Final Flight – Exodus

This story is a continuation of the Battlestar Galactica - Final Flight series. Please read Final Flight and Final Flight-Flashbacks before reading this story.

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Note: for clarity and the sanity of the author narrative use of dimensions will be in the metric (SI) system.

Battlestar Galactica

Final Flight - Exodus

"My world is spinning around,
"Everything is lost that I found."
"People run, come ride with me,
"Let's find another place that's free."

Ride My See Saw -The Moody Blues

Chapter 1 - 30 March 2010

With a flash the ships of Earth Defense Navy Task Force 2.1 decelerated from light speed. The task force was centered around the carrier Saratoga and, like Task Force 1.1, it included the Lexington class carrier, two heavy cruisers, two light cruisers, four destroyers, and four frigates along with the carrier's fighter wing. Ahead of them lay the closest solar system to Earth's, the Centauri system.

The Alpha Centauri system was composed of three stars, A, B, and C otherwise known as Proxima since Proxima was the closest known star to the Solar System. A and B orbited each other every 80 years. Their closest approach to each other was about 11 AU (astronomical units) or about the orbit of Saturn around the Sun. Their farthest separation was 35 and a half AU or about the average distance of the orbit of Pluto. Proxima orbits the other two at twelve to thirteen thousand AU.

Peace had settled over the Solar System since the defeat over Mars of the Cylon pursuit force. The Cylons had followed the Colonial Rag Tag Fleet, led by the Battlestar Galactica, to Earth, but were soundly defeated by the combined Colonial and Navy forces. After the battle over Mars the colonial refugees had been settled, the damaged Galactica had been towed to Ceres, and the ships of the Rag Tag fleet had been repaired at the Moon Base. Most of the civilian ships were later mothballed on Ceres, the military useful ones were retained for use by the Earth Defense Navy under contract to their owners as auxiliaries. Two such ships a freighter and a tanker were with the Saratoga's task force.

Several ships of Task Force 2.1 separated from the main formation and formed two smaller task groups. The first led by the heavy cruiser Boston remained behind to conduct a survey of the Proxima Centauri while the main group proceeded on to the main two stars of the Alpha Centauri system. Upon arrival, the main group, led by the Saratoga began a survey of the Alpha Centauri A system while a third group led by the heavy cruiser Philadelphia departed to the second half of the Alpha Centari system, Alpha Centauri B.

Over the next few days the planets of each star were found, catagorized, and mapped from orbit. Proxima was found to have three little ice balls orbiting it. While A and B turned out to have respectable retinues of planets; six around A and five around B. All of them rocky, there were no gas giants in the triple star solar system. Their place being taken by the stars themselves. What was surprising was the discovery that both A and B each had one habitable planet and over each planet was a respectably sized moon. Those findings were reported back to the Moon base while survey teams began a detailed exploration of the habitable worlds and their moons and conducted a resource survey of the other bodies in the triple solar system.

To an outside observer the asteroid Ceres would look exactly like it had throughout recent millenia. Ceres was 950 kilometers in diamter and had an eliptical orbit that varried from 381 million kilometers to 447 million kilometers from the Sun. Within the asteroid the EDN had set up several undergound facilities. The first facility was where the ancient colony ships of the 13th Tribe were stored to make room for newly constructed ships at the moon base. The second facility was a Tylium mine as Ceres was the EDN's primary source of the vaulable fuel. The third facility was where the damaged Colonial Battlestar Galactica was slowly being rebuilt. To hide the various ships from Earth observation should a probe ever be sent to the asteroid the same technique to create the moon base was used. Craters were roofed over and camaoflaged. Using a roofed over crated allowed the creation of a shirt sleeve environment for the repair teams working on the Galactica. Currently the ancient battlestar was enclosed by a vast array of scaffolding and work platforms.

The sun shined down on the stifling hot minor port city. Within the port stood a massive concrete quay and an adjacent yacht basin. Several large cargo handing cranes were emplaced on the quay. The port was the home to a long range, ocean going power cruiser production factory. The yacht basin was filled with power cruisers the factory had produced and were waiting for sale, mostly to international customers as only a handful of the host country's populace was able to afford one of the large boats.

Two men stood silently on the quay as a cargo was loaded onto one of the power cruisers moored alongside the quay. Several other men stood nearby. Their heads turned constantly looking for any threats to the first two men and to the operation taking place.

The power cruisers being built had three cabins, one amidships, one port and one starboard. In the amidships cabin the bed had been removed and the hull over that cabin had been removed. A crane lowered the cargo into the vacated cabin. The cruiser then settled a little lower into the water due to the weight of the cargo. After the longshoremen had loaded the cargo and removed the crane a separate crew boarded the boat to remove the shipping material around the cargo to reveal what appeared to be a new bed for the cabin. Finally a third crew boarded the power cruiser to repair the hull over the cabin.

"That's the last one," the first man said to the second. The second man stood silently, only nodding his head in reply. Both reveled in the knowledge that the operation had been concluded successfully after loading similar cargos into a score of other power cruisers in the previous weeks. Those other boats had already been crewed and sent on their way. Some had left the port directly under their own power. Others had been loaded onto cargo ships as their destinations were beyond the range of the cruisers. They had then been unloaded at a port in the Americas and from there sent onto their final destinations. Half had passed through the Panama Canal and the rest had proceeded north. The departures and travel speeds of the power cruisers had been timed meticulously to ensure that they would arrive at their destinations within a day of each other.

Unbeknownst to the men standing on the quay another person observed the proceedings. He stood unmoved by the stifling heat of the day wearing a white tunic, trousers and cape. All adorned with embroidery and jewels. He too nodded his head in satisfaction, a deadly smile spread across his face. He then departed. His ethereal presence going unnoticed by those around him.