!"
"What are you doing home?"
Shuichi ignored the fact he'd said something and continued babbling, "We had the best session today! Even K was pleased! Guess who was hanging around! Ryuichi! Isn't that great? We sang together too! I love singing with Ryuichi, it's so much fun!"
"I was hoping that I'd get my extra hour of quiet with you gone," Yuki sighed but made no attempt to push Shuichi from his lap.
"Yuki! K said we could go early since Ryuichi interrupted," Shuichi laughed, "I don't think he interrupted at all!"
"Hn," was the only reply Yuki gave, reaching for another cigarette from the quickly dwindling packet.
"Yuki shouldn't be smoking!" Shuichi whined and took the cigarette before Yuki could put it to his lips.
"Hey!" Yuki growled, "Give that back, brat."
Shuichi smiled sweetly and snagged the rest of the packet as well, shoving it into his pocket, "You can have one after dinner. It smells terrible in here Yuki!"
"Then get out."
Shuichi just smiled at him again, "I'll go make dinner! Can we watch TV together later? That'll be nice!"
The vocalist stood up and skipped from the room, muttering to himself about something.
Yuki pressed his fingers to the bridge of his nose. Why did he put up with that idiot?

After a moment of almost blissful silence, Yuki wondered what had happened. Shuichi was never this quiet.
Deciding he'd better find out if the idiot had killed himself, Yuki got up and stalked into the living room. That's where he saw Shuichi glued to the TV.
He was just about to ask what he was doing and why he wasn't making dinner when he saw a flash of gold from around Shuichi's wrist.
He narrowed his eyes and saw a thin band of gold around the vocalist's wrist. Shuichi was idly toying with the piece of jewelry as he watched the TV with rapt fascination.
Yuki walked over and tugged Shuichi to his feet. The pink haired boy gave a squeak of protest before looking up at Yuki with surprised eyes.
Yuki pulled Shuichi's wrist closer so he could see the offending piece of jewelry.
"What's this?"
Shuichi's eyes lit up and he stared at the bracelet adoringly, "Isn't it great!"
"Where did you get it?"
"Ryuichi got it for me!"
"Sakuma-san got this for you?"
Shuichi nodded brightly.
Yuki narrowed his eyes again and ran his fingers along the gold of the bracelet. He dropped Shuichi's wrist and sat down on the couch with a scowl on his face.
Shuichi looked at the bracelet then back at Yuki. He crawled onto the couch and up to Yuki's side, smiling sweetly at the author.
"What?" Yuki growled, not looking at Shuichi.
"Are you mad?" Shuichi whispered. Yuki glanced at him from the corner of his eye then stared at the TV again.
Shuichi looked at the bracelet again before fiddling with the clasp. Finally it came free and he set it aside.
"Yuki..." Shuichi purred and crawled into his lover's lap, "I took it off. I won't wear it if you don't like it."
Yuki glanced at the thin loop of gold resting aside. He brushed it further away before wrapping his arms around Shuichi and pulling him closer.
"I'm not feeling very hungry," he whispered into Shuichi's ear, "Well...not for dinner anyhow. How about I have dessert first?"
Shuichi blushed red as Yuki picked him up and carried him towards the bedroom.

Shuichi slowly slipped from the bed, trying to be extra careful not to wake Yuki. Finally satisfied that the author was oblivious to his absence, he hurried out of the room. Not wanting to turn the light on, he crawled over to the couch, his hands searching for the discarded bracelet. Finally he found the gold piece of jewelry and smiled to himself. He had the most wonderful idea!