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Everything I have ever wanted in life thus far has gone straight to my older brother Jamie. The amulet necklace of Dad's that Uncle Sammy, my namesake, gave him? Yeah, Jamie got that on his thirteenth birthday. Dad's beloved Impala that I begged him for years to give to me instead? Yep, Jamie got that on his sixteenth. A road trip in said Impala? Oh Jamie got that too and even though he had said I could go along too, my parents both said no. Apparently they could trust their nineteen year old son, but not their sixteen year old daughter. Whatever!

Oh, right, I should probably backtrack a bit huh? Well I'm Samantha Winchester, the sixteen year old daughter of Dean and Ruby Winchester. Dad owns and runs Singer Auto Repair. He's the head mechanic. My nineteen year old brother Jamie and his best friend Matthew Harvelle work there too as mechanics. Uncle Sammy works there too when he's not busy working on a case. Yeah, you heard right. My uncle, Sam Winchester, went back to college and fulfilled his dream of becoming a lawyer. He has his own small firm in town though he mostly does family law. As for my mother Ruby, well, she runs The Roadhouse bar and grill across the street from Dad's auto shop along with Matthew's mother Jo. His grandmother Ellen also helps run it. The three women actually own it too. Aunt Stephanie, however, owns a bookstore in town. Mom always teases her that she chose such a boring career, but aunt Steph actually seems to love it. Dad claims that Uncle Sammy's nerdy side just rubbed off on her. Anyway, because of their careers, Uncle Sam and Aunt Steph have only just started having kids. So far they have Deana Beth Winchester who is almost two years old and a baby boy on the way as Aunt Steph is currently five months pregnant.

Now where was I? Oh right, my assbutt of a big brother. Don't get me wrong, I love Jamie and I'd do almost anything for him. He just gets on my nerves more often than not. I mean, he'll always be the first to defend me which I don't mind, but he also has this way of treating me like I'm a little kid when he is around his friends. Oh and don't even get me started on his friends. His best friend Matthew Harvelle is the biggest ass I have ever met with his piercing blue eyes and that ever present cocky smirk of his. We've known each other practically forever now. Our dads are best friends and our moms get along when they are not bickering with each other. So he and Jamie practically grew up as best friends. Of course that means that Matthew is always around to annoy me. Unless Daddy or Uncle Sammy are around. Matty may act like he is cool, but he is totally intimidated by the Winchester men. Oh trust me, I rub that in as much as I can.

So I guess this is where I tell you about me, huh? Well you already know about my family and my brother's assbutt of a best friend. You also know that I'm sixteen. I'm a junior at the local high school and I'm on the cheerleading squad. Yes, you heard right. Dad still hates how short the skirts are and mom just finds the whole thing amusing. They are both quite supportive even though mom could care less about cheerleading. Oh did I mention that having Dean Winchester as my daddy and Sam Winchester as my uncle makes my love life practically nonexistent? Okay, so maybe that is a bit over exaggerated, but my father never hesitates to bring out his shotgun whenever I get picked up for a date. Oh and have you seen Uncle Sammy? He may be a lawyer now, but his height alone can be quite intimidating.

Anyway, with that said, It wasn't supposed to happen like this. At all. I mean, He was the assbutt best friend of my brother's and I was the girl he loved to drive crazy. He had come into the Roadhouse after finishing his shift at the garage and his mom practically insisted that he give me a ride home since Jamie had a date and couldn't. Yeah, another unfair thing about Jamie getting the Impala is that I don't have a car yet. Well, anyhow, I reluctantly got into Matthew's blue corvette and let him drive me home. He walked me to the door surprisingly though it was no surprise that we started bickering once we reached the door. Typical us, you know, and then it happened. He kept trying to get me to shut up, but I didn't so he kissed me to shut me up. Or at least I think that is why he kissed me. If I consider any other reason, it just might gross me out. Damn you, Matthew Harvelle.