Chapter One

"Come on Mione, you can't stay in there forever!" I shouted through the locked bathroom door. She had barricaded herself into the bathroom at my place.

My guardians Sirius and Remus were out, a good thing considering that Hermione had been locked in the bathroom for over forty minutes now.

"I can't do it, I can't look at it."

"Sirius and Remus will be back soon so unless you want to try and explain it all to them you need to decide what you're doing."

"Okay, okay."

A few moments later the toilet flushed, the lock clicked and then the door opened. She thrust the plastic pregnancy test at me, clearly not wanting to look at it herself.

"I can't look!"

"Okay" I said turning it over and watching the screen. I was probably as nervous as Hermione about what the result would be.

"What does it say?" She asked, biting her nails nervously. Last year she had had long beautiful nails but ever since beginning of summer she had been a chronic nail biter. They were jagged stubs now, the only sign that Tom Riddle had affected her life at all.

"Hang on, it's just telling me now." A few seconds later and two pink lines appeared on the test. "Hermione."


"You're pregnant."

"Oh my god!" She exclaimed in a panic, the colour draining from her face turning her whiter than usual. I had never seen her look as terrified as she did at that moment. "What am I going to do? This ruins everything. I was going to go to medical school and be a doctor!"

"Oh Mione, its okay. This isn't the end of the world." I tried to reason with her. However the look on her face told me that she wasn't going to be easily reasoned with.

"You don't understand, I don't see how I can even finish Hogwarts if I have this baby. This wasn't meant to happen, I didn't plan for it to happen! I'm not even sure that I want to be a mum!" She raved hysterically. I had to wrap my arms around her in a calming and comforting hug to stop her from breaking down completely.

"I know it's an awful thought but you don't have to be a mum. You don't have to keep it if you really don't want it. However I do think you have to tell Ron."

"I can't tell him. Not yet at least. Not until I figure out what I'm going to do myself. I don't want anyone to know right now, not even Draco. Promise me you won't tell him Harry." She pleaded to me desperately. Normally I wouldn't have kept anything from Draco but the absolute desperation in her voice made me nod at her.

I sighed knowing it wasn't a good idea, "I promise I won't tell Ron or Draco. But this isn't the kind of thing that will stay as a secret for very long. We don't know how far along you are but eventually you will start to show."

"I know but with school starting up again tomorrow I already have so much on my mind. I've got so much to do, I can't think about this now." She said and I knew she was going to go into denial. Hermione didn't cope with things like this every well.

After Tom Riddle's suicide in front of us she had locked herself away for three weeks, claiming she was preparing for the new school year. It wasn't until Draco and I got permission from her father to kidnap her and take her to Spain for a week with Ron tagging along as well did she finally manage to calm down and become her old self.

"If I know you at all Mione, you'll still do it. Even if you do keep the baby you won't let it stop you from achieving your goals. You're too determined to get where you want to go to let something as small as a baby stop you."

I smiled and hugged her. I couldn't imagine how she could ever keep this from Ron but it was her choice, not mine. If it had been me and Draco, which it never would be, I would have told him right away. However thinking about the hot-headed Ron and I could see why she wasn't telling him right away.

After everything that had happened last year with Tom Riddle she had been so determined to become a doctor and not let him affect her life. After being treated in the hospital for a gunshot wound she had fell in love with the very nature of what being a doctor entailed. She still had the scar to remind her of how much she wanted to help people.

I too had thrown myself into my studies and achieved grades almost equal to hers. Tom Riddle having made me decide on a career to aim for myself. My ambitions didn't stretch to wanting to be a doctor, even though my grades allowed for it. Watching as much CSI and Criminal Minds as I did had made me want to become a crime scene investigator.

I needed to ace science for that. Of course that meant that I needed help from my science teacher, Professor Snape to help me achieve the best grades that I could.

He had been tutoring me over the summer. I'd improved my Science GCSE grade from a B to an A. Snape was hugely impressed but Draco unfortunately was beginning to get a bit jealous of the amount of my time that Severus was taking.

We didn't spend every night together any more, not since I had settled at Sirius and Remus' place and his wing at Malfoy Manor had been completely finished after the explosion. Our relationship that had begun fast, hot and heavy had suddenly slowed down and cooled off dramatically.

I still loved him very much but since Tom Riddle had blown his brains out at his parents wedding anniversary celebration we had drifted apart slightly.

Now with Hermione's pregnancy I was worried that things were bound to get even more awkward between us. Ron and Draco had bonded somewhat and did more manly things together that neither Hermione nor I were interested in.

If it came down to it, which I was sure that it would, we would be on opposite sides of their fighting and it scared me that that could potentially put a rift between us that we couldn't mend. I intended to stand by Hermione whatever her choice.

Even now Hermione was dreading it I was looking forward to returning to school. Last week I had confided in Hermione that I was oddly attracted to Snape. She had seen the attraction but declared that he wasn't her type. Personally I didn't think that Ron was either however that wasn't my observation to make considering my boyfriend was his best friend.

Hermione and I collapsed on the bed in my room just as Sirius and Remus got home. I closed my door to allow us some privacy. The pregnancy test in her hands as she stared at it like she could change what it was telling her.

Before I could say anything to her my mobile rang. It was Draco. My phone was programmed to play wherever you will go by the Calling every time Draco called.

"Hey Dray" I said, my mood suddenly elated by the fact that he had called.

"Hey, I'm really sorry hun but I'm going to have cancel dinner tonight." The elation that I had felt deflated at those words almost instantly.

"How come?" I asked him, letting the disappointment show in my voice.

"My dad needs me to do some stuff for him, mega boring. Can I make it up to you in the morning?"

"I guess." I replied with a sigh of disappointment and slight irritation.

"Great, thanks hun, I love you!"

"Love you too."

Then he was gone. My mood taking a turn for the worst at this news. I explained what had just happened to Hermione who smiled at me with sympathy.

"I realise I'm probably about to make a bad situation worse but Ron was going to some football game tonight, his brother Percy was meant to be going but he had to work at the last minute. I only mention it because he said he was going to ask Draco if he wanted to go."

That got me thinking and I didn't like the thought that Draco had lied to me. However the more I mulled it over the more I realised that he probably had made up the stuff about needing to help his dad out.

Later that night, to test out how truthful Draco had been, which I felt awful doing but I had to know, I took a trip to Malfoy Manor. I had become so accustomed to being here that I knew it like the back of my hand now.

I took with me a bag of Chinese food, just enough for two, with all of Draco's favourites and a few of mine. I had the excuse that I had wanted to surprise him with dinner since we hadn't been able to go out.

Of course he wasn't there. Narcissa had let me in and said that Draco had gone out two hours previously and she said she didn't know when he would be back. She kindly added that I was welcome to wait in his rooms if I wanted. I liked Narcissa, she was a nice woman and it came across she liked me as well. In the very least she didn't mind me hanging around or dating her son.

I took the take away up to his room and left it there with a note attached to it. I considered the contents of the note cautiously was I didn't want Draco to know that I had known that he wasn't going to be in before I arrived. In the end I settled with putting: "Thought you'd be in. Sorry I missed you." And I left it at that.

It was immensely hurtful that he had lied. To my knowledge he had never done so before. It brought a few of my past insecurities rushing back in a mass of painful memories that I had never wanted to revisit in my life time.

I went home with a heavy heart. I had no idea where my boyfriend was or why he had lied to me and that felt beyond awful.

Sirius was watching television when I got in. I mumbled a brief hello and then hurried up to bed, not in the mood for discussing my insecurities when I had a big day ahead of me tomorrow with school starting up again. It was bound to be a long and stressful day and I needed to be well rested.