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Chapter Two:

There wasn't a lot that surprised Dean Winchester nowadays. He had been to hell and back. Literally. He had even managed to help stop the Apocalypse. Yet somehow all of that hadn't prepared him for the sight of his sixteen year old daughter entering the kitchen the next morning with his late mother's charm bracelet adorning her wrist.

"Samantha Mary Ellen Winchester, where the hell did you get that bracelet from?" Dean asked appearing as if he had just seen a ghost.

The young blonde glanced at her wrist and then shrugged her shoulders, "I don't know. I just figured that you or Mom put it on me while I was sleeping. Why? What's the big deal?"

"That..That is my mother's bracelet." He didn't know what else to say and stepped aside making a call to his younger brother Sam.

Ruby shook her head and sat the younger blonde down at the table, "I think what your dad is trying to say is that he believed that bracelet had been destroyed in the fire that killed your grandmother many years ago. He's just shocked to see you wearing it, that's all."

Samantha simply nodded and looked toward her father only to see that he was not in the kitchen any longer. Dean let his hunting instincts kick in and went straight to his daughter's bedroom. He searched around though everything seemed intact and untouched. It didn't take long for Sam to arrive at the house and he gave his niece's bedroom a once over before looking around outside her window. After looking closer at her window specifically, he gestured Dean over and got him to open the window. It was unlocked just as Sam had suspected it would be judging by the fact that some of the white paint on the part of the frame between the inner and outer parts of the window had been scraped off.

"Whoever or whatever it was got in through the window after the lock was jimmied. Are you sure it was mom's bracelet?" Sam asked looking at his older brother.

"What kind of evil thing would do that just to get into a house? And yeah I'm sure. She stopped wearing it when she stopped hunting. I just have no idea why it would be on Samantha's wrist after all this time." He admitted and looked at the window.

A female scream pierced through the air and Dean took off running back into his house with Sam on his heels. They skidded to a stop when they reached the kitchen horrified to find three men trying to tie up Ruby while a woman was throwing Holy water at her. Ruby's eyes had changed to their demonic onyx hue as she struggled with all her might screaming for her daughter to run, but Samantha was frozen in her spot completely freaked out by her mother's eyes. Dean was stunned that the oldest of the three men looked identical to his late maternal grandfather Samuel Campbell. He couldn't dwell on it though and immediately jumped into action shoving the woman aside before going after the younger two men. Sam shook his niece out of her shocked state and urged her to get out of the house before turning to help Ruby along with Dean. Samantha bolted out of the kitchen stopping in her room to quickly pack her cheerleading duffel bag before running out of the house. She quietly rushed into the garage and lifted the black metal toolbox only to reveal small key. The young blonde picked up the key and set the box down unlocking it. Lifting the lid, she found an assortment of odd things. Samantha quickly grabbed the journal tucking it into her bag before spotting a somewhat odd looking knife. She grabbed it tucking it carefully into her bag as well and zipped up her bag. Shutting the toolbox, Samantha locked it hiding the key and ran out of the garage shutting the door. She took a deep breath and took off running to the Harvelles which wasn't far. The young blonde ran up to the front door and banged on it only to be greeted by a groggy Matthew Harvelle.

"Sam? What the hel..what's wrong?" He asked suddenly becoming alert to the fact that something was wrong considering her distressed look and the fact that she had obviously ran here in her pajamas with sneakers on.

Samantha caught her breath and looked at him pleadingly, "I can't explain right now. I just..I need your help. I need to get out of town. As far as possible. Right now."

"Uh, yeah, sure. Just give me a second." Matthew said letting her in and shut the door behind her before he ran upstairs to his room.

It only took him a few minutes to get dressed and get a bag ready. He put both of their bags in the backseat of his car as she climbed into the passenger's seat strapping in. Matthew strapped himself into the driver's seat and drove off with not one clue of where the hell they were even headed. Back at the elder Winchester brother's home, Samuel Campbell called a stop to all of the fighting and Dean pulled Ruby into his arms hugging her comfortingly as her eyes returned to their normal bright blue state.

Samuel scowled in disgust and looked at his grandson in disbelief, "A demon? Really, Dean? I thought you of all people would know better."

"How do we even know that you aren't a demon? You died before I was even born, grandpa." Dean snapped and made sure that Ruby was alright before letting her go.

He rolled his eyes before narrowing his eyes at Dean, "I have no idea how I got here. I woke up in a field about a year ago and have been trying to figure out what the hell was going on ever since."

"Why would you attack my wife? No, wait, I know why. What I really want to know is why the hell you would not only attack her in front of our daughter, but why you also felt that it was necessary to put mom's bracelet on her?" The anger was evident in both his tone of voice and his eyes as he glared at the four people across from him.

Samuel sighed and placed his hands on his hips, "If anyone should get a piece of your mom's jewelry, it should be her granddaughter and your daughter just happens to be the oldest. Now I'm sorry that she had to witness us attacking her mother, but come on, Dean, this is a demon. Your daughter would be better off without her."

"You come near any member of my family ever again and I swear to God, grandfather or not, I will make you choke on your own damn blood." Dean promised with a lethal look in his eyes before Sam spoke up.

"Agreed and before you sorry sons of bitches get the hell out of here, I do have one question. If you are our grandfather, who the hell are these three?" Sam gestured to the other two men and the brunette woman.

He shook his head and gestured to the three of them, "Sam, Dean, meet your cousins. This is Christian Campbell, Mark Campbell, and that right there is Gwen Campbell."

Growing even more upset, Dean ushered them out of the house while Sam made a call to Stephanie just to insure that the rest of his family were safe. Dean stopped in the garage to gather a few important items only to not find them. He searched the garage and then began to search the inside of the house. Sam hung up the phone just as his brother walked back into the kitchen looking even more upset.

"Dean?" He questioned raising his eyebrow as he looked over at his older brother.

"It's gone, Sammy. Dad's journal is gone and so is Ruby's knife." Dean explained only to watch as Ruby took off out of the kitchen.

As the Winchester brothers followed Ruby, Samantha was asleep in the passenger's seat of Matthew's blue Dodge muscle car. Her face contorted into an expression of fear as she tossed and turned in her sleep. He reached over grasping her smaller hand within his larger hand and held it rubbing the back of her hand gently with his thumb. It seemed to work as she visibly relaxed only for the sudden sound of a heavy metal guitar riff to startle her awake. She rubbed her eyes and sat up a bit straighter letting go of his hand before pulling her phone out of her bag. Seeing Dad on the display screen seemed to calm her as well and she pressed the talk button before bringing her phone to her ear.

"Hey, It's Dad. Are you alright?" He spoke up after she said hello.

Samantha smiled softly and glanced out the window at the passing scenery, "Yeah I'm fine. Are you alright? Are Mom and Uncle Sam okay?"

"Yeah everyone is fine over here, Samantha. Where are you?" Dean asked as he got the sinking feeling that something was off in regards to his daughter.

She bit her lip glancing over at Matthew before taking a deep breath, "Um, I kind of left town. Look, before you freak out, just listen to me, okay daddy? I just freaked, you know? I mean, you saw Mom. That was so not natural. It scared me and the one thing you've always told me since I was old enough to understand what you were saying was that if I ever got scared to the point where I didn't feel safe, I should get to somewhere that I did feel safe. I went to the Harvelle's house, Dad."

"You what? But the Harvelle's house isn't out of town. Wait, you're in Matthew's car right now aren't you? I'll kill him." He remarked gripping his cell phone just a bit tighter.

Her eyes widened and she sat up a bit straighter, "Daddy, no! He's been a perfect gentleman. I swear. He's only protecting me. I mean, what if those people came after me next?"

"Sweetheart, apparently, those people were your great grandfather Samuel and three of our cousins. I don't trust them though so be careful." He advised her and looked over at Sam who was trying to calm Ruby down as she argued with Jo.

A stunned expression appeared on the young blonde's face as she let what her father just said sink in, "I will. Wait, I thought great grandpa Sam was dead. Dad, what the hell is going on? I feel like there is a lot that you aren't telling me. Does it have anything to do with grandpa John's journal?"

"Yeah I thought so too, but apparently he isn't. You took the journal and your mom's knife didn't you? Listen, I know you may not believe me, but I also know you well enough to know that you'll read that journal so I might as well tell you the truth now. Your mom's eyes turned black like that because she's a demon. Almost all demons are bad news. Your mom is pretty much the only exception to that. She's ..special." Dean admitted catching the attention of Sam and the two blonde mothers.

Her eyes widened again as her face paled, "What? Are you serious? Wait, does that mean that Jamie and I are...too?"

"No, no, at least we don't think so. Both of you have never displayed any signs of being like that. Look, why don't you just come home and we'll explain everything?" He said wanting nothing more than to have his little girl back home safely.

She shook her head even though he couldn't see her and sighed, "I can't. Not right now. I'm sorry. I just need a little time to wrap my head around this. I love her. I do, dad, but she scares the hell out of me now. Listen, can you do me a favor though while I'm gone? Sit Jamie down and tell him the truth. Tell him everything. He deserves to know just as much as I do."

Dean reluctantly agreed insisting that she in turn keep in constant contact with either him, Sam, Stephanie, or Jo. As much as Dean wanted to, he wasn't going to push Samantha into talking to Ruby before she was ready. The young blonde ended the call and glanced around wondering how far from home they had gotten so far. Matthew drove a bit farther before deciding to stop and got them a room at a nearby hotel. They got settled in ordering room service before Samantha disappeared into the bathroom to freshen up. Of course Matthew wasn't surprised when his cell phone rang and Jamie's name appeared on the display screen.

"Jamie, hey man, what's up?" He said as casually as he could though mentally worrying that his best friend might ream him out.

He rolled his eyes at his best friend's casual tone and sighed softly, "So I'm in the middle of talking to my parents and I stopped them so I could call my best friend who apparently ran off with my baby sister. Look, man, I'm not going to curse you out. I get that she was freaked out and you were just trying to protect her. I'm trusting you with her and you of all people know that I don't trust that many people when it comes to her. Just look after her and keep me in the loop. If you don't, I swear I'll have your pops bring me straight to you and I'll kick your ass myself."

"You have my word. You know me, man. I would never let anything happen to your sister. Okay bringing pops into this is a total low blow and you know it. Listen, just take care of yourself and Lia, alright? And don't do anything stupid once you finish talking to your parents. For Samantha's sake, please?" Matthew asked relieved that things were still okay between him and his best friend.

Jamie chuckled slightly and nodded his head even though he couldn't see him, "I'll behave. I promise. Same to you. Thanks for taking care of her, man. I owe you one."