A/N: So here are the solutions to the crossovers! Hope you were lucky, and congratulations to the people who guessed: )


1: Shrek: Shrek isn´t surprised when Donkey confesses he hasn´t got any friends.

2: The princess bride: Inigo and Fezzik ask Miracle Max to revive Westley.

3: Pirates of the Caribbean: Commodore Norrington arrests Jack Sparrow…or tries to.

4: Enchanted: Nathaniel and Edward in the hotel room.

5: Grease: Frenchy and Doody in the ball.

6: The Mask of Zorro: Diegoto Alejandro, while trying to teach him sword fighting.

7: Mulan: Mulan isn´t very impressed with Mushu :D

8: Fantastic Four: Sue confronts Victor.

9: Chicago: Mama introduces herself to the convicts.

10: Corpse Bride: Victoria is worried Victor and her won´t like each other, but her parents assure her that hasn't got anything to do with marriage.

11: Big Fish: Edward goes to see Sandra to confess his feelings and propose to her.

12: X-Men: The cage fight with Wolverine is about to begin.

13: Glee: Mash up: Rachel tells Puck she can´t go out with him if he doesn´t sing a solo.

14: Van Helsing: Van Helsing ´s opinion about vampires, gargoyles and warlocks.

15: Star Wars: The Empire strikes back: Leia and Han Solo before he is taken to the carbon-freezing chamber.

16: The Simpsons: Bart to the Future: Bart tells Homer he´s lost his coolness when his father refuses to give him money.

17: Mamma Mia!: Sam is talking to Donna bout who is Sophie´s father; him, Bill or Harry.

18: Kim Possible: Attack of the killer bebes: Kim asks Wade to find Ron.

19: Harry Potter and the chamber of secrets: Malfoy and Harry just before their duel.

20: Smallville: Duplicity: Clark and Pete after he has discovered Clark´s secret.

21: Big Bang Theory: The tangerine factor: Penny is trying (and failing) to talk to Sheldon.

22: Spiderman: J. J. Jameson expressing his opinion about Spiderman.

23: Moulin Rouge!: Toulouse is going to play the magic sitar that only speaks the truth and well…he speaks the truth:) about Satine, Zidler and the Duke.