a/n: Ok guys I had to do this fan fiction I just couldn't not do it. This will probably be slightly AU from the actual series because not a lot has happened yet but I just wanted to go ahead and plunge right in with it. So please tell me what you think and please tell me whether I should continue with this. Tell me honestly what you think, thanks a lot guys. (:

Lispy (:

I was inside the exact same sticky situation again. I was falling harder and harder for one Sam Evans - gorgeous, smart (unlike his predecessor), the quarter back, caring, talented and most importantly straight. It burned me inside whenever I thought of this word and putting it into the equation of my latest crush. I knew exactly how to deal with this, thanks to the whole Finn experience.

I would simply ignore the burning sensation in both my heart and stomach whenever he made eye contact with Sam's glistening eyes. I would try to blank out his beautiful voice that was almost as rich as chocolate whenever he sang in glee. Even when Sam talked to me I would manage to stifle a few rushed words before mumbling about having to meet Mercedes or Tina. In retrospect this wasn't the best approach but it was the only way I knew he could face without being hurt to badly.

But it was working for me, I was happy enough. My heart had learned to control its abnormally loud beat whenever we made eye contact and I had even controlled the blush that creeps along my face whenever Sam would compliment me for my singing or even touched me lightly on the shoulder. I even managed to stop looking over at him in English or in Spanish the only two classes he was in with me.

I knew that this tactic would work eventually the pain would subside; I would continue with my life in Lima without lusting over the handsome Sam Evans - I would be better off. At least that what I told myself…

The choir room was filled with all the members of New Directions. I was sat next to Mercedes, Tina and Sunshine. We were discussing ways to do a new mash up of Beyonce and Lady Gaga. Finn and Rachel were sat in front of us, Rachel seemed to be lecturing him about something whereas Finn just gave her a dopey smile in response. Puck, Matt and Artie were all arguing over Call Of Duty tactics. Quinn was sat with Sam, they seemed to be in deep conversation. I stared at them for a few moments before Sam's eyes flashed up towards me. I looked away almost at once. Santana and Britney were whispering too each other, giggling audibly. Then Mr Schue entered the room, approached the board and the room fell silent. There wasn't a sound in the room over than the squeaky sound of board on marker pen.

"Katy Perry!" Mr Schue pronounced to the room of geeks dropping his marker pen as he gave us all a dimpled grin. "Give me a few words you would use to describe her, come on anything at all!"

"HOT!" Puck said almost at once, a sly grin creeping along his face. How predictable, I allowed my self to glance over to the self proclaimed stud. Mike and Artie were nodding their heads in agreement. I rolled my eyes eternally at the jocks and Artie.

"Brilliant!" Sunshine said, smiling at us all. Sunshine quit Vocal Adrenaline because she wasn't like them, the soulless automatons that they are. She carried her own warmth even when she smiled, it was difficult to explain.

"A visionary!" Rachel said, trying to out do Sunshine's breath taking smile. This just added strain to her face and along with that rags she was wearing this just added to her grandmother like features. Sure she was talented, but as for the clothes I personally felt obliged to burn them.

"Right good guys, that's enough to get started with." He clasped his hands together with the same grin on his face. "For this weeks assignment you will be doing a Katy Perry song, but not as a group. No no no, I thought I'd make this a bit more intresting."

He got out two hats each of them was filled with paper with tiny writing barely visible from my line of sight. He rested them both on the piano before giving us all a mischievous grin. My stomach dropped, we were doing the whole fate thing again? The last time I did this it didn't exactly end well, in fact it ended quite disastrously. I willed myself to not look at Mr Schue but keep concentrating on my slick Prada jeans.

"The fate's are back guys." I heard him say, with a simultaneous groan from everyone. "But this time they are worse then ever. Not only will you pick a partner at random you will pick a song at random. Kurt you're up first."

I stood up shaking slightly focusing on only getting to the shiny black piano where fate was waiting for me. I would soon see its ugly head rear its way back into my life anyway so what the hell. I reached into the first hat, ruffling the papers around praying that fate would be on my side for once. I pulled out a tiny piece of paper with clear black writing. I unfolded it with shaking hands, the black ink on the page just confirmed my worse fears. For in the tiny black scrawl it read two simple words:

Sam Evans