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Chapter 19 – Epilog

The knowledge that Albus was dying was not an easy thing to live with. Everyone was saddened by the thought that one that had done so much for the wizarding world would cease to live. Harry was sadder than most. Albus had been a friend, mentor, and guide for most of his life. He knew that once the old wizard passed, that all the ancient knowledge would be passed to him. In their conversations since, Harry had no doubt that the mantle would be passed to him.

"Harry," said Albus. "You are close to graduating from Hogwarts. You have managed to pass all of your OWLS with high scores as well as half of your NEWTS. With the time that I have left, I will train you in knowledge to be able to pick up where I leave off and be the next Head Master of this school."

"What about Professor McGonagall?" Harry asked. "She has been Deputy for many years. Shouldn't she get the title of Head Mistress?"

"If you were not the heir of all four founders, I would say yes," replied the old wizard. "However, you are the only person alive that has the blood of all four founders flowing through your veins. Once you take the mantle of Head Master, then you can work to make sure that what has happened since the founding doesn't continue."

"What do you mean?" asked Harry. "This school has been being run by you for many years and I am glad that you have helped in making the changes that we have already seen in the castle."

"That is exactly what I am talking about," said Albus. "Slytherin and Gryffindor no longer fight with one another. Ravenclaw and Hufflepuff mix with houses other than their own. The school is on the road to recovery. The house rivalries are going to be a thing of the past. This is as it should be. This is what I have been working my whole life to accomplish. You have managed it in just one year."

"I could not have done it without the help of the students and staff," said Harry. "I may have gotten it started, but I am not the one that should get credit for it. That goes to everyone who worked so hard here."

"You give yourself too little credit," said Albus. "You have more heart and love than one person can possibly know or want. You work harder than many who have been in this castle for decades. You have within you the characteristics that all four founders looked for when they were bringing the students here to teach them. Please do not sell yourself short. You are a good person and have worked very hard for this castle. From now until I can no longer function, you and I will work for at least two hours each night to teach you what you need to know about running the castle. I have already spoken with the staff and they have agreed with my decision. You are going to be the next Head Master and I think that you should accept that and get yourself prepared."

"Very well," said Harry. "When do we start all of this?"

"No time like the present," said Albus with the twinkle in his eyes.

Over the next few months, the two of them began working in earnest. Harry was working hard on his classes while he was finishing his last three as a student. Minerva, Severus, and Albus were working with him nightly on what he needed to learn.

Molly Weasley was happy to be asked to plan three separate weddings. She did not think that Harry Potter would ever allow her to do something like this for her or her family. When Percy was arrested and sent to Azkaban, she had felt a huge loss. Three of her children were now in prison. One was there for life and the other two still had twenty four years. Bill was sitting with his mother and was steadily working to help around the house. Ronald was not doing much but grumbling about his lot in life. One day Molly snapped.

"If you open your mouth to me once more about how Harry Potter has everything and you want to see him punished, I will have your father spell your lips shut," she screamed. "We have made mistakes and we are paying for those mistakes. You will do what you are told and you will do it with a smile on your face, or I will make you sorry that you were ever born. I have had enough of you to last me a life time. We took a gamble and we lost. Deal with it. I have three weddings to set up and I do not want you getting in the way. Now get to your chores and make sure that they are all finished or you will be in a load of trouble."

"Mum," said Bill. "What if we start our own business? We can be wedding planners. We can set up wizard weddings for people."

"That is a brilliant idea," said a voice from the door. "I will gladly fund your business for you. I am sure that between Draco, me, and a few others, that we can get you all of the business that you need. I will even see to it that you have all of the portkeys that you need to travel back and forth to your destinations. In fact, I can buy you a nice building in Diagon Alley and we can arrange for a place to hold these weddings. We can add a nice place to live so that you and your family can be comfortable."

"You would do that for us Harry?" asked a tearful Molly. "Even after everything that we have done to you, you would be that generous to us?"

"Yes," said Harry simply. I am here for a number of reasons. May I come in or do we continue talking through the door way?"

"Please come in," said Molly opening the bottom half of the door. "What did you need? I have not finished the details yet for your wedding to Millicent. I have managed to finish Hermione's wedding plans and Neville's."

"I came here to talk to you about Fred and George," said Harry. "I talked with the ministry and we have arranged for them to be released from prison."

"You did that for us?" asked Bill. "That is so generous of you. Will they keep their magic?"

"Yes," said Harry. "They will retain their magic, but there will be a stipulation. They will have to give a wizard's oath that they will not attempt any more sabotage to me or my family. "I have their accounts at Gringotts reopened and their store is being cleaned by Dobby as we speak. I have Griphook drawing up a contract that states I am going to be an equal partner in WWW. We have decided that while Ron can work behind the counter stocking shelves and working with the customers."

"When are Fred and George getting out of prison?" asked Molly crying.

"They will be in their shop starting tomorrow morning provided they agree to all of the terms set before them," said Harry with a smile. "Listen to me. I do not know why you did what you did. I do not want to know. All I want is for you to promise me that you will never do it again. I may not be able to return your magic to you, but I can make sure that you are comfortable for the rest of your lives. In fact, I have inherited a piece of property that would make a great place for wedding and such. I can have a special portal made or something from WWW to the house. This way Arthur, Fred, and George can assist you with the decorations for the weddings that you will get to plan in the future."

By now Molly was bawling. Harry was proving once more why he was the best wizard on the planet. Harry and Bill finished making the arrangements. Harry promised to have the contracts drawn up and sent the next day. From there, Harry accepted the plans for Hermione and Neville's weddings and left. Bill promised to send Harry's once they were done with them. Harry apparated to the bank and had Griphook draw up all of the documents that were needed. When they were done, Harry had them sent to the Weasleys.

Within days, the Riddle Manor was renamed the Weasley plantation. Molly, Arthur, Bill, and Ronald moved into the Manor. Harry sent a team of house elves to work on the house so that it was livable. Fed and George were released from Azkaban and was only too happy to sign what ever documents that Harry put in front of them. Both twins gave their oaths to never attempt to harm Harry again.

Two weeks later, WWW and Molly's Wedding Miracles opened to the public. True to Harry's promise, both companies were being bombarded with business. Harry smiled when he saw that the plans for his wedding were done.

Graduation day came and those that still attended Hogwarts were able to step up and gather their diplomas. Harry passed each course he took with an outstanding. Hermione did the same. Draco, Neville, and the rest of their year all rejoiced that they were finally able to finished school and start their lives as respectable citizens of the magical community.

The last day of school was excitable. Many were all over the place. Harry just smiled as he sat and watched his friends and former classmates walk back and forth between the tables. The staff had many meetings before the exams took place. Finally Harry called for silence and watched as the students took their seats and waited.

"Starting next year," he began. "Things will be different here at Hogwarts."

"What do you mean?" asked Millie. "What are you lot planning that we seventh years are not going to get to enjoy."

"I am glad that you asked," said Albus standing up. "This is my last day as Head Master of this school. Starting September first, Harry Potter will be the new Head Master of this school. I, for one, am interested in hearing what he wants to implement before I am no longer able to."

"Well things are going to work a bit differently," said Harry. "I have been in meetings with the staff of Hogwarts as well as the Board of Governors. We decided that most of my ideas are worthy and should be implemented."

"Are you going to tell us or keep dragging it out?" asked Hermione.

"Keep up with your cheek Miss Granger and I may just not tell you at all," snickered Harry. "However, I think you all will enjoy what I have to say. Professor McGonagall will no longer be at Hogwarts. She will be the director of the Board of Governors. Draco Malfoy will take his spot on the Board as well as Neville Longbottom."

"So what does that mean for Hogwarts?" asked Hannah Abbot. "With Dumbledore and McGonagall gone, who is going to help out here?"

"Hermione Granger will be the new Transfiguration professor," said Harry with a smile. "She will also be the new Head of Gryffindor House. Professor Snape will no longer be Head of Slytherin House. He will still be potions Master in this school, but we agreed that a professor with too many jobs is too much work. Therefore, he will be the new Deputy Head Master."

"So who is going to be Head of Slytherin House?" asked Blaise.

"That would be Remus Lupin," said Harry. "He will be returning as DADA professor next year. We felt that he was the best candidate for the job and we don't care that he is a werewolf. He is going to teach here and that is all we have to say on the matter."

There was a round of applause at this proclamation. Things were definitely turning around for Hogwarts. When the applause died out, Harry began again.

"We are going to do away with house tables," said Harry. "The only time that you will be required to eat with your own house is when we have dignitaries or special functions in the school. We are also going to open up a small shop near the entrance of the school. It will sell things such as candy, school supplies, and many other small items. This way, those of you that are unable to go to Hogsmeade, can buy things for yourself and those of you that are running low on supplies will be able to have them at your disposal all year round. We have a few other things that we are going to attempt in the future, but we want to be sure that what we have started is going to work before we make more changes."

"We have much to look forward to in the future," said Minerva. "We are glad that we are still going to be a part of the many wonderful changes that will take place in the future."

Albus whispered something to Harry who nodded and smiled.

"It has come to my attention that we forgot to award the house cup this year," said Harry. "The score has been severely close this year. However we do have a winner and we have slightly changed the awards as well. In fourth place, with four hundred and thirteen points, is Ravenclaw. Each person in this house will receive a green ribbon for their effort. In third place, with four hundred and fifty three points, is Gryffindor. Each person in that house will receive a white ribbon as an award. In second place, with four hundred and seventy three points, is Hufflepuff. Each member of this house will receive a red ribbon as an award. That means that this year Slytherin has won the house cup. They have a total of four hundred and eight four points. Each member of Slytherin house will receive a blue ribbon as an award and Professor Snape will be able to place the house cup in his office. This year we will award certain students for their courageous acts. Susan Bones, Hannah Abbot, Luna Lovegood, Draco Malfoy, Blaise Zabini, Hermione Granger, Colin Creevey, Millicent Bulstrode, and Daphne Greengrass will all receive awards for services to the school."

"We have also decided that it is time to allow the professors to have a certain portion of award for their continued hard work around the school," said Albus. "Therefore, this year, we award the following professors with a trophy for their actions and determination to teach you what you need to know. Harry Potter, Severus Snape, Charlie Weasley, Filius Flitwick, and Minerva McGonagall, will be awarded trophies for their style and technique in teaching as well as defending the school."

"Starting next year, we will have questionnaires regarding who you think deserves this coveted award," said Harry. "We hope that this new tradition will ease the tensions that we professors have with regards to students. With that being said, I can only say let's eat. Tomorrow is a big day."

With that, Harry raised his hands and the food appeared on the tables. Things were going to be looking up for Hogwarts. The next day, the students went home and those that were going to different jobs began their work. Harry and Albus spent the entire summer working in the Head Master's office so that Harry would have a complete working knowledge of the post.

It was not long before the weddings appeared. All three couples were resplendid in their dress robes. Albus presided over the ceremonies. Things were looking up for the couples. While Harry and Millicent married for the future of their blood line, the other two couples married for the love that was in their hearts. Molly had outdone herself with the decorations. With the assistance from Arthur and the twins, the building where the weddings were taking place was beautiful.

Tragedy came in the form of Albus passing. Harry spent the evening with him as the old wizard finally breathed his last. Merlin and Morgan were there to take Albus upon his next journey. As a tribute, Albus was buried next to Ginny and Hagrid. Harry personally cast the spell that would ensure that the tombs remained undisturbed.

In the coming years, tings in Hogwarts changed and they were able to start keeping up with the times. Harry and his friends were able to introduce many new and wondrous things to the castle. Harry was delighted by his children. Millicent was able to take her place as Lady Potter produced three sons and two daughters for Harry. It was during her last child birth that something went seriously wrong and she passed on to join Albus and his parents in the afterlife. Harry James Potter Jr was given the title of Lord Black upon his seventeenth birthday. James Harrison Potter was a prodigy just like Harry. Sirius Draconis Potter grew to be the next Minister for magic. Lillian Millicent was the first of Harry's children to become a professor at Hogwarts. Ginny Alexis was a prodigy in her own right. She ended up becoming the first Head Mistress of a magical school for children before they entered Hogwarts.

Hermione and Draco were happy as well. They had three children. Their oldest son was named Alexander Draco. He grew to become the next potions master at Hogwarts. Their second son, Steven James, was the first of the children to take over a school in another country. He became the Head Master of Durmstrang Academy. Their daughter, Narcissa Hermione, became the Head Mistress of Beauxbaton Academy.

Neville and Luna had two children. Alice Bella became the new Herbology professor when old professor Sprout retired. Franklin Harrison became the next DADA professor.

Harry lived to be almost two hundred and fifty years old. He had many grand children and great grandchildren. The Potter line was a strong and independent line. With them mingled the Malfoy, Zabini, and Longbottom line. Draco and Hermione died when both were around their hundredth birthday. Neville and Luna were not long in following. Minerva, Severus, Remus, and a few others were buried on the grounds of Hogwarts. Harry was taking his walk breathing the fresh air when he knew it was his turn to go. He had led a long and prosperous life. He sat down on the stool that was always present when he visited James and Lily's graves. Sirius was buried right next to them. It was on this day when Harry took his last breath. He saw the images of James, Lily, Sirius, Remus, Albus, and Severus all waiting for him. With a smile, he opened his arms and let them embrace him and welcome him to his next stage of his journey.


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