A/N: So this is my first attempt at a P&F fic and I'm going for a lesser supported pairing...please don't kill me :D


Phineas Flynn was a boy who saw the big picture. He was a dreamer, risk-taker, romanticist. The red-head could make anyone feel important, special, cool. And everyone loved to let Phineas take the lead. That's just the kind of kid he was.

Isabella Garcia-Shapiro fell into his trap the moment she met him. She, wide-eyed, entranced, was a main supporter of all Phineas's plans. They were fun, of course; things every child dreamed of doing in the summer, but there was also the hope that someday, Phineas would open his eyes and see Isabella.

Ferb Fletcher was the boy who made everything work. While his step-brother had his eyes always on the outcome, Ferb had his eyes on the details. The little bits that had slipped Phineas's mind, the things that could make or break the success of their plot. The green-haired boy didn't say much, but he saw everything. Including a certain dark-haired girl with an unforgettable catch phrase.

Eventually, she would realize that Phineas's eyes saw too much at once. He didn't see just his brother or his friends or an idea. He saw the whole world and everything it had to offer. Phineas's head would forever remain in the clouds. Once, that had been what Isabella loved about him. But, now, now that she realized it was what kept him from loving her the way she loved him, she found she hated it.

And that made her cry.

Ferb Fletcher was also the boy that sat under that tree in the backyard with her while she cried. "I've never seen you cry before, Isabella." That was something Phineas wouldn't have even noticed.

Isabella realized that Ferb saw her exactly the way she had always wished Phineas would. And that made her smile. "Hey, Ferb?"


The dark haired girl leaned forward and stared into those eyes that saw everything. Ideas, friends, brothers, but never too much once. "Watcha doin'?"

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